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					                            College of Mount Saint Joseph
                      Student-Athlete Athletic Training Handbook

Staff: The Athletic Training staff is responsible for the care of all athletic injuries and
related sickness, which includes injury evaluation, injury prevention, first aid and
immediate treatment, follow-up treatment, and rehabilitation for the injured athlete. The
Athletic Training staff also serves as a liaison between the student-athlete, coach and
team physician.

Name                               Title                         Phone
Lisa Osterbrock, MA, ATC,          Head Athletic Trainer         513-244-8588
Susan Miniello, MS, ATC,           Assistant Athletic Trainer    513-244-4599
Erin Beckwith, MEd, ATC,           Assistant Athletic Trainer    513-244-4875
Krisi Stauffer, MEd, ATC,          Assistant Athletic Trainer    513-244-8595
Dustin Grooms, MEd, ATC,           Assistant Athletic Trainer    513-244-4875

Team Physicians: The team physicians work closely with the athletic training staff to
provide the highest level of medical care. Team physicians are in contact with the
athletic training staff on a daily basis providing effective communication regarding the
status and conditions of athletic injuries and sickness.

Name                            Title                            Practice
Howard Schertzinger, MD         Head Team Physician              Advanced Pain Solutions
Bob Burger, MD                  Head Orthopedic Physician        Beacon Orthopaedics
Ray Metzger, MD                 General Medicine Physician       Physicians Associates
David Argo, MD                  Orthopedic Physician             Beacon Orthopaedics

Athletic Training Students: The College of Mount Saint Joseph has an accredited
Athletic Training Education Program. Athletic Training Students may be assigned to a
team and/or work in the Athletic Training room. They are an extension of the certified
athletic training staff, and work under the direction of the team certified athletic trainer.

  Harrington Center Athletic Training Room
        Location: On the bottom floor of the Harrington Center, under the weight room.
        Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday, 11:00am-6:00pm (unless otherwise posted)
        Phone: 513-244-4875; Fax 513-244-4372

   Sports Complex Athletic Training Room (Satellite Facility)
       Location: In the middle of the Sports Complex, near the locker rooms
       Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday, 11:00am-6:00pm (unless otherwise posted)
       Phone: 513-244-8590; Fax 513-244-8589

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If you need to see a Certified Athletic Trainer before or after operating hours, you must
make an appointment, or contact the Certified Athletic Trainer for your sport.

                               Athletic Training Room Rules
          Be Respectful
          No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service
          All Athletes must shower after practice/game/competition before entering
          No food or drinks
          No cell phones
          No foul language
          No cleats
          No shoes on the tables
          No horseplay

Operational Policies

Medical Care: Athletic Training personnel will provide medical care to all student-
athletes for any illness or injury while directly participating in sanctioned athletic
practices or intercollegiate competitions sponsored by the Athletic Department. It is
highly recommended that all student-athletes report any illness to the athletic training
staff. The athletic training staff will make proper referrals to team physicians or the
wellness center.

Medical Eligibility: All student-athletes who desire to participate in intercollegiate
athletics MUST complete a comprehensive medical questionnaire and a physical
examination provided by the medical staff. Medical clearance must be obtained from the
team physician before an athlete is permitted to participate in any athletic event. The
team physician may re-examine and change the student-athlete eligibility status at any
time. If any medical paperwork is incomplete at the start of your athletic season, you will
be ineligible to participate.

Insurance Coverage: An insurance form will be sent, or be made available online, to
your parent/guardian to be completed as part of the medical questionnaire. Failure to
complete and return the form by the requested date will jeopardize eligibility for athletic
competition and practice. Please attach a copy (front and back) of all medical insurance

The insurance plan utilized by the Athletic Department is designed as a supplement to
student-athletes’ medical coverage. The College of Mount Saint Joseph will be the
secondary carrier in all claims. If any portion is not covered by the student-athletes’
family insurance, the balance will be paid by the Athletic Department plan. Therefore,
there are no out-of-pocket costs for the student-athlete and his/her parent/guardian.

Layers of Coverage and Benefit Period
   $0 - $1500 per claim: Deductible amount, paid by family insurance first, and
      Mount St. Joseph when there is incomplete or no coverage by other insurance

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       $1500-$75000 per claim: Accident coverage through the Chubb Insurance
        Company. This is excess coverage and covers all claims two years from the da te
        of accident. Bills incurred during this layer of coverage must be submitted to the
        family insurance first.
       Lifetime/Catastrophic Injury Plan: administered by the NCAA

Medical bills incurred as a result of an injury in the intercollegiate sports program may be
sent directly to the athlete’s home address. All medical bills must be submitted to the
family insurance first. After the family insurance has contributed toward the claim, the
explanation of benefits (EOB) from the insurance company and a copy of the itemized
bill from the provider should be sent the Athletic Trainer working directly with the

If you are covered under an HMO insurance plan, changing your primary care provider to
Howard Schertzinger, MD is recommended as it will expedite your health care.

It is not uncommon for student-athletes to be dropped from their family insurance once
they reach the age of 18, unless they are in college. The insurance carrier normally has a
form that must be completed by the college’s registrar office verifying that the student-
athlete is enrolled in school. Please check with your insurance carrier and follow their
procedures to keep the student-athlete covered by the family insurance policy.

You are required to have health insurance coverage while attending the College of Mount
Saint Joseph. Please see the “Accident and Sickness Insurance Plan” pamphlet provided
through the Dean of Students office.

Medical Expense Coverage: The following are expenses that are not covered by the
Athletic Department. Please note this is not a complete list.
   Medical service for illness or injures that are non-athletic in nature (these illnesses
       include, but are not limited to, pregnancy, cancer, sexually transmitted diseases,
       mental health)
   Medical service or insurance coverage for illness or injury after completion of
       student-athletes’ participation/eligibility. The Athletic Department is not
       responsible for recurring injuries after release by the team physician or insurance
   Normal dental care, such as cleanings and congenital abnormalities.
   Contact lenses or glasses
   Immunizations or desensitization (allergy) injections
   Medications for pre-existing medical conditions
   Injuries/illnesses that occurred prior to enrolling at the College of Mo unt Saint
   Injuries reported after seven days from the injury-producing accident
   Any physician visit that has not been made by or cleared by the Athletic Training
   Any injury sustained due to body piercings. All piercings and jewelry must be
       removed before participating in any College of Mount Saint Joseph athletic

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       Any injury sustained by not wearing proper NCAA required protective equipment
        for your sport (ex: mouthpiece)

Prescriptions: If you are given a prescription for an injury suffered during a sanctioned
practice or game, you must bring it to an Athletic Training Staff member for
authorization to have it filled. If authorization is not received, you will be responsible for

Reporting an Injury: Report injuries immediately. This may occur during or
immediately following the completion of practice. If an injury develops after Athletic
Training Room hours, call your team Certified Athletic Trainer. All injuries and illnesses
must be reported to an Athletic Training staff member no later than 1:00pm. This will
provide the Athletic Training staff with adequate time to inform the coaching staff of
injury or illness that may restrict participation. If for some reason you, or a teammate,
require emergency medical treatment, call 911. Notify the team Certified Athletic
Trainer as soon as possible.

Treatment of Injuries: No treatments will be given during practice. You are expected
to be at all practices and workouts. Schedule treatments or rehabilitation with your team
Certified Athletic Trainer. If you cannot make a scheduled appointment, you must
contact your team Certified Athletic Trainer. Not showing up for a scheduled treatment
or rehabilitation is the same as not showing up for a practice or game. No shows will be
reported to the Head Athletic Trainer and the Head Coach, and proper disciplinary
actions will be taken. Before each practice or game the head Coach will be given a
“Coaches Report” from the athletic trainer listing athletes who had treatment,
rehabilitation, doctor’s appointments, etc. The status of each athlete will also be given to
the coach at this time.

Physician Appointments: The Certified Athletic Trainer will refer you to an appropriate
doctor if your case warrants further medical treatment or examination. Athletes are
responsible for getting to and from all appointments. Being late or missing a Doctor’s
appointment inconveniences all parties involved (coach, athlete, Athletic Training Staff,
and physician) and could cost the loss of the physician’s services. This will not be
tolerated!!! The Athletic Department will not assume responsibility for fees you might
incur with outside physicians, dentists, or health care facilities/providers, unless athletic
training personnel have referred you to such services. You must also receive permission
for any follow-up visits or second opinions, which are permitted and encouraged.

Exit Physical Examination: You must complete a post-season physical questionnaire.
If it is your last competitive season, you must complete a post-season physical
examination. Injuries reported after this exit physical are the responsibility of the
student-athlete. The College of Mount Saint Joseph secondary insurance covers any
athletic injury up to two years following the injury date if filed with our insurance
company within 30 days of initial injury.

Release of Medical Information: Release of medical information is only done with
your written consent, obtained as part of your medical questionnaire, and will be kept o n
file by the athletic training staff.
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Equipment and Supplies: Modalities are not to be used without the assistance of an
Athletic Training Staff member. Equipment and supplies are to remain in the Athletic
Training room unless distributed by an Athletic Training staff member. You are required
to return any equipment or supplies provided to you. If you fail to do so, your student
account will be charged for the equipment amount.

Healthy Lifestyle and Nutrition: Taking care of yourself and your body can prevent
some injuries and illnesses. Prevention can be achieved through a well-balanced diet,
getting rest, and organizing your life to aid in decreasing stress. If you would like to
speak to someone regarding nutrition or to improve your overall well-being, please notify
an athletic training staff member and they will assist you in a proper referral.

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