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                                                                   Homes, Families, Communities and Hope!

                                                                                                 A “Sweet Deal ”
Fall 2009
AIA Cote Story  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .2
Annual Dinner  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .3                                       Blue Chip Cookies and Cincinnati Habitat for Human-
                                                                                                  ity have struck up a Sweet Deal to help build houses
Volunteer Spotlight  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .3
                                                                                                  for area families in need! Loveland, Ohio-based Blue
2009 Homes  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .4                                    Chip Cookies and Cincinnati Habitat for Humanity
Young Professionals  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .5                                                are proud to announce their new partnership. A portion
Letter From Director  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 5                                              of the sales from every online purchase of Blue Chip
Partner Family Story  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .6                                            Cookies will go to assisting Habitat for Humanity in its
                                                                  efforts to eliminate substandard housing by building simple, decent, affordable homes
2010 Census  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .7
                                                                  to sell to low-income families in need.
Building “Bits”  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .7
What’s New  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .8    “We are very excited about our new partnership with Habitat for Humanity. This is
                                                                  such a simple way for people to support a great cause and we are proud to be a part of
 Mission                              Robert W. Edgecomb
                                                                  it,” said Donna Drury, President Blue Chip Cookies. “With the holiday season coming
                                      Construction Manager-
 Statement                            New Construction            up, this is a great opportunity for those buying cookies for corporate gifts, family and
                                                                  friends to get a significant discount while showing their support for area families in
 Cincinnati Habitat                   Robert Mermelstein          need of a good home.”
 for Humanity is a                    Procurement Manager
                                                                  There’s a good chance that you’ll need to send some gifts this holiday season. Why
 non-profit Christian
                                      Helen Spieler               not show your thanks or appreciation by giving a gift that will “build” a difference?
 housing ministry that                Family Services             Here is how it works:
 seeks to eliminate                   Manager
 substandard housing
 by building and                      Jan L. Craig                1. If you purchase Blue Chip Cookies,, and input the code
 renovating simple,
                                      Business Manager            HFH2009, Blue Chip Cookies will automatically double their donation to Habitat for
  decent, affordable                  Pam Dempster                Humanity. In addition, you will also become a “Blue Chip Builder” and receive 10%
 homes to sell to                     Volunteer Coordinator       off all future orders placed online, HFH will continue to receive double the donation
 low-income families                                              each time you purchase.
 in need.                             Donna Breen
                                      Finance Manager
                                                                  2. Corporate Gifts: If you want to place a large order of 20 dozen or more, for cor-
 Staff                                John McEwan                 porate gifts or events, you will receive a significant corporate discount and HFH will
                                      Construction Manager-
 Tom Salzbrun                         Rehabs
                                                                  receive double donation vs. our standard. Just provide the code HFH2009.
 Executive Director
                                      Adam Nelson
 Marissa D. Woodly                    Property Acquisition &
 Development Director                 Design Manager
    The future is

    Green for Habitat in Cincinnati!
                           Especially during difficult       and Newark (near Columbus) and the designs will then
                           economic times, with ever-        be made available to all 70 Habitat affiliates in Ohio.
                           increasing utility and health
                           insurance costs, measures of      Category winners were announced September 21, and
                           home affordability must also      the overall state winners were announced at the AIA
                           include energy efficiency,        Ohio Annual Meeting at the 2009 AIA Ohio Valley Re-
                           annual utility costs, and the     gion Convention October 1-3.
                           occupants’ health.
                                                             The winning Lead Architect in the urban category is
Cincinnati Habitat for Humanity has teamed up with           Allison Beer and her teammate Jessica Farmer, spon-
the American Institute of Architects Committee on the        sored by the architectural firm, SHP. Allison and
Environment, Habitat affiliates of Greater Cleveland         Jessica’s design also won “Best of Show” for the entire
and Licking County, and Habitat for Humanity of Ohio         statewide competition across all three urban/suburban/
to conduct an architecture competition for affordable        rural categories.
and environmentally sustainable house models in three
category locations: urban, suburban, and rural.              Cincinnati Habitat will soon begin working with the
                                                             urban category’s winning team to develop a full draw-
                                                             ing set to be built in Cincinnati during 2010. For more
 The first place winners of each category                    information on the competition as well as a complete list
will be built during the 2010 build season.                  of winners and their designs, please visit http://www.
Entries were judged on cost, buildability, and neighbor-
hood context as well as integration of environmental
strategies including impact on the site, water efficiency,
energy use, material use, and indoor environmental
quality. The Cincinnati entrants were asked to meet
Energy Star +Indoor Air Quality standards in addition to
requirements of the 2030 Challenge® issued by Archi-
tecture 2030 (52 on the HERS Index).

The first place winners of each category will be built
during the 2010 build season in Cincinnati, Cleveland,

Annual Dinner & Celebration
Cincinnati Habitat celebrated its 23rd year of building at its Annual Dinner and Celebration on November 1, 2009.
We welcomed over 200 guests at Cincinnati Christian University to share in fellowship and celebration of not only
this year’s accomplishments but the bright future we are building at Cincinnati Habitat to help more families than
ever before. We also honored volunteer Dick Barbian who has been a construction site leader building with the East-
side Coalition for over 10 years. Dick and Cliff Buchman, a longtime electrical volunteer, were recognized with the
2009 “Faith in Action” Award for their long-standing and unwavering commitment to their community and neigh-
bors in need through their work with Cincinnati Habitat for Humanity.
                  Keynote                                   Tom Salzbrun talks
                  Speaker, Dan                              about Building CHFH’s
                  Nowlin of                                 New Beginning
                  Sunglass Hut

                                                                                                                       The Moses, Nowlin
                                                                                                                       and Prather Families .
                                                                                           The Little, Cephas and
                       The Allen Family, Board Members                                     Scott Families .
                       Sheila Holmes Howard and Will
                       Kays, along with his wife Myra of
                       Cincinnati Bell who helped make       Tom with the Barbians after
                       the 2009 event possible with their    Dick is presented with the
                       sponsorship .                         2009 Faith in Action Award
                                                             from CHFH .                                                    Eastside friends .

   VOLUNTEER SpOTLighT                                                                         Shalom friends .

                                                                                                         Our friends from
   Bobbie Bahler                                                                                                 O’Keeffe
                                                                                                        Communications .

                                              David, who lives here in Cincinnati.
                                              Emily, their daughter, resides in Mil-               Cincinnati Habitat
                                              waukee with her husband and
                                              2-year old son, Riley, whom Bobbie
                                                                                                   Board of Directors
                                              spends a lot of time traveling back and
                                              forth to visit. Bobbie also enjoys spend-           Bill Zeeb
                                              ing time with her 91 year old mother                President
                                              who lives nearby.                                   Stephen M. Griffith, Esq.
                                                                                                  Vice President
 Bobbie first became involved with Cin-          Bobbie served on the Alumni Board                William Kays
 cinnati Habitat 11 years ago when she        of DePauw University. She was named                 Treasurer
 and her husband, Stan, volunteered to        Mariemont’s “Citizen of the Year” in
 become Family Advocates. It was such         1994 for her work in a major recycling              Geoff Barnes
 a great experience for them that they        project. In 2007, Bobbie traveled with              Carl Bergman
 served in this role 3 more times! Rather     Mayor Mallory to the Ukraine in con-                Lucille Conley
 than working in the construction of          nection with the “Sister City Project.”             Tim Gerbus
 homes, Bobbie volunteers in the office       Bobbie enjoys her walking group, play-              Larry Gray
 where she can continue to be involved        ing tennis, reading and traveling.                  Sheila Holmes Howard
 by helping with a variety of tasks. We                                                           Charles King, Jr.
 are very grateful to Bobbie for all the          Even though Bobbie survived a trau-
                                                                                                  Paul Knue
 hard work she has put into organizing        matic attack by our office paper-folding
                                                                                                  Ed Lee
 and making available all the pictures        machine, she still volunteers in our
                                                                                                  Samuel Mays
 taken of every home and of all the fami-     office. Bobbie would like to tell those
                                              who might be interested in volunteering             Teala McQuilkin
 lies we have partnered with since our
                                              in Cincinnati Habitat’s office that “it is          Carolyn Moseley
 beginning in 1986.
                                              more fun than work, and because of a                James P. Murphy, Jr., CFP
                                              ‘lean’ staff, you know you are needed!”             Judy Pershern
    After growing up in Cleveland, Bob-
 bie moved to Cincinnati 30 years ago                                                             John Soller
 when her husband, Stan, began working           Thank you, Bobbie, for all you do for
 for P&G. Bobbie and Stan have a son,         Cincinnati Habitat!
    Our 2009 Homes
                                        Cincinnati Habitat for Humanity
                                        Community Build #5
                                        555 Hale Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio
                                        45229 (Avondale)
                                        Sponsor(s): Anonymous Donor
                                        Family: Dale Freeman

Eastside Coalition #31 Home             Madisonville Coalition #4 Home          The Michelle Moses Memorial Home
3458 Hallwood Place, Cincinnati, Ohio   5010 Stewart Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio   2016 Ryan Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio
45229 (Avondale)                        45227 (Madisonville)                    45219 (Mt. Auburn)
Sponsor(s): Eastside Coalition of       Sponsor(s): Church of the Redeemer,     Sponsor(s): Friends & Family of
Churches                                Armstrong Chapel UMC, US Bank           Michelle Moses and
Family: Casandra Engleman               Family: Mary Dixie                      Sunglass Hut/Luxottica Associates
                                                                                Family: Danetta Lumpkins

Thrivent Builds Home #6/Eastside
Coalition #32 Home
3454 Hallwood Place, Cincinnati, Ohio
45229 (Avondale)
Sponsor(s): Thrivent Financial for
Lutherans, The Doretta Brown Estate
Leadership: Eastside Coalition of
Family: Jonathan & Ashley Cephas

                                                                                The Ohio National #1 and #2 Homes
                                        The Westfed Coalition #22 Home          Sponsor for both homes:
                                        3651 Fyffe Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio     Ohio National Financial Services
                                        45211 (Westwood)
                                        Sponsor(s): Westfed Coalition of        #1: 3717 Standish Avenue, Cincinnati,
                                        Churches, Wells Fargo, Cincinnati       Ohio 45213 (Kennedy Heights)
                                        Habitat for Humanity Young Profes-      Family: John & Yeamata Kollie
                                        Family: Korotoumou Kane                 #2: 3450 Hallwood Place, Cincinnati,
                                                                                Ohio 45229 (Avondale)
                                                                                Family: Knikita Howard & Terrell Scott
The Shalom Coalition #13 Home                                                   Primary
1214 Lincoln Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio
45206 (Walnut Hills)                    The Cincinnati Habitat for Humanity
Sponsor(s): Shalom Coalition of         Community Rehab
Churches                                3558 Harvey Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio
Family: Lashay Johnson                  45229 (Avondale)
                                        Sponsor(s): The Holzberger Family Hu-
                                        manitarian Foundation, Xavier Univer-
                                        sity HFH Campus Chapter, Crossroads
                                        Community Church, The George B.
                                        Riley Trust Estate
                                        Leadership: Crossroads Community
                                        Family: Evette Allen
                                                                                The Delta Air Lines Home
                                                                                3255 Wolseley Lane, Cincinnati, Ohio
                                                                                45229 (Avondale)
                                                                                Sponsor(s): Delta Air Lines
                                                                                Family: DeAndra Eberhart

VOLUNTEER                                                                                Do More… with Cincinnati
OPPORTUNITIES                                                                            Habitat Young Professionals
Cincinnati Habitat for Humanity is looking            Are you looking to Do More? We are looking for volunteers to assist with Cincin-
for people who want to take part in the life-         nati Habitat for Humanity Young Professionals’ (CHYP) event-based fund-raisers
changing experience of building a home for            in 2010. We have multiple needs for assistance on committees for event planning,
local families in need of housing! We have            event staffing, marketing and promotions, graphic design, public relations, mem-
new opportunities for volunteers, ages 18             bership recruitment and more! If you are interested in getting more involved in
and up, to participate on house sites located         your community, having fun and meeting great new people, we welcome you to
throughout Cincinnati. All our volunteers are         Do More and get involved with CHYP! If interested please contact Jennifer Day,
at various stages of experience.                      President of the CHYP Board for more information at:

Construction Opportunities                              Raise the Roof 5k Run & Walk                                      Social Gatherings

CONSTRUCTION: (No experience is re-
quired) Cincinnati Habitat provides training
and skilled leaders who provide direction to
volunteers on the site. We need 15 volunteers
a day. Invite family and friends -- we have
plenty of room!

seeking team builders who have a passion for
Habitat for Humanity and are available for a
build cycle. The ideal candidate has a back-
ground in residential construction (carpentry)
and has the ability to lead groups of up to 20     CHYP works on site

Non-Construction Opportunities                     Letter from                                    The ReStore has a three-fold mission:
                                                                                                  • Provide additional funding to support the
There are still ways for you to help provide       the Executive Director                         housebuilding goals of Cincinnati Habitat for
simple, decent, affordable housing for low-
                                                                               In Acts 18:3, we   • Expand opportunities to support a broader
income families. If you would like to con-
                                                                               learn that the     base of the community by providing low-cost
tribute to Cincinnati Habitat for Humanity in                                                     materials.
other ways, consider some of the following                                     Apostle Paul
                                                                                                  • Divert construction and household materials
opportunities:                                                                 was a tentmak-
                                                                                                  from landfills and protect the environment.
                                                                               er, working in
LUNCHES: Every construction site needs                                         the marketplace    The market niche that the ReStore will oc-
                                                         Tom SalzBrun
groups, churches or individuals to provide                                     to support him-    cupy looks to be strong and poised for future
lunch for the hard-working volunteers. Habi-       self financially in order to do his ministry   growth as a reliable source of funding for
tat for Humanity has a long-standing tradition     work. Tentmaking has become a part             our operations in an otherwise challenging
                                                   of today’s Christian mission lexicon to        financial environment.
of providing a meal to those working on the
job site, but we need volunteers to provide        describe marketplace ventures that fund
                                                   ministry work.                                 Are you interested?
this service. It is a much-needed and very-                                                       Here is your call to action. We need:
appreciated task.                                                                                 • Individuals, organizations, companies and
                                                   By spring 2010, Cincinnati Habitat for         foundations who can help us obtain items
OFFICE ASSISTANTS: Volunteers experi-              Humanity will be opening the doors to a        necessary to equip the ReStore, such as store
enced in Word for Windows, Excel and da-           new earned income venture that will sup-       fixtures, signage, equipment, forklifts, trucks,
tabase software are needed to help with data       port the work of our ministry. “ReStore”       etc.
entry, typing, copying, filing and mailing.        as it will be called, will sell new and        • Volunteers that are interested in helping us
                                                   used building materials and other select       set-up the ReStore or work in the ReStore
                                                   household items, such as furniture, to the     once it is established.
FAMILY ADVOCATES: Individuals or a                                                                • Individuals and companies that are inter-
pair of volunteers that serve as the liaison for   general public.
                                                                                                  ested in donating new and used building and
the Partner Family during the construction                                                        construction materials.
of their home and work on site 1-2 times per
month with the family.                                                                            If you can help, please call for more
                                                                                                  information at: 513-621-4147 ext 200.
For additional information call
513-621-4147 ext 220
or email
                   Dale Freeman                           Dale Freeman, father of one daughter
                                                          and four sons, is only the second single
                                                                                                       can’t control life and you can’t change
                                                                                                       the past, but you can trust God will pull
                   Family                                 father to buy a home with Cincinnati         you through if you do your part and I
                                                          Habitat. Dale’s story is one of faith,       was ready.” The charges were dropped
                                                          determination and redemption. He was         and Dale had a new opportunity.
                                                          on his way to becoming a statistic when
                                                          he served one year for drug trafficking      Dale then met Mr. Howell from South-
                                                          in 1988.                                     ern Baptist church who told him he
                                                                                                       was going to give him a second chance
                                                          When released, it was a constant strug-      because no one else would and Dale has
                                                          gle to be the provider, the father and the   now worked there for eight years. Dale
                                                          man he had hoped to be. Dale became a        said, “Mr. Howell has always believed
                                                          certified cable technician and trained for   in me and been there for my family and
                                                          a year in the Carolinas after Hurricane      that has meant the world.”
                                                          Hugo. Returning to Ohio, he thought he
                                                          had earned his break, but his criminal       In 2005, Dale was awarded custody
                                                          record kept him from being hired. Each       of his two youngest sons. Dale said,
                                                          time he did what he was supposed to,         “When I was younger I wasn’t the father
                                                          the door would close and Dale felt like      I wanted to be. I didn’t know how to be
                                                          life was unraveling.                         a dad. Mine wasn’t around much, but I
                  Dale Freeman, fiancé Cheryl Glenn and                                                saw my friends with dads and knew it
                       Dale’s three younger sons.                                                      made a difference. I wanted that for all
                                                           “I then decided to give it
                                                                                                       of my children and now I had that op-
                                                          up to God and prayed for a                   portunity.”
                                                                second chance.”
                                                                                                       Dale said he sees many young men in
                                                                                                       the community making his same mis-
                                                                                                       takes and struggling to make changes.
                                                                                                       One recently said to him, “If I knew my
                                                                                                       dad, I would have wanted him to be just
                                                                                                       like you.” This says so much about the
                                                                                                       man Dale has become.

                                                                                                       But, Dale’s story would not be ending
                                                                                                       (or beginning) with buying a Habitat
                                                                                                       home without the faith, donations and
                                                                                                       work invested by the volunteers. Dale
                                                                                                       said, “Working with the volunteers each
                                   Above:                                                              week and buying my own home has
                    Construction progress                                                              been such a blessing for my family.”
                       Above Right: Dale’s
                  House on Dedication Day
                   Right: Dale working on                                                              It is not just a blessing for Dale, as
                                his house.
                                                                                                       John McEwan, Construction Manager,
                                                                                                       said, “It has been a blessing to watch
                                                                                                       Dale with his sons, how much he loves
                                                                                                       them and how much they respect him.
                                                                                                       Volunteers have had a real “Habitat”
                                                                                                       experience working with Dale and I am
                                                                                                       thankful for the privilege to know and
                                                                                                       work beside him.”

                                                          In 2001, Dale was facing a three-year        All of us want to say thank you to Dale,
                                                          prison term for felonious assault. Dale      and his sons, for making their build a
                                                          said, “I then decided to give it up to God   true picture of faith in action.
                                                          and prayed for a second chance. You
Believe it or Not, It’s That Time                    • Communities get their U.S. House of Represen-
                                                     tative members and U.S. Congressional reappor-
                                                     tionment based on the population count.
                                                     • The Census form takes less than 10 minutes to
What is the 2010 Census?
                                                     complete and if you complete and return the cen-
• The census is a count of everyone living in the
                                                     sus form, a census worker will not need to visit
United States and is done every 10 years.
                                                     your home!
• The next census will be April 1, 2010.
                                                     Your information is Safe and Confidential
Why participate in the 2010 Census?
                                                     • Federal law protects the personal information
• Census data is used in decision making and
                                                     you share during the census. By law, no informa-
budgetary planning at all levels of government.
                                                     tion can be shared with other agencies.
In fact it helps determine the distribution of
                                                     • Personal information on the census form is
$300 billion in federal funds to cities and states
                                                     sealed for 72 years.
for community revitalization and services such
as schools, hospitals, child care, transportation,
                                                     So do your part and take 10 minutes and answer
roads and other supportive services.
                                                     10 questions to help define who we are as a na-
• Census data helps forecast future housing needs
                                                     tion while supporting government efforts to im-
for all segments of the population including fair
                                                     prove our communities and quality of life for all.
market rents and fair lending practices in our
• Census data aids in planning urban land use
                                                     “Building Families, Communities and Hope...
and outreach strategies and helps determine areas
                                                     One House at a Time”
eligible for housing assistance and rehabilitation

                         Cincinnati Habitat for Humanity is       You won’t want to miss a single
                         excited about their e-news               issue of this new publication. To
                         publication, Building “Bits”.            sign up, visit our website and click
                                                                  on the link.
                         It’s a new monthly publication which
                         will keep you up to date on the
                         latest happenings: upcoming                       Subscribe to our
                         kickoffs & dedications, application                  E-news
                         rounds, training and other special
                         events. Building “Bits” will also

                         keep you up to date on the latest
                         volunteer opportunities -- whether       It’s that easy to make sure you’re
                         you are looking for a group from         kept up to date with what’s
                         your church or business, your family     happening at Cincinnati Habitat!
                         and friends or simply yourself.
What’s New/Special Events
                    Announcing VolunteerUp—register
                    and sign up on-line!
                    Build homes - Change lives
                    To volunteer, register at
                    Click on “Get Involved” and then the VolunteerUp button.
                    •       Join the Habitat Crew
                    •       Sign up for a workday on a build site
                    •       Indicate your interests and skills
                    •       Become involved
                    No experience necessary. Take part in the life-changing experience
                    of building a home for local families in need of housing!

                    For additional information call 513-621-4147 ext 220 or email

                                                 an e-mail to chfh@cincinnati-habitat .org . We appreciate your help .
                                                 To give us any correction, please call 513-621-4147 ext . 200 or send
                                                 • Do you want to be removed from our mailing list?
                                                 • Are you receiving more than one copy?
                                                 • Is your address incorrect?
                                                 • Is your name misspelled?

                                                        Please help us keep our mailing list updated.

                                                                                   fax - 513.621.6869
                                                                                   tel - 513.621.4147
                                                                                   Cincinnati, OH 45202
                                                                                   201 W. Eighth Street

 Permit No . 2345
 Cincinnati, Ohio
  U .S . Postage

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