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 National Awards                2                      April 2005
 CU Professionals Talk
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 People & Places                8 A Publication of the Colorado Credit Union League
                                                                                                                   visit our website at

     Colorado’s Credit Unions Attend “The Main Event”
         CUNA’s Governmental Affairs Conference                                                                           Subscribe Today!
O     ver 50 Colorado credit union leaders from
      27 credit unions joined over 4,000 other
credit union representatives from across the
                                                       debated on the floor while the GAC was in
                                                       full swing. I believe that the concerted efforts
                                                       of all who made visits to Capitol Hill made a
                                                                                                                    W      ithin this month’s issue of the Center
                                                                                                                           Link is a subscription and survey
                                                                                                                    form. The form is being distributed in an
country at “The Main Event,” CUNA’s 2005               great difference in getting this much needed                 effort to obtain information from you, our
                                                       legislation passed.” To demonstrate that credit              readers, as we continue to make changes to
Governmental Affairs Conference (GAC), in                                                                           the content and distribution of this publica-
Washington, D.C., February 27 – March 2. The           unions and their members are serious about                   tion. Over the past few months, several
theme, “The Main Event,” demonstrated the              maintaining the tax-exempt status, petitions                 changes have already been made to the
need to “redouble our efforts and prepare to ‘go       were delivered to Colorado’s Senators and                    Center Link, with more to come.
the distance’ on Capitol Hill in controlling the       Representatives. With over 12,400 signatures
discussions that will shape our future,” stated        collected in Colorado, the message was clear                 A memorandum detailing the changes was
                                                       that credit union members, their constituents,               mailed to all credit unions and volunteers
Richard Ensweiler, Chairman of CUNA. “The                                                                           on March 11. As indicated in the memo-
Main Event” featured nationally recognized             are active and will fight to maintain the tax-                randum, the publication will be switching
speakers retired General Tommy Franks, Treasury        exempt status for credit unions.                             to an electronic only version beginning
Secretary John Snow, Mark Olson with the Fed-                                                                       with the July 2005 issue. To ensure that
eral Reserve System Board of Governors, boxing         For additional news on the 2005 Government                   you continue receiving the Center Link
                                                       Affairs Conference log on to http://www.Credit               once the transition is made, please com-
legend Larry Holmes, CUNA President Dan                                                                             plete the subscription/survey form and
Mica, and NCUA Board Chair JoAnn Johnson.     C                         return it to the League. The memorandum
The consistent message from all the speakers was                                                                    and subscription/survey form are also
the importance of credit unions keeping up the                                                                      available on the League’s website through
fight against banker attacks and controlling our                                                                     the following links:
own destiny by passing proactive legislation like
                                                                                                                    Memorandum of March 11, 2005
CURIA and bankruptcy reform.                                                                              
Meetings with Colorado’s federal lawmakers
and their staff highlighted the trip. Credit union                                                                  Subscription/Survey Form
volunteers and professionals talked with our                                                              
                                                       Credit union leaders meet with Representative Joel           terlink/Survey%20(test%20for%20web).
legislators and their staff reiterating the need for                                                                pdf
                                                       Hefley (R-5th CD) during Hill visits with Colorado’s
regulatory relief, protection of the tax-exempt        U.S. Senators and Representatives during the GAC.
status of credit unions and bankruptcy reform.         Pictured left to right: Bill Becker, president of Sunrise    If you have questions or comments
Marilyn James, president of NEPCO Federal              CU, Representative Joel Hefley (R-5th CD), Randy              regarding the memorandum or subscrip-
Credit Union in Pueblo, noted that “contacts           Bernstein, executive vice president and chief oper-          tion/survey form, please contact Terri
                                                       ating office of Ent FCU, Mark Cummins, president              Johnson, manager of communications
with our Congressional delegation were ex-                                                                          and public policy at 720-479-3310,
                                                       of White Crown FCU, Marilyn James, president of
tremely valuable and the timing couldn’t have          NEPCO FCU, and Ray Barnes, board secretary of      
been better since bankruptcy reform was being          Gateway CU.

                               Call 877-NEWCUNEWS (877-639-2863) for Legislative Updates

  T   he League is committed to providing Colorado credit unions’ staff, members and volunteers with up-to-date information on key govern-
      mental affairs and public policy activities. That is why we are introducing a new 800 number – 877-NEWCUNEWS (877-639-2863).
  Callers can hear the latest information, free of charge, on state and federal legislation affecting credit unions. Information will be updated to
  ensure that the most accurate and useful information is available at your fingertips.

  This service, while initiated on a trial basis, was designed for the benefit of credit union staff, members and volunteers – if it provides a ben-
  eficial service, it will remain active with the possibility of expanding into other arenas over time. Over the next several months, activity will
  be monitored to conclude if the service is a useful tool for credit unions. Your thoughts and opinions are also welcome and can be directed to
  either Pete Kirchhof at (720) 479-3202, or Terri Johnson at (720) 479-3310,

  Call 877-NEWCUNEWS (877-639-2863) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
CENTER                      |2

Colorado                                                               Colorado Credit Unions Receive
Credit Union League
4905 W. 60th Ave. • Arvada, CO 80003
                                                                        National Awards at the GAC
(303) 427-4222 • (800) 477-1697
                                                   Amy Thomsen (left), sales and marketing director of Johns Manville
The Center Link is published monthly by the        Credit Union, accepts the 2004 Dora Maxwell Social Responsibility
     Colorado Credit Union League                  Recognition Award from Diana Roberts, CUNA Awards Committee
                                                   chair and association director, at the Awards Reception held in
                                                   Washington, D.C. on March 1, 2005, during CUNA’s 2005 Govern-
LEAGUE BOARD OF DIRECTORS                          mental Affairs Conference (GAC). Johns Manville Credit Union
         Chuck Mabry, Chairman                     was awarded the first place in the credit union asset category of
      Charles Emmer, Vice Chairman                 $50-$100 million in recognition of their work with the Caitlyn Craig
       Michael Williams, Treasurer                 Foundation and the Colorado State Patrol Alive-at-25 program to
         Steve Pearson, Secretary                  reduce teenage auto related fatalities.
              Mark Cummins
             Douglas Ferraro
               Eva Gaudio
              Carla Hedrick                                                      Paula Felten (left), marketing and public relations director of
               Dan Kester                                                        Jeffco Credit Union, accepts the Desjardins Youth Financial
             Michael Litzau                                                      Education Award from Diana Roberts, CUNA Awards Committee
            William Sterner                                                      chair and association director, at the Awards Reception during the
                                                                                 GAC. Jeffco Credit Union was awarded the national first place
                 John Dill                                                       for the Desjardins Youth Financial Education Award program for
               President/CEO                                                     raising awareness of financial literacy and providing resources
                                                                                 for Jefferson County youth and educators who work with youth
              Grace Stanton                                                      on financial education. In addition to their continuous support of
  Senior Vice President of Communications/
                                                                                the National Endowment for Financial Education® High School
       Marketing and Human Resources
                                                   Financial Planning Program®, Jeffco Credit Union provides many ongoing youth financial edu-
                                                   cation programs, including Making Sense – a free financial literacy program for the classroom,
               Terri Johnson
 Manager of Communications & Public Policy         and Looney Tunes Savings Program to educate young members about savings.

                Maggie Kuo
      Editor/Communications Specialist             Bill Sterner, president for U of C Federal Credit Union, and Jean
                          Hauser, board chair for U of C Federal Credit Union, receive an
                                                   honorable mention for the Desjardins Youth Financial Education
               Linda Skaufel                       Award program at the Awards Reception during the GAC. U
               Graphic Designer                    of C Federal Credit Union was recognized for their extensive
                      youth financial education program and long-term commitment
                                                   to championing the importance of establishing good money
                                                   management skills at an early age. U of C Federal Credit Union
                                                   provides comprehensive youth education programs, including
                                                   Rags to Riches Youth Saving Club, which offers financial literacy
 Editorial Calendar:                               classroom presentations and curriculums for students K-12, seminars and financial products
                                                   tailored to help youth develop strong money management skills, and active support of youth
 Issue               Deadline                      financial education in the community. C
 May 2005…..........April 7, 2005 (Thursday)
 June 2005………..May 12, 2005 (Thursday)

 Please submit articles and ideas for the Center
 Link by the deadlines noted above. All press
 releases, ideas and events should be submit-
 ted to Maggie Kuo at
 Thank you for your cooperation.

Apply for the James D. Likens Alumni Recognition Award

E    ach year the prestigious James D. Likens Alumni Recognition Award is given to honor the
     Western CUNA Management School (WCMS) alumni who have had significant achievement
                                                                                                       Opportunity Knocks…
in the credit union field after graduation from the Western CUNA Management School.                   Apply for the Ray Harrison/
Nominations are now being accepted for the 2005 James D. Likens Alumni Recognition Award.             Darrel Downing Memorial
This award will be presented to the recipient at the graduation ceremony on July 21, 2005.
                                                                                                       Scholarships to Attend:
Qualifying criteria for this distinguished award includes: significant professional growth in the
individual’s credit union career since graduation and significant service to the credit union com-     CUNA Management School,
munity after graduation. Nominees must have graduated from the Western CUNA Management               Madison, WI (July 10-22, 2005)
School, or any other name by which it was previously known, a minimum of five years before
the date of award presentation on Graduation Night 2005. Members of the WCMS Alumni
Association board, the Western CUNA Management School Board of Trustees and current                   Western CUNA Management
members of the Selection Committee for this award are not eligible.                                      School, Pomona, CA
For more information and nomination forms, contact Stephanie King, James D. Likens Award                      (July 10-22, 2005)

committee chairman at (775) 886-1395, or Michael Pardon, WCMS Alumni
                                                                                                          pplications are now being accepted for the
Association president at (949) 716-5766, C
                                                                                                          Ray Harrison/Darrell Downing Memorial
                                                                                                     Scholarships. Educational opportunities are
                                                                                                     being offered to credit union professionals and
                                                                                                     volunteers of Colorado’s credit unions. The
                 Colorado Credit Union Professionals                                                 deadline to apply for a scholarship is April
                                                                                                     5, 2005.
                        Talk about the GAC                                                           These scholarships will provide full or partial
 Ray Barnes                                                                                          tuition to attend CUNA Management School
 Gateway Credit Union Board Secretary                                                                or Western CUNA Management School as
                                                                                                     detailed below.
 As a first time attendee, I found the conference to be very informative and productive. The op-
 portunity to address members of Congress with credit union interests and concerns proved very         CUNA Management School in
 successful and rewarding, particularly in the areas of Bankruptcy Abuse Reform and the CURIA          Madison, Wisconsin – July 10-22, 2005 or
 legislation. The League’s preparatory packet, along with briefings from John Dill and Pete             Western CUNA Management School in
 Kirchhof, gave the Colorado and Wyoming delegations valuable information for us to provide            Pomona, California – July 10-22, 2005
 to our members of Congress. If the credit union movement is to remain strong and pro-active,          CUNA Management School is a three-year
 this conference provides a much needed opportunity to continue our efforts.
                                                                                                       school with two weeks of in-depth training
                                                                                                       each summer. The school has been de-
 Roger L. Driver                                                                                       signed to examine credit union operations
 St. Vrain Valley Credit Union Board Treasurer and Legislative Liaison                                 and the unique problems and challenges
                                                                                                       facing credit unions in today’s ever-chang-
 This was my second GAC conference and third Hike-the-Hill experience. Over a thirty-three
                                                                                                       ing financial environment. The scholarship
 year career as an educator, I attended many, many workshops and conferences, but none were
 more valuable than GAC. The depth of information and its relevancy to credit unions is in-            recipient may choose which school he/she
 valuable to sustain our knowledge and activism in the credit union movement. It is extremely          would like to attend. The Early Bird reg-
 important to continue providing information to our elected officials in Congress and to be sup-        istration deadline for the 2005 Western
 portive of their agendas when appropriate. The conference is well organized and professionally        CUNA Management School is May 15,
 run. It is a must-attend for credit unions in order for our message to be heard.                      2005, and the final deadline for receipt of
                                                                                                       Registration Applications is June 1, 2005.
                                                                                                       For more information about the Western
 Marilyn James                                                                                         CUNA Management School’s training
 President, NEPCO Federal Credit Union                                                                 and development programs, contact Molly
 Attending the 2005 CUNA GAC only made me regret being unable to attend the 2004 session!              Davis, CUNA Management School’s direc-
 What a great opportunity to see the breadth of the credit union movement and the professionalism      tor of administration at (800) 472-1702,
 of our national and state trade associations. Our contacts with our Congressional delegation were     extension 3261.
 extremely valuable and the timing couldn’t have been better since Bankruptcy Reform was being
 debated on the floor while the GAC was in full swing. I believe that the concerted efforts of all    For more information about the Ray
 who made visits to Capitol Hill made a great difference in getting this much needed legislation     Harrison/Darrell Downing Memorial Schol-
 passed. While it is unreasonable to think every credit union can send a representative to the       arships, please contact Dan Burk at (720)
 GAC, I would still encourage every credit union to consider the possibility. Your representative,   479-3344, (800) 477-1697, extension 3344 or
 your credit union and the entire credit union movement would benefit from the experience.   C
CENTER                   |4

                    The League’s E-mail
                                                                                                         New League Staff
            Forums Provide Gateway to Information
                                                                                                   F  our recent hires expand the League’s
                                                                                                      human resources, communications and
T   he Colorado Credit Union League provides FREE E-mail Forums for your credit union’s
    management and staff to communicate with colleagues at other credit unions on issues
of concern, post questions and seek advice, and expand the knowledge and base of
                                                                                                   office administration areas:

information without leaving their desks.                                                           Scott Birkhead joined the League on Janu-
                                                                                                   ary 1, 2005, as the new human resources
Consisting of hundreds of members, E-mail Forums serve as an excellent tool for communicat-
                                                                                                   consultant to serve and fulfill credit unions’
ing with peers and sharing ideas and solutions. Any forum member may submit a question via
                                                                                                   human resources needs through developing
e-mail to the entire group. Anyone wishing to respond may reply to the entire group or reply
                                                                                                   structures and skills needed to hire, train,
privately to the person that posted the original questions.
                                                                                                   organize, compensate, and motivate em-
The following are four interactive E-mail Forums available for Colorado’s credit unions based      ployees. To contact Scott, please call (720)
on different interests and concerns.                                                               479-3279 or (800) 477-1697, extension
             • Human Resources                                 • Lending                           3279 or e-mail
             • Marketing and Business Development              • Compliance
                                                                                                   Darlene Dennison came on board on Feb-
Your credit union’s management and staff may subscribe at any time to one or more of these         ruary 1, 2005, and is a new administrative
forums. Simply send your subscription request to Mark Robey at or go to          assistant at the League. Darlene provides
“Products/Services” Web page under “Credit Unions” menu at                         administrative support to management and
For more information on E-mail Forums, contact Mark Robey at (720) 479-3327, (800) 477-1697,       assists with Pinnacol training.
extension 3327, or e-mail C
                                                                                                   Also joining the League on February 1, 2005,
                                                                                                   was Maggie Kuo, the new communications
                                                                                                   specialist. She will monitor news, publish
                                                                                                   the League’s quarterly newsletter – Center
           Clarke American Receives American                                                       Link, maintain the editorial calendar, and
                                                                                                   update the League’s website. To contact
      Red Cross 2005 Circle of Humanitarians Award                                                 Maggie, please call (720) 479-3311 or
                                                                                                   (800) 477-1697, extension 3311 or e-mail

C     larke American received the 2005 Circle of Humanitarians Award by the American Red
      Cross. The award honors companies and individuals whose generous contributions provide
life-saving support through American Red Cross programs.                                           Being the greeting voice of the League,
                                                                                                   Melissa Vetterling, the new receptionist,
                                                                                                   started with the League in November 2004
Clarke American’s cause-related checks provide support to organizations that                       as a temporary employee and joined our
serve children, education and the environment. Through the cause-related check program,            team as a permanent employee on January
Clarke American has made contributions to more than a dozen charitable and nonprofit                31, 2005. Melissa’s responsibilities include
organizations.                                                                                     directing calls, greeting guests, informing
                                                                                                   executive members and consultants of chap-
When account holders purchase the cause-related checks, Clarke American donates a portion of       ter meetings, managing the mail, ordering
the proceeds from the sale to the cause represented on the check. Clarke American donates $1       office supplies, and assisting departments
for each check order and 50 cents for each label order of the “Let Freedom Ring®” check series     on projects. C
which benefits the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund.

Beginning with the September 11th Fund in 2001, Clarke American designated a portion of the
sale of select checks and labels to the American Red Cross to aid in disaster relief efforts. In
2002, the “Let Freedom Ring®” series of checks and related accessories were launched. Through
these sales, donations continue to be designated to the American Red Cross.

Visit to view all check designs. For more information, con-
tact Dan Burk at (720) 479-3344, (800) 477-1697, extension 3344, or e-mail djburk@ C
              U of C Federal Credit Union Sponsors
              College Consumer Information Website
I mplementing their award-winning youth financial education program, U of C Federal Credit
  Union sponsors a college consumer information website, RealityBites. The website provides
unbiased consumer information to college students and is designed to give them the tools to make
                                                                                                          Jeffco Credit Union
good financial choices and avoid becoming a victim of financial mistakes.                                 Supports Youth Financial
                                                                                                          Literacy Education
“Society is seeing students graduating from college with an unbelievable debt burden,” stated
Bill Sterner, president for U of C Federal Credit Union. “With RealityBites we are providing
these young members with a trusted source for information that is relevant and designed to help
                                                                                                       J  effco Credit Union hosted two workshops
                                                                                                          featuring the National Endowment for Finan-
                                                                                                       cial Education® (NEFE®) High School Finan-
them avoid financial mistakes that could haunt them for years.”                                         cial Planning Program® (HSFPP) on January
                                                                                                       26 and 27, 2005, attended by over 30 educators
                                                                                                       throughout Colorado. The NEFE program is a
The RealityBites website was officially launched to University of Colorado at Boulder and Denver        complete financial literacy curriculum for high
students during on-campus promotions, March 14-18. U of C Federal Credit Union staff was onsite        school students, and it provides free instructor
answering questions and offering giveaways and prizes. The website contains topics on saving,          manuals and handbooks for every student in
checking, credit card tricks, loans, and money management. The financial content is written by          HSFPP.
U of C Federal Credit Union staff and Remar Sutton, national consumer advocate, to help college
students find the best way to manage their money and keep their finances in control.
                                                                                                       The January 26 workshop was dedicated to
                                                                                                       educators new to NEFE who were introduced
For more information, please visit C                                     to the fundamentals of the financial literacy
                                                                                                       curriculum, and the January 27 workshop
                                                                                                       featured roundtable sessions and provided
                                                                                                       networking opportunities for both new and
                                                                                                       experienced teachers to share teaching ideas
          Credit Unions Unify to Help the Community                                                    and strategies.

J  ohns Manville Credit Union, the national winner of the 2004 Dora Maxwell Social Responsi-
   bility Award, was recognized for their work with the Caitlyn Craig Foundation (CCF) and the
Colorado State Patrol Alive-at-25 program to reduce teenage auto-related fatalities. Many credit
                                                                                                       Teri Norman, Alternative Cooperative Educa-
                                                                                                       tion (ACE) teacher at Standley Lake High
unions have worked together in this community service program by making financial contribu-             School, who has taught the program for two
tions to fund school assemblies. The growing list of assembly co-sponsors includes Colorado            years, commented, “The kids love it. They
Central Credit Union, Arapahoe Credit Union, Aurora Schools Federal Credit Union, Boulder              hear exactly what they need to hear and want
Valley Credit Union, and Safeway Rocky Mountain Credit Union.                                          to hear. Students who don’t get this informa-
                                                                                                       tion are missing out on so much.” The NEFE
                                                                                                       curriculum “could be THE economics class in
The Alive-at-25 curriculum was developed by the National Safety Council, and instructors are           its entirety,” she added.
off-duty law enforcement personnel who have first-hand experience with fatal accidents. The
classes had been taught to 16,000 people from the time of its inception in 1996 through 2003.
                                                                                                       Jeffco Credit Union’s youth financial literacy
Since CCF partnered with credit unions, voluntary attendance at Alive-at-25 classes has increased
                                                                                                       project received funding from the Colorado
to 40,000.
                                                                                                       Credit Union League Foundation. The work-
                                                                                                       shops and materials were free to attendees.
When asked about this community service program, Johns Manville Credit Union Sales and Mar-            “Without the support of our Credit Union League
keting Director Amy Thomsen said, “I’ve been involved in volunteer and community work in the           Foundation, we would not have been able to
past, but I have never been as touched and inspired as I have by the people behind the Caitlyn Craig   provide such a generous and comprehensive
Foundation. I am incredibly lucky to work for a company that believes in volunteerism.”                program,” said Janet Meyers, president of
                                                                                                       Jeffco Credit Union. C
For additional information or to join the credit union co-sponsors in this effort, please contact
Suzanne Craig-McLeod of Cimarron at (720) 937-0211 or Amy Thomsen at Johns Manville
Credit Union at (720) 981-2330. C
CENTER                        |6
                                                           Risk-Based Pricing Is Not Risk-Based Lending
                                                                  By Bill Vogeney, Chief Lending Office, Ent Federal Credit Union
     Chapter Meetings
      April/May 2005
                                                                hether you have used Rick-Based Pricing for six months or six years, if you think
                                                                you are doing a good job of Risk-Based Lending, you may be in for an unpleasant
                                                                surprise. They are two different animals.
                                                    Here is my definition of both:
Denver Chapter                                      Risk-Based Pricing: The utilization of a statistically sound credit scoring system to assign
No chapter meetings scheduled at this time.         a specific loan rate on risk, as defined by the scoring system and your actual experience of
Flatirons Chapter                                   Risk-Based Lending: The utilization of dedicated guidelines, goals and procedures in order
                                                    to effectively manage the risk of lending to a broader spectrum of borrowers.
Chapter Lunch – April 20, time and location to
be determined.                                      You see the difference immediately. Risk-Based Pricing means you may charge 5 percent
Chapter Lunch – May 18, time and location to        for “A” borrowers and 15 percent for “D” borrowers. It doesn’t address the following
be determined.                                      considerations:
                                                      • Can we make more loans?
High Plains Chapter                                   • How many additional loans do we want to make?
Chapter Meeting – May 23 in Haxtun                    • How can we manage the risk beyond using a score to assign the rate?
For the meeting details, please contact Mel         To be an effective Risk-Based Lender, please go back to my definition. You need dedicated:
Montgomery at (970) 522-0111, ext. 236.
                                                       Not all 580 FICO scores are created equal. Some borrowers have greater ability to pay,
Longs Peak Chapter                                     stronger stability, etc.
Chapter Meeting – May 10, 6:30 p.m.                    The ultimate question you have to ask in underwriting is: What strengths does the appli-
Best Western Coach House, Loveland                     cant have that outweigh their credit problems? There’s a problem with using only a credit
Speaker: Susan Rogers, “Robbery Preparedness”          bureau score to determine the risk of loans granted by lenders years ago.
                                                       If you use the credit bureau validation odds chart, you could be getting risk numbers from
                                                       credit unions at a time when they were much more conservative in their approach to Risk-
Pikes Peak Chapter
                                                       Based Lending. You can be very selective on D loans and have minimal losses or open
Chapter Meeting – May 11                               the floodgates and approve virtually every D loan application submitted. Sorry to say, that
Center for Creative Leadership, Colorado Springs       won’t work very well, and you will quickly believe the odds chart to be all “smoke and
Speaker: Roberta Krause                                mirrors.”

Pueblo Chapter                                         A Risk-Based Lending program without specific goals in terms of the credit mix of the
No chapter meetings scheduled at this time.            portfolio can quickly run out of control. You will soon realize that uncontrolled high-risk
                                                       lending can be very dangerous to your employment stability.
                                                       Estimate your loan losses for the lower credit tiers, determine the percentage of loans you
San Luis Valley Chapter
                                                       will make in these tiers, and forecast what will happen to your overall loan losses and your
Chapter Meeting – May 18, 6:30 p.m. in Crestone        net loan yields. Then, monitor your progress closely.
Speaker: Phil Kroeker                                  The goal of most Risk-Based Lending programs should be to approve more loans (the ex-
                                                       act amount is your job to determine and manage). If you simply implement a Risk-Based
Western Colorado Chapter                               Pricing program and charge a higher rate on the same number of high-risk loans, you will
                                                       never worry about pushing the envelope. And you won’t be providing the service that a
Chapter Lunch – April 27, 11:30 a.m.
                                                       portion of your members need and deserve.
Two Rivers Convention Center, Grand Junction
                                                       Do you obtain a more extensive credit application on lower FICO scores? Do you have
Wild Goose Chapter
                                                       additional documentation requirements? Is there additional counseling offered at loan
Chapter Meeting – May 26, 6:30 p.m. in Rocky Ford      closing to ensure the member understands their payment plan and your expectations of on-
                                                       time payments? How about a separate collection queue to contact these borrowers when
To RSVP or obtain information about                    they are between one and seven days past due instead of 15 to 30 days?
chapter meetings, please contact your                  Look at your Risk-Based Lending program as a separate business. If you try to handle
chapter representatives.                               these loans like a prime loan, you are asking for future problems.
                                                    Let’s start moving away from Risk-Based Pricing and toward Risk-Based Lending. C
    Identity Theft Protection                             Making Your HR
      Available for CUNA                                 Needs Our Business                              Training Calendar
       Mutual Members                                      The League Provides Human
                                                           Resource Consulting Service                   Spanish in a Day
                                                                                                         April 4, Durango
CUNA Mutual is offering Identity Guard®, a              he Colorado Credit Union League actively
proactive risk management solution, to credit           researches human resources trends, coop-         Quickbites: Audio Conference
union members through their credit union.          eratively discovers credit unions’ unique human       “Anti-Terrorism Alphabet Soup—
With multi-layered member protection, Iden-        resource needs, and constantly focuses on adapt-      OFAC, CIP, BSA, SARS…”
tity Guard® CreditProtectX3SM protects             ing the right tools to meet these needs.              April 5
your members from identity theft. It monitors      The League provides the following human re-
                                                   source consulting services for your credit union      Notary Public Seminar
three major credit bureaus every business day
                                                   to take advantage of:                                 April 5, Denver
to detect signs of identity theft, offers expert
assistance in recovering from the crime, and          • Recruitment and Hiring – Presents collab-        Bank Secrecy Act
provides insurance to cover expenses if identity         orative ideas to increase the efficiency and     April 6, Colorado Springs
theft is verified.                                        productivity of staff recruitment, promote
                                                         recruitment advertising at lower cost and       Bank Secrecy Act
•    Three-bureau credit monitoring: Your                with higher return, and reinforce the image     April 7, Lamar
     member will receive a credit report                 of credit unions as great places for service-   Loan Fraud Prevention
     package, quarterly scoring, analysis and            minded job seekers to work.                     April 7, Lamar
     information updates. Also, credit educa-         • Training – Offers dynamic and effective
     tion specialists will assist members in             ways to deliver training programs consis-       Notary Public Advanced Seminar
     understanding their credit reports and help         tent with the direction of your credit union,   April 7, Sterling
     them react quickly.                                 incorporating your credit union’s practices,    Management Series Training
                                                         and generating behavioral changes in criti-
•    Identity Theft Recovery Unit: If a mem-                                                             April 8, Denver
                                                         cal business areas such as service, manage-
     ber’s identity is stolen, the program pro-          ment and coaching.                              Spanish in a Day for Financial
     vides assistance in:                                                                                Professionals
                                                      • Compensation and Performance Man-
      o Contacting credit reporting agencies
                                                         agement – Provides access to industry-          April 14, Glenwood Springs
          to place a fraud alert in the member’s
                                                         specific tools and data for credit unions of
          credit file;                                                                                    Colorado Annual Meeting
                                                         ALL sizes to effectively define, measure
      o Contacting affected creditors and law                                                            April 14 – 16, Colorado Springs
                                                         and reward employees’ performances.
          enforcement agencies;
      o Filing disputes with credit reporting         • Organizational Design – Analyze internal         Robberies: Be Prepared…
          agencies; and                                  service effectiveness and employee satis-       You Could Be Next
      o Receiving a Fraud First Aid Kit, used            faction to meet compliance requirements         April 19, Monte Vista
          to keep track of all phone contacts            and develop an effective organizational
                                                         structure.                                      Loan Training: Fundamentals
          needed in clearing their credit.
                                                   “Human resources is part science and part art,”       of Credit Analysis
•    Identity Guard® provides $20,000 in insur-    stated Scott Birkhead, human resource consultant      April 19-20, Denver
     ance to help credit union members cover       at the Colorado Credit Union League. “The sci-        Loan Fraud Prevention: Mortgage/
     expenses related to the recovery, includ-     ence consists of implementing business systems        Commercial/Consumer
     ing:                                          that define what work is to be done, by whom
                                                                                                         April 20, Alamosa
      o Lost wages as a result of missed work      and how it will all culminate in meeting organiza-
          to deal with the fraud;                  tional goals. The art consists of permeating those    Notary Public Advanced Seminar
      o Attorney fees related to law-              structures with strong, meaningful relationships      April 20, Lamar
          suits, civil judgments or chal-          that move groups of people beyond mere task
                                                   accomplishment to freely and heartily giving their    Notary Public Seminar
          lenges to information in a
          credit file;                              talents, experiences and commitment in search         April 21, LaJunta
      o Loan application fees for reapplying       of excellence.”                                       Notary Public Seminar
          for loans declined due to erroneous      To create a remarkable and successful orga-           April 21, Pueblo
          credit information; and                  nization, your credit union relies on qualified
      o Notary and certified mailing costs and      staff members at every level who work smart           Robberies: Be Prepared…
          long distance phone charges associ-      and strive to meet their potential. Utilizing the     You Could Be Next
          ated with re-establishing credit.        League’s human resource services, you will be         April 26, Denver
                                                   able to establish and improve human resource
                                                                                                         Safe Deposit Training
For more information on Identity Guard® Cred       programs to protect your investment in such
                                                   valuable employees.                                   April 27, Glenwood Springs
itProtectX3SM, please contact CUNA Mutual’s
MemberCONNECT Sales and Service team               If you have any ideas, questions or would like to
at (800) 428-3932, Option 2, or your credit        find out more information, please contact Scott
union’s CUNA Mutual account relationship           Birkhead at (720) 479-3279, (800) 477-1697,
manager. C                                         extension 3279 or C
                                                                       People & Places
CENTER                   |8

      Register for the
  Discovery Conference to
  “Experience the Power”                        O     n February 12, 2005, Denver Com-
                                                      munity Federal Credit Union opened
                                                their newest full-service, bilingual branch in
                                                Denver’s Villa Park neighborhood dedicated
 CUNA Mutual Group’s Discovery Confer-
                                                to serving the Hispanic community. Coun-
 ence 2005 – “Experience the Power” – is
                                                cilwoman Rosemary Rodriguez joined the
 set for Orlando, Florida, June 15 to 18, at
                                                grand opening ribbon cutting ceremony and
 the Orlando World Center Marriott Resort
                                                remarked, “I am very excited about the open-
 & Convention Center.
                                                ing…the credit union presents a convenient
 Offering more than 80 learning sessions        financial services opportunity not only in
 filled with practical, action-oriented in-     the Villa Park neighborhood, but for all of
 formation, Discovery Conference 2005           West Denver.” When asked about the new           Councilwoman Rosemary Rodriguez cuts the ribbon
 will help attendees run credit unions more     services offered at this branch, Carla Hed-      with Denver Community FCU staff, board members
 effectively, grow business profitably and       rick, president of Denver Community FCU,         and community partners to open the door of the new
                                                                                                 branch on February 12, 2005. Pictured: Councilwoman
 help credit union leaders improve their        said, “This new branch is thought to be the
                                                                                                 Rosemary Rodriguez (fourth from right front); Carla
 personal performance. It is an opportunity     first of its kind in Colorado and reflects a       Hedrick (second from right front), president of Denver
 to hear ideas from subject experts on all      credit union strategy of transitioning check     Community FCU; Ruth Jaure (fifth from right front),
 aspects of credit union operations, share      cashers by offering check cashing services       director of program development for the National Credit
 information and network with more than         with traditional credit union services side      Union Foundation; and Mary Gittings Cronin (fourth
 800 participants, and get fresh perspectives   by side.”                                        from right back), president of Piton Foundation.
 on challenges facing the industry.
 Attendees signing up before April 11, 2005,
 will receive a discounted registration rate
 of $800. Further discounts are available         Ent Federal Credit Union received approval from the National Credit Union Adminis-
 when three or more attend from one credit        tration to begin offering financial service to residents of Pueblo County. Pueblo County
 union or organization. After April 11, rates     qualifies as an underserved investment area according to the Federal Credit Union Act
 increase to $950.                                definition, and Ent Federal Credit Union will add approximately 185,000 potential members
                                                  through their financial service. “We welcome the opportunity to serve the residents of
 For more information or to register, go to       Pueblo City and County,” stated Charles Emmer, president of Ent Federal Credit Union. and click on “Regis-          “We look forward to complementing the work of credit unions already in the Pueblo area
 trations Open for Discovery 2005.” Or you        with our quality products and services.” C
 can leave a message at (800) 937-2644,
 extension 6891. C

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