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									             Sultan Qaboos Uni versity
                 College of Education
Depart ment of Instructional & Learning Technologies

                        TECH2111: Instructional Computer
                                STUDENT'S PORTFOLIO

 1. Each group should prepare one-single CD-Rom portfolio, as shown below ,
     and in the ZIP file sent before.
 2. You should submit your portfolio by the end of week 14.
 3. Late portfolios will lose 5% of the final grade for each day late, including
 4. A student who is found using materials or tools produced by others
     improperly will be penalized.
 5. More information will be provided in week 13 lecture, or contact Dr Alaa
     Sadik at alaasadik@squ.edu.om with your questions.

Topic and Activity                                         Notes

 1. Word processing             - Comic Strip: As described in the file delivered at the
                                - Drawing: As described in the file delivered at the class.
                                - Table formatted page: Use tables to format the content
                                of one page to create a sample school newsletter.
                                - Tracking: create a DOC then practice some tracking
                                with your team. Submit the document after creating,
                                accepting, rejecting and finalizing the file.
Topic and Activity                              Notes

2. Spreadsheets       Create two spreadsheets for
                         1- Graphing algebra/physics functions
                         2- Entering and calculating students' grades with
                            statistics as described in the lab.
                         3- Using Excel as a statistical package.
                         4- Creating exams and interactive forms.

3. Database           Create a database for use in the classroom/school. This
                      database should include tables, forms, quires and report.

4. Multimedia using - Create a multimedia story using PS 3.0 as described in
   Photo Story 3.0  the lecture. You should include both the project and
                    final video. The final video file should be uploaded to
                    Youtube.com for sharing and collecting feedback.

5. Multimedia using - Use set-up show and custom show functions to prepare
   PowerPoint       a Power Point Presentation for use as a class tutorial or
                    self-based multimedia presentation. This PPT should be
                    uploaded to slideshare.net
                    - Design simple Power Point presentation using VBA, as
                    shown in the lab.

6. Web page and           -   Provide all HTML files you uploaded to webs.com
   blog                       and complete the links to your page and blog at
                              blogger.com, as shown the lab. You must post at
                              least one post to your blog.

7. Class              - Prepare Power Point presentation and short written
   presentation and   assignment about one of the software you reviewed
   written            according to the criteria presented and discussed at the
   assignment         lecture,
                      Use these guidelines:
                           Cover page contains assignment title, your name
                             & ID.
                           1500 words length (exl ref & cover).
                           12pt font size, Arial font, 2 cm margins each side.
                      Post both the presentation and article to your account at

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