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									                          Application for Recognition as a
                         Certified Environmental Professional
                       Academy of Board Certified Environmental Professionals
                             PO Box 42564, Towson MD 21284-2564

           Welcome to the ABCEP Certified Environmental Professional Application.

  1. Welcome letter from the Chair of the Certification Review Board (1 page)
  2. The form to submit your application fee (1 page)
  3. Information on the application process (3 pages)
  4. The list of essay questions (2 pages)
  5. CEP-IT Program Requirements (2 pages)
  6. ABCEP Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice (1 page)
  7. Sample letter to send to references (1 page)
Academy of Board Certified                                                                             Certifying Environmental
Environmental Professionals, Inc.                                                                      Professionals since 1979
PO Box 42564
Towson, MD 21284-2564
Toll-free: 866-767-8073
Fax:       410-254-5542

Board of Trustees:
Jim Yawn, CEP                     Dear Prospective Applicant:
Walt Disney Imagineering
Lake Buena Vista, FL
                                  Thank you for your interest in the Certified Environmental Professional (CEP) program.
Vice President
Gary Kelman, CEP                  Initiated in1979, this program is managed by the Academy of Board Certified
Past President, NAEP              Environmental Professionals.
Baltimore, MD
                                  Here is the information that you requested. Enclosed are two separate documents – the
Review Board Chair:
Robert Michaels, PhD, CEP         application itself and this instruction to applicants. The electronic file of the application
RAM TRAC Corp                     has sections that are “locked” and places where you can write in your answers.
Schenectady, NY                   Navigate by using the scroll key or arrows on the right of your screen.
Irving Cohen, CEP                 The application procedure is similar to a college or graduate school application. It
Enviro-Sciences, Inc              includes the test of your knowledge and abilities through a series of essay questions,
Mt. Arlington, NJ                 plus eight letters of reference from your peers, and a record of your education and
                                  professional activities. Ideally, the letters of recommendation should be from individuals
Heidi Pruess, CEP                 who have a CEP or who have a similar type of professional certification.
Mecklenburg County
Charlotte, NC 28202               Your application will be examined by a seven-person review panel. The panel will
                                  conduct an evaluation of your academic training, your work history, your references
Audrey Binder, CEP
                                  and your written examination (the essays). The Lead Reviewer will also conduct an oral
US EPA                            interview that addresses all aspects of your application. Please be aware that the entire
Washington, DC                    review process takes several months.
Richard Burke, CEP
URS Corporation
                                  For those professionals who are beginning their professional career, do not yet meet
Los Angeles, CA                   the requirements of a CEP, and want to get a head start on certification, we invite you
                                  to participate in our Certified Environmental Professional In Training (CEP-IT) program.
Connie Chitwood, CEP              The requirements for the CEP-IT program are included in the CEP application package.
Golden, Colorado

Eric Neugaard                     We look forward to your application and hope that we will soon welcome you into the
Reynolds, Smith and Hills, Inc.   select group of professionals who are qualified as members of the Academy of Board
Fort Lauderdale, FL               Certified Environmental Professionals. You can look on our web site for additional
Don Deis
                                  information about the program and the organization.
Jacksonville, FL                  Please call Nadine Jackson-Bey the Academy’s Executive Director, at the number
                                  above or send an email if you have any questions about the application or the process.
Corry T. Platt, CEP
Concept 2 Delivery, Inc.
Cary, NC                          Sincerely,

Executive Administrator:
Nadine Jackson-Bey
Towson, MD                        Dr. Robert Michaels
ABCEP is a 501(c)6
non-profit organization.          Dr. Robert A. Michaels, PhD., CEP
EIN: 52-2196458                   Chair of the Certification Review Board
Academy of Board Certified                                                                             Certifying Environmental
Environmental Professionals, Inc.
                                                                                                       Professionals since 1979
PO Box 42564
Towson, MD 21284-2564
Toll-free: 866-767-8073
Fax:       410-254-5542

      Application Fee to be a
      Certified Environmental Professional:
      To initiate the application process, please indicate whether you are applying for
      the Certified Environmental Professional (CEP) or the Certified Environmental
      Professional In Training (CEP-IT) designation. Payment can be made by check
      or credit card. Our federal EIN is 52-2196458.

      CEP – Application Fee:                  $125.00 ___________
      CEP-IT – Application Fee:                $62.50.___________

      Please fill in your name and contact information below and sign at the bottom.

      Your Name:
      City, State, Zip:

      1.   I request that ABCEP initiate a review of my qualifications for possible approval as a
           Certified Environmental Professional, with a specialty in Environmental _____________.
           (choose one: Assessment, Documentation, Operations, Planning or Research and Education)
      2.   I understand that my completed application must be submitted within one year of today’s
           date. A completed application includes background data, letters from eight references,
           academic transcripts, lists of publications, and responses to essay questions.
      3.   I understand that the application fee is nonrefundable. This certification fee, $125 for CEP or
           $62.50 for CEP-IT, (which includes ABCEP membership dues through December 31 of the
           year in which the CEP is granted) will be due if I am granted certification.
      4.   If someone recommended that you apply, please supply their name: _________________.

      Applicant Signature                                         Date

                Payment: $125 ($62.50 for CEP-IT)
      Check (personal or business) Check # ______ Make Check payable to ABCEP
       Credit Card - MC/Visa (personal or business) (sorry, no other cards accepted)

                            Card #:   ____________________________                      Exp. ____/____
                                    Application for Recognition as a
                                  Certified Environmental Professional
                                     Instructions for Applicants

Certified Environmental Professional (CEP) status is awarded to qualified candidates based upon detailed
evaluation of their education, experience, affiliations, and professional performance. The program has operated
since 1979. Each application is evaluated by seven members from the Academy’s Certification Review Board.
You can become a candidate for CEP status by submitting an application demonstrating your eligibility. Your
responses to this application become the property of ABCEP and will not be returned.

CEP Certification is granted for the remaining duration of the active professional environmental career of each
CEP, subject to ongoing payment of dues and satisfaction of certification maintenance requirements. (See the
Certification Maintenance section of ABCEP’s Procedures Manual, which is publicly available and posted on
ABCEP’s web site,

    Eligibility Requirements:
    1. A Bachelor's Degree.
         Except under extraordinary circumstances, the applicant must possess a Bachelor's Degree
             from an accredited institution of higher learning, and a minimum of nine years of relevant
             professional environmental experience. The phrase 'extraordinary circumstances' is subject
             to interpretation by members of a CEP applicant's Certification Review Panel (CRP), and will be
             applied by ABCEP (via the CRB) in a manner consistent with CESB requirements.
    2. Nine (9) years or more of applicable professional environmental experience.
         A Master's Degree may be substituted for one year of the nine years of professional experience
             and a Doctorate for two years. Where the applicant is proposing a one- or two-year
             substitution, the degree claimed must be from a fully accredited college or university.
    3. Five (5) years or more must be in a position of responsible charge and/or responsible
         Responsible charge is: the direction of environmental work by an environmental professional
             such that successful completion of the work is dependent on decisions made by that person.
         Responsible supervision is: the supervision of another professional person's work by an
             environmental professional such that the supervisor assumes the professional responsibility for
             the work.

    Areas for Certification:
    An applicant is certified in one of the five functional areas listed below and must indicate his or her
    choice on the application form. If the experience record and accomplishments so indicate, the review
    panel may recommend that the Academy grant certification in another functional area.
         Environmental assessment; including the evaluation of risks to (or past impacts upon)
            the occupants of ecosystems, workplaces, or residences exerted by physical, chemical
            or biological agents to which exposure may occur (or may have occurred).
         Environmental documentation; including the preparation of reports, presentation of
            facts, and completion of other actions to establish administrative records demonstrating
            compliance with environmental statutes, regulations, and permits.
         Environmental operations; including the management of facilities in accordance with
            requirements of environmental statutes, regulations, and permits.
         Environmental planning; including the arrangements for future facility construction,
            operation, and/or management in accordance with anticipated requirements of
            environmental statutes, regulations, and permits (or permit renewals).
         Environmental research and education; including teaching in academic settings and
            conducting and reporting on original research relating to the environment and
            environmental dynamics.
Certification Procedure:
(1)     Pay the $125 application fee. This can be done by check or by credit card. The form is below.

(2)     Submit the application form to the ABCEP office. Mail one signed printed version of the application to
        the Academy’s office. Email the same application in MS Word or PDF format to the Academy:, so that we can circulate it to the reviewers.
        The application includes:
              Information on your education and background
              A description of your work experience
              Contact information for your eight references
              Responses to essay questions
              A pledge to abide by the Academy’s Code of Conduct

(3)     Arrange for the following to be sent directly to the Academy’s office.
             Eight letters of recommendation. There is no standard format for the letter, and they can be
               sent via mail, email or fax. A cover letter that you can send to your references is on page 8 of
               this document. The text can be copied and pasted into an email.
             One certified copy of each applicable college or graduate school transcript.

(4)     Once the Academy has received the above information, your application will be considered complete.
        The ABCEP Certification Review Board (CRB) is the approving body for the CEP credential. Each
        application is evaluated by a Review Panel composed of seven volunteers. All are certified
        environmental professionals, and they represent several fields (i.e., consulting, academia, private
        industry, government). One member of the Panel is designated as the lead reviewer. The lead
        reviewer will verify the credentials and collateral information necessary to satisfy certification

(5)     The Lead member of the Review Panel will conduct an oral interview to determine the extent of your
        knowledge and experience in your area of expertise and any other matters considered germane to
        certification. These are generally conducted over the telephone.

(6)     You will then be notified of the results of your application.
         A. If you are certified, the $125 certification fee will be due, which includes your annual dues for the
             year in which you are certified.
         B. If certification is denied, you may reapply at any time without prejudice.

Membership in the Academy:
   All CEPs become members in the Academy of Board Certified Environmental Professionals.
   A Certified Environmental Professional is entitled to publicize his/her certification by using the
     designation "CEP" after his/her name, by applying an inked or embossed CEP seal on various
     professional documents and other work products, and by other legal and professionally ethical vehicles
     of communication typically used, such as resumes and advertisements.
   In accordance with ABCEP’s membership in the Council of Engineering and Scientific Specialty Boards,
     the Certified Environmental Professional (CEP) credential must be maintained annually. The certificate
     will lapse if a CEP does not meet the Academy’s requirements for certification maintenance.
   The Academy has a Continuing Education / Certification Maintenance Program, which requires that
     CEPs remain actively involved in the Academy and in the profession. Members report their activities
     annually, along with their annual dues payment.

    The Academy is accredited by and a full member of the Council of Engineering and Scientific Specialty
       Boards, a national organization that accredits engineering and technology certification programs.
Application Review Process:
We often get questions about the application process. This page answers many of the common questions.

1. When are applications accepted?
       Applications are accepted at any time – there is no application deadline. Once your application is
       complete, it is sent to the certification review board. An application is considered to be complete when
       we have received your $125 application fee, your application with the essays, your academic
       transcripts, and five of the eight letters of reference.

2. When should I ask my references to send their letters? What about academic transcripts?
       Ask them as soon as you have decided to apply; otherwise your application may be held up by tardy
       letters of recommendation. Letters can be sent to the ABCEP office by mail or email. Mail is preferred,
       because then we have an original signature, but we accept emailed references too.
       As with the letters of recommendation, ask your college/graduate school to send us the transcript once
       you have made the decision to apply. We will create an application file in your name when your first
       letter or transcript arrives.

3. What happens once the application has been submitted?
      When we have a complete application, it is sent to the Chair of the Certification Review Board. The
      Chair selects seven peer professionals to review the application. One of the seven is the lead reviewer.
      The panel members read the materials and make recommendations to the lead reviewer. Panel
      members also may suggest certain questions to be asked during the interview. An interview is held –
      generally over the telephone. The lead reviewer then recommends to the chair that the candidate be
      accepted or not accepted. The chair conducts a review of the documentation and a final determination
      is made.

4. Why would someone not be certified?
      The most common reason for denial is lack of senior management experience. The CEP is the
      credential for senior environmental managers, and it is only awarded to individuals who have at least
      five years of experience at that level. Note: if your position is 50% marketing and 50% environmental
      management, you would need to have ten years at that position to earn the five years of senior
      environmental management experience.

5. What does a senior environmental manager do?
       Responsible charge – you are directing environmental work, such that successful completion of
          the work is dependent on decisions made by you. You may be seeking advice or input from
          others, but the final approval rests on your shoulders. If you are a member of a team, you are
          the team leader.
       Responsible supervision – you are supervising work conducted by other professionals and you
          assume the professional responsibility for the work that they do.

6. Will I be informed about the status of my application?
         ABCEP tries to keep candidates informed about the status, but given the number of applications under
         review this is not always possible. If you have questions, feel free to contact the office by telephone or
         by email. Our goal is to complete reviews within four months of receipt.

7. Do employers reimburse CEPs for their application and maintenance payments?
       There are many benefits to your career, including financial. While some people pay for the application
       fee from their own pocket, many businesses and agencies will pay your application, certification and
       membership fees to maintain your certification after you have been accepted. Firms such as Enviro-
       Sciences, HDR and HNTB recognize the value of the CEP, and they award bonuses or salary increases
       of $1,000 or more to staff who earn the CEP designation.
                                           CEP – In Training Program
CEP-IT Application Requirements. To receive a CEP In-Training certificate, individuals must:
   1. Submit application form (similar to CEP)
   2. Enclose 1/2 the application fee of a CEP (currently $125/2 = $62.50).
   3. Submit transcript that indicates the individual has at least a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university in an
       applicable field (same as CEP).
   4. Sign an ethics pledge (same as CEP).
   5. Provide 3 references (using same form as for CEP)

CEP-IT Maintenance Requirements.
   1. Report at least 20 hrs of annual effort to maintain In-Training status (using same form as used by CEPs).
   2. Submit annual maintenance fee of half the requirements for CEP maintenance (currently $100/2 = $50).
   3. Submit form briefly describing career goals and plans for meeting them (see new career plan form). This form is
       forwarded to the mentor for review. Meeting the goals is not a requirement for maintaining CEP-IT status, but
       submitting a plan is required.

Mentoring CEP-ITs
    As soon as a CEP-IT application is deemed completed, the Executive Director will notify the chair of the Mentor
        Committee, who will assign a CEP mentor to that individual.
    The CEP-IT may contact the mentor as needed to discuss progress, to solicit feedback regarding the CEP-IT
        career, and to obtain suggested opportunities for growth. CEPs who supervise a CEP-IT gain hours toward their
        annual maintenance requirements.

Reduced Requirements for CEP
If an individual receives a CEP-IT and maintains it for at least three years, CEP requirements for total experience would
reduced by one year, as shown below. The minimum number of years of supervisory experience would not be affected by
this reduction and would remain at five years.

                                                          Years of Experience Required to Apply for CEP

     Current Program (No CEP-IT)                  Non-supervisory         Supervisory                   Total
     Bachelor's                                           4                     5                          9
     Master's                                             3                     5                          8
     PhD                                                  2                     5                          7

     CEP-IT for at least 3 years
     Bachelor's                                           3                     5                          8
     Master's                                             2                     5                          7
     PhD                                                  1                     5                          6

Example: A person with a bachelor’s degree and 0-5 years of experience applies for a CEP-IT. After maintaining the CEP-
IT for 3 years, if the person has a total of 8 years of experience, with at least 5 years as a supervisor, the person could apply
for a CEP. Without having the CEP-IT, the person would have to wait another year.

Those CEP applicants who are not certified because of a lack of experience will be offered the option of becoming a CEP-

Additional Benefits of a CEP-IT
   1. Electronic newsletter (same as CEP).
   2. Access to CEP website and members (same as CEP).
   3. Assigned CEP mentor who will provide career guidance.
                      The Academy of Board Certified Environmental Professionals, Inc.
                   Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice for Environmental Professionals
Introduction. The objectives of Environmental Professionals are to conduct their personal and professional lives and
activities in an ethical manner. Honesty, justice and courtesy form moral philosophy which, associated with a mutual interest
among people, constitute the foundation of ethics. Environmental Professionals should recognize such a standard, not in
passive observance, but as a set of dynamic principles guiding their conduct and way of life. It is their duty to practice their
profession according to this Code of Ethics. As the keystone of professional conduct is integrity, Environmental Professionals
will discharge their duties with fidelity to the public, their employers, clients, and with fairness and impartiality to all. It is their
duty to interest themselves in public welfare, and to be ready to apply their special knowledge for the benefit of mankind and
their environment.
Creed. The objectives of the Environmental Professional are:
  1. to recognize and attempt to reconcile societal and individual human needs with responsibility for physical, natural, and
      cultural systems.
  2. to promote and develop policies, plans, activities and projects that achieve complementary and mutual support
      between natural and man-made, and present and future components of the physical, natural and cultural
Ethics. As an Environmental Professional I will:
  1. be personally responsible for the validity of all data collected, analyses performed, or plans developed by me or under
      my direction. I will be responsible and ethical in my professional activities.
  2. encourage research, planning, design, management and review of activities in a scientifically and technically objective
      manner. I will incorporate the best principles of the environmental sciences for the mitigation of environmental harm
      and enhancement of environmental quality.
  3. not condone misrepresentation of work I have performed or that was performed under my direction.
  4. examine all of my relationships or actions which could be legitimately interpreted as a conflict of interest by clients,
      officials, the public or peers. In any instance where I have a financial or personal interest in the activities with which
      they are directly or indirectly involved, I will make a full disclosure of that interest to my employer, client, or other
      affected parties.
  5. not engage in conduct involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit or misrepresentation or discrimination.
  6. not accept fees wholly or partially contingent on the client's desired result where that desired result conflicts with my
      professional judgment.

Guidance for Practice as an Environmental Professional. As an Environmental Professional I will:
 1. encourage environmental planning to begin in the earliest stages of project conceptualization.
 2. recognize that total environmental management involves the consideration of all environmental factors including:
     technical, economic, ecological, and sociopolitical and their relationships.
 3. incorporate the best principle of design and environmental planning when recommending measures to reduce
     environmental harm and enhance environmental quality.
 4. conduct my analysis, planning, design and review my activities primarily in subject areas for which I am qualified, and
     shall encourage and recognize the participation of other professionals in subject areas where I am less experienced. I
     shall utilize and participate in interdisciplinary teams wherever practical to determine impacts, define and evaluate all
     reasonable alternatives to proposed actions, and assess short-term versus long-term productivity with and without the
     project or action.
 5. seek common, adequate, and sound technical grounds for communication with and respect for the contributions of
     other professionals in developing and reviewing policies, plans, activities, and projects.
 6. determine that the policies, plans, activities or projects in which I am involved are consistent with all governing laws,
     ordinances, guidelines, plans, and policies, to the best of my knowledge and ability.
 7. encourage public participation at the earliest feasible time in an open and productive atmosphere.
 8. conduct my professional activities in a manner that ensures consideration of technically and economically feasible
Encourage Development of the Profession. As an Environmental Professional I will:
  1. assist in maintaining the integrity and competence of my profession.
  2. encourage education and research, and the development of useful technical information relating to the environmental
  3. be prohibited from lobbying in the name of the National Association of Environmental Professionals.
  4. advertise and present my services in a manner that avoids the use of material and methods that may bring discredit to
     the profession.
I hereby affirm and agree that I will abide by the Code of Ethics of the Association. I further understand that falsification of
the contents of this application will be grounds for rejection and/or termination of my Association membership and revocation
of all benefits resulting there from.

The Academy of Board Certified                                                                Certifying the Environmental
Environmental Professionals                                                                        Professional Since 1979
PO Box 42564
Towson, MD 21284-2564
Tel:   866-767-8073
Fax:   410-254-5542

  Board of Trustees:                REQUEST FOR LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION
  Jim Yawn, CEP
  Walt Disney Imagineering          To: ___________________________                                   Date: ____________
  Lake Buena Vista, FL

  Vice President                    FAX: ____________________
  Gary Kelman, CEP
  Past President, NAEP
  Baltimore, MD                     ______________________________ is applying to be a Certified Environmental
                                    Professional (CEP). The CEP credential was initiated in 1979 to provide a globally recognized
  Review Board Chair:
  Robert Michaels, PhD, CEP
                                    designation for persons working in the environmental profession. The Academy of Board
  RAM TRAC Corp                     Certified Environmental Professionals (ABCEP) manages the program and assures that the
  Schenectady, NY                   credential individuals are knowledgeable, experienced and dedicated professionals and
                                    leaders in the environmental profession.
  Irving Cohen, CEP
  Enviro-Sciences, Inc              As part of the application process for recognition as a CEP, an applicant must have eight
  Mt. Arlington, NJ                 references from peers who have personal and/or professional knowledge of his/her
                                    reputation and qualifications. In a 3-5 paragraph letter or email, please express your
  Heidi Pruess, CEP
                                    knowledge of his/her professional reputation and qualifications and any opinion you may have
  Mecklenburg County                as to meriting recognition and certification.
  Charlotte, NC 28202
                                    He/she has applied for certification in the category checked below:
  Members:                                  environmental assessment; including the evaluation of risks to (or past
  Audrey Binder, CEP
  US EPA                                       impacts upon) the occupants of ecosystems, workplaces, or residences
  Washington, DC                               exerted by physical, chemical or biological agents to which exposure may
                                               occur (or may have occurred).
  Richard Burke, CEP                        environmental documentation; including the preparation of reports,
  URS Corporation
  Los Angeles, CA                              presentation of facts, and completion of other actions to establish
                                               administrative records demonstrating compliance with environmental
  Connie Chitwood, CEP                         statutes, regulations, and permits.
  Golden, Colorado                          environmental operations; including the management of facilities in
  Eric Neugaard                                accordance with requirements of environmental statutes, regulations, and
  Reynolds, Smith and Hills, Inc.              permits.
  Fort Lauderdale, FL                       environmental planning; including the arrangements for future facility
                                               construction, operation, and/or management in accordance with
  Don Deis
  PBS&J                                        anticipated requirements of environmental statutes, regulations, and
  Jacksonville, FL                             permits.
                                            environmental research and education; including teaching in academic
  Corry T. Platt, CEP                          settings and conducting and reporting on original research relating to the
  Concept 2 Delivery, Inc.
  Cary, NC                                     environment and environmental dynamics.

  Executive Administrator:          Until your reference is received, we will be unable to proceed with the application.
  Nadine Jackson-Bey                Please try to respond within 4-6 weeks of the date of this letter. It can be sent by fax,
  Towson, MD
                                    email or regular mail to the letterhead address. For additional information about the
  ABCEP is a 501(c)6                Academy and persons who have earned the CEP designation, please visit our web page,
  non-profit organization.
  EIN: 52-2196458
                                    Thank you in advance for your assistance, and feel free to call if you have any questions.

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