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									          Crazy Quilters'Quilt Guild
                                 NQA Chapter #PA 497
No. 235                                     www.crazyquilters.org                                September 2010

From the President                                                  The Crazy Quilters’ Quilt Guild
                                                                 Meets the first Tuesday of every month
                                                                          Except November at
                                                                 The Lutheran Church of the Holy Spirit
                                                                      3461 Cedar Crest Boulevard
                                                                         Emmaus, PA 18049
I hope you are all staying cool in this continuing                       www.crazyquilters.org
hot weather. I usually have a small fan going in                      Email: info@crazyquilters.org
the sewing room, even with the air-conditioning
on. Sometimes the heat from the iron just makes           .
it too hot for me. Right now I am working on              .   Crazy Quilters 20th Anniversary
Saturday Sampler blocks from Kindred Quilts, in
Clinton, NJ. If you show up each month with               Pat Karo
your block completed, you get the instructions
and fabrics for the next one for free. They               Recently, during casual conversation with friends, I
actually have four different color ways of the            realized that some Guild members did not know the
same pattern going at the same time. I’ve done            origin of the Guild name.
Saturday Samplers before, and if I would                  It was selected by the primary organizer and first Guild
actually construct them into quilt tops, I would          President, Linda Post Bushkofsky. She had inherited a
really be getting something done. Maybe                   stunning Crazy Quilt from her grandfather and so
someday you will see them at our Show and                 admired the exquisite needlework. Indeed a fine name
Tell. I hope you are all getting some sewing              for the Guild! Linda displayed this Crazy Quilt at our
                                                          first Quilt Show held in 1992 (the second show was
done even though there are so many outside
                                                          held in 1994).
activities to keep us busy this time of year.
Thank you to Nancy for marketing the raffle               Another item of interest is the many retreats sponsored
                                                          by the Guild. Maybe a Guild member(s) in the near
quilt and to all our members who made the raffle          future will be interested in continuing these great
ticket sales such a success at Hershey and at all         social/quilting events? The retreats were held at a wide
the other venues throughout the year. I don’t             variety of locations (Friday evening to Sunday
know where we would be without the                        morning) such as resorts in the Poconos, Jim Thorpe
volunteers!                                               and Lancaster. A brief overview of the quilters
                                                          featured at the retreats includes: Karen Kay Buckley,
Please remember that our September potluck                Mimi Dietrich and Norma Campbell, our Carol
will start at 6:00. It should be a fun night with         Whaling, Jeana Kimball, and Pat Speth. Another
some special planning by our 20th Anniversary             retreat focused on the technique of paperpiecing and
Committee.                                                we utilized a Karen Stone pattern. The presenter was
                                                          from the "Ladyfingers" quilt shop and she did an
                                                          excellent job in demystifying a complex pattern. Great
Keep-on quilting.                                         memories with great friends!

Kathy                                                     Pat

                                             Crazy Quilters' Page 1
Community Service                 Julie Borden                  Challenge                         Jane Grove

Wow! We are well on our way to 100 placemats, thanks
                                                                Ladies, your time is up. Completed Challenge quilts are
to Adele Bush who handed in 32 at our last meeting.             to be brought to the September meeting where they will
                                                                be on display so all members can vote for their favorites.
We will be collecting the balance of the placemats in
October. Please try to make at least one.                       There will be awards for both embellished and non-
                                                                embellished quilts so please decide in which category you
Prizes will be awarded for most made, most fallish and          want your quilt to be. There are some gray areas, for
most festive. Please, no embellishments.                        example, if you used some embroidery. If it's heavily
                                                                embroidered, it would go under embellished; slight
Our August School Supply Drive for an inner city                embroidery would be non-embellished. Then there are
school in Allentown was a huge success.                         quilts that are moderately embroidered. For these, only
                                                                you can pick the category.
A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who brought school
supplies to the meeting. We had an overwhelming                 If your name is on the quilt, be sure it is covered, either
response to the request. We collected 12 bags of                with masking tape or by a basted-on piece of cloth.
markers, crayons, notebooks, folders, etc. The kids in
Allentown will have a great start to the school year            All quilts should have a name. If yours does, please print
thanks to your generosity.                                      this on a piece of paper and pin it to the front of your
                                                                quilt. You will make me very happy if you incorporate
We also had a donation of 13 pillow cases for the               "egg(s)" into your quilt's name.
children’s hospital project.
                                                                There is often a back-up at the quilt registration table.
                                                                Please be patient. We want to get all of the quilts
Don’t forget, Potluck Dinner, September 7th. Doors              recorded in, numbered and hung as efficiently as
open at 5:30; dinner at 6. Come for some fun and                possible.
reflect on 20 years of Quilting.
                                                                You will be asked to vote for two quilts - one embellished
          __________________________                            and one not. There will be a color number tag on the
                                                                embellished quilts; a white tag on the "flat" quilts.
                                                                Please be sure to vote for one in each category, using a
Bee News        Diana Campbell and Julie Borden
                                                                ballot of the same color as the tag on the quilt. Please
                                                                wait until all quilts are hung before you vote,
The Honey Bees, our daytime bee, will gather at the             which may mean voting between dinner and dessert.
home of Joyce Haeflinger on Wednesday, September
15th, at 9:00am. All members are welcome. Please call
Joyce if you are planning to attend. Bring some hand            Thanks to those who have brought me stamps for the
work and a bag lunch. See you there!                            hospitalized veterans. I collect them throughout the year.

The Worker Bees, our night time bee, meeting will be            Jane
announced at the September meeting.

Congratulations . . .                                           Mini-Class                       Carole Whaling

to Tami Jones, whose Hoffman Challenge “Crazy in                There will not be a mini-class before the September
Love” was selected and will be traveling this year in           meeting.
Collection B.

                                                Crazy Quilters' Page 2
Membership                            Colette Danner                Library                   Maxine Bernstein
                         \                                                 \

 September Birthdays                                               Thank you to Barb Kissell for bringing the library
                                                                   raffle gift and Allen B. for selling the raffle tickets
 Sharon Yurkanin                  9/2                              for the month of August.
 Allen Bernstein                  9/5                              .
 Carole Whaling                   9/10                             Reminder to Kim Orndorf who volunteered to
 Lucille Larash                   9/15                             bring the library raffle gift for the month of
 Irene Oehmke                     9/16
                                                                   September and to Janet Yandrisevits who offered
 Tami Jones                       9/20
                                                                   to sell the library raffle tickets.
 Julia Davidovich                 9/22
 Shirley DeVries                  9/26
 Patricia Laxar                   9/29                             We have an AUTHOR in our guild. Ellen Pahl
                                                                   presented the library with her first publication,
 We had six guests in August; Pat and Arlan                        “Pinwheel Party: 12 fun and unique quilts.” It is
 Christ, Mari Recker, Emily Schneider, Donna                       published by Martingale & Co/That Patchwork Place.
 Baringer and Ashley Donnelly.                                     Way to go Ellen!!! Thank you. The book will be
                                                                   ready for circulation in September, after processing.
                                                                   The following new books have been processed and
                                                                   are now part of our circulation:
Hospitality                           Diana DeFanti
                                  \                                The ENTIRE COLLECTION of Elm Creek Quilts

Many thanks to Julie McDonell and her team for the                 Color shuffle: new quilts from Karla Alexander
refreshments of the evening. They were Barb Kissell,               Crazy patchwork by Alice Wilholt
Roberta Whitcomb, Nancy Skok, Pam Bonina and                       Geometric gems: quilts from diamonds, circles and
Linda Herman.                                                      squares by Cathy Wierzbicki
                                                                   Liberated quiltmaking II by Gwen Marston
September 7, 2010 POTLUCK DINNER 6PM                               Weekend quilts by Judy Laquidara

Please bring a dish to share and your own place
setting. Tablecloths are provided. Thirty five                             _________________________
people have signed up so far with 10 bringing
desserts. We could use a few more drinks and
side dishes. Sign-up is not necessary but a basic
count is helpful for setup. Call or email me if you                Workshops                     Bethanne Nemesh
missed our meeting August and you are planning
to attend.                                                         Announcing a new workshop for November!

           ________________________                                “Pagodas,” learn how to do marking free, pin free,
                                                                   template free curved piecing for FREE. Celebrate our
Raffle Quilt                            Nancy Skok                  20th year in this great class on Saturday, November 6th
                                 \                                 from 9am to 3pm. You’ll need just your machine, rotary
                                                                   cutter and a mat. Each and every block is unique AND
                                                                   you can take what you learn to make all sorts of fantastic
Please, everyone must hand in their raffle tickets at the          curved blocks . . . so wonderful to add appliqué.
September meeting.

                                                  Crazy Quilters' Page 3
Workshops, continued

Our “Turning Twenty” workshop with Carole Whaling on Saturday, September 25th, is full. We do have a list for a
second date so stay tuned as we set that up with Carole.

Also, put on your mental calendar, Michelle Scott’s “Bobbinpalooza” on Wednesday March 2, 2011 for $25 where
you will learn to use heavy and decorative threads in the bobbin to decorate your quilts; and” Bodacious Baskets” with
Didi Silvatierra on Wednesday, May 4, 2011 for $25 and make a two-for-one basket block.

We are still planning between one, two, maybe three additional free or almost free ($5) workshops for this fall and
next summer as well so stay tuned!!


Quilts on the Triangle                                                            Roberta Whitcomb

Mark your calendars: May 22, 2011 [rain date June 5, 2011] are the dates to circle to celebrate CQ Guild's 20 Years
by displaying quilts made by our members on the Triangle in Emmaus. Plan to have one of your quilts shown that

Quilt Stands. Displaying the 5-6 large quilts will require quilt stands. Asbury Methodist Church (Walbert Ave.) has
graciously offered to donate one large quilt stand. Hopefully by then our CQ quilt stand will either be repaired or
replaced so we can count on it. If you or someone you know has a quilt stand to display large quilts that we can use,
please let me know 610-965-4464 or email.


2012 Raffle Quilt Creation                                                   Bethanne Nemesh

Thank you to everyone for donating fabric and for the several offers for me to raid various members’ stashes. We
have a lot of wonderful fabric and I am looking forward to getting kits ready for delivery to the membership at the
November meeting. We are going to need a total of 9 or 10 appliqué artists and maybe 3 or 4 folks willing to help
make A LOT of ACCURATE half square triangles…which translates into a willingness to trim them to size! Several
people have volunteered so far…but I’ll need more!


New Library Acquisitions – Synopses                                                   Maxine Bernstein

The Christmas Quilt by Jennifer Chiaverini

 As Sarah explores the trunks packed with family decorations, she discovers a curious Christmas quilt. Begun in
seasonal fabrics and patterns, the quilt remains unfinished. Sylvia reveals that the handiwork spans several
generations and a quartet of Bergstrom quilters. As she examines the array of quilt blocks, memories of Christmases
past emerge.

                                                Crazy Quilters' Page 4
Circle of Quilters by Jennifer Chiaverini

Elm Creek Quilts, the thriving artists’ retreat at Elm Creek Manor, is a place that stakes its sterling reputation on the
creative energy and collective goodwill of its teachers and students. Two of the founding members decide to leave,
and therefore the Elm Creek Quilters face untold changes in their personal and business lives. Who can take their

Color Shuffle: new quilts from Karla Alexander

“You can broaden your quilting repertoire by combing Karla’s stacking and shuffling methods with even more
techniques. The stunning designs look more complicated than they actually are.”

Crazy Patchwork by Alice Wilholt

“Create a basic foundation-pieced block by machine with fabrics representing any one of the 12 months’ gemstones
and flowers, then embellish it by hand with style your style the style of those you love or the style of the recipient.”

The Cross-country Quilters by Jennifer Chiaverini

Five cross-country friends are about to begin work on a challenge quilt. “A piece of fabric is distributed among the
women with the understanding that the following year they will all meet at the Elm Creek Quilt Camp to sew the
sections together into a single quilt. But the friends have set themselves a special challenge: no one can start working
on her block until she has taken the steps to solve her problems and achieve her personal goals.”

Geometric Gems: Quilts from Diamonds, Circles and Squares by Cathy Wierzbicki

Rich with color and design, quilters can create seven dazzling designs using easy cutting and strip-piecing techniques.
By making clever use of angles, projects look far more complex than they really are.

Liberated Quiltmaking II by Gwen Marston

Here is a way of working without using templates or set patterns. Nine liberated quiltmaking processes are clearly
illustrated with step-by-step instructions, pieced samples and loads of examples.

The Lost Quilter by Jennifer Chiaverini

Sylvia treasures an antique quilt called by three names – “Birds in the Air,” after its pattern;”The Runaway Quilt,”
after the woman who sewed it; and the “Elm Creek Quilt,” after the place to which its maker longed to return. This
quilter was Joanna, a fugitive slave who traveled by the Underground Railroad to reach a safe haven at Elm Creek
Farm. This is Joanna’s story and Sylvia now has to use Gerta’s diary and Joanna’s quilt to connect Joanna’s past to
the present-day.

The Master Quilter by Jennifer Chiaverini

A surprise wedding leaves the Elm Creek quilters without a Bridal Quilt for their Master Quilter. They hasten to make
quilt blocks to commemorate Sylvia’s marriage and we learn of the struggles of many of the makers.

                                                  Crazy Quilters' Page 5
The Runaway Quilt by Jennifer Chiaverini

Sylvia discovers evidence of her ancestors’ courageous involvement in the Underground Railroad. An old journal
reveals the family secrets and aids Sylvia as she seeks the true history of Elm Creek Farm.

The New Year’s Quilt by Jennifer Chiaverini

Sylvia is determined not to repeat past mistakes which kept her estranged from her own sister. Sylvia must convince
her new daughter-in-law that family is more precious than pride. Sylvia takes up a quilt for the season which was
begun and abandoned many years ago and she recalls the New Year’s Eve festivities of her youth.

The Sugar Camp Quilt by Jennifer Chiaverini

The novel follows Dorothea Granger’s passage from innocence to wisdom against the harrowing backdrop of the
American struggle over slavery. She discovers a quilt she stitched for her uncle with five unusual patterns of his own
design containing hidden clues to guide runaway slaves along the underground railway.

A Quilter’s Holiday by Jennifer Chiaverini

During a recent renovation, a cornucopia that served as a centerpiece for the family holiday emerged. Everyone was
invited to make a quilt block which represented their thankfulness and gratitude for the year. Explanations make this
story a true holiday spirit.

The Quilter’s Homecoming by Jennifer Chiaverini

A roaring twenties adventure of Elizabeth Nelson and her new husband. They travel across the country to claim land
that they think has been deeded to them only to find they were had. They become hired hands on the land they thought
belonged to them. Elizabeth’s life intertwines with Rosa Diaz Barclay, and quilts that are found play an integral part
of this story.

The Quilter’s Kitchen by Jennifer Chiaverini

Anna Del Maso, cook as well as quilter, lands a job as head chef at Elm Creek Manor. During a renovation of the old
kitchen many items from past family members are unearthed. Sylvia’s reminiscences remind them both of how many
of the manor’s traditions have involved food. Recipes are included.

The Quilter’s Legacy by Jennifer Chiaverini

This novel focuses on Sylvia and her search for the five quilts made by her mother. Sylvia embarks on a cross-country
investigation of antique shops, quilt museums and some unexpected places to find these quilts.

Weekend Quilts by Judy Laquidara

This is a book for time-challenged quilters. The instructions are written so that after choosing and cutting the fabric
each step takes about one hour to complete. A bonus for quilters of all skill levels is Judy’s fun and interesting way
with borders.

The Winding Ways Quilt by Jennifer Chiaverini

The arrival of newcomers into the circle of quilters heralds unexpected journeys down pathways near and far.

                                                 Crazy Quilters' Page 6
                                                           Calendar of Events, continued . . .
Guild Calendar                    from the editor

                                                           “A Showcase of Quilts XIV,” Homemaker’s Country
September 7th, Crazy Quilters’ Guild Meeting, 6pm,         Quilters, 3/25-3/26, 10am to 4pm, Montgomery
LCHS, Pot Luck Dinner and 20th Anniversary kick-           County 4-H Center, Rte 113, 1 mile S. of Skippack
off!                                                       Pike (Rte 73), Creamery, PA, $7.00 donation.
September 28th, Board Meeting, 7pm, LCHS

                                                           Guild Officers:
Calendar of Events                from the editor
                                                           President: Kathy Schuessler
“Peggy’s Patchwork Pals,” 4th Annual Quilt                 First Vice-President: Michele McLaughlin
Show, 9/17-9/18, 10am to 4pm, Slate Lick United            Second Vice-President: Colette Danner
Presbyterian Church, 106 Brown Rd., Freeport,              Secretary: Diane Pesola
PA, 724-295-3734                                           Treasurer: Kathy Laposata

“Airing of the Quilts,” 9th Annual Outdoor Quilt           Committees:
Show, 10/2, 9am to 5pm, Tunkhannock, PA,
                                                           Challenge: Jane Grove
FREE (some indoor events have admission fee).
                                                           Community Service: Julie Borden
Contact CQ member, Roberta Whitcomb,
                                                           Historical: Nancy Skok
regarding transportation from HSLC,                        Hospitality: Diana Defanti
www.airingofthequilts.com                                  Library: Maxine Bernstein
                                                           Mystery: Tami Jones
“Something New from Something Old,”                        NQA Liaison: Irene Oehmke
Brandywine Valley Quilters, 10/16-10/17, 10am              Newsletter: Allen Bernstein
to 4pm, Brookhaven Municipal Bldg., 2                      Phone Chain: Julie McDonell
Cambridge Rd., Brookhaven, PA, $5.00                       Programs: Michele McLaughlin
admission, www.brandywinevlyquilters.org                   Publicity: Linda Herman
                                                           Quilting Class: Carole Whaling
“Quilts from the Homestead,” Valley Forge Quilt            Raffle Quilt tickets/sale (2010): Nancy
Show, 10/22-10/23, 10am to 7pm (4pm on Sat.),              Skok
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, King of Prussia,            Show and Tell: Karen Dal Pezzo
PA, $5.00 donation, www.valleyforgequilters.org            Sunshine/Shadow: Anita Hertzog
                                                           Website: Allen Bernstein
                                                           Workshops: Michele McLaughlin
“Quilts from the Valley,” Variable Star Quilters,          Quilt Show: Sharon Yurkanin, Diana
11/12-11/13, 9am to 5pm, Indian Creek                      Campbell
Foundation, 420 Cowpath Rd., Souderton, PA,                20th Anniversary: Julie Borden, Pat Karo
$6.00 donation, www.variablestarquilters.com

“Quilt Show ’10,” Lebanon Quilters Guild, 12/2-
12/5, 10am to 8pm (5pm on Sun.), Lebanon Expo
Center (Fairgrounds), 80 Rocherty Rd., Lebanon,
PA, $2.00 admission, 717-679-5522.

“Quilt Expo 2011,” Baltimore Heritage Quilters’
Guild, 3/12/11-3/13/11, 10am to 5pm, Goucher
College, 1021 Dulaney Valley Rd., Towson, MD,
$7.00 admission, www.baltimorequilters.com

                                              Crazy Quilters' Page 7

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