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									ACT! 2010 Overview
ACT! 2010 Summary

Close Deals

              Get the Ultramodern Look!
Modern Look and Feel
• Refresh the user interface
  with modern branding
  elements and new

• Features:
   −   New Welcome Page
   −   Big Easy buttons
   −   Instant access to search
   −   Related tasks            “I like the new welcome page. It give me a fall
   −   Consolidated menus       back to find instructions, templates, etc. that I
                                would have otherwise have to do a lot of
   −   Specific to user types searching for. This has made ACT very user
Customizable Opportunities
• Customizable Opportunities
  make ACT! better fit your
  business processes

• Features:
   − Customizable opportunities
     including product fields
   − Relate activities, notes,
     history, and documents
   − Instant Quotes in ACT!
     Premium for Web
   − Activity Series templates    “The new features are EXCELLENT,
                                  especially the Opportunities!! Fantastic.”
 Social Media Integration
• Easy access to Web
  information for companies
  and contacts

• Features:
   − Dynamically display contact
     and company data
   − Customizable searches
     based on field values
   − Links to:
      o   LinkedIn
      o   Facebook
      o   Plaxo
                                   “I love this tab this is one of the best
      o   ZoomInfo Contact
                                   features ACT! could have added.”
      o   Contact's Website
      o   Google™
      o   Yahoo!
New Reports
• Report View: An easy way
  to access all your reports

• Features:
   − New view
   − 13 new Reports:
       o Opportunities Won Evaluation
       o Opportunities by Process and
         Record Manager
   − Ability to mark reports as
   − Customize the description of
     your reports
New Dashboards
• New Dashboards allow you
  to quickly access
  information in your

• Features:
   − 12 new Dashboards charts:
      o Recently Created Contacts
      o Contact History Count by Type
      o Last Synch Status
   − 2 new Dashboards
      o Contact Dashboard               “The contact history count [in
      o Administrator Dashboard         Dashboards] is AWESOME.”
   − OLEDB provider enhancements
  Compatibility with iCalendar and
  • Need:
      − To work with non-ACT! users
        and other business

  • Features:
      − Send iCal invitations from
        ACT! to Gmail™, Apple®
        iCal®, Windows Live™
      − vCard export
      − Mail Merge in ACT! Premium
        for Web
“Great to see this feature [iCalendar]
incorporated. You people have really out
done yourselves with the new features this
• iCalendar compatible applications

                                            Windows Live

                     Microsoft Outlook

                                         Lotus Notes

        Apple iCal
End to End E-marketing
 • Need:
    − Marketers need an E-marketing service integrated with ACT!
    − Salespeople need help prioritizing among respondents

 • Features:
    − Web Lead Capture
    − E-mail Marketing
      Campaign Creation
    − Drip Marketing
    − Tracking Recipient
    − Ranked Call List
Generate Actionable Demand
with ACT! E-marketing
• E-mail Marketing
   − Create professional looking emails from a variety of templates
   − Send to ACT! contacts, lookups, groups, and companies
• Survey and Web Forms
   − Gather new leads or feedback from
   − Map results directly to your ACT!
     database for marketing and selling
• Drip Marketing
   − Create a series of customer touches
     delivered exactly how and when you
     want them
Close Deals Fast using the
Marketing Results Tab
•   Call List sorts campaign recipients according to results
•   Rank and Fields see the data you want to see
•   Contact Summary next activity, last history, last note
•   E-marketing History view history of all campaigns
•   E-marketing Tips learn more about the service
 Top Reasons to Upgrade to 2010
 • Enjoy the newly designed look of ACT!
 • Take advantage of leading-edge social media technology

 • Generate actionable demand with end-to-end e-marketing

 • Tailor opportunities to fit your selling model
 • Unlock insight into your biggest opportunities for quick wins
 • Send calendar invitations and contacts from ACT! to leading e-
   mail solutions,
Why ACT! 2010?

            Know. Market. Sell.
             Modern Look and Feel
             Social Media Integration
             End-to-End E-marketing
             Customizable Opportunities
             New Dashboards and Reports
             Compatibility with iCal and vCard

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