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									Visa International and Payment Industry
Daily News from Vietnam
Tuesday, 7 November 2006
Techcombank has got approval from the central bank for a proposal to issue Visa credit cards
in the country.
6-Nov, p.1 Saigon Times daily (Vietnam)/ 6-Nov,
(Vietnam) - The Hanoi-based Technological and Commercial Bank (Techcombank) has got approval
from the central bank for a proposal to issue Visa credit cards in the country.

Abundance of card service.
7-Nov, p.6 Saigon Liberation (Vietnam) – Sacombank and partner Visa have just introduced the
international Visa Debit payment card with Gold and standard cards. Cardholders can use their cards
to pay for goods or services throughout the world. Until now, Sacombank cards on market include
Sacompassport, VNpay, domestic credit card, Sacom-Metro, Sacom Visa credit and Sacom Visa

Cards issued by Sacombank has reached 100,000 cards and are accepted at 1,100 points of sales
(POS) and 57 Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) nationwide. Next year, Sacombank will set up
more than 400 ATMs and 3,000 POS.
On 9 November, Incombank introduced ATM cards for only female target between 18 to 50 years old
which has brand “E-partner Pinkcard”. Pinkcard holders receive all the advantages as “VIP” G card.

Eximbank was the first bank to issue international debit cards under the brand Eximbank Visa Debit.

ACB is also has multi-advantages cards. Customers can connect with bank 24 hours per day, pay
bills via cards called CallCenter 24/7, aid service and pay money via Mobile banking 997. ACB issued
200,000 cards and 5,000 POS at transaction place.

Sacombank to introduce Sacom Visa Debit card.
5 -Nov, p.10 Consumer Consultant (Vietnam) – Sacombank and Visa officially introduced
international Sacom Visa Debit card which is a dynamic and stylish payment method. Sacom Visa
Debit card can be used locally and while traveling abroad. Sacom Visa Debit is available with two
kinds of cards including Gold Card and Classic Card.
Banks Increase Charter Capital.
6-Nov, 10:52 pm Hanoi TV (Vietnam) – Banks Increase Charter Capital

The Race Of Banks When Vietnam Join WTO.
6-Nov, 6:06pm HTV7 (Vietnam) - The Race Of Banks When Vietnam Join WTO

Agribank issues bonds of VND2,000 in long-term.
2-Nov, p.2 Banking Times (Vietnam) – Governor of State bank of Vietnam has just established under
license No.2043/Q Đ-NHNN agreed for Development Agriculture Bank of Vietnam (Agribank) about
issue bonds of VND2,000 in the long-term.

DIV cooperate with KDIC (Korea).
2-Nov, p.2 Banking Times (Vietnam) – On 31 November 2006 in Hanoi, Insurance Bank Deposit of
Vietnam (DIV) and Insurance Bank Deposit of Korea (KDIC) signed a contract. This event will
enhance partnership between Vietnam and Korea relating in same concerns to both sides to develop
their security                                                                       banking

MB increases interest rate of Euro.
2-Nov, p.2 Banking Times (Vietnam)/ 6-Nov, p.15 Vietnam Financial Times (Vietnam) – From 1
November 2006, Joint stock Commercial Military Bank (MB) increases the interest rate of Euro. This
is the fourth in 2006 from MB.
VIBank targets SMEs.
31-Oct, p.3 Vietnam Business Forum (Vietnam) – In October 2006, Vietnam International Bank
(VIBank) opened four more offices in An Giang, Vung Tau, Quan Hoa (Hanoi) and Vinh (Nghe An
province). The branches will focus on providing loans for local small and medium-sized enterprises
(SMEs) operating in seafood processing, services and tourism.

They also provide for loans for house-holds and individuals who need capital for their production and
business activities and house repair. It is expected that in the end of 2006, VIBank will open eight
more branches, thus bringing its total of branches to 60.

By late September 2006, total assets of the VIBank had reached more than VND13 billion, equal to
86 per cent of the yearly plan.

Habubank to triple its charter capital.
31-Oct, p.4 Vietnam Business Forum (Vietnam) – Habubank has tripled its charter capital to VND900
billion, becoming the country’s fourth largest joint-stock bank in terms of capital.
Sacomabank Inaugurates Securities Company.
31-Oct, p.11 Vietnam Business Forum (Vietnam) – Saigon Thuong Tin bank (Sacombank)
inaugurated its Sacombank Securities Co. (SBS) at 6-8 Pho Duc Chinh street, Ho Chi Minh city on 20
October, becoming the 16 securities firm in the city.

SBC, which has a chartered capital of VND300 billion provides such services as brokerage, self-
business, consultancy, securities insurance guarantee and investment portfolio management.

By 2010, the value is estimated to make up 20-30 per cent of the GDP. The establishment of a series
of securities companies as well as the diversification of commodities on the capital market will attract
more investors in the future.
Techcombank with “To sponsor the full range in import”.
31-Oct, p.47 Vietnam Business Forum (Vietnam) – When importing goods, enterprises must to do
many procedures such as mobilize capital, open account, issue letter of credit, hire warehouse, and
buy insurance for goods. The question is: why do we collect these to one? This is initial idea of
Technology Bank (Techcombank) when they develop product “To sponsor the full range in import”
with favorable interest rate. Enterprises using this full-service will save a lot of time.

Hanoi bank raises VND223.6 trillion in Jan-Oct.
7-Nov, p.2 Saigon Times Daily (Vietnam) – Commercial banks in Hanoi mobilized more than
VND223.6 trillion in the first 10 months of the year, Ha Noi Moi reports. Joint stock bank continued to
take the market lead with year-on-year growth put at 47.5 per cent.

Techcombank provides a full range of banking service.
3-Nov, p.11 Vietnam Financial Times (Vietnam) – Technology Bank (Techcombank) has officially
introduced its “full range banking service” includes advance individual account – F@stadvance.
Besides withdrawal, payment, this card also allow cardholder use money which is over of maximum
VND100 million. The multi-saving card can help customer withdraw a part of capital via F@stUni. The
card product can pay pension via F@stAccess and F@stAccess-i.
Techcombank increases the interest rate.
7-Nov, p.8 Commerce (Vietnam) – Joint Stock Commercial and Technology Bank announces an
adjustment in the interest rate of VND dong. This applies to the 1 and 2 month rate.

ACB to trade on bourse in late November.
7-Nov, p.8 Commerce (Vietnam)/ 7-Nov, p.6 Saigon Liberation (Vietnam) – The Asia Commercial
Bank (ACB) yesterday received a license to begin trading 110 million shares on the Hanoi securities
Trading Center on November 21 and becomes the second bank to join the local stock market.

Ly Xuan Hai, general director of the bank, said ACB strategy after trading in the over-the-counter
market was to develop strongly its traditional distribution channels and explore the retail market
through cooperation with local banks and foreign financial institutions, focus on small and medium
enterprises and foreign-investment firms. He emphasized with the Daily that ACB had enough
capacity to manage and ensure the bank’s financial situation is in good health and transparency.
ACB expects to convert 1,100 bonds issued last October. Furthermore, ACB will be the enterprise
having the biggest volume of shares traded on the stock market and also be the bank having the
biggest market capital.

The bank’s pre-tax profits target in 2007 is fairly high at VND1.2 trillion. Its profits in the first ten
months of this years was VND500 billion, the highest among local commercial banks.

In term of total assets, it is also leading Vietnam’s commercial joint stock banks with VND41 trillion.

Pawn-service of VIBank.
4-Nov, p.2 Banking Times (Vietnam) – The International Bank of Vietnam (VIB) introduces pawn-
service for enterprises. In this context, VIB will loan customers and keep their goods or assets with
maximum of three months. The target customers are legal entity, Vietnamese individual, families. The
pawn-rate is determined by 80 per cent worth of asset based on market’s price.
Sacombank launches a new credit product.
4-Nov, p.6 Banking Times (Vietnam) – Joint Stock Commercial Saigon Thuong Tin (Sacombank)
introduced a program called “To loan for real assets”, which meets the need for buying land and

The target of this product is: individual, young people with stable income…The loan period is up to 15
years with a maximum loan up VND300 million or 70 per cent of the value of real estate being

The loan is covered by credit insurance.

Full range service for small and mid-enterprises.
7-Nov, p.6 Saigon Liberation (Vietnam) – Housing Development Mekong bank (MHB) introduces a
service called “Full range service for small and mid-enterprises”. This service can meet enterprises to
pay, borrow, guarantee, give advice, transfer money.
VIB bank increases legal capital.
7-Nov, p.6 Saigon Liberation (Vietnam) – Joint stock Commercial International bank of Vietnam (VIB)
has announced to increase legal capital from VND510 billion to VND1,000 billion, the three times in
2006. Increase of capital is VND288.974 billion equivalent 28,897,457 shares. The share price of
VND10,000 applies to VIB shareholder and VND23,000 to others.

SCB issues VND1,000 billion exchange bonds.
7-Nov, p.6 Saigon Liberation (Vietnam) – Saigon Joint Stock Commercial bank (SCB) has issued
VND1,000 billion exchange bonds. Mr. Le Quang Nhuong, President of Board of Directors SCB
informed that, SCB achieved over of target in 2006. Total assets is VND7,462 billion, increase 149.2
per cent of target. Working capital is VND6,497 billion, increase 152.69 per cent of target. Pre-tax
profits is VND123 billion, increase 68 per cent of target and 2.6 times all year in 2005.

“Phone banking” service with Eximbank.
4-Nov, p.6 Banking Times (Vietnam) – Joint stock Commercial Import and Export Bank (Eximbank)
introduces new service that help customers can search information of bank, finance, market called
phone banking. To do this service, customers only call to 08.9 144 955 and follow instruction.
Payment Industry
No news.

Vietnam to become the 150 member of the WTO today.
7-Nov, p.1 Saigon Times Daily (Vietnam)/ 7-Nov, p.4 Young People (Vietnam)/ 7-Nov, p.14 Vietnam
Economic Times (Vietnam) – Vietnam is set to become the 150 member of the WTO today after 20
years of market reforms.

Vietnam’s economic development will witness a special landmark today as the country will officially
be admitted into the World Trade Organization at a ceremony in Geneva, the top negotiator said.
Deputy Minister of Trade Luong Van Tu, head of the Government’s negotiation team for international
economic and commercial issues, told reporters in the Swiss city that “a new landmark will be set up”
today. The event, to be attended by Deputy Prime Minister Pham Gia Khiem and many senior
negotiating officials, will be all the more significant at a time when the country is preparing for the
APEC Economic Leaders’ Meeting in Hanoi next year.

WTO membership will enhance Vietnam’s status the host country of the Asia Pacific Economic
Cooperation meeting. One important content of the upcoming meeting is to speed up the Doharound
of talks on trade liberalization in the world in line with WTO principles, so Vietnam’s WTO
membership will be of great significance to this task, Tu said.

There are currently 29 countries that have not become members of the WTO, and negotiations
therefore will aim to open their markets for Vietnam’s product.
Three million foreign tourists arrive in ten months.
3-Nov, p.9 Vietnam Financial Times (Vietnam)/ 7-Nov, p.1 Commerce (Vietnam) – Vietnam welcomed
approximately three million foreign tourists in the first ten months of the year, a 3.6 per cent year-on-
year increase, according to the General Statistics Office of Vietnam (GSO).

The number of visitors from Thailand surged by 40 per cent; from South Korea by 29 per cent; and
from Singapore by 27 per cent. Tourists arrivals from the US, Australia, Denmark and Russia grew 15
to 18 per cent.

Japan remained in the top five countries with the most tourists traveling to Vietnam, accounting for
ten per cent of total foreign travelers, the GSO said.

Vietnam also welcomed nearly 23,800 Russian arrivals in 2005 reflecting growth of 94 per cent
against the corresponding time last year.

In October, ministries sectors and localities held fairs, exhibitions and many activities to promote
tourism. Preparations were completed for the coming APEC meeting which would be attended by
thousands of foreign officials, business people and journalists.

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