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Marketing Education
Summer Conference (SC) 2010
               Opening Session
     Marketing Education Program
          Opening Session
•   Who’s who                  •   NC Career & Technical
•   Summer Conference tools        Education Business Network
•   Marketing Education SC     •   Licensure Teacher Induction
    Program Overview           •   Field tests
•   Accountability and         •   Moodle PLC’s
    Curriculum Reform Effort   •   Hop on the Bus! High School
    (ACRE)                         Business Plan Competition
•   Formative Assessment       •   Partnerships
•   Honor Course               •   Closing sessions
•   Crisis in Relevance        •   Announcements
Marketing Education People
•   DPI Staff
•   Leadership Council Members
•   NC DECA Officers
•   NCMEA Officers
•   Scholarship Fundraiser Sponsor
•   Teacher presenters
•   Facilitators
Marketing Education SC CD
Apply It
       Write your name on your form
              Form is front and back
      Marketing Education SC
        Program Overview
                Pages: 83-89
                Teachers presenting
                Session1              Session 2

Description 1                           Description 2
    Marketing Education SC
      Program Overview
                Pages: 90-93

Business and Industry Representatives
– J.D. Gidley, Ameriprise Financial
– Barry Ryan, NC Rural Development Center
– Leslie Scott, NC Rural Development Center
– Malinda Todd, NC REAL Enterprises
– Leigh Brady and Jimmy Goodrum, State Employees’
  Credit Union
– Kathryn Thompson and April Whitlock, Carolina Pad
– Mike Collins, The Perfect Workday Company

                                      – continued
  Marketing Education SC
    Program Overview
                Pages: 90-93

Business and Industry Representatives
– Scott Gilmore, LKM, Charlotte, NC
– Kelly Stewart, Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond
  Charlotte Office
– Sidney Mabry, North Carolina State Employees’
  Credit Union
– Sondra Lee, North Carolina State Employees’ Credit
– Kordell Norton, Synergy Solutions
– Plus others hosted by BITE and FACS
    Accountability and Curriculum
       Reform Effort (ACRE)
• Comprehensive initiative
   – redefine the Standard Course of Study for
     K-12 students
   – the student testing program
   – the school accountability model
• A 21st century model that identifies what
  students should know and clearly
  measures whether students are on track
  for success after high school
This work, being completed in stages over five years, will

•   identify the most critical knowledge and skills that
    students need to learn - filtering the "must have" elements
    of the curriculum from the "nice to have" elements. CTE is
    leading the way with new RBT courses.

•   create new student tests for grades 3-8 and high school
    courses that use more open-ended questions, more
    technology and more real-world applications of what
    students learn.

•   provide a new model for measuring school success that gives
    parents and educators more relevant information about how
    well schools are preparing students for college, work,
    and adulthood.
   Formative Assessment
• Used by teachers and students
• Used during instruction
• Provides feedback in order for
  ongoing teaching and learning to
  improve students’ achievement of
  intended instructional outcomes.
Formative Assessment

            Where Am I

How Do I                 Where Am
Close the                 I Now?
      Formative Assessment
                   NC FALCON
     (North Carolina’s Formative Assessment
      Learning Community’s Online Network)

•   Available 24/7
•   Reflective activities
•   Hands-on activities
•   Self-Assessment
•   Collaboration through PLCs
•   Registration required
•   Website:
        Honors Courses
• Policy Revised by State Board of
  Education, September 2009
• Any CTE course meeting the criteria
  is eligible for honors credit
• Teaching Preparation Portfolio must
  be completed (on conference CD)
Crisis of Relevance
Report of the State Superintendent’s
Career-Ready Commission

•   Dr. Atkinson lead a Commission and develop a plan:
    “How NC Must Innovate to Graduate All Students
           Career- and College-Ready?”

•   Focused Goals:
     – Cultivate a Culture of Innovation in Education
     – Connect Students to Careers and the Business
     – Create a System for Collaboration among
        • Education,
        • Workforce and
        • Economic Development Entities
 The NC Career & Technical
Education Business Network

      What is it?
   Why do we need it--
Technical Preparation
needs Advocates!
Include CTE

   – Career and Technical Education, which teaches
     such essential workplace skills, have been one
     casualty in the push for national education
     standards, which has been focused on
     preparing students for universities.

   – Funding for essential tools, equipment and
     supplies are often cut from CTE budgets
     resulting in inadequate preparation for the
     workplaces of North Carolina and the nation.
Benefits of
NC CTE Business Network
• Links established leaders with new leaders

• Provides a way to share information among
  those interested in current CTE issues and

• Allows for innovation in curriculum and
  leadership development

• Builds a support group for CTE programs
  and initiatives
Your Business Contacts
         Your Business Contacts
               to join the
        NC CTE Business Network
    NCATCEA CTE Business Network
     Teacher Induction
             As of July 1, 2010
         80-hour CTE Teacher Induction

         40-hour Teacher Induction
    plus one 3 university credit Methods

  – May be a on-line or face-to-face course

– More information to come for those needing to
  complete the CTE 80-Hour Teacher Induction
           Experience in
        Marketing Education
• Brand new
• Completed some time in last year: months,
  semester, year, etc.
• Up to 5 years
• Up to 10 years
• Up to 15 years
• Up to 20 years
• Up to 25 years
• Up to 30 years
• More than 30 years
• Tips for survival and success
             Field Test Year

• All new RBT Curriculum
• Mid-term Field Test (assesses first half of
  blueprint only)
• Final Field Test (assesses second half of
  blueprint only)
• Courses in field test status 2010-2011:
   – Principles of Business and Finance
   – Personal Finance
               Moodle PLC
Virtual professional learning community in
                Moodle format
– All new RBT Courses
– Instructions
– All Pilot Courses
   • Share activities, resources, etc.
   • Participate in discussions
   • Access to curriculum guides
        –   Marketing
        –   Small Business & Entrepreneurship
        –   Sports and Entertainment Marketing I &II
        –   Marketing Management

– Computer Applications II had a successful
  Moodle PLC this year
– Meeting on Wednesday at 5:00 in Imperial D
Hop on the BUS!
Business Plan Competition
              Congratulations 2010 Winners!!
                    1st Place: Amore' Restaurant
 Entrepreneurs: Tempest Walker, Corey Gwynn, and Anastasia Godfrey
                  Teacher/Advisor: Rhonda Farmer
         School: Walter Williams High School, Burlington, NC

                    2nd Place: RamWear Jewelry
         Entrepreneurs: Courtney Luchey and Cory Hutchens
                 Teacher/Advisor: Melanie Matthews
            School: Starmount High School, Boonville, NC

                3rd Place: Advantage Tennis Center
           Entrepreneurs: Hollie Baker and Alicia Sodoma
                   Teacher/Advisor: Tammy Vail
                 School: C.B. Aycock, Pikeville, NC

       Pages 89 and 90: Sessions about the Competition
               (Sponsored by Citi with a grant)
              Presented by Committee Members

  MBA Research


   Consortium for
     Closing Sessions
• Thursday (page 93)
  – 1:30 pm – 3:15 pm
    • Chocolate, Elephants & Wrinkle
      Remover – Marketing and
      Communication Strategies for
  – 3:30 pm – 5:00 pm
    • Apply It, Awards, NC DECA
      Professional Development, and
      District Meetings
• Location: Grandover
•   Breaks and Lunch
     –   Wednesday
          •   Pages 85 and 88: 10:15-10:30 & 3:15-3:30
     –   Thursday
          •   Pages 90 and 93: 10:00-10:15 & 3:15-3:30

•   Name tags
•   Sonja Dismuke Scholarship Fundraiser Auction
     – Page 84: Tonight-Suite 2793
•   Evaluation of individual Marketing Education Session
    (example on next slide)
•   Renewal Credit/Certification/Overall Summer Conference
     – Page 3: Certificates will be done electronically with the
       evaluation of the conference.
     – Conference site:
     – Must use same email address used for registration
   Evaluation of
individual sessions

     Just a few more announcements…
•   Teacher presenters and facilitators meet with me for a few
    minutes after this session (We need ___ more.)
•   Corrections for program
     – Page 84: 8:15-9:15 Mastering the Concept of Selling will
       have one presenter-Catherine Bumgarner.
     – Page 88: 3:30 PBF Showcase (session to be repeated)
     – Page 88: Moodle brief meeting after PBF Showcase with
     – Page 89: HOTB:
         •   Presenters: Tammy Vail will present instead of Karen Gregory.
     – Page 90: Basics of Management – Control versus Chaos
         •   New location: Cedar C
     – Page 92: Bankruptcy and Credit Laws
         •   Presenter: Sidney Mabry only
     – Page 93: PBF Showcase ( Repeat session)
• Moodle PLC: Meeting on Wednesday at 5:00 in
  Imperial D
• Your name

• Identify if problem-based learning or
  project-based learning activity

• Brief description of activity and type of
  business(es) involved

• Leave on table
Summer Conference

is a chance too…..
 –Share & obtain
  other successful
 –Grow and renew!!!!

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