Renewable Energy Project Financing

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					  Renewable Green Energy Project Financing

Renewable Energy Financing - Funding for Green Energy Projects

Green Commerci al Capital can assist you with co mmercial financing for both small and large renewable energy
projects both in the U.S. and Internationally.

100% Financing

For those projects with extremely strong Off-Take Agreements we have a 100% financing option that allows you to
defer payments for the first few years. Please contact us for more information.

Alternati ve Energ y Project Finance Types

We are currently working with clients to arrange financing for the following types of projects:

        Large Wind Farms
        Algae Fuel Production
        Biofuel Production fro m various sources
        BioMass Crop Production
        Large Solar Installat ions
        Specialized Renewable Energy Equip ment Financing
        Waste to Ethanol Production Facility

Solar PV Power Projects in the U.S. and Canada

We provide access to capital via loan or lease options for large Solar PV Power Projects in the U.S., Canada and
Mexico as well as overseas and we have excellent options for those making use of a Feed-in Tariff or PPA to cash
flow the project.

We also offer an operating lease opti on for non-profits such as Private Schools and Churches and others who are
unable to take advantage of the Federal and State incentives for renewab les.
Please contact us at 1-877-837-6489 or email you have a solar project in the US in need of

Large Renewable Energy Projects

Eligible Ut ility Scale Projects include:

        Wind Power, Wind Farms
        Photovol taic Power/ Solar Power, S olar Farms , Solar Power Pl ants
        Biomass, Biofuels
        Hydropower Plants
        Ocean Thermal

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