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Order 1099 Forms


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									                                                   2007 Laser 1099 Order Form
(724) 772-2400

           1099 - Misc
                                                                                      Form Number   Price/100 Forms   Quantity
           Federal Copy A
                    Preprinted, 2 forms per page                                         BMISFED         $7.82
           Note: Do not order this form if you are filing 1099’s to
                 the IRS via magnetic media.

           Recipient Copy B
                   Preprinted, 2 forms per page                                          BMISREC         $7.82

           Payer and/or State Copy C
                   Preprinted, 2 forms per page                                          BMISPAY         $7.82
           Note: This form can be used as a file copy for
                 the payer or a copy to be mailed to the state.
                 If you need both a file copy and state copy, order
                 double the quantity.

           Copy 1 and Copy 2
                   Blank, 2 employees per page                                        WONEPERFMI         $9.80
           Note: Copy 1 is for payer to file to state tax department
           Copy 2 is for the recipient’s state income tax return.

           Double Window Envelope                                                       RDWENV          $15.17

           IRS COPY A
                  Preprinted, 2 forms per page                                        BRFED           $7.82

           Please complete and return this order form to:             CTR Systems Payroll,Inc.            Sales Tax
                                                                      555 Keystone Drive
                                                                      Warrendale, PA 15086                    Total
                                                                      Attn: Joann Joyce
                                                                      Via e-mail: joann.joyce@ctrsystems.com
                                                                      Fax: 724-772-3750

           Company Name:

           Contact Name:


           City, State, Zip


           Purchase Order #:

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