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Need Assessment and Identification
      Better definition of “commodity technology”, basic services to be
      provided/provisioned by DOA (imaging & workflow)

Project Development and Procure ment
       Consolidate contract management in DOA – new, amendments, periodic review.
       This includes establishment of “standard” terms & conditions, development and
       inclusion of Service Level Agreements (SLA’s), definition and inclusion of
       penalties for non-conformance, contract negotiations, and periodic reviews of
       performance and publishing vendor “scorecards”.

       Assemble PMO within DOA to be “lent out” to other departments

       Apply a Risk Based Management approach to projects – manage these to a lower
       threshold, more frequently.

       Time-box management of projects – best practice approach to break a large
       project into several distinct deliverable components that can be developed and
       implemented within a pre-specified time box (ex. 6 months). This helps to
       manage scope (prevent scope creep), identify problems earlier in the process and
       avoid big surprises.

Implementation/Status Reporting
      Project review process - bi-annual project reviews for any projects that are
      underway. There appears to be a sound process to get a project on the Strategic
      Plan – need a similar sound process to review progress of projects in process.

       Continuity of project management when players change – sound turnover process,
       possible new business unit leadership have to re-subscribe to project charter, cost,
       timeline and status.

Oversight/Gove rnance
      Reinstate/staff legislative oversight board(s) – as defined in statute or in a
      combined/different configuration:
             Joint Committee on Information Policy and Technology
             Information Management Technology Board

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