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					                                                 MULVANE WRITING SCOPE AND SEQUENCE
                                                    Sixth Grade through Twelfth Grade

Topic         6th                  7th                   8th                    9th                    10th                    11th                   12th
Ideas   Reading Short      Literature            Journal writing;      Personal Narrative;      Research paper         Research Paper-          Analytical Essay
        Stories ; Quick    Responses (narr.) ;   Essays (exp.); 5-     writing incident –       -Your specific         Persuasive               Responses on
        Write and First    Novel Units,          step process (all);   Choose an event          subject; significant   contemporary             Exams (5-7
        Responses prior    Variety of Written    Personal              during the summer        change and impact      issue (4-5 pages)        paragraphs (narr.
        to reading each    Responses; Letter     Narrative;            and write a              + a specific           -Expository              and exp.);
        story (narr. and   to Parent (pers.);    Descriptive Essay     narrative. Limit it to   condition, feeling     -Persuasive              Short Answer
        exp.); Writing     Invitation (exp.);    (exp.) ; Formal       one event; 5             or stand               -Technical               Response on Test
        after Reading;     Essay (narr.);        Essay (exp.);         paragraphs.              = an effective         Expository and           (paragraph)
        Literature         School-wide           Short                                          thesis statement.      Persuasive               (narr. and exp.);
        Elements;          Writing               Comparison/           Persuasive Essay          I.    History of      Essays and               Formal
        School-wide        Assignment (exp.);    Contrast Essay        over Romeo and                  character       constructed              Comparison
        Writing            Author/Story          (novel vs. film)      Juliet                     A. What you          responses on The         Essay (Beowulf to
        Assignment         Summaries (narr.);    (exp.); Formal                                        want your       Adventures of            a modern hero
        (exp.); Prompts    Book cover project    Research Paper        Research Paper -                reader to       Huckleberry Finn         (exp.);
        for 6 Traits       (narr.);              (purpose, source      You will be                     know about      Short Story Units        Nonfiction
                                                 cards, notes,         preparing and                   the subject's   (in each literary        (America Now
                                                 outline,              writing a research              background      movement)                textbook)
                                                 documentation         paper that will focus      B. What is           -Plot (conflict,         Responses
                                                 in rough draft,       on a historical                 important       climax, resolution,      (analysis of
                                                 works cited);         event. This will be a           about           rising action, falling   structure/
                                                 School-wide           formal type of                  his/her past    action, subplots,        content/
                                                 Writing               writing where you               that signaled   parallel episodes)       vocabulary
                                                 Assignment –          will research a topic,          their           -Protagonist             development);
                                                 Being a               take note cards on              importance      -Antagonist              Timed Writings
                                                 Successful            that topic, write a             to history.     -Round Character         (responses,
                                                 Middle School         formal outline, and       II.   Significant     -Flat Character          comparisons,
                                                 Student (exp);        then put that                   change your     -Static Character        critical reviews,
                                                 State Writing         information into a              person gave     -Dynamic                 character
                                                 Assessment            typed paper.                    to society      Character                analysis,
                                                 (exp.); Short                                    A. How the           -Setting                 thematic/motif
                                                 Stories (plot,        You will include an             subject's                                development)--
                                                 characterization,     introduction, an                past            Expository and           mostly paired
                                                 illustrations,        explanation of the              influenced      Persuasive Essays        with films at end
                                                 point of view)        historical event, a             them to         and constructed          of units;
                                                 (narr.); Figurative   persuasion                      make the        responses on The         5-7 page MLA
                                                 Language Paper        discussion covering             change or       Crucible                 Research Paper
                                            (pers.);            the preventability or         influence        -Allusion             (pers.);
                                            Summarizing;        inevitability of that         history                                Quickwrites to
                                            Wildcat             event, and a             B. What               Persuasive Essays,    introduce unit
                                            Publishing          conclusion.                   prompted         poetry and            topics, themes,
                                            Project (exp.);                                   the subject      constructed           motifs; Quote
                                            Character Sketch                                  to make the      responses in Poetry   Analysis -
                                            from a novel                                      change           Unit (in each         Shakespeare
                                            (narr.);                                     C. How you            literary movement)
                                            Ideas/Content                                     think this
                                            Activities (all);                                 change was       Nonfiction Unit (in
                                                                                              important at     each literary
                                                                                              the time or      movement)
                                                                                              was it?          -Fact and Opinion
                                                                                        III. How that          -Make
                                                                                              change           Inferences/Draw
                                                                                              impacted         Conclusions
                                                                                              society          -Text Features
                                                                                         A. What you           -Author’s opinion
                                                                                              want your        -Retell/ Paraphrase
                                                                                              reader to        -Author’s purpose
                                                                                              know about       -Main ideas/
                                                                                              the impact       Supporting Details
                                                                                         B. How you            Context clues
                                                                                              think society
                                                                                              suffered as a
                                                                                              result of this
                                                                                         C. What was
                                                                                              the change
                                                                                              to society?
                                                                                              -What do
                                                                                              you want the
                                                                                              reader to
                                                                                              know about
                                                                                              the change?
Org.   4-Square       Text Types Project;   5 paragraph         Comparison and          Comparison/            Short Story Units     Resumes (1st
       Writing; Lab   Map Directions        Essay (intro,       Contrast – Pick two     Contrast between       (in each literary     year--advisory,
       Procedures     (tech.);              body,               characters from the     characters after       movement)             but I can help
(tech.); Writing   Paragraphs;       conclusion);        short stories and   our short story         -Plot (conflict,         reinforce and
Directions         School-wide       Paragraphs          compare and         unit.                   climax, resolution,      make available
(tech.)            Writing           (topic, support,    contrast them.                              rising action, falling   too); Each essay:
                   Assignment;       concluding                              Persuasive Paper –      action, subplots,        focus on
                   Research Report   statement);         Persuasive Essay    5 paragraphs Pet        parallel episodes)       structure: make a
                   (exp.)            Short               over Romeo and      Peeve Essay                                      point, support
                                     Comparison/         Juliet                                      Expository and           with details using
                                     Contrast Essay                          To Kill a               Persuasive Essays        examples from
                                     (novel vs.          Research Paper      Mockingbird essay       and constructed          the work,
                                     film)(exp.);                            was included on         responses on The         analysis of
                                     Formal Research                         the test. It was        Crucible                 information (NO
                                     Paper (purpose,                         persuasive and          -Allusion                summarizations,
                                     source cards,                           analytical in                                    only critical
                                     notes, outline,                         manner.                 Nonfiction Unit (in      analysis;
                                     documentation                                                   each literary            interesting
                                     in rough draft,                         Technical Writing –     movement)                introduction,
                                     works cited);                           Brochure                -Cause and Effect        powerful
                                     School-wide                             -news story – story     -Compare and             conclusions);
                                     Writing                                 will be written         Contrast                 Prewriting--
                                     Assignment –                            about yourself in       -Main ideas/             graphic
                                     Being a                                 3rd person. You will    Supporting Details       organizers--
                                     Successful                              introduce yourself                               student decision
                                     Middle School                           to me. Must             Research Paper-          from a variety of
                                     Student (exp);                          include the 5 w’s       Persuasive               choices;
                                     State Writing                           -human interest         contemporary             Nonfiction
                                     Assessment                              story: third person     issue (4-5 pages)        (America Now
                                     (exp.); Short                           family history -        -Expository              textbook)
                                     Stories (plot,                          story; you may use      -Persuasive              responses (also
                                     characterization,                       interview style or a    -Technical               includes analysis
                                     illustrations,                          third person                                     of
                                     point of view)                          human interest                                   structure/conten
                                     (narr.);                                story                                            t/vocabulary
                                     Character Sketch                        -graph, chart or list                            development); 5-
                                     from a novel                            about your self                                  7 page MLA
                                     (narr.);                                -editorial – first                               persuasive
                                     Paragraph                               person and give                                  research paper
                                     Development                             our opinion on any
                                     (transitions,                           issue
                                     unity, coherence,                       Research paper
                      Thesis Statement
Voice   School-wide   School-wide         Persuasive Essay   Technical Writing –   Satire on The         Nonfiction
        Writing       Writing             over Romeo and     Brochure              Adventures of         (America Now
        Assignment    Assignment –        Juliet                                   Huckleberry Finn      textbook)
                      Being a                                Research paper        -Mood                 responses (also
                      Successful          Research Paper                           -Tone                 includes analysis
                      Middle School                                                -Irony                of
                      Student (exp);                                               -Setting              structure/conten
                      State Writing                                                -Theme                t/vocabulary
                      Assessment                                                   -Point of view        development)
                      (exp.); Short
                      Stories (plot,                                               Expository and
                      characterization,                                            Persuasive Essays
                      illustrations,                                               and constructed
                      point of view)                                               responses on The
                      (narr.); Voice                                               Crucible

                                                                                   Persuasive Essays,
                                                                                   poetry and
                                                                                   responses in Poetry
                                                                                   Unit (in each
                                                                                   literary movement)

                                                                                   Research Paper-
                                                                                   issue (4-5 pages)
Word Ch.   School-wide   Greek Prefixes       Persuasive Essay over   Technical Writing –   Satire on The            Nonfiction
           Writing       and Suffixes;        Romeo and Juliet        Brochure              Adventures of            (America Now
           Assignment    School-wide                                                        Huckleberry Finn         textbook)
                         Writing              Research Paper          Research paper        -Mood                    responses (also
                         Assignment –                                                       -Tone                    includes
                         Being a                                                            -Irony                   analysis of
                         Successful Middle                                                  -Setting                 structure/cont
                         School Student                                                     -Theme                   ent/vocabulary
                         (exp); State                                                       -Point of view           development)
                         Assessment                                                         Expository and
                         (exp.); Short                                                      Persuasive Essays
                         Stories (plot,                                                     and constructed
                         characterization,                                                  responses on The
                         illustrations,                                                     Crucible
                         point of view)                                                     -Allusion
                         (narr.); Character
                         Sketch from a                                                      Persuasive Essays,
                         novel (narr.);                                                     poetry and
                         Word Choice                                                        constructed
                         Activities;                                                        responses in Poetry
                                                                                            Unit (in each literary

                                                                                            Research Paper-
                                                                                            contemporary issue
                                                                                                                (4-5 pages)
Sent. Fluen. Complete   Complete              School-wide         Persuasive Essay over   Technical Writing –   Satire on The
            Sentences   Sentences;            Writing             Romeo and Juliet        Brochure              Adventures of
                        School-wide           Assignment –                                                      Huckleberry Finn
                        Writing               Being a             Research Paper          Research paper
                        Assignment            Successful Middle                                                 Expository and
                                              School Student                                                    Persuasive Essays
                                              (exp); State                                                      and constructed
                                              Writing                                                           responses on The
                                              Assessment                                                        Crucible
                                              (exp.); Short                                                     -Allusion
                                              Stories (plot,
                                              characterization,                                                 Research Paper-
                                              illustrations,                                                    Persuasive
                                              point of view)                                                    contemporary issue
                                              (narr.); Sentence                                                 (4-5 pages)
                                              Variety/Fluency;                                                  -Expository
 Conven.                Daily Oral            School-wide         Persuasive Essay over   Technical Writing –   Satire on The        Grammatical
                        Language              Writing             Romeo and Juliet        Brochure              Adventures of        focus: comma
                        Activities;           Assignment –                                                      Huckleberry Finn     usage,
                        Parts of Speech;      Being a             Research Paper          Research paper                             active/passive
                        Capitals; Spelling;   Successful Middle                                                 Expository and       voice,
                        Punctuation;          School Student                                                    Persuasive Essays    deadwood/wor
                        Parts of Speech ;     (exp); State                                                      and constructed      diness,
                        School-wide           Writing                                                           responses on The     proofreading
                        Writing               Assessment                                                        Crucible             errors, stronger
                        Assignment            (exp.); Short                                                     -Allusion            structure and
                                              Stories (plot,                                                                         argument
                                              characterization,                                                 Research Paper-      development.
                                              illustrations,                                                    Persuasive
                                              point of view)                                                    contemporary issue
                                              (narr.);                                                          (4-5 pages)
                                              Grammar/                                                          -Expository
                                              Punctuation;                                                      -Persuasive

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