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First Premier Mortgage Corporation


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									Mortgage License Surrenders
(for the period November 15, 2009 thru February 15, 2010)

MC-823, Mortgage Masters, Inc. t/a Money Marketing, Inc., 11/16/09
MC-1959, M-Point Mortgage Services, LLC, 11/16/09
MC-1883, Northstar Mortgage, LLC, 11/16/09
MC-811, Nationwide Funding Corporation, 11/17/09
MC-4982, Open Mortgage, LLC, 11/17/09
MC-3466, Custom Mortgage Corp. surrendered its Lender Authority, 11/18/09
MC-3767, Riverside Capital Mortgage & Funding, Inc., 11/20/09
MC-3276, Linden Residential Credit Corp., 11/20/09
MC-367, Beneficial Mortgage Co. of Virginia, 11/20/09
MC-2914, Family Financial Group, Inc., 11/23/09
MC-4322, Ryan Enterprises, L.L.C., 11/24/09
MC-3503, Legacy Mortgage, LLC, 11/24/09
MC-1976, Residential Home Funding Corporation, 11/25/09
MC-1670, Hometown Mortgage Corp., 11/30/09
MC-4247, Equity Direct Mortgage Corp., 11/30/09
MC-4765, Gold Star Home Mortgage, LLC, 12/4/09
MC-5221, Gateway Reverse Mortgage Group, LLC, 12/8/09
MC-147, Bancorp Mortgage Corporation, 12/9/09
MC-2709, Pioneer Home Equity Corporation, 12/10/09
MC-2563, Newport Shores Mortgage, Inc., 12/10/09
MC-5366, Mortgage Source Direct, L.L.C., 12/11/09
MC-3073, Bernice B. Brown d/b/a Gemris Group, 12/11/09
MC-3317, Gainsborough Corp. d/b/a Gainsborough Financial Services
Corporation, 12/14/09
MC-3477, Providence Mortgage, Limited Liability Company, 12/14/09
MC-4094, Aecidia, Inc. d/b/a Vivienda Propia Mortgage, 12/15/09
MC-3168, Ideal Mortgage Bankers, Ltd. d/b/a Lend America, 12/16/09
MC-5306, Homestar Financial, LLC, 12/16/09
MC-1694, First Homestead Funding Corporation, 12/16/09
MC-4788, Affirm Home Loans, LLC, 12/17/09
MC-2807, Resource One Mortgage Corp. (Used in VA by: Resource One, Inc.),
MC-4991, T&R Technology, Inc d/b/a T&R Mortgage Services, 12/21/09
MC-2018, GREENBERRY Financial Services, Inc., 12/21/09
MC-1505, The Mortgage Doctor, Inc. d/b/a M D Financial, 12/21/09
MC-3933, Premier Mortgage Capital, Inc., 12/21/09
MC-4730, First Premier Mortgage Corporation, 12/28/09
MC-4692, Mountain Ridge Mortgage, Inc., 12/28/09
MC-2640, American Eagle Mortgage Corporation, 12/28/09
MC-2982, JFH Mortgage LLC, 12/29/09
MC-4216, Best Option Mortgage Inc, 12/29/09
MC-51, Bankers Mortgage, Inc., 12/29/09
MC-5229, Fairway Senior Solutions Inc. (Used in VA by: Fairway Mortgage Inc.),
MC-3843, AllFirst Lending, Inc., 1/4/10
MC-5042, Prime Time Mortgage Corp., 1/4/10
MC-1367, James T. Warns, Jr. t/a Town & Country Mortgage, 1/4/10
MC-4766, City Line Mortgage, LLC, 1/4/10
MC-3907, JBL Mortgage Network, L.L.C., 1/4/10
MC-5348, Anthony Accounting & Business Consulting, LLC d/b/a MABC Mortgage,
LLC, 1/4/10
MC-2919, Best Interest Rate Mortgage Company, LLC, 1/4/10
MC-4611, First Northern Financial Group, Inc., 1/4/10
MC-3871, Newbury/ Mortgage America, Ltd., 1/4/10
MC-2626, Premier Mortgage Source, Inc., 1/5/10
MC-4861, AGM Group Mortgage, LLC, 1/8/10
MC-5051, Delmar Financial Company, 1/8/10
MC-1246, Severn Mortgage Corporation, 1/8/10
MC-4266, NationsPlus Mortgage Corporation, 1/11/10
MC-4900, Rochester Equity Group, LLC, 1/11/10
MC-3215, Wall Street Financial Corporation, 1/12/10
MC-3186, Mid-Atlantic Financial Services, Inc., 1/12/10
MC-1987, DAJ & Associates, Inc, 1/13/10
MC-3654, Profirst Mortgage Corporation, 1/14/10
MC-2575, Merit Mortgage, Inc. d/b/a Central Virginia Mortgage, 1/19/10
MC-1518, Pilot Mortgage Corporation, 1/19/10
MC-2154, Olde Towne Mortgage Corporation, 1/19/10
MC-3529, Ulysis V. Mensah-Bonsu d/b/a Grace Mortgage, 1/19/10
MC-3469, Gold Key Mortgage L.L.C., 1/21/10
MC-3341, Geoffrey R. Imperatore d/b/a American Trust Mortgage Group,
MC-4241, Chase Financial, Inc, 1/22/10
MC-2944, Streamline 1st Mortgage Corp., 1/22/10
MC-1284, Adam N. Harrell, Jr. d/b/a Unity Mortgage, 1/25/10
MC-3652, Griffin Financial Mortgage, LLC, 1/25/10
MC-2088, CTX Mortgage Company, LLC, 1/25/10
MC-5036, Merit Funding Group, Inc. d/b/a HomePoint Lending surrendered its
Lender Authority, 1/25/10
MC-2108, Integrated Mortgage Strategies Ltd, 1/26/10
MC-3071, First Securities Financial Services, Inc., 1/26/10
MC-3903, GJJV Financial Solutions, Inc., 1/27/10
MC-3147, Nations Home Mortgage Corporation, 1/28/10
MC-3385, DBSA Holdings, Inc. d/b/a Foundation Capital Group, Inc., 2/1/10
MC-4302, Integrity Mortgage Services, LLC, 2/2/10
MC-5044, Professional Mortgage Advisors, Inc., 2/2/10
MC-5204, WSB Mortgage Services, Inc., 2/3/10
MC-3758, NorthPoint Financial, Inc. d/b/a NorthPoint Mortgage surrendered its
Lender Authority, 2/4/10
MC-4423, First Potomac Mortgage Corporation, 2/8/10
MC-3277, Mortgage Banc, Inc., 2/11/10
MC-4751, VIP Mortgage Lending Services, Inc., 2/11/10
MC-2379, Optima Funding Group, Inc. d/b/a Potomac Lending Group (at 1
office), 2/12/10
MC-4581, MET Mortgage, LLC, 2/12/10

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