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					                Caze Elementary School
                              January 26, 2010

       Upcoming Events                  Celebrating Valentine’s Day
                                                            As you know,
January 26– Boys’ basketball                                 Valentine’s Day is
game @ Dexter; Girls’ basketball                                  right around the
@ Caze; Family Movie Night                                         corner! Students
5:00 – 7:00 p.m.                                                  enjoy both
                                                                    giving and
January 28 – Boys’ basketball @                                     receiving
Caze vs. Lodge                                                    Valentine cards
February 1 – 5 – School                                        from their classmates
Counselor Appreciation Week                                    and friends.
February 1 – PTA meeting                   How does being a HEALTHY SCHOOL
                                          change the way we celebrate holidays and
6:30 p.m. in the Media Center                    special occasions at Caze?
February 2 – Boys’ basketball @             No candy or sugary treats for student
Caze vs. Dexter                             celebrations. As an alternative
February 4 – Boys’ basketball @             parents can send Valentine cards (for
Caze vs. Lincoln                            February 14), stickers, pens, pencils,
February 8 – H1N1 Clinic at Caze            erasers, bookmarks, OR healthy
                                            individually wrapped snacks like
(for Caze students) 8:30 – 11:30            raisins, granola bars, pretzels, baked
This clinic is voluntary. A detailed        crackers or chips, fresh fruit or juice.
packet from the school nurse,            It is very important to check with your
including consent forms to sign and          child’s teacher in advance before
return, will be sent home with           purchasing and delivering edible items.
students in the next few days.
February 9 – Chuck E Cheese             Caze parents are the best! Thank you for
                                        being a positive partner with us! Please call
Fund-raising night                      the office at 477-5567 or talk to your child’s
3:00 – 9:00 p.m. (Proceeds from         teacher if you have any questions!
sales during these hours will benefit
Caze School);                               After School Programs
Boys’ basketball @ Delaware             After school programs are off to a strong
February 15– Presidents’ Day;           start! Mr. Andrew Huff is our new Site
NO SCHOOL                               Coordinator. If you have any questions or
                                        suggestions, he would love to talk with you.
February 18 – Site Council              You can reach him at 477-5567.
meeting 9:00 a.m.
     Important Information                             News from the Counselor
                                                                   Mrs. Gerri Rice
An EVSC parent survey will be sent home
                                                             Strengthening Families
with students during the week of
February 8. The purpose of this survey is            Time and time again, teachers, myself and
to collect information related to the EVSC           our social worker receive questions and calls
Strategic Plan. From this we hope to                 from parents regarding discipline and family
assess the impact of the EVSC Strategic              concerns at home. Parenting is the most
Plan thus far, as well as provide specific           important and
information to each school.                          most challenging
                                                     job there is!
All parents, EVSC employees, and
                                                     In a few words,
students in grades 3-12 will be asked to
                                                     having a
complete the survey. We value your
                                                     schedule, a
opinions and welcome your input on this
                                                     routine and consistent discipline is a MUST.
survey. The survey is confidential and
                                                     Family routines strengthen the parent-child
no attempt will be made to identify any
                                                     relationship and help children feel safe and
individual. After you have completed
                                                     secure. Research says that established
your survey, please return it to school
                                                     routines help families avoid power struggles,
with your student.
                                                     lessen stress and anxiety. It also helps
                                                     children gain independence and self-
         Student Teachers                            management skills.
                                                     Routines for eating, bedtime, and morning
We are delighted to have the following student
teachers at Caze this semester:                      help make life easier for both parents and
                                                     children. Creating routines at mealtime
*Ms. Goolsby with Mrs. Rupprecht                     establishes needed family time that children
*Ms. Sorg with Mrs. Lauer                            remember forever. Having a set routine for
*Ms. Wessel with Mrs. Kemper                         bedtime and morning enhances school
*Ms. Bradley will be with Mrs. Veal in March                           performance and builds in
We know that you have heard your child                                 adult time for parents after
mention their names if they are in one of these                        children are asleep.
homerooms. Please help us make them feel                               Join us at Caze for our
welcome in our building!                                               Strengthening Families
                                                                       Program that will teach
     PTA BOX TOP INFO                                parents to take charge and regain the power
                                                     you need to have happy family. Details
                                                     What: Adult and child sessions to assist
                                                     families in improving communication and
                                                     planning for success; parenting strategies
                                                     will be discussed. Dinner to be provided.
                                                     Who: Parents and children ages 6-9
Thank you to all of our families for clipping and
returning the General Mills box tops from your       years
groceries and toiletry items. Caze PTA receives      When: 10 weekly sessions, 5:30-7:30 p.m.
  10 cents for each one. WOW! Look for the           beginning Tuesday, 2/2
 February heart theme collection form attached.      Where: Caze Elementary
Complete it, return it and your child will receive   Contact: Samantha Potts, Caze Social
  a certificate for a FREE popcorn! Thanks to
Vann Avenue Baptist Church for their Box Tops        Worker @ 477-5567 for more
     support. Last count was 405 box tops.           information or make your reservation
     That means Caze PTA receives $40.50!
                                                  For more information about the club, visit
       A message from our Friends at    
   Evansville Teachers’ Federal
          Credit Union                            As a member of any EVSC school PTA or
                                                  PTSA, you—along with your immediate
 It’s Never too Early to Start Saving!            family and household members—are now
                                                  eligible for membership in Evansville
                             Benjamin             Teachers Federal Credit Union. Additional
                             Franklin stated,     information and current rates are available
                             “A penny saved       on the credit union’s website at
                             is a penny  or by calling 469-9920.
                             earned.” Whether
                             they are saving           *limit one $5 coupon per new member
                             pennies or dollars
                             now is the time        Your savings federally insured to at least
                             for your kids to      $250,000 through December 31, 2013, and
start the savings habit. So, where do your          backed by the full faith and credit of the
children keep their money? In a piggy bank?               United States Government
In an envelope in their drawer? Does mom
or dad keep it under lock and key? The fact
is a savings account is the best place to keep
                                                          ISTEP+ Testing Dates
their money. They receive a statement that             The following dates have been set for
shows how their money grows, they earn                testing. Daily attendance is extremely
compound interest which is like free money,          important! Thank you for your support.
and most importantly, their money is safe.
                                                          ISTEP+ Applied Skills
Designed to help smart, young investors                    (Grades 3-5) - 3/1/10 – 3/10/10
discover and appreciate the advantages of
savings at an early age, the KIRBY                        ISTEP+ Multiple Choice
KANGAROO® Club is open to kids 12                          (Grades 3-5) -4/26/10 – 5/5/10
years of age and younger when they open a
savings account at Evansville Teachers                     Fast Fact from our
Federal Credit Union.
                                                          School Psychologist
A KIRBY KANGAROO® Club Account                            Kashana Afifi, School Psychologist
can be opened with just a $5 minimum                      Benefits of Reading to Children
deposit. As an added bonus for Caze               A child who is read to and who has access to
students and their families, ETFCU will           books while growing up will test better, be a
make the first $5 deposit when you open           better student, and succeed in life more readily
                                                  than a child who has not been read to.
your new savings account*. Download your          Research shows that children who are read to
$5 coupon at and bring         for eight to ten minutes at a time, at least four
it with you when you visit any ETFCU              times per week, reach higher levels of reading
office to open your child’s account.              achievement than children whose parents did
                                                  not read to them. In one study, children whose
                                                  parents were specifically requested to read to
Any day your child makes a minimum                their child every day for three to six months
deposit of $5 or more in person at any of our     before     entry   into   kindergarten    scored
ten offices, he or she can choose a prize. In     significantly higher on reading readiness than
addition to great prizes and dividends on         youngsters whose parents had not been asked
their money, we also have a special               to read aloud regularly. (Source: Research cited in
                                                  LeFebvre, J., 1997, Parenting the preschooler: Help your
newsletter and website just for our KIRBY         child    become   a    better   reader.       Found    at
KANGAROO® Club members. This site is    
filled with fun activities and information.

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