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					                Mission statement
MCAP is a 501(c) (3) organization designed to provide free legal
representation and social services to children of Montgomery County who
are victims of abuse and neglect. Advocates protect the interests of their
clients and offer them support and comfort; the attorney advocates
represent the children as they participate in the legal arena. The goal of
MCAP is to serve child victims and help them to heal and learn to trust
• Identify the needs of abused and neglected children who are and in the
  legal arena
• Generate support from resourceful entities
• Publicize the need for advocates and offer training to attorneys
• Transfer the grassroots efforts and institutionalize the project
• Engage committee/ law firm to draft necessary documents for 501
  (c)(3)incorporation, charitable organization fund-raising licenses and by
• Develop organization by hiring Directors to run the project, fund-raise,
  recruit and train new advocates, public relations, community outreach
• Develop a strategic plan for the long term stability of the organization
                             MCAP History
• Co-founders, Assistant District Attorneys, Wendy Demchick-Alloy and Risa
  Vetri Ferman, identify needs of abused children in the legal arena
• Generate support from the Montgomery Bar Association, the
  Montgomery Bar Foundation, the Montgomery County District Attorney’s
  Office and the Montgomery County Public Defender’s Office
• Local law firm donates expertise to prepare necessary documents and
  draft by-laws
• Create an active Board of Directors consisting of 13 Directors from diverse
• Hire Directors and staff to run the day to day operations of MCAP
• Engage community to participate by fund-raising and educating the public
• MCAP became incorporated as a 501(c)(3) corporation on
  December 16, 2004.
• In 2005, those 77 advocates represented 203 children in 123
• In 2006, 118 advocates represented 255 children in 146 cases
• As of May 1, 2007, 125 advocates represent 72 children in 46
Since 2004, MCAP advocates
have represented 618 children
        in 372 cases.
                    MCAP ADVOCATES
• Who are MCAP advocates?
• Advocates are lawyers in Montgomery County specializing in
  all areas of the law who donate their time and resources to
  represent abused and neglected children in Montgomery
• MCAP advocates receive their training from Continuing Legal
  Education courses specializing in child advocacy offered in
  Montgomery County and Philadelphia County.
• Currently, there are 125 MCAP advocates who zealously
  represent abused and neglected children in Montgomery
The entities that refer cases to MCAP are
As of May 2007, the stakeholders consist of
the Montgomery County Court of Common
Pleas, the District Attorney’s Office, the Public
Defender’s Office, the Office of Children and
Youth, area law enforcement officials.
         Organization Structure
Administrative Director
           Mary C. Pugh, Esquire
Project Director
           Wendy Demchick-Alloy, Esquire
Administrative Assistant
           Pat Bertschy
•   County Appropriation
•   Private Donors
•   Grants
•   Corporate Sponsorship
     409 Cherry Street
  Norristown, PA 19401
Telephone 610-279-1219
    Fax 610-279-5525

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