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					Philip Redding
Regional Business Manager
Hire the best people

  Get the best job
Typical obstacles
Too old
Too young
Not enough experience
Too much experience
Not the right experience
Not the right version numbers
Ageism - The facts
It is not illegal
Works in favour of 25 - 35 age group,
 reduces prospects for:
   older people
   women returning to work
   younger workers
Ageism - The facts
Legislation by 2006
Voluntary code of practice since 1999
  One third of employers are aware
  Age based recruitment halved
UK Labour market getting older
Little (if any) variation in absenteeism,
  loyalty, ability to develop new skills.
Current Skill - Technical Assessment
An exercise for the Client Representatives
• Consider the best technical members of
  your team
• Think of their current technical skills
• Think of the time when they joined you
• What technical skills did they have then ?
Why don‟t we widen the net?
My opinion:
Fine for Contract Recruitment
But Lazy Permanent Recruitment
.Too difficult to look beneath the skin?
.Too time consuming to build up a
.Too risky to „change old ways‟?
Why change?
Over-targeting particular age or „current skill‟
 groups generally inflates the price (salary) of
 these groups
Recruitment delays and consequential costs
 rise, by restrictive targeting
Change beats the competition !
Older workers generally stay in their jobs
 longer than younger people
Attributes and Competencies
Most companies want “people like us”
Matching of values and shared goals are key
With the right competencies, technical skills
 could become “icing on the cake”
You can develop someone's skills, but it‟s very
 hard to change their personality
Attractive Applicants
Develop first class communication skills
Develop relationships with agencies - be
Detail your personality in your CV
Make your CV easy and enjoyable to read - It
 is your marketing document
Make yourself marketable
Detail your strongest attributes, giving
 examples of how you applied them
Show your determination by detailing how you
 have kept up to date with technology
Ensure that your technical experience can be
 assessed easily, showing ability and length
 of usage
Example 1
“In this particular role I used my user liaison
  skills to their fullest, to ensure that the
  development team obtain a comprehensive
  understanding of the business need”
Example 2
“I have maintained a strong understanding of
  up to date internet development languages
  and tools such as J2EE; ASP; .NET;
  VIGNETTE. I have studied each of these
  languages from home and have developed
  applications, to cement and stretch my
Example 3
Skill Name             Skill Level    Last Used    Experience
Unix                   Intermediate   1 year ago   2 years
MS Windows             Expert         Currently    4 years
95,98,NT,2000, XP                     Used
(Desktop and Server)
MS SQL Server 7.0      Intermediate   Currently    2 years
Lotus Notes            Intermediate   Never        Home Use
Norton Ghost           Beginner       Currently    6 Months
How do you facilitate a match ?
To find your perfect match is hard work
Abundance of vacancies OR of applicants
 creates a huge problem
Be prepared for a lot of “leg work”
You or your company, must become KNOWN
Agency or Direct Route ?
The direct route can be a stab in the dark
An agency should do a lot of the leg work for you
An agency should have a greater pool to fish in
Agencies normally have strengths in either
 certain markets or certain types of client
You must identify suitable agencies
Identifying suitable agencies
Large agencies are sometimes the only route to
 large companies
Smaller agencies often specialise in specific
 technical areas
Study the internet job boards
Locate and question suitable individual agents
Select a dozen agents to work with
Building relationships with agents
Work hard to build relationships with agents who
 specialise in people or companies like you
Remind agents that they will make money from
 you. Are you a marketable commodity?
Respect peoples time, ask to meet them if there
 could be mutual benefit
Read & discuss job specifications
It‟s a people business. Ensure that you get to
   know people
Work hard. The more you put in, the greater the
 chance of success
Take a very professional approach to recruitment
Develop relationships with agencies

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