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Credit Card Company Uk - DOC by iky15424


Credit Card Company Uk document sample

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									Credit Card Authorisation                                                            Senders Name and Address
Send to………….
The Zambezi Safari & Travel Co. Ltd - UK Head Office
Ermington Mill, Ivybridge, Devon, PL21 9NT, UK
Tel: +44 1548 830059 Fax: +44 (0)870 0941881
e-mail: m

Reference:                                   Consultant:

I hereby authorise “The Zambezi Safari and Travel Co. Ltd” to debit my credit card account as
deposit/balance/full payme nt (delete where not applicable) in respect of travel arrangements

commencing on ______________________________                                                               (start date)

                                                    Card Details
   Card (Visa, MasterCard or Amex)                                             Card Number

              Name on card                                            Cardholder's Billing Address
                                                    Company _____________________________
                Expiry date                         Street  _____________________________
                                                    City      _____________________________
   Security code (where applicable)                 State/Province __________________________
                                                    Country       __________________________
                                                    Postal Code __________________________
     Auth code (where applicable)
                                                    Telephone      __________________________

                                           Transaction Information

                 Transaction value:                                                     (currency and amount)

                                                                                                (…and in words)

   I confirm that the above details are true and correct and authorise the transaction. In my capacity as “Client
     Representative”, I acknowledge that payment constitutes acceptance of the Company’s Standard Booking
                       Conditions [ reservations/conditions.html].

       ________________________                   __________________________                      ______________
                  Signature                                       Print name                             Date

                 File saved fro m

                                           The Zambezi Safari and Travel Co. Ltd
                   Registered Office: c/o Bishop Fleming Cobourg House Mayflower St Plymouth PL1 1LG
                   Company registration 3672841 :: Travel Trust Association Member R9717 :: ATOL T7158

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