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Mbna Corporate Credit Card


Mbna Corporate Credit Card document sample

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									Pete N. DeShan
325 Rolling Mist Ct · Alpharetta, Ga. 30022 · Home Tel: 770 -664-5054       Cell 404-271-3098
email (

  Senior technical professional seeks to apply diversified skills including DBA, high availability systems architecture, database &
  data warehouse implementation, administration, tuning, and infrastructure, software development, “hands-on” IT management
  and project management skills, utilizing hardware and engineering expertise in high technology Unix and Win2000 environments.

      Oracle DBA (9years), (Windows, Unix, Unix on Windows) to ver 9i rel 2, DBA & Network Master Certificate, Ora7,
       OCP 8 (Oracle Corp), Strong Unix(Sun, HP, AIX) and Windows(Compaq, Dell, HP, IBM) Admin/System design,
       building, and implementation experience
      Oracle SqlPlus, SQL, PL/SQL, Stored Procedures, SQLNet, Oracle 2 & 3 Tier Development, TOAD Suite
      Microsoft SQL DBA(6 years), Microsoft SQL Server 6.5, 7.0 and 2000. Strong SQL cluster, system architecture,
       implementation, conversion, and tuning. Working with new Yukon beta and SQL Reporting Services.
      Strong transact SQL, DTS packages, custom backup, maintenance jobs, admin stored procedures, Veritas Backup
      Cognos, Informatica, and Sagent DBA support for jobs, cube builds, batch processes, transforms
      Have physically designed, built, implemented, and supported several data warehouses in Oracle and SQL Server
      Database system tuning. Excel and specialize in system audit, monitoring/tuning from ground up on Unix and
       Windows architecture, parameters, I/O bottlenecks. Use of various tools (scripting, Oracle & SQL Server EM &
       system statistics, all Quest Tools including Spotlight, Quest Central, SQL LAB, Iwatch, Toad Suite, and DB-
       Examiner, BMC Patrol, BMC SQL Programmer & Optimizer, SQL Server profiler.
      Diverse platform and architecture background, including both hardware and software, networking, engineering,
       scientific, analytical background assists in database Backend Design and troubleshooting.
      Database physical and logical design. Designed, built, specified, complex large multi-terabyte, high availability
       systems in Unix and Windows environments using SANS (EMC, Xiotech, SunStorage), NAS, and simple DASD.
      Database Basic Admin, Backup and Recovery Schemes, log shipping, replication, Parallel query, Oracle Fail-safe,
       Parallel Server (OPS), capacity planning, Development support, datafile moves , cloning, index management, etc.
      Major Data Modeling experience & relational concepts, use of tools Erwin 2 -4, Oracle Designer 2000, SQL
       Programmer, reverse & forward database engineering, large database logical & physical layout. Specialize in
       Legacy Data/Database Conversions, 3-Tier Client Server Design & Configuration
      Led the technical design and development of several large databases, including systems analysis, functional
       requirements, physical/logical DBMS high availability systems architecture, modeling, reporting, and archiving.
       Strong 24x7 operational management experience with strong dual-platform expertise (Unix/NT).
      MS Access (10 yrs) Experience, Minor experience in Sybase, Informix
        Over 17 years management experience and 20 years project management experience, 8 years in Information
         Technology Distributed Systems management experience, over 25 years IT Experience
        Excel at high performance, stable and “open” corporate computing environments combining all aspects of
         physical, logical, and application design, with superior operational team building and political savvy.
        Management of many diverse types of people including DBAs, Programmers, Engineers, Scientists, Technicians,
         and blue collar workers. Ability to motivate technical people by understanding their needs.
        Uncommon broad Hardware, Software, Engineering, & Administration skills allows better understanding,
         specification, and development of complex corporate infrastructure systems
        Good Communication & presentation skills, non-territorial, Team-Player
        Visual basic V1 to 6, (10yrs) Enterprise Programmer, MS basic to 7.1, Access 1 -7.0. ODBC, RDO, ADO
         connectivity(5 years). Use of most main 3 rd party VBX/OCX controls including Truegrid, Dbcomplete, Crescent,
          Numega, RoboHelp, Installshield, Sheridan Suite, Desaware Suite & API, Videosoft
        Vantive/Peoplesoft v4-7 Client/Server System Senior Programmer, 3 years (VBA script, Oracle Integration) 
        Crystal Reports 4-8 on most RDBMS ,Major Experience in MS-Access DB using VB or Access Front-ends
                                        Pete N. DeShan (Page 2 of 6)
    Experience in Smart Card Programming, low level encryption, bits and bytes Commands, etc.
    Ladder logic and state language PLC programming in Factories, macro assembler 5.0, FixDMACS
    Minor experience in Tuxedo, MS Visual C++ 5.0, InterDev, J++, Borland C++, Microsoft C
    Sun Solaris Unix Dual System Administrator /Oracle DBA Master Certificate (Sun Education)
    Unix Clustering (Sun, HP), Microsoft Clustering Win2000/Win2003 with active/active SQL Server, Strong high
     availability backend architecture experience in Unix and NT environments including SANS, NAS, Fiber
     Switching, with database specialization for LUN mapping, RAID, to reduce I/O contention. Veritas Volume
     Manager & Cluster, HP MC SvcGard, NT Clustering (Oracle FailSafe, OPS) .
    HPUX to 11, some RS6000 AIX, Novell v1-4 15 years, DEC VMS & Pathworks (4 years), Lantastic 4-7.0
    Senior x86 Admin, Troubleshoot, Install, Support of Windows 2000, NT 4.0, Win 95, Dos- Win 3.1
    Strong networking in Windows 2000(Active Dir) & NT 4.0, Domain build/admin, Novell, Unix networking
    Novell Network Server Building/Client Installation and administration 1.x - 4 (over 15 years)
    Strong Analytical Problem Solving Skills - Uncommon Dual Hardware & Software Expertise
    Highly skilled at large high availability database system architecture including system specification & physical
     design on Hp9000, Sun, and RS6000 systems, and Intel x86 systems.
    Client/Server Configuration, repair, & support , server installation, enterprise open systems architecture, Multi -
     Platform Protocol Layers, TCP/IP, IPX Networking
    Automation Specialist - Instrumentation/Electrical/Software Engineering with major automation in monitoring
     & control of industrial equipment & instrumentation, pump, reactors, cooling towers, etc.
    Design, assembly, & programming (8 years) of Major Factory Control Centers using PC High Level & Low -Level
     PLC, relay logic control panels, batch, flow, temperature & motor controls (120 - 480V 3phase).

 Oracle/SQL Server DBA/Architect Contract
       Perform all DBA activities associated with all SQL Server 2000 environments (MS Cluster) and Oracle 8i and 9i
       Data Warehouse and Production Environments (Sun/Unix, IBM AIX and Win2000,Win2003). Perform design,
       installation, implementation of new servers, database environments, and EMC SAN unit. Support and
       troubleshoot ETL and reporting tool environments, cubes, and transforms for Informatica and Cognos.
       Reorganization of corporate infrastructure, design and implementation of enterprise backup//recovery, and support
       of Data Warehouse production and development environments. Implemented full move of all data warehouse
       environments to Georgia from Omaha including a Sun Unix to Unix on Windows transformation, redesign of data
       warehouse jobs management, and indexing/stats schemes. Design and implementation of new plant hardware and
       data flow techniques.

       Performed scaling, and physical architecture, and affirmative performance management and implementation for
       projects including Data Warehouse, Supply Chain Management, Plant Production and Scanning, Contract
       Management, and numerous others in Windows 2000/2003 and AIX Unix environments. Worked on integration of
       EMC Clarion SAN project including complete infrastructure redesign and database physical reorganization for all
       databases including SQL Server and Oracle. Established formal quantitative performance baseline measurements
       through the use of monitoring and linked them to server design and capacity planning and proactive versus reactive
       system management techniques. Performed design of new operational management infrastructure, including
       proper change control procedures and automation and database workflow. Performed documentation for all of IT
       organization along with change control web site development and leadership.

 SHOP N’CHEK INC (Norcross, Georgia) (2/04 –7/14/02) Mystery Shopping
 Systems Architect/DBA Contract (transition job after layoff from AFG)
       Hired as a system DBA performance /stability specialist for a poorly performing, mission critical Windows/SQL
       Server environment.. Created a stable corporate database computing environment within two months of hire after
       over two years of unsolved chronic problems. Work included some backend physical and logical redesign,
       minimizing I/O contention, stored procedure performance research and correction, configuration changes with
       parameter switches, performance monitoring and identification of locking and large processes that were bringing
                                       Pete N. DeShan             (Page 3 of 6)
      the system down. It also required the reorganization of batch schedules, discussion of polit ical issues to get to the
      root issues, operational changes, and establishing new internal infrastructure procedures including developer
      activities, ad-hoc reporting, and batch processes. The system was stabilized and performed well.

      Work also included general internal architectural redesign, system and network administration, backup and
      recovery, troubleshooting of Windows 2000 web servers, file servers, network issues, some redesign and
      maintenance coding of custom V isual Basic 6.0 applications and ASP web pages. Environment is x86 Win2000
      including Terminal servers and Citrix, SQL Server 2000 backend with some processes using COM+ middle tier with
      V isual Basic front-end and others using ASP pages.

Database Administration(DBA) Group Manager, (11/00 –3/02, paid severance period,Jan-Mar2002 )
    Managed all corporate database instances for a large insurance conglomerate ($600 million annual revenue)
     including 41 instances of 64 bit Oracle 8.17 databases and a one terabyte data Warehouse. Distributed environment
     included 15 N-Class MC ServiceGaurd HPUX11, on EMC Symmetrix. Managed over 125 databases on Microsoft
     SQL Server 6.5, 7.0, and SQL2000 on X86(Windows 2000) and Alpha platforms (Compaq, HP, Dell). Databases
     were used for Claims, Policy, Material Damages, Tax data, and include Development and QC environments.
    Initially created a formal and elite DBA operational and development group of seven DBAs. Instituted procedures
     and standards, hired, cross-trained, automated paging, alerts, monitoring & set new physical standards for
     instances, availability, performance, PLSQL Coding and naming standards. Physically rebuilt databases
     minimizing I/O contention, isolated performance bottlenecks, rebuilt physical models, and fostered logical/physical
     database denormalization rebuilds that simplified the application and improved performance.
    Implemented new backend databases on major Claims project ($50million) which m oved all of mainframe claims
     production to Unix distributed systems and maintained 100.0% uptime since implementation. Performed a
     complete system upgrade to 8.17, standardized instances for storage parameters, object naming, and tablespaces.
    Led the technical aspects and managed development of the conversion of most V isual Basic application database
     calls to stored procedures as well as database model cleanup and changes. Corporate management model was SW -
     CMM (Carnegie Mellon Capability Maturity Model), from which I used a modified version.
    Interfaced with Unix group on maintenance, operations, and architectural objectives. Worked with all groups on
     development issues, performance specifications and enhancements. Participated in all IT management meeti ngs
     and brainstorming. Work terminated after a corporate merger and 75% DOWNSIZING.

ATWORK TECHNOLOGIES (Norcross, Georgia)           Internet Startup B2B Benefits Administration
Director, Data Services/DBA, (6/00 –12/00)
    Performed overdue architecture/DBA functionalities by initially scaling the B2B employee benefits administration
     application which used Active Server Pages and Cold Fusion by first porting the database and application to Oracle
     8.17 from SQL Server 7.0 and then designing a new high availability backend architecture utilizing Sun and
     Clarion/EMC hardware. Work concluded with implementation of architecture and database conversion. Also
     designed and developed a low-cost Sun-Startup development platform to aid the developers to make this trans ition.
    Built a DBA group to support development and production and designed a new data warehouse and backend
     architecture to separate DSS from OLTP queries.

J.D. EDWARDS ERP SOFTWARE (Marietta, Georgia) (Enterprise Software Solutions)
Distributed Solutions Laboratory Manager/DBA, Advanced Technologies Consulting Group (1/3/99 –5/24/2000)
   Performed a dual role as manager of an advanced technologies customer and research oriented computer laboratory
    and the senior Oracle DBA / Backend Architect consulting specialist for the US South/Latin America region.
    Laboratory work included configuration testing and new operating system testing, sales proof of concept, release beta
    tests, high-end customer support, and architectural, configurable network computing design.
   Consulting specialist engagements included: 1.)Oracle database performance and architectural audits either before
    go-live or emergency high-end troubleshooting on many systems after several failed attempts by other business
    consultants in the field and by providing immediate, direct Oracle database support to customers by remote IP
    connection. Also researched version incompatibilities, bugs, etc.
   Built an advanced technologies lab to perform benchmarking, proof of concept, systems scalability, and release
    installation and configuration testing. Hardware includes HP9000’s, Compaq Proliants, IBM 704 & AS400’s, and
    numerous NT Intel & Alpha systems. Designed 100mb infrastructure network & Cybex connectivity.
                                           Pete N. DeShan           (Page 4 of 6)
       Publish technical documents on DBA issues, architecture, performance tuning, and scalability.
       Manage lab events and personnel, schedule hardware, personnel, and business partners for projects.

    DELA RUE CARD SYSTEMS (Alpharetta, Georgia)         Smart Chip Credit Card Technology
    Sr. Software Engineer/DBA (3/98 –1/1/99)
       Lead Oracle DBA/Architect and Lead Software/Systems Engineer on a large, smart credit card (credit cards with
        microprocessors) MBNA banking loyalty application pilot at corporate MBNA Bank offices. Performed multiple roles
        including DBA, V isual Basic 5.0 programmer, and NT 4.0 Network and Systems engineer.
       Developed a Credit Card Management System and supported development of a Credit Card Terminal Transaction
        Collection System using V isual Basic 5 on a Oracle 7.3.4 database including complex cryptographic (DES), & low level
        security command routines (bits and bytes), database physical and logical models, system administration routines,
        and backup and recovery procedures on a Compaq Proliant NT server network.
       Built and maintained NT 4.0 Network and server infrastructure for new office relocation from Washington DC.

    HOLIDAY INN WORLDWIDE CORPORATE IT (Alpharetta, Georgia) 2 Positions Hotel Chain
      Distributed Systems Senior Project Manager (11/97-3/98)
       Managed all distributed systems resources related to three projects below, moderated engineering/architecture
        designs and discussions, assigned tasks, developed impact assessments, forecasted support requirements and
        assigned resources, maintained customer public perception, and was the single point of contact on ALL aspects/issues
        of three major projects:
       Distributed Systems Project Manager for $24 Million Peoplesoft Financials/HR Implementation. Driven primarily
        by Y2K compliance issues, HHC was implementing a new worldwide Peoplesoft accounting, finance, payroll, and HR
       Distributed Systems Project Manager for $13 Million Desktop Upgrade project. Driven by Y2K, Peoplesoft
        requirements, and simple upgrade requirements, HHC was upgrading all desktops to >= 166MHZ and replacing over
        70 Novell servers to NT Pentium II systems.
       Project Manager for Phase III $2.3 million Enterprise Infrastructure Problem Management System (V antive on
        Oracle). Maintaining original ownership and continuity on this project, I managed/designed in addition to above
        responsibilities all aspects of analysis, development, architecture, and implementation.

    HOLIDAY INN WORLDWIDE CORPORATE IT (Alpharetta, Georgia) Hotel Chain
    Mgr., Support Operations Development (6/95 -11/97)
      Served as chief infrastructure development manager, Lead Programmer/DBA for $2.3 Million Support Infrastructure
          Automation Project which included an enterprise wide problem management system incorporating Support Levels I,
          II, & III, network operations & engineering, distributed systems, computer operations, telephone services, Y2K,
          PV CS, Asset Management & Service Providers, & Distributed Systems for 3500 hotels and 1500 person
          infrastructure. Programmed in V antive 3-tier Client-Server, V B5, Crystal Reports, V BA scripts, & Oracle Stored
          Procedures on a Oracle 7.3.4 / SunUnix platform with NT and Win95 clients.
         Developed data models for all implementations. Built and tuned Oracle databases in Unix and NT environments
          managing growth with new architecture and minimal downtime.
         The system was named as the most successful distributed system/project at Holiday Inn since moving to Atlanta.
         Authored Oracle/Sybase/Informix link/data conversion programs, automated vendor communications for seamless
          problem transfer between systems, authored dissimilar database link programs, authored directory & messaging
          programs, and Crystal/Oracle Reports.
         Engineered and implemented Server Architecture including Sun Unix and Intel x86 NT platforms.
          Built/loaded/maintained (over 100) Intel NT /Win95 systems, Sun Unix systems, and Novell 3.12 systems.
         Developed a special interest in Oracle Performance Tuning and configuration due primarily to its analytical
          complexity. Used a combination of advanced DBA tools and scripts. Managed & performed Oracle DBA and
          development activities on infrastructure systems.
          Managed Novell Netware 3.12 Servers, NT 4.0 servers, Legato Backup, & perform 3rd level support, training &
          infrastructure development.

HICKSON CORPORATION (Chemical Manufacturer of Wood Treating and Fire Retardant Chemicals) (Conley, Georgia)
Senior Research Scientist/Automation Specialist (9/89-6/95)
                                    Pete N. DeShan (Page 5 of 6)
 Worked as a staff scientist automating industrial and research projects including control, monitoring, and data
    logging of chemical, physical, and biological processes. Authored software, designed, specified, and interfaced major
    laboratory and industrial instrumentation.
   Designed and supported client/server network solutions for an R & D / Engineering group (Windows on a DEC
    Pathworks, V AX V MS platform). Integrated hardware and software automation of laboratory instrumentation and
    pilot plant equipment, data acquisition and reporting, and systems control. Provided 2 nd and 3 rd level support for 20+
    Scientists & technical professionals in computers, electronics, process monitoring, and data acquisition. Systems
    building, upgrade and repair.
   Authored specialized technical programs (over 100) and created databases for laboratory instrument, production and
    pilot plant database acquisition, control, and reporting, including some programs for customer and plant QC.
    Examples include systems & equipment high level control, data conversion, experimental calculations, data logging,
    barcode input, production batch calculations, & lab & customer QC using MS V isual Basic, MS PDS Basic 7.1 with
    assembly calls, Access, DBase, Macro Assembler 5.0, Borland C, C++, Microsoft C, FixDMACS, Foxpro, Dataflex,
    DEC Command language, Labtech notebook, PLC ladder logic & Custom Logic Circuitry.
   Performed software and configuration support in DOS, Windows, DEC Pathworks network, V MS -DCL, Lotus,
    Harvard Graphics, Wordperfect, Office, Reflections, Statgraphics, Autocad, Labtech, Procomm, Remote Access
    software, BBS, Chemical Abstract Service, Dialog, Compuserve, & proprietary analytical instrument software.
   Served also as Senior Analytical Chemist -directed all operations for ICP, HPLC, GC, AA, IC, & IR instruments in a
    modern lab including methodology development, technical validity /integrity of legally defensible data, & systems 24
    hr automation. Built/Trained teams, designed procedures & systems, statistical methodologies, & data massage
    techniques. Division Information Specialist for literature, patent searches, and presentations using Chemical
    Abstracts, Dialog, Internet, Harvard Graphics.
   Senior Scientist/Project Manager on several projects including colorant processes, product manufacture specs,
    research on new chemicals and products, etc.
   Elected and served as national industry technical committee chairman for 8 years. Chaired national meetings and
    presented/moderated numerous technical papers, computerized the standards making process setting new protocols.

 Designed and implemented network solutions using Novell, Windows, NT, DOS and Lantastic for small businesses.
 Designed chemical process systems, engineered equipment, and programmed high & low level real time process
    monitoring and control systems for export to foreign countries.
 Designed and installed custom security systems for homeowners.

RENTOKIL, INC. (Norcross, Georgia) Chemical Manufacturer of Wood Treating Chemicals, and Pest Control Company
Technical Manager (6/86-10/89) Chem. Div. Manager (8/82-6/86) 2 Positions
 Managed all technical aspects of a chemical company including IT, R & D, Engineering, Technical Services, QC, &
    Environmental Services. Managed Chemical Production and Operations.
 Managed chemical production, engineering, maintenance, environmental and industria l hygiene services including
    hazardous waste management, RCRA, FIFRA responsibilities, and cost -effective worker safety.
 Authored a frontier program incorporating sensor and batch intelligence and developed the hardware for the first PC
    based graphic monitoring, calculation, inventory, and control system for fully automatic vacuum-pressure treated
    wood systems improving sales, quality control, and system safety.
   Set up & administered a multiple building, division wide Novell network, & integrated the plant network of PLCs for
    high level monitoring & control. Supported hardware/software for network clients in accounting, purchasing,
    inventory, environmental & engineering services, & quality control. Ported data using MS PDS 7.1 with assembly
    calls, Adatek PSM State language & Ladder Logic. Supported DOS, Lotus, Wordperfect, proprietary software, etc.
   Authored a statistical program to determine interlaboratory analytical precision which became a standard in the
    AWPA industry & surpassed all current ASTM methodologies. Included major printer output formatting routines.
   Network cabling & troubleshooting, PC system building & repair to component level, PC interfacing to plant &
    analytical instrumentation. Design & assembly of PLC (Adatek, Allen Bradley, Square D, Omron) & relay logic
    control panels, chemical transfer systems, batch, flow, & temperature controls, & pilot plant equipment.
    Multistation control & integration of manual & automatic systems. Wiring of 120/480V 3 phase.
   Design/Automation of valves, scrubber systems, ventilation systems, pumps, rinse systems, agitators, boilers,
    material handling systems, sampling systems, level controls, load cells, pressure, vacuum, pH/conductivity, proximity
    sensors, signal conditioners, power supplies & fail-safe monitoring systems.
   Automated most analytical calculations including batch processing and chemical transfer through computer program
    development. Integrated laboratory and plant monitoring and automated tank sampling. Analytical methodology
                                      Pete N. DeShan            (Page 6 of 6)
    development included inductively coupled argon plasma, atomic absorption, colorimetric, volumetric, conductometric,
    gravimetric, potentiometric, and X-ray Fluorescence techniques.
   Redesigned and rebuilt a chemical plant increasing capacity over six times without ever stopping chemical production.
     Directed design & installation of capital, production & process control equipment (control panels, PLCs, batch &
    flow controls, reactors, pumps, piping, filters, & material handling equipment.
   Drafted process layout, piping, & electrical circuit designs/drawings for internal & customer systems.
   Development of an unconventional mixing process allowing twice the speed of production & long term stability
    allowing the marketing of higher concentration products than the competitors saving production & freight charges.
   Development of a wood colorant and treating plant process for CCA treated wood.
   Development of alternative raw material sources using industrial waste products from copper refining operations and
    incorporation into new preservative formulations.

U.S. GEOLOGICAL SURVEY (Doraville, Georgia) Federal Government Internal Lakes, Streams, Environment
Analytical Chemist, (1980-1982 {2 appointments}).
 Performed Inductively coupled argon plasma (ICP, AA) and atomic absorption determinations for most elements.
 Designed / tweaked analytical methodologies including borohydride arsenic determinations.
 Extensive exposure mini-computers and the first PCs on the market. Analyzed data using statistical programs.

 Academic Degree, June 1976 Sandy Springs High School, Sandy Springs, Georgia
 Bachelors Chemistry, (Dual Major also in Biology, Minor in Physics), Univ West Ga., June 1981 GPA-3.4; 3.7 in
  major, General, Organic, Physical, Analytical, & Pharmaceutical ch emistry; Instrumental Analysis: IR, AA, and
  UV, NMR, GC. General, Cell, Molecular, Developmental Biology, Genetics, one year Biochemistry, and a minor in
  Physics with some emphasis in electronics.
 Postgraduate (doctorate chemistry candidate), Ga. Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Ga. 1982, Instrumental
  Analysis, NMR and Mass Spectral interpretation, Organic Synthesis, Analytical Biochemistry, Statistical
  Thermodynamics, and Molecular Structure.
 Continuing Education: Microsoft TechEd(Multiple Topics inc. MSSQL, Windows, VB, C), VBITS, IOUG and
  Oracle conferences, Oracle Education(3 Masters Cert.), Sun Unix, Vantive/Peoplesoft, DEC Commands &
  Pathworks, Time Management, Chemical Abstracts, Ladder Logic, Effective Writing, AA, ICP, UV/VIS, Graphite
  Furnace, HPLC, Experimental Design, Accelerated Weathering, numerous hardware seminars.

 Technical Publication and Presentation experiences of Projects/Technical papers and Seminars to large convention
    and customer groups, technical committees, and in-house personnel.
   Teacher's Assistant, Lab Instructor, Ga. Inst. of Technology (General Chemistry) (1982).
   Student Assistant, West Ga. College (Organic Chem., Electronics) (1977-1981).
   Free-lance V ideoCameraman (1980-1982)
   Lineman’s Asst (1978) Ga. Power Company
   Car Radio/CB Install Technician, American Radio (1977) (v5) 

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