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									                                              Fife High School
                                   Career and Technical Advisory Committee Meeting
                                                 Agenda and Notes

Department__Business____________        Chairperson___Caren Skube_______          Date____November 4, 2004_____

Discussion    1. Introductions and address list revisions (list attendees)
& Action      Christiann Thomas, Business Department Chair
              Cory Lewis, FBLA Vice-President
              Steve Weidenbach, Business Teacher
              Chris O’Mara, Columba Junior High Business Department Chair
              Gregg Landskov, HP
              Alicia Colburn, FBLA Peninsula Vice-President
              Laura Hilzendeger, FHS Business Teacher
              Ed Norris, Primerica
              Marie DeLong, Washington State History Museum
              Lindy Robertson, Milgard Manufacturing
              Caren Skube, Boeing

Discussion    2. New trends in subject areas as seen by employers and employees

              Last year we focused on soft skills- communications, interview skills
              Government- background & reference checks up
              Business Ethics
              Community Service- college applications

Information   3. Student Leadership Activities                                   SLO:_____________________________

              Fall Conference- 950 students
              Planning a community service project
              Planning a HALO2 tournament as a fundraiser
              -Check out Paidion
              Alicia Colburn, State Vice President, Peninsula Region
              -Helped lead Fall Conference- fantastic job
              -Currently planning Winter Conference in Bremerton on Feb 15
              -If interested in putting on a workshop, let Alicia know
              Nationals- Pamela and Thomas placed 3rd.
              Practice Night- End of January
              Job Shadows, Pamela
              -Can business community provide opportunities
              Cory & Alicia- Rotary Students of the Month
Information        4. Department Goal
and Action         Develop and enhance student achievement through interacting with cross-curricular reading strategies
                   Focusing on providing opportunities for industry related reading
                   Staff is developing strategies for how to increase reading
                   5. Updating Curricular Frameworks to the GLEs
                   Working to align curriculum with the WASL through the EALRs and the GLEs
                   Excellent feedback on integrating reading, writing, and math into classes so that students can relate to the
                   6. Cash Register
                   Any ideas, contact Laura
                   Cash register is dying and we need to check on a new system – big investment

Action             7. Request to approve probationary certificates of instructors (if necessary)


Action             8. Request to approve new courses (if necessary)


Action             9. Confirm representative and alternate to general advisory council for 2004-2005

                   Caren Skube

Action             10. Confirm chairperson for 2004-2005

                   Caren Skube

Information        11. Other
& Action
                   Students can evaluate career path ongoing – can adjust if they want to change – can benchmark progress
                   – students can establish goals and work backwards to figure out what they need to do

                   Forester Research – very technical reading – cutting edge

Action             12. Set date and place for next advisory committee meeting

                   May 5, 2005 – Full Group

                   January 2005 – Working Meeting

Action             13. Adjournment

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