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					                                             GENERAL SETUP CONDITIONS CHECKLIST
                                                              FIRST-TIME HOMEBUYER PROGRAM
                                                                Required for State Recipient Contracts

                                                                                                                                         Department of Housing
                                                                                                                                      And Community Development
State Recipient                                                                                                                             HOME Program

Home Contract Number                 -HOME-
                                                                                                                                                FOR HCD USE ONLY
1. Environmental:
Will the State Recipient, the Lender, or the Administrative      Yes If Yes, a Statutory Worksheet or possibly an Environmental
Subcontractor accept the family application before the                  Assessment is required. Contact your HOME Representative.
foundation for their house is poured?
                                                                  No    If No, prepare Appendix V-A4 (Environmental Finding Form) and
                                                                        Appendix V-A5 of the Environmental Chapter of the Contract
                                                                        Management Manual.
                                                                        NOTE: Remember to keep a copy of each project-specific V-A4 and
                                                                        V-A5 in that project file, and in the ERR for monitoring purposes.

1d) Does the program rehabilitation/reconstruction
1c) Are you going to doinvolve the reconstruction of
2. Procurement:                                                                 discuss will need to do Representative the process for
                                                                        If yes, then youwith your HOME an 8-Step Process. Talk to your
2a) Did the State Recipient propose in its HOME                  Yes If Yes, proceed to question 2b.
application to use either an Administrative Subcontractor
or Subrecipient?
                                                                 No If No, is the State Recipient now proposing to use either an
                                                                        Administrative Subcontractor or Subrecipient?
                                                                           Yes Go to 2b.
                                                                           No Nothing else is required.
2b) If Yes to 2a above, are you proposing to use the             Yes If Yes, proceed to question 2c.
same Administrative Subcontractor or Subrecipient to
operate the program?
                                                                 No     If No, identify the new Administrative Subcontractor or Subrecipient:

                                                                        and then proceed to question 2c.
2c) Is this an Administrative Subcontractor (AS)                 AS     If this is an administrative subcontractor, were there at least two
arrangement, or is it a Subrecipient (SR) arrangement?           SR     bids received for each applicable HOME Activity in response to the
                                                                        RFP/RFQ? (A subrecipient is not subject to the competitive
                                                                        procurement process)

NOTE: Procurement documents will be reviewed at monitoring,                Yes Complete the rest of 2c.
or sooner if warranted.
                                                                           No Complete the rest of 2c AND submit a Sole-source Request
                                                                                as outlined in the Procurement Chapter of the Contract
Procurement 2c continues on the next page.                                      Management Manual.

     FTHB General Setup Checklist                                           HOME 05/08                                                              Page 1 of 4
                                                            Enter Dates
What was the date of the contract or MOU with the                         This would be the date it was fully executed.
Administrative Subcontractor or Subrecipient?

What is the expiration date of the contract or MOU?

3. Program Guidelines:
3a) Have the Program Guidelines been modified since             Yes       If Yes, continue to 3b.
the time of the application?

                                                                  No      If No, no additional submittals are required.

3b) If Yes to 3a, have the modified guidelines been              Yes If Yes, nothing else is required.
approved by HCD?
                                                                          If No, please submit your DRAFT revisions with this checklist or
                                                                  No      ahead of time. Submit cover letter identifying changes made to
                                                                          Guidelines since last approval date. Once your HOME
                                                                          representative approves these revisions, include a complete new
                                                                          set of Program Guidelines.

4. Income Determination:
4a) Does the State Recipient conduct its own income              Yes If Yes, no additional submittals are required.
verification process or review documentation prepared by
your Administrative Subcontractor or Subrecipient to
ensure compliance with CFR 24 Part 5 methodology for              No      If No, contact your HOME Representative.
calculating income, as described in the HUD publication
“Technical Guide for Determining Income and
Allowances for the HOME Program 3rd Edition, January

4b) Does the State Recipient use a summary sheet to              Yes If Yes, no additional submittals are required
summarize the results of the income verification process,        No If No, create an income calculation worksheet to include that the
including a dated signature by the certifying person?                     income was certified (signed) and dated. Attach your form to this
                                                                          checklist. Contact your HOME Representative for a sample.

5. State Recipient HOME FTHB Program
Application:                                                     Yes If Yes, Submit your HOME FTHB Program Application with this
Does the State Recipient have a HOME FTHB Program                         checklist for review and approval.
Application to qualify households?
                                                                  No      If No, Create a HOME FTHB Program Application and submit
                                                                          with this checklist for review and approval.

     FTHB General Setup Checklist
6. Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity                                         HOME 05/08                                                      Page 2 of 4
6. Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity
6a) Does the State Recipient request information from          Yes If Yes, attach the form you use to gather this data.
all applicants on the demographics listed in the Equal
Opportunity chapter of the Contract Management
                                                               No     If No, develop the form and attach a draft for State approval.
Manual (race, ethnicity, gender, disability, and age)?
                                                                      (However, if the State Recipinet uses the application to gather
                                                                      this data, check box and nothing else is needed.)

6b) Does the State Recipient maintain the demographic          Yes If Yes, this information should be available for State monitoring.
data on all applicants (race, ethnicity, gender, disability,
and age) in a central location (e.g., electronic database)?
                                                               No     If No, start gathering this information immediately and make
                                                                      available at time of monitoring.

6c) Are Fair Housing posters and logos used?                   Yes If Yes, keep copies of posters and items with logos for State
                                                               No     If No, start immediately using these posters and logos by placing
                                                                      them in the building entrances, lobby areas, and on all written and
                                                                      electronic program information documents.

7. Relocation:
Do the Program Guidelines exclude properties that are          Yes If Yes, no further action is required.
now tenant-occupied or which have been tenant-occupied
within three (3) months of the purchase offer date?
                                                               No     If No, submit self-certification that the State Recipient will comply
                                                                      with the Relocation Act. If your program guidelines do not exclude
                                                                      tenant-occupied properties (when the tenant is not the applicant)
                                                                      and formerly-tenant-occupied properties which have been vacant
                                                                      for less than three months, you must certify that you will comply
                                                                      with all applicable relocation requirements. HCD may request the
                                                                      Relocation Plan at any time, and if not requested, we will review it
                                                                      at the time the State Recipient is monitored.

8. Period of Affordability:
Will the Promissory Note reflect an affordability period       Yes If Yes, no additional submittals are necessary.
that is at least as long as the minimum period of
affordability as follows?
                                                               No     If No, contact your HOME representative and explain.
Less than $15,000 per unit: 5 years.
$15,000.00 - $40,000 per unit: 10 years.
More than $40,000 per unit: 15 Years.

9. Authorized Signatory:
     FTHB General Setup Checklist                                         HOME 05/08                                                          Page 3 of 4
 9. Authorized Signatory:
 9a) Does the State Recipient's Resolution allow the         Yes If Yes, continue to 9b.
 Authorized Signatory to designate others to sign required
 documents?                                                  No If No, nothing is required.

 9b) Will the person authorized by the Resolution sign all   Yes If Yes, no additional submittals are required.
 documents, certifications, set-ups, draw requests, etc.?
                                                             No If No, submit a letter signed by the person who is authorized,
                                                                   designating the appropriate person(s) by title only.
 10. Payee Data Record:
 Does the State Recipient already have a       completed     Yes If Yes, no additional submittals are required.
 Payee Data Record form filed with HCD?
                                                             No If No, please submit a completed Payee Data Record form (see
                                                                   HOME Basics Chapter of the Contract Management Manual
                                                                   Chapter 1, Appendix I-D-2).

Name of person completing this form                                                   Signature

Title / Employer                                                                            Date        11/14/10 2:27 PM

      FTHB General Setup Checklist                                     HOME 05/08                                                Page 4 of 4
1.   Environmental:                         Prepare at least one appendix V-A4 (The
Categorically exclude not subject to 58.5   Environmental Finding Form) and Appendix V-A5, of
                                            Chapter V of the Contract Management Manual
2. Procurement:

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