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Water and Power Federal Credit Union

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									1999 ANNUAL REPORT

 “The Foundation is out there, every day, working to make a difference.”
                            David L. Chatfield, President/CEO
                      California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues

      “The National Credit Union Foundation plays a vital role in the
Credit Union System — not only in coming to the aid of people in times of
             disaster, but also in pioneering projects like the
                National Credit Union Values Campaign.”
                           Nancy Pierce, President/CEO
                              Mazuma Credit Union
                           Nat i o n a l C re d i t Un i o n Fo u n d at i o n
                           1999 ANNUAL REPORT


  2   Foundation Board of Directors and Liaisons

  3   Message from the Chairman of the Board: A Look Back

  4   Community Investment Fund

  6   1999: The Year in Review

 10   1999 CIF Investors

 12   1999 Foundation Donors and Event Sponsors

 19   1999 Financial Statements

 20   Message from the Executive Director: A Look Forward
    Nat i o n a l C re d i t Un i o n Fo u n d at i o n

              NCUF Board, pictured left to right (back row): John Fiore, Pat Brownell, Chuck Purvis,
              Mary Cunningham, Alan Peppers and Ron Hance; (front row) Diana Roberts, Carl
              Stewart, Ray Burnett and Rose Bartolomucci. Not pictured: John Deese.

       Board Members                                      Liaisons
       Carl Stewart, Chairman                             Charles Thomas, West Virginia Corporate
       Water & Power Federal Credit Union, California     Credit Union
                                                          Representing Association of Corporate Credit Unions
       John Fiore, Vice Chairman
       Motorola Employees Credit Union, Illinois          James McCormack, Pennsylvania Credit
       Chuck Purvis, Treasurer                            Union League
       U.S. Central Credit Union, Kansas                  Representing American Association of Credit Union
       Ray Burnett, Secretary
       Mid Minnesota Federal Credit Union, Minnesota      S.M.“Pete” Crear, CUNA & Affiliates
                                                          Representing CUNA & Affiliates
       Rose Bartolomucci, Director
       Kent Credit Union, Ohio                            Thomas Olson, CUNA Mutual Group
                                                          Representing CUNA Mutual Group
       Mary Cunningham, Director
       CUNA Credit Union, Wisconsin                       Charles Wheeler, Idaho Credit Union League
                                                          Representing CUNA Service Group
       John Deese, Director
       THE Credit Union of Palm Beach County, Florida     Paula Martin, Texas Credit Union League
                                                          Representing State Credit Union Foundations Network
       Ronald Hance, Director
       Heritage Family Credit Union, Vermont
       Diana Roberts, Director
       Hershey Federal Credit Union, Pennsylvania
       C. Alan Peppers, Immediate Past Chairman
       Denver Public Schools Credit Union, Colorado

                                   Message from the Chairman of the Board
                                   A LOOK BACK

    Perhaps you’ve heard of it:         At the end of 1999, $17.6
                                   million was invested in CIF,
the Community Investment
                                   resulting in $91,605 for
Fund. If not, you will surely be   National Credit Union
                                   Foundation programs, and
conversant on the subject after
                                   another $90,000 returned to
reading this Annual Report.        leagues and state credit union
                                   foundations for their own
Why? Because the Community
                                   development programming.
Investment Fund — otherwise        However, we’re far from
                                   reaching our full potential; the
known as CIF — is the
                                   numbers will only continue to
National Credit Union              increase! At the time this
                                   report was going to print, the
Foundation’s innovative new
                                   total dollars invested in CIF
mechanism for funding credit       exceeded $21.3 million — a
                                   growth of $3.7 million in just a         I would certainly be remiss
union development. Not just at
                                   little over three months. What’s    if I didn’t take this opportunity
the national level, but at the     most exciting is that as            to give special acknowledge-
                                   investments in CIF grow, so         ment to CUNA & Affiliates for
state, local and international
                                   will our ability to carry out the   all that they continue to do for
levels as well. And, as such, it   Foundation’s mission, which is      the Foundation. An invaluable
                                   to improve the financial well-      partner, we are deeply grateful
was the centerpiece of
                                   being of people everywhere.         to the Board and senior man-
Foundation activities in 1999.          I want to thank you, our       agement of CUNA for their
    Hence the theme of this        donors, our most important          unique vision and support of
report: “Investing in              partners in development, for        credit union development
Development.”                      your support in 1999. If you        through the National Credit
    With the help of our           haven’t yet come on board with      Union Foundation.
partners in CIF, the Association   CIF, I hope you will very soon.          As you will see in the
of Corporate Credit Unions         I’m confident you will find it an   following pages, 1999 was quite
(ACCU) and the American            easy — and painless — way to        a year. I’m proud of all that we
Association of Credit Union        support global credit union         accomplished on behalf of
Leagues (AACUL), the               development. I also want to         credit unions. I know you will
Foundation has clearly taken       thank U.S. Central, ACCU and        be, too.
the national lead in funding       AACUL for their extraordinary
development. Not through           contributions to this new
                                   program. Without them, quite        Carl Stewart
traditional donations, but                                             1999 Chairman of the
through investments in special     simply, there would be no CIF.
                                   And finally, I want to acknow-      Board of Directors
accounts at corporate credit
unions around the country and      ledge the tireless efforts of
at U.S. Central. And not on our    Foundation staff in moving CIF
own, but with the support of       off of the drawing board and
hundreds of credit unions          onto the proverbial radar
investing millions of dollars in   screen of the Credit Union
this socially responsible          System.

     Nat i o n a l C re d i t Un i o n Fo u n d at i o n
     Introduced in late 1998             Monies generated by CIF           even greater as the number
                                     were used by the National             and amount of CIF invest-
and fully implemented                Credit Union Foundation in            ments in Illinois increase.
throughout 1999, the                 1999 to support national model             According to Vicki Ponzo,
                                     programs, such as Affordable          Executive Director of the
Community Investment                 Mortgage Lending, and other           Illinois Credit Union
                                     domestic development activi-          Foundation and League Vice
Fund (CIF) is the National           ties described in the “Year in        President of Member Services,
Credit Union Foundation’s            Review” section of this report.       25 Illinois credit unions have
                                     In the future, CIF funds will         invested more than
primary mechanism for                also support international            $5.7 million in the Community
                                     development through World             Investment Fund, generating
funding credit union                 Council of Credit Unions.             approximately $50,000 each for
development.                             Leagues and state credit          the National Credit Union
    Investments made by credit       union foundations used their          Foundation and the Illinois
unions in special accounts at        CIF distributions to assist           Credit Union Foundation for
their state or regional corpo-       small credit unions, make             the year 2000. Furthermore,
rate credit union are, in turn,      scholarship grants and under-         credit unions that have not
invested in a special account at     take a variety of innovative          supported the Illinois
U.S. Central Credit Union. A         activities to promote credit          Foundation in the past are now
minimum of three percent of          union development locally.            making investments, and even
the return on the credit union’s         Following are examples of         past supporters have welcomed
investment goes back to the          several states’ CIF-funded            CIF as another way to fund
credit union; a maximum of           initiatives and activities in         credit union development in
two percent goes to the              1999, beginning with Illinois,        their state.
National Credit Union                the year’s largest ‘investor.’             Ponzo reports that CIF has
Foundation. Half of the                                                    “provided funding for scholar-
Foundation’s CIF dividend is                                               ships and small credit unions
returned, pro rata, to the home      Illinois Credit Union                 that we wouldn’t otherwise
leagues or state credit union        Foundation                            have had. Our board recently
foundations of participating                                               had a planning session to look
credit unions.                                 The Illinois Credit         at all our programs — the
                                               Union Foundation’s          types and areas of assistance
    Through CIF, credit unions                 three major areas of
get a traditional return on their                                          geared to small credit unions.”
                                     grantmaking are scholarships;         As a result, existing programs
investment while at the same         grants up to $1,000 for small
time contributing to credit                                                have been expanded, and new
                                     credit unions; and community          programs are being added,
union development from the           service. Prior to CIF, the Illinois
local level to the international                                           such as the funding of special
                                     Foundation’s main fundraising         ‘cluster training’ programs at
level.                               activity was an annual appeal,        the chapter level, both in rural
                                     which brought in approximately        parts of Illinois as well as in
                                     $30,000. However, thanks to           urban neighborhoods of
                                     CIF, the amount of money              Chicago.
                                     available for credit union
                                     grants in Illinois has almost
                                     doubled — for now. The
                                     potential for future funding is

                                            Nat i o n a l C re d i t Un i o n Fo u n d at i o n
                                            1999 ANNUAL REPORT
    “CIF funds have allowed us    Elsewhere in the                           The Colorado Credit
to open up scholarships to        Country...                             Union Foundation is using its
programs outside those                                                   CIF distributions for credit
sponsored by CUNA and the                  In Wisconsin, CIF             union scholarships and the
League, such as computer                   funds will be used to         purchase of teaching materials
training and vendor-sponsored              purchase television           for the startup of Spanish
programs, like user groups.       time on various cable stations         classes specific to financial
And our small credit union        to show the League’s award-            services. CIF funds will also
grants used to be for credit      winning 30-second spot on the          support a student competition,
unions with assets under          shattering effects of                  “MatchWits,” in a public televi-
$4 million. Now we’re able to     bankruptcy, encouraging                sion station in southern
make grants available to credit   people to seek credit counsel-         Colorado.
unions up to $10 million.”        ing through their credit union.
                                                                             In North Carolina, CIF
    Illinois’ innovative Small        In Ohio, CIF funds are             funds helped a small credit
Credit Union Program has          being used for grants to               union obtain an audit and
been providing development        community development credit           helped representatives from a
grants since 1994. Credit         unions and related projects.           proposed Hispanic credit
unions can use grant money            In Pennsylvania, CIF               union attend a Latino Credit
for marketing materials, office   funds will support                     Union conference. In
equipment or computer soft-       Pennsylvania Credit Union              California, CIF funds have
ware; with the additional funds   Foundation (PACUF) activities,         been utilized for a variety of
available through CIF, Web site   which include scholarships,            educational purposes, includ-
development has been added        disaster grants, community             ing scholarships and a special
to the list of qualifying         development activities and             educational roundtable session
activities. To date, 173 grants   support of the World Council of        for small credit unions.
totaling $127,450 have been       Credit Unions’ People-to-People            Oregon, Florida and
awarded, and approximately        program. In 2000, PACUF will           Arizona are all using their CIF
$35,000 has been budgeted in      also promote teen education in         distributions to support credit
2000 for the program. An addi-    financial life skills, promote         union education.
tional $25,000 has been set       debit card sales and encourage
aside for scholarships.           expansion of family savings
    “CIF has been very good to    programs.
us,” Ponzo concludes.

                      “The Association of Corporate Credit Unions is
                        proud to partner with the National Credit
                          Union Foundation on the Community
                                      Investment Fund.
                         We’re committed to this partnership with
                             the Foundation for the long term.
                         I find it rewarding, both personally and
                      professionally, to work with an organization so
                          dedicated to the ‘People Helping People’
                                  Charlie Thomas, President and CEO
                                  West Virginia Corporate Credit Union
                                       Chairman, CIF Committee
     Nat i o n a l C re d i t Un i o n Fo u n d at i o n
     1999: The YEAR in REVIEW
     While the Community             Filene and Woodstock               early November, the conference
                                     Institutes Release                 attracted credit union practi-
Investment Fund was the                                                 tioners and league staff from
                                     Foundation Research
Foundation’s big story in                                               around the country. Through
                                     Reports                            statistical data, presenters
1999, it was by no means the                   As part of its 18-       made the business case for
                                               month grant with the     credit unions returning to the
only story. The release of                     prestigious Ford         promotion of savings and
Foundation-sponsored                 Foundation, the National Credit    thrift; through case study
                                     Union Foundation commis-           examples, networking and an
research from Filene                 sioned research on credit          innovative Resource Fair,
                                     unions and asset accumulation      conference participants
Research Institute,                  from two respected groups:         learned practical new ways to
participation in a national          Filene Research Institute and      implement member savings
                                     Woodstock Institute. Filene’s      programs at their credit
collaboration to promote             task was to document               unions.
                                     programs at mainstream credit
asset accumulation, and              unions that incent low-income
                                     members to save.                   Bringing IDAs to the
development of a new                                                    Attention of Credit Unions
                                         Woodstock had a similar
corporate identity were just         charge, but focused on com-                  In early 1999, the
a few of the year’s other            munity development credit                    Foundation published
                                     unions. The research results                 its “Guide to
highlights.                          were released in October of        Individual Development
                                     1999 in the form of two            Accounts for Credit Unions: An
                                     reports, Filene’s “Credit Unions   Asset-Based Strategy to
                                     and Asset Accumulation by          Promote Savings and Wealth-
                                     Lower-Income Households”           Building.” The guide, which
                                     and Woodstock’s “Building the      detailed the background and
                                     Savings and Assets of Lower-       addressed operational issues of
                                     Income Consumers: Examples         Individual Development
                                     from Community Development         Accounts (IDAs), also provided
                                     Credit Unions.”                    case study examples of credit
                                                                        unions offering IDAs to help
                                                                        low-income members save for
                                     Foundation Presents                education, home ownership or
                                     National “Building                 startup of a small business.
                                     Member Wealth”                         The National Credit Union
                                     Conference                         Foundation’s involvement with
                                              The culmination of        IDAs in 1999 raised awareness
                                              the Foundation’s grant    of the issue in CUNA’s
                                              in partnership with       Washington office, which
                                     the Ford Foundation was a          subsequently made support of
                                     national conference,“Building      new IDA legislation a
                                     Member Wealth: Pushing the         legislative priority for 2000.
                                     Envelope.” Held in Dallas in

                                              Nat i o n a l C re d i t Un i o n Fo u n d at i o n
                                              1999 ANNUAL REPORT
A New Collaboration                Affordable Mortgage                 developing movements in
for a New National                 Lending Pilots mean More            China, Poland and South
Model Program                      Homes for More People               Africa. In its largest grant of
                                                                       1999, the Foundation awarded
           The National Credit               The Foundation’s          $147,000 to World Council in
           Union Foundation                  national model            support of the People-to-People
           became a partner in a             program, Affordable       (PTP) program. The grant
major new collaboration at the     Mortgage Lending (AML),             enabled credit union
national level in 1999, the        reached an exciting new level       volunteers from the U.S. to
Community Development              in 1999 when preliminary            travel overseas, providing
Innovation and Infrastructure      results from the pilot in           much needed technical assis-
Initiative (CDIII). The project    Vermont were shared with the        tance and program support to
will address three specific        Texas and Washington leagues.       fledgling movements, and also
premises:                          Thanks to visionary leadership      brought more than 50 interns
1. The issue of savings is a       in both states, two new pilots      and project coordinators to
   universal problem.              were launched.                      America from other countries
2. Credit unions recognize the         In Texas, the pilot will        to study U.S. credit unions and
   need to incent and promote      explore the possibility of El       credit union leagues.
   savings, but don’t              Paso credit unions forming a
   necessarily have the means      CUSO and a revolving loan
                                   fund to support affordable
                                                                       Disasters Strike
   or resources to aggressively
   promote/implement new           mortgages.                                     No one can predict
   programs.                           In Washington, the pilot                   disasters, but when
                                   will focus on Native Americans                 one occurs the
3. Partnerships at the commu-
                                   and mortgage lending on an          Foundation is there — in bad
   nity, state and national
                                   Indian Reservation. Grants          times as in good — to raise
   levels are necessary to
                                   totaling $92,300 were awarded       funds and help victims. 1999
   impact the larger issue of
                                   to further research and expand      was no different than any other
   savings and asset accumula-
                                   the AML program.                    year. Altogether, the National
                                                                       Credit Union Foundation gave
    The goal of the collabora-                                         a total of $209,000 for victims
tion is to translate information   Acting Globally, the                of hurricanes and flooding in
gathered by CDIII into a           Foundation Gives                    Honduras, Nicaragua and the
demonstration project at                                               Caribbean; flooding in North
selected credit union sites. The
                                   $210,000 for International
                                   Development                         Carolina and New Jersey;
final result of the demonstra-                                         tornadoes in Oklahoma; and
tion project will be the                    A partner in interna-      the tragedy at Columbine High
development of a national                   tional credit union        School in Colorado.
model program that can be                   development since
replicated at credit unions        1980, the National Credit Union
around the country.                Foundation continued its
                                   support of the global credit
                                   union movement in 1999.
                                   Through grants to World
                                   Council of Credit Unions, the
                                   Foundation directly impacted

     Nat i o n a l C re d i t Un i o n Fo u n d at i o n
     1999: The YEAR in REVIEW                                     (continued)

Major Donors Step Up to                  While many credit union        Rebecca Lobo Helps
the Development Plate                leagues have been supportive       the Foundation Help
                                     of Foundation initiatives for      Children’s Miracle
          CUNA & Affiliates          many years, four in particular
          maintained its long-       stepped up to the ‘development     Network
          standing financial         plate’ in 1999, making contri-              At its second annual
support of the National Credit       butions that greatly enhanced               fundraiser in support
Union Foundation and                 the Foundation’s ability to fund            of Children’s Miracle
commitment to credit union           development.                       Network and the popular Credit
development in 1999. With                                               Unions for Kids® program, the
                                         The Texas league and credit
funding of $200,000, CUNA                                               Foundation had a little help
                                     union foundation gave more
remained the Credit Union                                               from a new friend: internation-
                                     than $20,000 in 1999; the
System’s largest donor to the                                           ally renowned basketball star,
                                     Pennsylvania league and credit
Foundation.                                                             Rebecca Lobo. Not only is Lobo
                                     union foundation gave more
    In late 1999 the Foundation      than $40,000; and the              a natural on the court, she
received a $100,000 pledge of        California/Nevada leagues, for     proved herself a natural at
support from U.S. Central            the second consecutive year,       auctioning items for charity.
Credit Union. A relitively new       gave a combined total of           Thanks in large part to Lobo’s
partner in funding credit            $50,000 to the National Credit     uncanny ability to twist arms
union development, U.S.              Union Foundation.                  — and induce guilt — the
Central has shown its own                                               National Credit Union
commitment to Credit Union                                              Foundation raised more than
Philopsophy by asking that its       It’s About Education               $12,000 at the auction held
donation be used in two areas:       (Higher and Credit Union)          during CUNA’s Symposium in
the Foundation’s Affordable                                             New Orleans.
                                              1999 saw the final
Mortgage Lending programs
                                              installment of a 5-year
and international credit union
                                              grant to the Campus
                                     Credit Union Council. The
    Liberty, another corporate       Foundation awarded the
sponsor, continued its financial     organization, which supports
support of the National Credit       credit unions that serve college
Union Foundation in 1999.            students, $6,000 for new
Their gift of $20,000 represents     product development and
Liberty’s commitment to              general operating funds. The
support credit union develop-        National Credit Union
ment through the Foundation          Foundation also supported
in the U.S. and around the           credit union education through
world.                               more than $22,000 in scholar-
                                     ship grants for regional CUNA
                                     Schools, Development
                                     Education Training, National
                                     Youth Involvement Board and
                                     other educational opportuni-

                                             Nat i o n a l C re d i t Un i o n Fo u n d at i o n
                                             1999 ANNUAL REPORT
Foundation Honors Credit          A New Look for a New
Union Leaders                     Visual Identity
          A highlight each year             After years of using
          is the Foundation’s               CUNA & Affiliates’
          annual Herb Wegner                hands and globe logo         “The Foundation’s
Memorial Awards Dinner, held      on its stationary and                  support of projects
in Washington, D.C. in            promotional materials, the              that bring credit
conjunction with CUNA’s           National Credit Union
Governmental Affairs              Foundation introduced a new              unions together
Conference.                       logo in 1999. The logo’s navy           with other sectors
    1999 Wegner Awards were       blue flame and corresponding           of the cooperative
presented to Larry Blanchard,     tag line,“Keeping the Flame
                                  Burning Brightly,” represent the      community is truly
in the Individual Achievement
Category; Credit Unions for       Foundation’s roll as torch                  visionary.
Kids® in the Program              bearer of Credit Union                 Credit unions and
Achievement Category; and         Philosophy.
                                                                         other cooperatives
Earnest Johnson and Peter             The new look also reflects
DiSylvester in the Lifetime       the new direction undertaken            must learn from
Achievement Category.             by the Foundation in 1999,               each other and
    In addition, the Foundation   a stronger focus on national-          capitalize on each
recognized Newt Gingrich and      level models and program-
CUNA Mutual Group with            ming.                                 other’s strengths so
Anchor Awards for their out-                                               they can better
standing leadership and                                                   serve their mem-
support of the credit union
                                                                         bers and grow the
                                                                        community to serve
                                                                            more people.
                                                                        The National Credit
                                                                         Union Foundation
                                                                          understands that
                                                                           and is actively
                                                                        working to promote
                                                                           partnerships. ”
                                                                        Paul Hazen, President and CEO
                                                                        National Cooperative Business

      Nat i o n a l C re d i t Un i o n Fo u n d at i o n
      1999 CIF INVESTORS
    The National Credit                     Investments                             Clermont County Teachers FCU
                                                                                    Community Choice CU
Union Foundation is grateful                $200,000 - $499,000                     Corning FCU
                                                                                    Corpus Christi City ECU
to the following credit                   Anheuser-Busch ECU                        CUNA CU**
                                          Corporate CU of Arizona                   CWV TEL FCU
unions and corporate credit               Dupaco Community CU                       Dayton Firefighters FCU
                                          First Northern CU                         Edison CU
unions whose investments                  Kemba Columbus CU, Inc.                   Falls Catholic CU, Inc.
                                          LA Capitol FCU                            Fiberglas FCU
in the Community                                                                    Financial Plus CU
                                          Northwest Corporate CU
                                          NW Farmers Insurance Group FCU            First Missouri CU
Investment Fund (CIF)                                                               Gates Chili FCU
                                          Sharonview FCU
                                                                                    Guadalupe CU
made its inaugural year an                Vermont State ECU
                                                                                    Hamburg Central FCU**
unqualified success.                                                                Huachuca FCU
                                                                                    Hudson River CU
                                            Investments                             Huntington VA FCU
                                            $100,000 - $199,000                     INCO FCU
                                                                                    Kemba Charleston FCU
  Investments                                                                       Kent CU, Inc.
  $1 Million and                          Bellco First FCU                          Kirtland FCU
                                          Carolinas Telco FCU                       Ladish Community CU
  Above                                   Central CU of IL                          LaSalle County Schools ECU
                                          Colorado Central CU                       Limalco Schools FCU
Baxter CU                                 CO-OP CU                                  Louisiana Corporate CU
Orange County Teachers FCU                Deere Harvester CU                        MCEA FCU
Suncoast Schools FCU                      Denver Fire Department FCU                Melrose CU
U.S. Central Credit Union                 Denver Municipal FCU                      Mesa County Teachers FCU
United Air Lines ECU                      Denver Public Schools CU                  Micro Switch ECU
WesCorp FCU                               DuPage CU                                 New Century FCU
                                          First Carolina Corporate CU               Niagara County FCU
                                          First Flight FCU                          North Memorial EFCU
                                          Greater Cleveland Firefighters CU, Inc.   Oxychem Niagara FCU
  Investments                             Heritage Family CU                        Peoples FCU
  $500,000 - $999,000                     Illiana Financial CU                      Peoria Hiway CU
                                          Jeffco Schools CU                         Pipefitters Steamfitters CU
                                          Mid Minnesota FCU                         Point Plus CU
CEFCU                                     Mid-States Corporate FCU                  Poplar Bluff FCU
Coastal FCU                               Multco ECU                                Premier CU
Empire Corporate FCU                      Sooper CU                                 Public Debt Parkersburg FCU
Healthcare Associates CU                  SunCorp CU                                RACOM Community CU
I H Mississippi Valley CU                 Sunmark FCU                               Selfreliance Ukrainian FCU
Motorola ECU                              Telcoe FCU                                SMSD FCU
Southwest Corporate FCU                   U of C FCU                                St. Louis Community CU
St. Paul Postal ECU                       United CU                                 Star USA FCU
Water & Power FCU                         United Educators CU                       Susquehanna Valley FCU
                                          West Virginia Corporate CU                Tee Pak CU
                                          Wisconsin Corporate Central CU            THE CU of Palm Beach County
                                                                                    Toledo Postal ECU, Inc.
                                                                                    Truax CU
                                            Investments Under                       U-Haul FCU
                                                                                    Watervliet Arsenal FCU
                                            $100,000                                West Virginia Central CU

                                          ABLE FCU
                                          Arizona Grocers CU
                                          Aurora Earthmover CU
                                          Burger FCU
                                          Cape Fear ECU
                                          Chicago Heights Onized FCU

**check given in lieu of CIF investment

                                                 Nat i o n a l C re d i t Un i o n Fo u n d at i o n
                                                 1999 INVESTMENTS BY STATE

          Donation dollars by state
Arizona . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$283,500         Louisiana . . . . . . . . . . . .$475,000      Oregon . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$600,000
Arkansas . . . . . . . . . . . . .$170,000          Minnesota . . . . . . . . . . . .$796,000      Pennsylvania . . . . . . . . . .$33,000
California . . . . . . . . . .$2,500,000            Missouri . . . . . . . . . . . . .$472,000     Rhode Island . . . . . . . . . .$50,000
Colorado . . . . . . . . . . . . .$980,000          New Jersey . . . . . . . . . . .$125,000       Texas . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$519,000
Florida . . . . . . . . . . . . .$1,040,000         New Mexico . . . . . . . . . . .$75,000        West Virginia . . . . . . . . .$360,400
Illinois . . . . . . . . . . . . .$5,297,100        New York . . . . . . . . . . . . .$521,000     Wisconsin . . . . . . . . . . . .$316,000
Iowa . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$257,000      North Carolina . . . . . .$1,025,000
Kansas . . . . . . . . . . . . .$1,000,000          Ohio . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$481,500

      Nat i o n a l C re d i t Un i o n Fo u n d at i o n
    The National Credit Union                                                  Sponsors of the 1999
Foundation is honored to                                                       National Credit Union
recognize those individuals,                                                   Foundation Golf Classic
credit unions, corporate credit
unions, leagues and other                                                      Arizona Credit Union League
                                                                               Arizona CUL Services
organizations that have given                                                  Corporate CU of Arizona
so generously to support global                                                Association of Corporate Credit Unions
credit union development. On                                                   Ben-Mark Benefit Marketing Group, Inc.
behalf of the thousands of                                                     California Credit Union League
                                                                               Card Services for Credit Unions
people you have helped, the                                                    Clarke American
Foundation offers a heartfelt                                                  Concentrex
“Thank you.”                                                                   Credit Union Executives Society
                                                                               CUNA Mutual Group
    In compiling the list of                                                   CUNA Service Group
1999 donors, accuracy was of                                                   Equifax Card Solutions
primary concern; the National                                                  FCUL Service Group, Inc.
                                      Sponsors of the                          Illinois Credit Union Foundation
Credit Union Foundation               1999 Herb Wegner                         Integrated Business Resources, Inc.
extends sincere apologies to                                                   Liberty
anyone whose name or                  Memorial Awards Dinner                   Loan Link Lending Center
contribution may have been            American Share Insurance                 Mid-Atlantic Corporate Federal Credit
                                      California Credit Union League               Union
incorrectly entered or uninten-                                                Minnesota Credit Union Network
                                      Clarke American
tionally omitted. If you should       Colorado Credit Union League             Minnesota Life
find such a discrepancy, please       Credit Union Executives Society          Motorola Employees Credit Union
call 800.356.9655 x4195.              Credit Union Services Corporation        Ohio Credit Union League
                                      CUNA Mutual Group                        PACUL Services
    The National Credit Union         CUNA Publications & Web Services         PEMCO Corporation
Foundation is pleased to              CUNA Service Group                       Pennsylvania Credit Union League
                                      Empire Corporate FCU                     State National Companies
recognize those organizations                                                  Texas Credit Union Foundation
                                      FedComp, Inc.
whose contributions added             Financial Service Centers Cooperative,   TRICORP Federal Credit Union
greatly to the success of two           Inc.                                   U.S. Central Credit Union
major Foundation events in            FiServ, Inc.
1999.                                 Florida Credit Union League
                                      Idaho Credit Union League
                                      Indiana Servicecorp
                                      National Cooperative Business
                                      North Carolina Credit Union Network
                                      PACUL Services, Inc.
                                      Pennsylvania Credit Union League
                                      Southwest Business Corporation
                                      Southwest Corporate FCU
                                      Texas Credit Union League/Foundation
                                      U.S. Central CU
                                      WesCorp FCU

                                                      Nat i o n a l C re d i t Un i o n Fo u n d at i o n
                                                      1999 DONOR LIST

  Edward A Filene              Philanthropic                    Cornerstone                         Leadership
     Society                       Society                         Society                            Society
    $100,000+                 $10,000 - $24,999                $2,500 - $4,999                    $1,000 - $2,499
Organizations               Credit Unions                   Corporate Credit Unions           Corporate Credit Unions
CUNA & Affiliates           Navy FCU                        Western Corporate FCU             Tricorp FCU
                            San Mateo CU
                                                            Credit Unions                     Credit Unions
                            Individuals                     Detroit Teachers CU               Air Academy FCU
                            Pete Crear                      Motorola ECU                      American Baptist CU
      Society                                               Service CU                        Amoco Houston FCU
 $50,000 - $99,000          Credit Union Leagues            U-Lane-O CU                       Andrews FCU
                                                                                              Broward Schools CU
                            Ohio Credit Union League &                                        Citizensfirst CU
Credit Union Leagues          Foundation                    Credit Union Leagues
                                                                                              Commonwealth One FCU
                            Texas Credit Union League &     Alaska Credit Union League
California Credit Union                                                                       CoOp Services CU
                              Foundation                    Colorado Credit Union
  League                                                                                      Courts & Records FCU
                                                              System                          Desert Schools FCU
                            League Service                  Georgia Credit Union Affiliates   Detroit Federal ECU
                            Corporations                    Indiana Credit Union League       Fairfax County ECU Inc
                            TCUL Services Inc                                                 First South CU
      Society                                               League Service                    Florida Commerce CU
 $25,000 - $49,999                                          Corporations                      Government Agencies FCU
                                                            FCUL Service Group Inc            Heritage Family CU
                                Hands & Globe               OCUL Services Inc                 Los Angeles Police FCU
Credit Union Leagues                Society                                                   MacDill FCU
                                                            Organizations                     Mayo ECU
Pennsylvania Credit Union       $5,000 - $9,999                                               Mid Minnesota FCU
  League & Foundation                                       American Association of
                                                                                              North Star Community CU
                                                              Credit Union Leagues
                                                                                              Pacific Transportation FCU
Organizations               Corporate Credit Unions           (AACUL)
                                                                                              Pentagon FCU
                                                            Credit Union Executives
CUNA Mutual Group (CMG)     US Central CU                                                     Pima FCU
                                                              Society (CUES)
Liberty                                                                                       Postal CU of Los Angeles
                                                            Credit Union Service Corp
                            Credit Unions                                                     Potlatch #1 FCU
                                                                                              Purdue EFCU
                            Boeing ECU                                                        Robins FCU
                            CUNA CU                                                           SAFE FCU
                            Suncoast Schools FCU                                              Seattle Metropolitan CU
                            Tulsa Teachers CU                                                 Service Employees of Lane
                            Water & Power FCU                                                    County CU
                                                                                              Shreveport FCU
                            Credit Union Leagues                                              Sierra Central CU
                            Alabama Credit Union League                                       Southern Teachers & Parents
                            Illinois Credit Union System                                         FCU
                                & Foundation                                                  Southwest Airlines FCU
                            Oregon Credit Union League                                        Spokane Railway CU
                            Washington CU League &                                            St Mary’s Bank CU
                                Affiliates                                                    State ECU of Maryland Inc
                                                                                              Tucson Old Pueblo CU
                            Individuals                                                       Tulsa Federal ECU
                                                                                              U S FCU
                            Tom Peters                                                        USA FCU
                                                                                              Valley CU
                                                                                              Vandenberg FCU
                                                                                              Westconsin CU

*Development Educator

       Nat i o n a l C re d i t Un i o n Fo u n d at i o n
       1999 DONOR LIST
Credit Union Chapters                                          Motorola ECU West             Credit Union Leagues
Murfreesboro Chapter of CUs
                                     Key Society               NJ Gateway FCU                Hawaii Credit Union League
                                     $500 - $999               North Florida Education CU    Massachusetts CU League Inc
                                                               North Memorial EFCU           Missouri Credit Union System
Individuals                                                    Northeast Arkansas FCU          & Foundation
Martin Gorski                                                  Northwest FCU                 New Hampshire Credit Union
Patricia Brownell *            Corporate Credit Unions         Notre Dame FCU                  League
Steve Beckerman                MidStates Corporate FCU         NSW Teachers CU               New York State CU League
                               West Virginia Corporate CU      ORNL FCU                      Rhode Island Credit Union
Credit Union Leagues                                           Pan Am Horizons FCU             League
Arizona Credit Union League    Credit Union Chapters           Pensacola Government FCU      South Dakota Credit Union
Arkansas Credit Union League                                   Peoples CU                      League
                               Harrison Co Chapter of CUs
Connecticut Credit Union                                       Point Mugu FCU                Virginia Credit Union League
                               Kanawha Valley Chapter of
  League & Foundation                                          PSC/CUNY FCU
CU Affiliates of New Jersey                                    Public Service ECU
                               Santa Clara Valley Chapter of
                                                               Randolph Brooks FCU
Florida Credit Union League      CUs
                                                               Royal Oakland Community       American Share Insurance
  & Foundation
                                                                  CU                         Clarke American
Idaho Credit Union League      Credit Unions                   Sarasota Coastal CU           Concentrex
Iowa Credit Union League &
                               AAL Member CU                   Saugus FCU                    CUNA Service Group Inc
                               AEDC FCU                        School Employees Lorain Co    CUNA Publications & Web
Michigan Credit Union
                               Amphibious Base Naval Base         CU Inc                       Services.
  League & Foundation
                                  FCU                          Sea Air FCU                   EDS B3 1B 16 TEXAS
Minnesota Credit Union
                               Atlanta Postal CU               St Petersburg Municipal ECU   Education CU Council
  Network & Foundation
                               Baltimore County EFCU           Sunstate FCU                  Fiserv Inc
North Carolina Credit Union
                               Bay Pines FCU                   Teachers CU                   Family Marketing Council
  League & Foundation
                               Cabell County School EFCU       TMH FCU                       National Association of
Oklahoma Credit Union
                               Carolina Cooperative FCU        Tower FCU                       Federal Credit Unions
                               Chittenden County Teachers      Tremont CU                      (NAFCU)
Utah League of Credit Unions
                                  CU                           TriCounty CU                  National Association of State
West Virginia Credit Union
                               Cincinnati Central CU Inc       Vermont FCU                     Credit Union Supervisors
                               Collins Community CU            Western Vista FCU               (NASCUS)
Wisconsin Credit Union
                               Community Educators CU of       Winthrop CU                   ND Family Involvement Team
                                  Brevard                                                    SouthWest Business
League Service Corporations
                               Constellation FCU               Individuals                     Corporation (SWBC)
ACUL Services Inc
                               Co Op CU                                                      XP Systems Corporation
League Services Corporation                                    Charlie Peterson
                               CU of Johnson County
                               Dale ECU                        Dave Plank
Organizations                  Decatur Earthmover CU           Earnest Johnson
Association of Corporate       Delta ECU                       Frank Diekmann *
 Credit Unions (ACCU)          Dow Chemical ECU                Katherine Weber *
Federation of Southern         Edison CU                       Leigh Philibosian
 Cooperatives (FSC)            Educational ECU                 Louise Wolf
National Federation of         Empire Corporate FCU            Marion Kersnick *
 Community Development         FAA ECU                         Marty Murphy
 Credit Unions (NFCDCU)        FAA Technical Center FCU        Richard McBride
                               FHS/SC FCU                      Robert Hackney
                               First Education FCU             Roshara Holub
                               First Technology CU             Troy Underwood
                               Florida Central CU
                               Georgia FCU
                               Golden Plains CU
                               IBM Southeast EFCU
                               Imperial Polk ECU
                               Iowa Postal CU
                               Jeffco Schools CU
                               Jet CU
                               Kennedy Space Center FCU
                               Marine Air FCU
                               May Plant CU
                               Member Service FCU
                               Micro Switch ECU
                               Monroe County Community
*Development Educator

                               Individuals                                                  Catoosa Teachers FCU
     Partnership                                                  Development               CDC FCU
       Society                 Annlouise Peroutka                   Society
                               Ashley Roderick                                              Central FL Healthcare FCU
     $250 - $499               Brian Nelson                        $1 - $249                Cessna ECU
                               Christiane Hyland *                                          CHA TEL FCU
                               Daniel Mica                                                  Champion FCU
Corporate Credit Unions                                      Credit Union Chapters          Charlottesville Postal FCU
                               Joellyn Quinn
Corporate CU of Arizona        John Lay *                    East Idaho Chapter of CUs      Chevron Southern CU
North Dakota Central CU        Joy Cousminer                 Eastern Panhandle Chapter of   City Employee’s CU
                               Kathleen Thompson               CUs                          City Employees CU
Credit Unions                  Kevin Lytle                   Western Maryland Chapter of    City of Alexandria ECU
                               Leo Pike                        CUs                          City of Galveston FCU
Aneca FCU                                                                                   Clackamas FCU
                               Marianne McCrary *            York County Chapter of CUs
Arizona State Savings & CU                                                                  Clarksburg Area Postal ECU
Arkansas FCU                   Mary Mitchell Dunn
                               Mary Wolfenberger             Corporate Credit Unions        Clay Electric ECU
Arrowhead CU                                                                                Cleaners CU
Atlantic Coast FCU             Michael Johnson               First Carolina Corporate CU
                               Miriam Rivera Lieb                                           Coastline FCU
Black Hills FCU                                              Minnesota Corporate FCU        Coats FCU
Bond Community FCU             Pierre Nkepnang               Southwest Corporate FCU
                               Robert Sikorski                                              Commonwealth Central CU
Carter FCU                                                                                  Communication Community
Central Virginia FCU           Shirley Toner*
                                                             Credit Unions                     CU
Charleston FCU                 Steve Bosack *
                               William Hampel                442nd Veterans Club FCU        Consumers FCU
Cherry Burrell ECU                                                                          CORE CU
                                                             ABD FCU
Citizens Equity FCU                                                                         County of Henrico FCU
                               Credit Union Leagues          Affinity FCU
City County CU                                                                              Coweta Cities & County EFCU
                                                             AGE FCU
Clearwater CU                  Maryland Credit Union                                        CP FCU
                                                             Albertsons EFCU
Coats & Clark FCU                League                                                     Crescent CU
                                                             Alpha Crystal Falls
Deseret First CU               Nebraska CU League &                                         CRP EFCU
                                                                Community FCU
Evangelical Christian CU         Affiliates                                                 Cryovac ECU
                                                             Altamaha Area FCU
FAA CU                         North Dakota Credit Union                                    CSRA FCU
                                                             Amway ECU
Fairmont FCU                     League                                                     Dakota West CU
                                                             Aqua Glass ECU
Fulton CU                      Vermont Credit Union League                                  DEA FCU
                                                             ARC CU
Georgia Telco CU                                                                            Demopolis FCU
                                                             Area Schools CU
Government ECU of Florida      League Service                                               Denver Municipal FCU
                                                             Arkansas Best FCU
GR Consumers CU                                                                             Denver Public School CU
Grand Canyon State EFCU
                               Corporations                  Armour Niad MFG ECU
                                                             Artesian City FCU              DeMoines Metro CU
Guardian CU                    League Services Inc                                          Diamond Lakes FCU
                                                             Augusta Health Care CU
Gulf Coast Community FCU                                                                    Doco School EFCU
                                                             Augusta Industrial FCU
Hope FCU                       Organizations                 Augusta VAH FCU                Dupaco Community CU
Iowa National Guard CU         CA Youth Involvement Board                                   DuTrac Community CU
                                                             Barksdale FCU
JM Associates FCU              Corporate Network Brokerage                                  East Idaho CU
                                                             Barre Catholic CU
John Deere Community CU            Services (CNBS)                                          East Point Municipal ECU
                                                             Beehive FCU
Kemba Charleston FCU           Illinois Youth Involvement                                   Eastman CU
                                                             Beka FCU
Kentucky Telco FCU                 Council                                                  Educators CU
                                                             Bennington E/E FCU
Linn Area CU                   Images & Ink                                                 Electric Cooperatives FCU
                                                             Benson County CoOp CU
Listerhill ECU                 National Cooperative Bank                                    Elco FCU
                                                             Bissell ECU
Lockheed Georgia EFCU          State National Companies                                     Emerald Coast FCU
                                                             Blue Flame CU
Medical & Professional CU                                                                   Episcopal Community FCU
                                                             Boise Telco FCU
Members Heritage FCU                                                                        ESB Employees FCU
                                                             Boulder Valley CU
Miami Police FCU                                                                            Ethicon CU
                                                             Bristol FCU
Midwest Grocers CU                                                                          ETMA FCU
                                                             Brockton CU
National Steel FCU                                                                          Etowah Valley FCU
                                                             Burlington Northern Grand
NorthWest Telco CU                                                                          Faith Community United CU
                                                                Forks FCU
Rochester Ukrainian FCU                                                                     Family FCU
                                                             C & O FCU
SC Telco FCU                                                                                Fargo Public Schools FCU
                                                             Cal Poly FCU
SCE FCU                                                                                     Federal & State Inspectors
                                                             Canandaigua School District
St Agnes EFCU                                                                                  FCU
Taylor Community CU                                                                         Fibers FCU
                                                             Canco CU
TIC FCU                                                                                     First Family FCU
                                                             Cannon FCU
Torrco EFCU                                                                                 First Flight FCU
                                                             Capital CU
Travis FCU                                                                                  FLAG FCU
                                                             Capital Educators FCU
University of Iowa Community                                                                Florence Educators FCU
                                                             Cassia County Education
                                                                Assn CU
Workers CU

       Nat i o n a l C re d i t Un i o n Fo u n d at i o n
       1999 DONOR LIST
Florida Transportation CU       Little Rock Mncpl Water        Paysaver CU                  UC EFCU
Fort Belvoir FCU                   Works ECU                   Phenix FCU                   United Airlines ECU
Fort Campbell FCU               Louden Depot CU                Pine Bluff Cotton Belt FCU   United Family FCU
Fort Meade Community CU         Louisiana Catholic FCU         Pinnacle CU                  United States Senate FCU
Fort Stewart Georgia FCU        Lynchburg Municipal EFCU       Pittsburgh Catholic FCU      Universal 1 CU
Friendship FCU                  Maco Educators FCU             Portland Teachers CU         Universal Campus FCU
GA PA FCU                       Macon Firemens CU              Postal ECU                   University Health FCU
Gateway CU                      Magic Valley FCU               Potelco United CU            University Of Hawaii FCU
General Electric Employees of   Mail Pouch FCU                 Provident Central CU         URW 831 Members FCU
   Rome FCU                     Maine Education CU             Public ECU                   Utilities Employees CU
Genuine Parts CU                Martinsville Dupont ECU Inc    PUD FCU                      Valdosta Teachers FCU
Georgetown Kraft CU             MEA FCU                        Ralphs FCU                   Valley First CU
Georgia Dept of Public Safety   MedCom FCU                     RCT FCU                      Vantel FCU
   CU                           Members Choice WV FCU          Redwood CU                   Village Peoples FCU
Georgia DOT CU                  Mercy FCU                      Reliance CU                  Virginia Educators’ CU
Georgia Heritage FCU            Metro One FCU                  Richs ECU                    Walker County Educators
Georgia Power FCU               MidSouth FCU                   Roanoke Postal EFCU             FCU
Georgia Power Valdosta FCU      MO FCU                         Robert P Patterson FCU       Waterbury Connecticut
Gilman United FCU               Mohave Community FCU           Rockwell FCU                    Teachers FCU
GPC Credit Assn                 Mountain Bell CU               Rome Kraft ECU               West Chatham FCU
GPCE CU                         Mountain Empire FCU            Sand Springs Community       West Georgia FCU
Gracewood FCU                   MSC FCU                           FCU                       Westmark CU
Grand Valley CoOp CU            Multiple Empl Group FCU        Santee Cooper ECU            Windward Community FCU
Granite State CU                Municipal CU                   Savannah Seaboard System     Wireco CU
Gwinnett FCU                    MUNI ECU                          FCU                       WV Central CU
Habersham County FCU            Mutual Savings CU              SC Membersfirst FCU          WySouth FCU
Hamburg Central FCU             NAFT FCU                       Scott & White ECU
HAPO Community CU               Nashville CU                   Scott CU
Hawaii Community FCU            Nashville Post Office CU       Sea Island ECU
HEA FCU                         NEO FCU                        Seapak FCU
Health Center CU                N E W CU                       Security Service FCU
Health Service ECU              New York Times EFCU            Self Reliance NY FCU
HealthCare Plus FCU             Niagara Pasny FCU              Selfreliance Ukrainian FCU
Hershey FCU                     Norfolk Southern ECU           Service 1 FCU
Hidalgo FCU                     Norlarco CU                    Service 1st FCU
Hillcrest FCU                   North Coast CU                 Southeastern FCU
HMB ECU                         North Iowa Community CU        Spartan FCU
HMC EFCU                        North Island FCU               State Capitol CU
Hutcheson FCU                   North Western ECU              State ECU
I H Mississippi Valley CU       Northern Indiana FCU           Sunshine State CU
IBEW 466 FCU                    Northland Area FCU             Tandem FCU
IBEW Local 77 FCU               Novation CU                    Teamsters Local 697 FCU
Idadiv CU                       NW Iowa CU                     TEG FCU
Idaho State University FCU      Oakland County Postal &        Telco of Florida FCU
Idahy FCU                          Federal ECU                 Tempe Schools CU
Interchange FCU                 OAS Staff FCU                  Tennessee Valley FCU
Interstate Unlimited FCU        OCPS FCU                       The CU of Palm Beach
Iosco School ECU                Oklahoma State FCU                County
Jefferson Parish EFCU           Omega Psi Phi Fraternity FCU   Three Rivers CU
Jeffrey ECU Inc                 Omni American FCU              Tinker FCU
Kastco CU                       Omni Community CU              TMB FCU
Keesler FCU                     Onaway Community FCU           Toms Credit Assn CU
Kemira Employees FCU            Orange County Teachers FCU     Truax CU
Kent CU Inc                                                    Truliant FCU
Kimberly Clark CU                                              TRW Michigan EFCU
King Mill Savings & Credit                                     Tucson Telco FCU
   Assn                                                        Tyndall FCU
Kohler CU
Lakeland Community CU
Ledger Enquirer FCU
Legacy FCU
Lehigh ECU
Lion FCU

*Development Educator

Individuals             Christine Schilef     Gale Teaster-Woods   Joseph Canon
Adrian Duplantier       Chuck Nagel           Garry Davis          Joseph Day
Alan Peppers            Chuck Purvis          Gary Aide            Joseph Forsmo
Alan Pughes *           Claire Warner *       Gary Binette         Joyce Harris
Alan Syphus             Clebe McClary         Gary Hooper          Joyce Stafford
Alice Bishop *          Clyde Padgett         Gary Plank           Judith Cooper
Alvin Jordan            Colleen Kelly         Gary Walmsley        Judith Hurt *
Amanda Lewis            Cynthia Amble Lukas   Gaylon Freeman       Judy James *
Amanda Maghsoud         Cynthia Slagle        Gene Johnson         Judy Shaffer *
Amy Moore *             Daksha DeMarse *      Gerry Foley          Karen Dunn
Anje VanRoo             Dan Cook              Gorgon Beauchamp     Karen Smith
Anthony Dominick        Dan Woodhead          Greg Lonsky          Karen Tofte
Anthony Hamilton *      Daniel Egan           Gregg Hipp           Kasey Rockwell
Anthony Schumacher      Dave Stevens          Harley Skjervem      Kathleen Beckett
Arlene Bellacini        David Brehmer         Heakyung Lee         Kathleen Stull
Arv Richards            David Chatfield       Heather Harris *     Kathy Linn
Barbara Davis           David Fleming         Heather Shelton      Katy Allers *
Barbara Dietrich        David Harris *        James Gibson         Kecia Doyle *
Barbara Kontje          David Lundahl         James Mack           Ken Anderson
Barbara Lancaster       David Weber           James Mazzuco        Ken Blanchard
Barbara Main *          Dean Archer           James McCormack      Ken Burgess
Barbara Mayes           Deborah Capaul        James Quinn          Ken Corbett
Barry Johnson *         Debra Sheehan *       Jan Dietzenbach *    Ken Robinsin
Bentley Cooper          Deborah Verdecchia    Jan Van de Grift     Kenneth Melcher
Bernardine Ray *        Dennis Cutter         Janet Aide           Kent Strawn
Betty Jane Barsachs *   Dennis Murphy         Janet Davis          Kerri Smith *
Betty Jones             Dennis Tanimoto       Janice Adams         Kevin Speth
Betty Kernaghan *       Dennis Zuehlke        Janice Appleby *     Kim Bannan *
Bill Burns              Diana Ramsey Oduwa    Janice Erickson      Kimberly West
Bill Luers              Diana Roberts *       Janice Welch         Kris Hoffman *
Bob Davis               Diane Black           Janis McDermott      Krisinda Plenkovich *
Bonnie Doolin           Dianne Fleming *      Jay Vavrek           Krystal Wambold
Brad Hill               Donald Arnold         Jean Warren *        Kurt Payne
Bradford Caldwell *     Donald Hanson         Jeff Carpenter *     Lance Germanos
Brenda Knox             Donald Lee *          Jenny Castro         Larry McVay
Brenda Maynard          Doris Lyons           Jill LaCroix         Larry Wilson
Brian Branch            Dorothy Steffens      Jill Tomalin         Laura Dufresne
Brian Butler            Dorothy Webster       Jim Barksdale        Lee Schmucker *
Brian Nelson            Duane Bruno           Jim Brewer           Leisa Hess
Bruce George            Dwaine Hubbard        Jim Hicks            Leo Francis
Bruce Jolly             Dwayne Osburn         Jim Juhl             Leon Kusnetzky *
Bruce Wheeler *         Edith Hixon           Jim Pierce           Leroy Collins
Candice Cattell         Elaine Harris *       Jim Tweedy           Leslie Herrick *
Cara Dobbins            Elaine Laroa *        Jimmie Bearden       Linda Art
Carol Bledsoe           Elizabeth Clay *      Jo Wells             Linda Johnson
Carol Crooker           Elizabeth Ziegler     Joan Beierle         Linda Kurtenbach
Carol Kendall           Ellen Gardner         Joan Hilber          Linda Miller
Carol Middaugh *        Ellis Waller          Joe Modarelli *      Linda Murrow
Carol Schillios *       Erica Planck *        Joe Perkowski        Linda Vahldieck *
Carolyn Morgan          Estelle Laru          Joel Romaine         Lisa Gill
Carolyn Padgett         Eugene Johnson        John Gregoire *      Lisa Rodgers
Carolyn Tadder          Evelyn Southwood      John Gulick          Lisa Watts
Carroll Beach           Felton Williams *     John Iwane           Lisa Zander
Cathy Grant             Fran Gariglio *       John Krummel         Lois Kitsch *
Cathy McCarver          Frank Pollack         John Marisic         Loretta Barnett
Cathy Wright            Frank Taddeo          John Schlueter *     Louise Meinholz
Charles Dawes                                 John Thorpe          Louise Mickle
Charles Eikel *                               John Wallace
Charles McDonald                              Joleen Miller
Cheryl Sorenson                               Jon Bruno
Chris Baker
Chris Kerecman *

       Nat i o n a l C re d i t Un i o n Fo u n d at i o n
       1999 DONOR LIST
Madolyn James                Penny Roth                      Timothy Straub             Organizations
Manny Mateo                  Peter Leong *                   Todd Calvert               Associated Insurance
Marcia Barron                Phil Bachman                    Tracy Herko                   Services
Maria Brandriet              Phil Gibson                     Troy Higgins               Bevis, Cameron & Johnson
Maria Cornelius              Quirin Braam                    Tyrone Pearson             Campus Credit Union Council
Maria Knickmeier             RaAnn Wood *                    Valori Miller              CMG POR Department
Marion McCaskey              Randy Ward                      Victoria Joyal                Madison
Marjorie Tripp               Ray Warne                       Victoria Kinsler           Colorado Plasticard Inc
Mark Disch                   Rebecca Froh                    Virginia Meharg            Credit Union Journal
Mark Minickiello             Richard Ensweiler *             Virginia Smith             CUNA Service Group Inc
Marta Trinkl                 Richard Gibson                  Virginia Squier            CU Foundation of Australia
Mary Burk *                  Richard Govek                   Wade Whitmus               CY Schillios and Associates
Mary Cunningham *            Richard York                    Wanda Ambrose              Defense Credit Union Council
Mary Balistreri              Rick McClintock                 Wesley Gordon              Deluxe Corporation IDAHO
Mary Harter                  Robert Hill                     Wesley Millar              Encore Electronic Service
Mary Lou Billingsly          Robert Hoel                     William Johnson *             Coop
Mary Margaret Yoder *        Robert Huston                   William Lavage             Financial Service Centers
Mary Van de Grift            Robert Moore                    William Swagler               Coop (FSCC)
Max Baird                    Robert Morgan                   Wilma Steele               Greeneville Works Employee
Max Craner                   Robert Beskovoyne               Wilma Wright                  Savings Association
Melanie McGeathey            Robert Weaver                                              Inlighten Inc
Melonie Albino               Roger Coryell                   Credit Union Leagues       Mapother and Mapother
Merita Berryman              Ronald Rioux                                               MCUL Family Involvement
                                                             Louisiana Credit Union
Michael Asam                 Rosemarie Schultz *                                           Council
Michael Beall *              Rosemary Evers *                                           Minnesota Mutual Life
                                                             Mississippi Credit Union
Michael Bergenske            Ross Wilson                                                   Insurance Co
Michael Bush                 Sadako Long                                                National Cooperative
                                                             Montana Credit Union
Michael Drummond             Sandra Douglas                                                Business Association
Michael Miller               Sandra Hood                                                   (NCBA)
                                                             New Mexico Credit Union
Michael Millis               Sandra Pakozdy                                             North American
Michael Pardon               Sarah Bang                                                    Communication
Michael Ray *                Sarah Cummer                                               OR Council Youth & Family
Michelle Stizza *            Sarah Turner *                  League Service
                                                             Corporations               Project Exec’s Inc
Mike Bluementhal             Sondra Townsend Browne *                                   Rural Leadership
Mike Judge                   Stacy Amsler                    Credit Union Service          Development
Mike Klements                Steve Harkins                     Corporation              Solar Tours Inc
Nancy Campbell               Steve Osborne                                              Stone, Higgs & Drexler
Nancy Coulter                Steve Shrader                                              Weltman, Weinberg & Reis
Nancy Duncan                 Steve Hickie *                                                Inc
Nancy Ellwein                Steven Liberto                                             World Council of Credit
Nancy Pierce                 Sue Longson                                                   Unions
Nancy Torcivia               Susan Brayman
Natalie McLaughlin           Susan Carey
Nelly Mitchell *             Susan Lang *
Nina Lynn                    Susan Lanphear
Norman Stockton *            Susan Luke *
Pablo Schroeder              Susan Newton
Pamela Nigh                  Susan Young
Pat Gottfried *              Sylvia Cannella
Pat Sowick                   Sylvia McCracken
Patricia Gates *             Terry West
Patricia Huffman             Thomas Brissette
Patricia Padgett             Thomas Connors
Patricia Sowick              Thomas Graham
Patty Anderson               Thomas Olson
Paul Grinde                  Thomas Shea
Paul Harbaugh                Thomas Smigielski
Paul Hauck                   Thomas Whitmore
Paul Hebert
Paul Henneman
Paul Hill
Paul Lords
Paulette Young

*Development Educator

                                      Nat i o n a l C re d i t Un i o n Fo u n d at i o n
                                      1999 FINANCIAL STATEMENTS
Statements of Financial Position
As of December 31, 1999 and 1998

Assets:                                                            1999                1998
Cash and cash equivalents—
   U.S. Central                                              $    92,620       $ 499,395
   Other                                                          65,445          90,988
                                                                 158,065         590,383

Prepaid expense                                              $     3,426      $     5,942
Contributions receivable, net of discount of $913                 90,957           69,411
Accounts receivable
   CUNA & Affiliates                                              58,065                0
   Other                                                           1,445              827
   Total current assets                                          311,958          666,563

Investments, at fair value                                     1,593,880        1,363,447
Notes receivable                                                 111,718          116,218
   Total assets                                              $ 2,017,556      $ 2,146,228

Grant commitments                                            $ 113,402        $ 267,132
Accounts payable
   CUNA & Affiliates                                              75,532           22,372
   Other                                                          54,532           50,802
Other                                                             30,308           21,500
   Total liabilities                                             273,774          361,806

Net assets
Unrestricted                                                   1,432,981        1,146,015
Temporary restricted                                             290,801          618,407
Permanently restricted                                            20,000           20,000
   Total net assets                                            1,743,782        1,784,422
   Total liabilities and net assets                          $ 2,017,556      $ 2,146,228

          1999 Donations                                                   1999 Grants

       Contributions                                             Development
           84%                                                      24%               International
                              Distributions                                Disaster
                                 16%                                        Relief

      Message from the Executive Director

   As you’ve read, 1999 was          Gazing for a moment
                                 into my trusty crystal ball, I
an exciting year for the         can tell you the future looks
National Credit Union            incredibly bright (not to
                                 mention incredibly busy!).
Foundation.                      Although our relationship
    Not only did we transi-      with the Ford Foundation
                                 was to have culminated in
tion to more of a national       1999 with our highly rated
focus in our grantmaking,        Building Member Wealth
                                 conference, that door has in
we also rolled out the inno-     fact remained open. Wide
vative new Community             open! Thanks to the success
                                 of our efforts — as well as
Investment Fund. In fact, it     Ford’s recognition that credit     Affordable Mortgage Lending
                                 unions are an excellent tool for   programs. Check back with us
was the latter — CIF — that
                                 reaching millions of Americans     next year to see how all of
ultimately enabled us to do      — our work in partnership          these turn out. Better yet, visit
                                 with the Ford Foundation will      our Web site
the former — focus on
                                 continue well beyond 2000.         ( for
national model programs.             First, we will pick up where   updates throughout 2000!
With the continued growth        we left off on our Building            In closing this annual
                                 Member Wealth initiative in        report, I want to offer a final
of state credit union founda-    1999, using CUNA’s Center for      “Thank you” to the many indi-
tions and the new flow of        Professional Development to        viduals and organizations that
                                 educate the broader credit         continue to support global
dollars through CIF for          union community about the          credit union development
development initiatives at       need — and ways — to               through the National Credit
                                 implement savings programs.        Union Foundation. Whether
the state level, the National    On a second track, we’ll work      your support comes in the
Foundation is now able to        with Ford and the Filene           form of an investment in CIF
                                 Research Institute to explore      or as a direct contribution, we
concentrate efforts and          credit union alternatives to       simply could not do what we
resources on bigger-picture      check-cashers.                     do without your help.
issues that have potential for       Other irons placed directly           Please know this:
                                 into the fire since the end of
broad application.                                                  when you support the National
                                 1999 include participation in
                                 the incubation of a Hispanic        Credit Union Foundation you
                                 credit union in North Carolina;        are making a difference.
                                 expansion of our role in the
                                 collaboration with the             Patricia A. Brownell
                                 Community Development              Executive Director
                                 Innovation and Infrastructure
                                 Initiative; and exploring the
                                 potential of incorporating
                                 cooperative housing into our

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