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									                               FFA Quiz Bowl Questions

Question: What degree must be earned before applying for the State FFA Degree?
Answer: Chapter Degree

Question: True or False: A vote is taken to approve candidates as a whole for the
American FFA Degree.
Answer: True

Question: What is the minimum number of local functions a student must participate in
to be eligible for the chapter FFA degree?
Answer: Three

Question: In order to apply for the state FFA degree, you must have been an active FFA
member for how many years?
Answer: 2 years (24 months)

Question: Who serves as Chairman of the National Board of Directors?
Answer: Larry Case

Question: True or False: Any chapter can give the Honorary State FFA Degree to
Answer: False, they may nominate a person to the Executive Committee

Question: There are a total of __________ who make up the National FFA Board of
Answer: 11 people

Question: In what city and state is the National FFA convention currently held?
Answer: Louisville, Kentucky

Question: Where will the National FFA Convention be held in 2006?
Answer: Indianapolis, Indiana

Question: How often are officers elected for the local and state levels?
Answer: yearly

Question: How many delegates can Indiana bring to National Convention?
Answer: 9

Question: The nominating committee for National FFA Officers shall consist of whom?
Answer: nine official national FFA convention delegates

Question: What public law makes the words “Future Farmers of America” strictly for
our organization’s use?
Answer: Public Law 740
Question: True of False: Collegiate FFA members do not pay National dues.
Answer: False

Question: What law gave FFA a federal charter?
Answer: Public Law 740

Question: How many delegates can each chapter send to National Convention?
Answer: zero

Question: What region is the Indiana FFA Association located in?
Answer: Eastern

Question: How long may a member retain active membership?
Answer: until November 30th, following the fourth National Convention after graduating
        from high school

Question: True or False: The National FFA Officers shall hold the American FFA
Degree at the time of their election and must be active members for the duration of their
term of office.
Answer: True

Question: Define “active membership”.
   1. While in school, be enrolled in at least one agriculture education course during the
      school year and/or follow a planned course of study; either a course must include
      a supervised agricultural experience program, the objective of which is
      preparation for an agricultural career.
   2. Show an interest in the affairs of the organization by attending meetings, striving
      for degrees of membership, and participating in other organized activities of the
   3. Pay all current state and national dues by the date determined by the chapter
   4. Display conduct consistent with the ideals and purposes of the National FFA

Question: How many National FFA Officers are there?
Answer: 6

Question: True or False: Each state FFA association must submit a list of official
delegates to the national convention prior to convention.
Answer: True

Question: In what year was the FFA code of ethics adopted?
Answer: 1952
Question: How many chartered FFA associations are there in the National FFA
Organization as of the 2004 National Convention?
Answer: 7,223 local chapters

Question: What officer keeps the official records of members and progress of the
Answer: Secretary

Question: How many FFA regions has the nation been divided into? Name them.
Answer: 4-Eastern, Western, Central and Southern

Question: True or False: One high school can have more than one FFA chapter if
approved by the State Executive Committee?
Answer: True

Question: What are the objectives the FFA as stated in the constitution?
Answer: To be an integral part of the organized instructional programs in agriculture
education, to strengthen the confidence of students, to provide agriculture-related
programs and activities, and to encourage and recognize achievements in supervised
agricultural experience programs, scholarship, leadership and other individual and group
activities by providing awards.

Question: Name the four types of FFA membership?
Answer: active, alumni, collegiate and honorary

Question: What governing body has the power to appoint temporary national officers?
Answer: The National Board of Directors

District Level Information
(Will have a sheet with the district information in it for a reference)

Question: Name the District FFA president and where they are from?
Question: Name the District FFA sentinel and where they are from?
Question: Name the District FFA secretary and where are they from.
Question: Name the District FFA reporter and where they are from.
Question: Name the District FFA treasurer and where they are from.
Question: Name the District FFA Vice-President and where they are from.
Question: Who is the District FFA Advisor(s)?
Question: When does the National FFA Organization Fiscal year run from?
Answer: September 1st through August 31st

Question: What is the number of the state convention coming up?
Answer: 76th

Question: Give the titles of the seven officers of the Indiana FFA.
Answer: President, Secretary, Northern Region Vice-President, Southern Region Vice-
President, Treasurer, Reporter, Sentinel

Question: Where is the 50th year memorial of the Indiana FFA?
Answer: Purdue University in front of the Agriculture Administration Building

Question: Members of every chapter set up annually a plan of action for the coming
year. What is this plan?
Answer: A Program Of Activities

Question: What are the names of the FFA Associations, which are not states?
Answer: Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands

Question: What is the symbol of the American FFA Degree?
Answer: official gold emblem key

Question: What is the symbol of the State FFA Degree?
Answer: official gold emblem charm

Question: What is the symbol at the Secretary’s station?
Answer: Ear of corn

Question: What officer seats all of the officers at the end of opening ceremonies?
Answer: President

Question: The pin presented to Greenhands is made of what kind of metal?
Answer: bronze

Question: Who besides an FFA member may wear an official FFA jacket?
Answer: No person other than FFA members

Question: What is the symbol at the treasurer’s station?
Answer: emblem of Washington

Question: What is the last pledge made by an FFA member before the adjournment of a
Answer: The Pledge of Allegiance
Question: How many different proficiency awards are there in 2005?
Answer: 50

Question: What is the symbol of strength, courage and national scope of the
Answer: The eagle

Question: What is the official salute of the FFA Organization?
Answer: The Pledge of Allegiance

Question: What is the symbol at the President’s station?
Answer: the rising sun

Question: Where should FFA pins and medals be placed on the jacket?
Answer: below the owner’s name

Question: How many objectives does the FFA have in its constitution?
Answer: 4

Question: What is the symbol at the reporter’s station?
Answer: the flag

Question: What is the symbol at the Vice-President’s station?
Answer: the plow

Question: What is the symbol at the sentinel’s station?
Answer: the clasping hands

Question: How many paragraphs are in the FFA creed?
Answer: 5

Question: The Motto consists of ________ lines?
Answer: 4

Question: What degree must a member hold to have a chapter office?
Answer: Chapter Degree

Question: How many commas are there in the FFA salute?
Answer: 3

Question: How many “I believe’s” are there in the FFA creed?
Answer: 6

Question: What are the colors and what do they signify?
Answer: National Blue represents our flag and Corn Gold represents a ripened field of
Question: What is the symbol at the advisor’s station?
Answer: the owl

Question: True or False: FFA jackets can be worn by anyone with an interest in
Answer: False, only by FFA members

Question: Name the five symbols of the FFA emblem and what they represent.
   1. Cross section of corn-it provides the foundation of the emblem much like corn is
      the foundation crop of the United States
   2. Rising Sun-signifies progress and holds a promise that tomorrow will bring a new
      day glowing with opportunity
   3. The Plow-signifies labor and tillage of the soil, the backbone of agriculture, and
      historic foundation of our country’s strength
   4. The Eagle-is a national symbol which serves as a reminder of our freedom and
      ability to explore new horizons for the future of agriculture
   5. The Owl-symbolizes the knowledge required to be successful in the industry of
   6. Words “Agriculture Education” and “FFA”-symbolize the combination of
      learning and leadership necessary for progressive agriculture.

Question: How may a school principal become a member of the FFA?
Answer: Become an honorary chapter member

Question: Which officer is seated to the President’ left?
Answer: Secretary

Question: The plow is a symbol of _____________ and ____________ of the soil.
Answer: labor and tillage

Question: What does SAE stand for?
Answer: Supervised Agriculture Experience

Question: Which state has the fewest FFA members?
Answer: Alaska

Question: Why does the emblem contain the words “agriculture education” and the
letters FFA?
Answer: to signify the combination of learning and leadership necessary for progressive

Question: What is the pin symbolizing the Chapter FFA degree made of?
Answer: silver
Question: Recite the FFA motto.
      Learning To Do,
      Doing To Learn,
      Earning To Live,
      Living To Serve

Question: Which state has the most members?
Answer: Texas

Question: Name the official dress for female members.
Answer: black skirt, black shoes, black hosiery, a white blouse, official FFA scarf and
        an official FFA jacket zipped to the top

Question: Name the official dress for male members.
Answer: black slacks, black shoes, black socks, white dress shirt, official FFA tie
        and an official FFA jacket zipped to the top

Question: How many and what type of medals can be worn on the FFA jacket?
Answer: 3-highest award, highest office and highest degree

Question: Which County is the FFA leadership center located in?
Answer: Johnson

Question: How many sentences are there in the creed?
Answer: 6

Question: When did lodge construction begin at the FFA center?
Answer: 1974

Question: What type of curricular activity is FFA?
Answer: intra-curricular

Question: What is the breakdown of the dues that every FFA member in Indiana pays?
Answer: 10 dollars National-$5.00
Question: Who was better able to serve his country because of his sound financial
Answer: George Washington

Question: Who are the section directors for I, II, III, IV?
Answer:     Section I: Liz Blaney – North Newton
            Section II: Jessica Quear – Hamilton Heights
            Section III: Joni Naylor - Rushville
            Section IV: Elizabeth Anderson – North Daviess
Question: How many states are in each region?
Answer: Eastern-18, Western-12, Central-12, and Southern-11

Question: When was the Education Building at the FFA Leadership Center built?
Answer: 1971

Question: What do you do with an FFA jacket when worn out?
Answer: It should be discarded or you should take the emblem and lettering off

Question: What are the 10 essentials of a successful chapter?
      1. Knowledge of FFA
      2. Diversity of Membership
      3. All Members Share Responsibilities
      4. Capable Officers
      5. A Challenging Program of Activities
      6. A Workable Constitution and Bylaws
      7. Proper Equipment and Records
      8. Will Planned, Regularly Held Chapter Meetings
      9. Adequate Financing
      10. School and Community Support

Question: Name 10 of the 50 proficiency awards given to FFA members.

Question: What do district officers have on the back of their FFA jackets?
Answer: an emblem and their district lettering

Question: What do national officers have on the back of their FFA jackets?
Answer: an emblem and no lettering

Question: What do state officers have on the back of their FFA jackets?
Answer: an emblem and their state association

National History
Question: What organization is considered the founder of the FFA?
Answer: Future Farmers of Virginia

Question: At what national convention were the official policies for the use of the FFA
name and emblem adopted?
Answer: 1995 National Convention
Question: In what year and with what country was the first Future Farmers of American
International Exchange held?
Answer: 1948 with Great Britain

Question: The National FFA Foundation was established in what year?
Answer: 1944

Question: Where and in what year was the first national convention held?
Answer: Kansas City, 1928

Question: The National FFA Scholarship Programs were established in what year?
Answer: 1984

Question: In what year was the National FFA band organized?
Answer: 1947

Question: In what year was the National FFA Alumni Association chartered?
Answer: 1972

Question: What does the NFA stand for?
Answer: New Farmers of America

Question: When was the FFA creed revised?
Answer: at the 38th and 63rd national conventions

Question: At the Silver Anniversary Convention, what president of the United States was
the featured speaker?
Answer: Dwight D. Eisenhower

Question: In what year was the first FFA manual copyrighted?
Answer: 1930

Question: The National Future Farmer Magazine was first published in what year?
Answer: 1952

Question: When was the Silver (25th) anniversary of the FFA?
Answer: October 1953

Question: In what year were girls first admitted to the FFA?
Answer: 1969

Question: Which former President of the United States was a former FFA member?
Answer: Jimmy Carter

Question: The Smith-Hughes Act was passed in what year?
Answer: 1917
Question: In what year was the National FFA Supply Service opened for business?
Answer: 1948

Question: Who was the first female to be elected to a national office and where was she
Answer: Julie Smiley, Mt. Vernon, Washington

Question: In what year did congress ammend Public Law 740?
Answer: 1998

Question: Who was the first Star Farmer of America and what state was he from?
Answer: Carlton Patton - Arkansas

Question: Who was the first Star in Agribusiness and where was he from?
Answer: Ken Dunagan - Arizona

Question: In what year did the New Farmers of America merge with the FFA?
Answer: 1965

Question: In what year was the Indiana FFA Foundation organized?
Answer: 1961

Question: Who is considered to be the father of the FFA?
Answer: Henry C. Groseclose

Question: Who was the first National FFA President and what state was he from?
Answer: Leslie Applegate from New Jersey

Question: The first National Executive Secretary-Treasurer of the FFA was who?
Answer: Henry Groseclose

Question: The creed was adopted at what National Convention?
Answer: 3rd national convention

Question: Who wrote the Creed? Where was he from?
Answer: E. M. Tiffany from Wisconsin

Question: When and where were the Future Farmers of America organized?
Answer: Kansas City in 1928

Question: Which state was the last to enter the FFA?
Answer: Alaska

Question: In what month was FFA founded?
Answer: October
Question: President Gerald Ford addressed the National FFA Convention in what year?
Answer: in 1974

Question: Former President Bush addressed the National FFA Convention in what year?
Answer: 1991

Question: Who was the last National Officer from Indiana?
Answer: Jodee Ruppel

Question: The Golden Anniversary of the FFA was in what year?
Answer: 1979

Question: Name the 5 national FFA presidents from Indiana
      Irvin Schenk
      Ervin Martin
      Nels Ackerson
      Mark Timm
      Travis Park

Question: In what year was the first Star Farmer of America named?
Answer: 1929

Question: In what year was the National FFA Center in Indianapolis, Indiana dedicated?
Answer: 1998

Question: In what year was Public Law 740 passed by the 81st congress?
Answer: 1950

Question: Who was the first National Star Farmer from Indiana?
Answer: Merrill Kelsay

Question: Who have been the seven National FFA Advisors?

Answer: Charles Homer Lane, 1928-1933, John Austin Linke, 1933-1941, William T.
Spanton, 1941-1961, A. Webster Tenney, 1961-1965, H. Neville Hunsicker, 1965-1979,
Byron Rawls, 1979-1983, Larry Case, 1983-present

Question: Who is the National FFA Treasurer?
Answer: Marion Fletcher

Question: The National FFA Center is located in what city and state?
Answer: Indianapolis, Indiana
Question: Name the National FFA Officers and the state where they are from?
Answer:      President – Jackie Mundt, Wisconsin
             Secretary – Emily Horton, Wyoming
             Eastern Region VP – Jay Kelley, Illinois
             Central Region VP – Justine Sterling, Kansas
             Southern Region VP – Rachael McCall, Georgia
             Western Region VP – Brian Hogue, Arizona

Question: Who is the current National FFA Chorus Director?
Answer: Patty LaJoy

Question: Who is the current National FFA Advisor?
Answer: Dr. Larry Case

Question: What is this year’s National FFA theme?
Answer: Learn. Lead. Succeed

Question: What is this year’s State FFA theme?
Answer: Indiana FFA: Bringing Out the Leader in You

Question: What is the name of the official FFA magazine?
Answer: New Horizons

Question: Who is the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture?
Answer: Mike Johanns

Question: In what year was the 168 acres purchased by the Indiana FFA Foundation?
Answer: 1968

Question: What year was Nels Ackerson of Westfield, Indiana National FFA president?
Answer: 1963-1964

Question: Who was the first state FFA president?
Answer: Lester Burge

Question: Indiana became a state association in what year?
Answer: 1929

Question: In what year was the first building at the Indiana FFA leadership center built?
Answer: 1971

Question: Indiana was the ____________ state to enter the National FFA Organization.
Answer: 19th

Question: What FFA chapter has charter #1.
Answer: Battleground
Question: How many National Presidents have been from Indiana?
Answer: 5

Question: Who organized the Indiana FFA Chorus?
Answer: Marvin Meyers

Question: How many FFA districts are there in the state of Indiana?
Answer: 12

Question: How many acres comprise the Indiana FFA Center?
Answer: 168

Question: Who is Indiana Executive Director?
Answer: Mr. Craig Rebich

Question: Who is Indiana’s state advisor?
Answer: Mr. Robert Juncker

Question: List the state FFA officers and what chapter they are from.
Answer:       President – Matthew Metzger, Whitko FFA
              Secretary – Jill Steiner, Adams Central FFA
              NRVP – Eric Barnard, Carroll@Flora FFA
              SRVP – Todd Ault, South Ripley FFA
              Treasurer – Jennifer Shepherd, Carroll@Fort Wayne FFA
              Reporter – Sara Egan, Rensselaer FFA
              Sentinel – Joey Dunn, Franklin FFA

Question: How many sections can the conference center at the leadership center be
divided into?
Answer: 6

Question: How many acres are in the Indiana FFA Leadership Center lake?
Answer: 5 ½

Question: Who is the Indiana FFA Chorus director?
Answer: Teresa Jackson

Question: Who is the Indiana FFA Foundation Executive Director?
Answer: Mr. Christian MacKinnon

Question: Who is the Foundation Development Director?
Answer: Mr. Brian Buchanan

Question: The Indiana FFA Program Specialist is?
Answer: Ms. Stephanie Warner
Question: Who is the Indiana FFA Center Manager?
Answer: Ms. Dawn Davis

Question: Where is Indiana’s state convention held and in what month?
Answer: Purdue University in June

Question: How many sections are there in the Indiana FFA?
Answer: 4

Question: How many official delegates can each chapter have at state FFA convention?
Answer: 2 delegates from each chapter

Question: How many cabins are located at the FFA Center?
Answer: 6

Question: Who is the Executive Director of the Indiana Young Farmers?
Answer: Mrs. Lisa Chaudion

Question: The Indiana Vocational Education Law, which started Ag Ed classes in
Indiana, was approved on what date?
Answer: March 14, 1919

Question: What organization initiated the forming of FFA in Indiana?
Answer: IVATA

Question: The Indiana FFA Association was chartered on what date?
Answer: September 6, 1929

Question: What is Indiana’s charter number?
Answer: 19

Question: The Indiana FFA Association adopted its constitution on what date?
Answer: June 21, 1929

Question: Which were the first 12 chapters to receive charters?
      1. Battleground                       7. Nappanee
      2. Kempton                            8. Columbia City
      3. Pierceton                          9. Monrovia
      4. Martinsville                     10. Paragon
      5. Middleburg                       11. Seymour
      6. Madison Twp. Of                  12. WEA Twp. Of
         St. Joseph County                      Tippecanoe County

Question: Who was the first State FFA Advisor?
Answer: W. A. Smith
Question: Who was the first state Exec. Sec/Treasurer?
Answer: Z. M. Smith

Question: On what date did the Foundation Board vote to develop an FFA Leadership
Training Center?
Answer: December 2, 1961

Question: In 1963, four sites were proposed as hosts for the FFA Leadership Camps.
What were they?
Answer: Camp Limberlost on Lake Oliver, Harrison State Forest, Shakamak State Park,
and Ross Camp at Purdue

Question: The first state leadership camp was scheduled for July 22-26 and July 29-
August 2, 1963 at Ross Camp at Purdue, but was cancelled. Why?
Answer: Lack of interest

Question: In June of 1966, which section held a camp at Lake Oliver that was recognized
as an official statewide leadership camp?
Answer: Section 1

Question: In 1966 the state held three leadership camps at three sites. Where were these
three sites?
Answer: Lincoln State Park, Camp Limberlost, Section 1 at Lake Oliver

Question: In 1968, the foundation proposed four sites on which the FFA Leadership
center might be built. What towns were these sites near?
       Engleking Farm-Columbus
       Berry Farm-Nashville
       Spencer Farms-Greencastle
       Young Farm-Trafalgar

Question: What was the purchase price for the land of the FFA Center?
Answer: $30,000

Question: When was the ground breaking ceremony held at the FFA Center?
Answer: July 16, 1969

Question: The original center director was an ag teacher from Franklin. What was his
name and when was he hired?
Answer: Dave Spurgeon, hired in 1970

Question: When were the roads and the lake of the center completed?
Answer: June 1970
Question: Which structure at the FFA center was completed in April, 1971?
Answer: Education Building

Question: In 1972, 25 acres of the FFA center were approved for what ASC program?
Answer: Timber Stand Improvement

Question: In what year were the parking lot and football field completed at the
Leadership Center?
Answer: 1979

Question: Name the first National FFA advisor?
Answer: C. H. Lane

Question: How much are State FFA Dues?
Answer: $4.50

Question: When were girls admitted into FFA in Indiana?
Answer: 1970

Question: Who was the first chairman of the Indiana FFA Foundation Board?
Answer: H. B. Taylor

Question: When was the first Indiana FFA State Convention held?
Answer: October 18-19, 1929

Question: In 1974 the state elected their first female officer, who was she?
Answer: Debbie Michael

Question: Who was the first female State President?
Answer: Lisa Moss

Question: Who is the director of the National FFA Talent and who sponsors the event?
Answer: Gary Miracle, sponsored by Ford Trucks

Question: What was the name of the first FFA magazine?
Answer: The National Future Farmer

Question: What is the newest facility in the Indiana FFA Leadership Center?
Answer: The Fellowship Center

Question: What is the FFA Mission Statement?
Answer: FFA makes a positive difference in the lives of students by developing their
potential for premier leadership, personal growth and career success through agriculture
Question: What year did the delegates vote to change the official name from the Future
Farmers of America to the National FFA Organization?
Answer: 1988

Question: What does PLT stand for?
Answer: Premier Leadership Training

Question: What does SOAR stand for?
Answer: Seeking Opportunities; Achieving Results

Question: What does FIRE stand for?
Answer: Foundations In Reaching Excellence

Question: What does LDW stand for?
Answer: Leadership Development Workshop

Question: What does SAE stand for?
Answer: Supervised Agriculture Experience

Question: What does EDGE stand for?
Answer: Experiencing Discovery, Growth and Excellence

Question: What does MFE stand for?
Answer: Made For Excellence

Question: What does ALD stand for?
Answer: Advanced Leadership Development

Question: What does WLC stand for?
Answer: Washington Leadership Conference

Question: What does CDE stand for?
Answer: Career Development Event

Question: What does PALS stand for?
Answer: Partners in Active Learning Support

Question: What does NCF stand for?
Answer: New Century Farmer

Question: What does LPS stand for?
Answer: Local Program Success
Question: What does OCA stand for?
Answer: Office of the Commissioner of Agriculture

Question: What does IDEM stand for?
Answer: Indiana Department of Environmental Management

Question: Who is the Lieutenant Governor and Commissioner of Agriculture?
Answer: Becky Skillman

Question: How many farms were in Indiana as of 2003?
Answer: 59,500

Question: Indiana ranks 1st in the nation in the production of what?
Answer: Ducks

Question: About how many glasses of milk does a single cow produce everyday?
Answer: 50-100

Question: What percent of Indiana’s land is covered in forests?
Answer: 19%

Question: How many quarts of popcorn does the average American consume each year?
Answer: 68 quarts

Question: How many wineries are in Indiana?

Question: Who is the largest ice cream manufacturer in the world and where is it
Answer: Edy’s Grand Ice Cream, Fort Wayne, IN

Question: Who is the Assistant Commissioner of Agriculture?
Answer: Andy Miller

Question: Who is the Governor of Indiana?
Answer: Mitch Daniels

Question: What is the only 4-year agricultural university in Indiana?
Answer: Purdue University

Question: Indiana ranks where nationally in the production of popcorn?
Answer: 2nd
Question: Who is the Dean of the School of Agriculture at Purdue University?
Answer: Dean Randy Woodson

Question: In 2003 Indiana pork producers owned how many head of hogs?
Answer: 3.1 million

Question: How many days are in Indiana’s growing season?
Answer: 160-190

Question: How many counties in Indiana have a Soil and Water Conservation District?
Answer: 92

Question: In what year was the Indiana State Fair established?
Answer: 1852

Question: Indiana ranks __ in corn production?
Answer: 5th

Question: Indiana ranks __ soybean production
Answer: 4th

Question: Indiana ranks __ in hog production?
Answer: 5th

Question: What county is #1 in corn production?
Answer: Benton County

Question: ______ County is first in soybean production?
Answer: Rush

Question: The most hogs are produced in what county?
Answer: Carroll County

Question: What county is first in cattle production?
Answer: Elkhart

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