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									                                                              could become
JAMAICA                                                       regional economic
LONDON, England:

     AMAICA COULD become
     the business and industrial
     hub of the Caribbean
and the Americas,
thanks to the oppor-
                                               hub under EPA
tunities presented
under the Economic
Agreement (EPA),
signed recently
States and the
European Union (EU).                                                                 JANET SILVERA PHOTO
  Minister of Foreign                                                               A view of the
Affairs and Foreign                                                                 Doctor’s Cave
Trade, Dr. Ken Baugh,                                                               Beach one of the
outlined a massive                                                                  island’s most
vision of economic
                                                                                    famous land-
growth and develop-
ment for the island, to                                                             marks.
be stimulated by direct
                                               a barge with
European investment,             Workmen load
at the first Jamaica United      cement at the
Kingdom (UK) Investment
forum, staged by Jamaica Trade
and Invest (JTI), in London,
recently (February 5).
  The development plan sees
Jamaica expanding its trading
practices to include non-tradi-
tional export sectors, such as
services, culture, sports and
intellectual property. It also
focuses on the building of
stronger links with established
and new trading partners,
offering investors access

    Please see JAMAICA, 16

THE WEEKLY GLEANER                        MARCH 16 - 22, 2009 • 15

                                                                                                                                     GraceKennedy Limited and Jamaica
                                                                                                                                     Producers Group have already invested
                                                                                                                                     within the region and are expected to
                                    The Minister invited prospec-     ment-friendly environment;             looking to engage the North           Dr. Baugh alerted stakehold-
JAMAICA                           tive European investors to take
                                  advantage of the agreement
                                                                      legislation which protects and
                                                                      guarantees the rights, powers
                                                                                                             American market more aggres-
                                                                                                             sively, beginning with the pos-
                                                                                                                                                 ers and potential investors to
                                                                                                                                                 the fact that companies that do
Continued from 15                 and to become part of the           and privileges of investors; the       sible negotiation of a free trade   business in Jamaica, under the
                                  process to ensure that the EPA      natural economic advantage             agreement with Canada, this         EPA, would benefit from the
to an intricate network of mar-   works for all stakeholders.         presented by the island’s              year. We will also be looking at    country’s objective to become a
kets in Europe, the Caribbean                                         strategic geographical location                deepening existing          partner in trade and economic
                                  AGGRESSIVELY POSITIONING            and the fact that there are no                  trade agreements with      co-operation in much larger
and the Americas.
  Dr. Baugh spoke to the            In selling Jamaica’s vision of    language barriers with the                       our regional partners,    marketplaces of the hemi-
tremendous benefits that          achieving developed world sta-      English-speaking internation-                     to ensure that we cre-   sphere and the rest of the
European investors stood to       tus by 2030, he described the       al business community.                             ate conditions for      world.
access, as a result of doing      country as the place to live,         The Minister said that the                            the private sec-     He also emphasised the criti-
business with Jamaica, and        work, raise families and do         comprehensive nature of the                              tor to benefit    cal fact that goods and services
sold the island as a potential    business. He said Jamaica was       EPA, which covers goods, serv-                            and to           produced in Jamaica, under
industrial hub, offering an       aggressively positioning itself     ices, investment, competition,                              trade,” he     the EPA, would have up to 86
excellent logistical and infra-   as the place to do business in      intellectual property, public                                  added.      per cent elimination in cus-
structural foundation for         the context of its overall devel-   procurement, labour and envi-                                              toms duties, when they enter
investment.                       opment objectives.                  ronmental provisions, had                                                  Europe.
  He described the signing of       He outlined a number of           forced Jamaica to take a more                                                Other speakers at the forum
the EPA as a tremendous           areas in which Jamaica pos-         aggressive approach towards                                                included, minister of industry,
achievement, noting that the      sessed competitive advantage        implementation.                                                            investment and commerce,
emphasis has now shifted to       as an ideal location for invest-                                                                               Karl Samuda, and minister
                                  ment. He pointed to the coun-       NEW AREAS                                                                      without portfolio in the
the establishment of
Government, Parliamentary         try’s stable Parliamentary            “We want to ensure that                                                        Ministry of Finance and
and Administrative structures     democracy; the simplification       Jamaica’s trade develops                                                          the Public Service, Don
to ensure its smooth imple-       of regulations and procedures       beyond traditional goods into                                                       Wehby.
mentation.                        for creating a more invest-         new areas, such as services,
                                                                      and we want to see our trade
                                                                      with Europe grow
                                                                      beyond our tradition-
                                                                      al partners, to
                                                                      include the new
                                                                      European Economic
                                                                      Community mem-
                                                                      bers in Eastern
                                                                      Europe,” he
                                                                        “We are

                                                                               Port Authority of
                                                                               Jamaica at Kingston

16 • MARCH 16 - 22, 2009                                                                                              THE WEEKLY GLEANER

     Barbara Ledgister
      AMAICAN ATTORNEY-at-          have found that we often have          obtained in the UK in the       UU Application for Custody,       UU Payment of Water Rates &

J     law Barbara Ledgister has
      been living and working in
the UK since 1986 and has seen
                                    to march to a different tune in
                                      Providing assistance to UK
                                                                           Courts in Jamaica.

                                                                        Preparing Powers of
                                                                                                              Guardianship or Adoption of
                                                                                                           UU Application for maintenance
                                                                                                                                                Electricity Bills
                                                                                                                                             UU Litigation in both
                                                                                                                                                Magistrates and Supreme
and experienced the many            solicitors with Jamaican clients                                          of children                       Court
                                                                                                           UU Obtaining Marriage, Birth      UU Running down cases ( cases
changes that affect Jamaicans       who find the Jamaican legal         Attorney
on both sides of the Atlantic.      system very difficult to under-                                           and Death Certificates            involving motor vehicle acci-
                                                                                                           UU Divorces
  Prior to 1999 Ms Ledgister        stand is part of her case load,       As a member of the firm of
                                                                                                           UU Registration of Companies      UU Person Injury Claims as well
practiced as an attorney on a       particularly when they are          Robertson Smith Ledgister &
                                                                                                           UU Recovery of Possession of
part time basis; since then she     faced with probating and            Co in Jamaica located in
                                                                        Mandeville, Spanish Town and                                            as Fatal Accident Claims
has stepped into that role on a     administering estates.                                                    Property                         Barbara Ledgister, Attorney-
                                                                                                           UU Issuing Notices to Quit
full time basis. The challenges       From her office in Thornton       Kingston, Ms Ledgister is also
                                                                                                                                             At-Law can take care of all your
                                                                                                           UU Claims for Arrears of Rental
have been many, especially          Heath, South London, Barbara        able to assist in a wide variety
                                                                        of legal matters including:
                                                                                                                                             legal services in Jamaica. For
when one practices outside the      Ledgister provides the follow-
jurisdiction of Jamaica and rep-    ing services:
resenting Jamaicans living in       UU Conveyancing - acting for
the UK.                                 either seller or purchaser of
  Having travelled extensively          properties in Jamaica.
over the years throughout the
UK both with the Jamaica            Mortgage related matters
National Building Society as
well as with the National           UU Applications for Registered
Commercial Bank Ms Ledgister           Titles;
have had the opportunity of         UU Drafting Wills;
                                    UU Assistance in obtaining
addressing many of her fellow
Jamaicans, providing them              Survey Diagrams & Reports;
                                    UU Obtaining Valuation
with insights in the area of
Jamaican law as well as assist-
                                    UU Being instructed by UK
ing many in solving problems
relating to their Jamaican mat-
                                       Solicitors in obtaining
  She noted recently: “Too often       Grants of Probate or Letters
clients believe that it is easier      of Administration and where
                                    UU Resealing those Grants
to travel to Jamaica to address
their various issues but many

THE WEEKLY GLEANER                                                                                             MARCH 16 - 22, 2009 • 17

                             Gary Bunting
                             (left) with a
                             client in
                             Barbados. The
                             entire house con-

                           leads the way
                                 RANSPAKSHIP INTERNATIONAL Ltd,                   on your specific shipping requirements.

                           T     located in Nottingham, has been specialis-
                                 ing in shipping to the Caribbean for over 40
                           years. The shipping expert’s knowledge and expe-
                                                                                    Transpakship offers excellent storage facilities
                                                                                  that are clean, dry and with 24 hour monitored
                                                                                  security to ensure goods are safely looked after
                           rience in the region is second to none, whether        whilst in their possession. Throughout the
                           shipping a drum, a package or moving whole             spring and summer of 2009 Transpak is offering
                           household contents for returning residents.            three months UK storage absolutely free of
                             One of the reasons Transpakship has been             charge for customers who require collections in
                           leading its competitors is because of the per-         those months.
                           sonal touch that is given, from your first               Transpak realizes that moving home can be a
                           enquiry to the delivery of your contents at the        stressful event and those pressures intensify
                           destination. Transpakship also offers an excel-        when it involves moving to another country. If
                           lent packing service by fully trained staff, to        you are thinking of moving overseas, consider
                           ensure customers’ consignments reach them              the professionalism and financial standing of
                           in good condition.                                     the moving company. Transpakship
                             Transpakship has regular shipments to of the         International Limited is a proud member of the
                           Caribbean including, Jamaica (Kingston &               British Association of Removers (BAR) and is
                           Montego Bay), St Kitts, Nevis, Barbados and            unique as few other Caribbean serving compa-
                           most other islands. They offer part load service       nies can boast this.
                           or full container loads. Transpakship offer no           The Nottingham-based Transpakship is the
                           obligation quotations at competitive rates and         most professional company in the business. Call
                           can arrange to pay all of your overseas charges,       today for up-to-date sailing schedules and col-
                           excluding any customs duty, in the UK so there         lections in your area. For more information call
                           is nothing else to pay at the destination. Each        0208 7632 162 or 01623 441445. Email
                           consignment is cared for by experienced office or visit
                           staff who are always happy to assist and advise

                                           JAMAICA GOVERNMENT BONDS
                            Bond Description                                      Prices as at Thursday March 15, 2009
                                                 Coupon                            Bid           Ask        Ask Yield
                            GOJ 2011                          11.750%           105.000         108.000         7.65%
                            GOJ 2012                          11.000%            86.000           91.000       14.50%
                            GOJ 2014                          10.500%            86.000           91.000       12.81%
                            Air Ja 2015                         9.375%           70.500           73.500       22.05%
                            GOJ 2015                            9.000%           85.000           90.000       11.28%
                            CAPJAM 2021                         8.500%           60.000           64.000       17.74%
                            GOJ 2017                          10.625%            85.000           90.000       12.60%
                            GOJ 2019                            8.000%           68.000           72.000       13.36%
                            GOJ 2022                          11.625%           106.000         110.000        10.21%
                            GOJ 2025                            9.250%           73.000           76.000       12.76%
                            Air Ja 2027                         8.125%           42.000           52.000       17.83%
                            GOJ 2036                            8.500%           58.000           64.000       13.51%
                            GOJ 2039                            8.000%           57.000           62.000       13.10%

                            Source: Guardian Asset Management Ltd/ Oppenheimer & Co. Inc.

18 • MARCH 16 - 22, 2009                                                  THE WEEKLY GLEANER

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