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					                   Office Hrs: Wed- Fri (11- 1.30 & 2- 5), Gallery: Wed- Sat (11-5)

                     I  Letterpress
                                               Typesetting and Printing
                                               Introductory Course
                                               with Allan Dabscheck
                                               Monday evenings
                                               Three week course
                                               Dates to be announced
                                               Register your interest!
                                               Members: $210
                                               Non-Members: $235
                                               (includes all materials)

Course Content
Printing - From the 1400 has to present
Participants are introduced to the fundamentals of Letterpress Printing, including history,
typography, design, composing and hands-on practicality, to give a fast all-round look at
the rapidly dying craft of setting type and printing - using singular letters.
Printing styles through the ages are compared, and students will be able to examine a 392
year old book as well as books from the early 20 th century, and view commercial
‘typesetting’ books. S
Colours & how they are reproduced in print will also be discussed I.E. The make-up of
colour in print (dots) etc.

Working with Letterpress components – type, setting sticks and galleys, students will learn
to ‘set’ type then print their result on paper using a letterpress proofing machine.
Terminology, printing materials, and a short theory of typesetting – Why we set type the
way we do – From Johannes Guttenberg in 1436 to the present time using Microsoft will
be briefly examined.

Students will gain a broad insight into this craft and learn about Inks, Papers and Printing
Machines, and they will gain a clear understanding of how a design becomes the final
product, whether a book, letterhead, label, show card or advertising on billboards.

                  Firestation Print Studio, 2 Willis Street, Armadale, VIC 3143
                 Tel: (03) 9509 1782 & E-mail:
                   Office Hrs: Wed- Fri (11- 1.30 & 2- 5), Gallery: Wed- Sat (11-5)

                                   About Allan Dabscheck

Allan served a 5 year Apprenticeship as a Hand Compositor in Melbourne. He attended
the then Melbourne College of Printing & Graphic Arts which is now RMIT.
He qualified as a compositor, and attended further schooling to become a Letterpress
Machinist. He has valuable skills in Composing, Graphic Arts, Foil Stamping, Design,
Advertising, Labels, and Printing in general.

Allan has traveled extensively overseas for business development, and has worked for
short periods assisting in the development of machinery and UV equipment in the following
Countries… Germany - Berlin, Wuppertal/Schwelm, Taiwan, England - Cambridge, Hong
Kong, Japan - Tokyo and Nagoya, USA - New York, Chicago, New Jersey and Tulsa,

Allan has written many articles dealing with labels, printing, or collaborated with other
people to produce written documents related to Radio Frequency Identification Devices,
Ultra Violet curing of inks, curriculum for RMIT, as well as general training.

He has lectured for RMIT, and the SEC (originally known as State Electricity Commission
of Victoria) regarding UV curing.

Bookings & Payment Details
To book a place on this exciting new course
contact the Studio, details below
Wed-Fri, 11-1.30 & 2-5
                                                                Proudly Sponsored by
Bendigo Bank East Malvern Branch
Acc Name: Firestation Print Studio
BSB: 633 000 Acc no: 1388 03457

Payment of a deposit must be received
before a course place can be booked. A
minimum of 4 students is required to hold
each class.

                  Firestation Print Studio, 2 Willis Street, Armadale, VIC 3143
                 Tel: (03) 9509 1782 & E-mail:

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