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					Project                        Amount Bill

Jacksonville State University –
Potential Pathways              $300,000 Financial Services

Precision Measurement and
Skilled Maintenance Training
Pilot Project                  $750,000 Financial Services

Small Business Training for
Government Procurement         $250,000 Financial Services
Recipient                                      Address

Jacksonville State University                  700 Pelham Road North, Jacksonville, AL 36265

City of Auburn                                 144 Tichenor Avenue, Suite 1, Auburn, AL 36830

Alabama Small Business Institute of Commerce   Rainbow Drive, Suite E, Rainbow City, AL 35906

To fund the Jacksonville State University Potential
Pathways program.

To fund the Precision Measurement and Skilled
Maintenance Training Pilot Project.

To fund a counselors center in Lee County, Alabama
that will enable small businesses to begin learning and
utilizing the complex government procurement process.
Wise Use of Taxpayers' Dollars
This project is a wise use of taxpayer dollars because As a public institution, Jacksonville State University
provides an economic impact estimated at more than $325 million to the State of Alabama, with well over fifty
percent of its population from the 3rd Congressional District. This project will increase the available professional
workers to the State and increase the earning power of a significant number of graduates in northeast Alabama
and beyond. The impact will be visible primarily in the areas of nursing, business, education, and technology,
areas of need and opportunity in the State. Additionally, the Tutoring and Advisement Support Center will serve
as a model program for other regional universities and the Small Business Administration’s Small Business
This‐project is a wise use of taxpayer dollars because the Auburn Training Connection represents the only fully
staffed municipal workforce division in Alabama, and includes a dedicated Workforce Director, as well as a
high school instructor. Through the Auburn Training Connection, the City of Auburn partners with local industry,
the local high school, Southern Union State Community College in Opelika, and other local entities to provide
workforce training and assistance to the community. Local industry announcements recently have represented
the creation of almost 500 new jobs for area citizens and a combined capital investment by industries of $116
million into the local economy. More new industry announcements are expected in 2009.
This project is a wise use of taxpayer dollars because funding for additional statewide counselors to Alabama
small business will enable the learning and use of complex government procurement process. The Federal
government spending in our area is increasing through various means- BRAC, the 2009 stimulus plan, and
increased Federal spending in the FY09 and FY10 budgets. These spending plans create and unprecedented
opportunity for growth of existing businesses and the creation of new companies to meet the needs of the Federal
government. Counselors will provide the information and assistance needed for small businesses to take
advantage of the new contracting opportunities.

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