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“The investor of today does not profit from yesterday’s growth.”

Warren Buffett


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CWM investment solutions

Some things remain timeless while others are forever changing….

CWM has been providing investment solutions to high net worth individuals,
family offices and private foundations for over 25 years. Today, as then, our focus
remains to create gains and preserve capital.

We understand that your requirements are unique. Whether managing your
assets within a discretionary portfolio or providing advice on specific investment
areas, our objectives remain simple: to provide you with understandable choices
and delivery of excellence.

Our investment professionals also understand the importance of ongoing
flexibility. Constant evolution of the financial markets and global trade continually
gives rise to new investment risks and profit opportunities that must be
understood and acted upon.

CWM, as part of the Société Générale Group, benefits from being integrated into
a global research and investment platform that encompasses both traditional
(bonds, equities, cash) and non-traditional (hedge funds, commodities, private
equity, real estate…) asset classes. Our investment managers have access to the
international expertise and resources necessary to evaluate and implement
successful investment strategies.

Finally, we provide you with investment peace of mind in knowing that your
assets are in safe hands. Our deep resources, financial strength and ability to
guarantee investment capital form only one side of the equation. Our people, with
their ongoing commitment to finding solutions that work for you, form the other.

Understanding your requirements

The accumulation of wealth requires a great deal of time and effort. Its ongoing
management involves complex choices and careful decisions. This is where we
can help.

Our role is simple. To understand what you are looking to achieve, develop a plan
that works and then make your wealth work for you. So how do we do this?

Developing your Investment Policy Statement (IPS)

Before an appropriate investment program can be established, careful
consideration must be given to your investment objectives and constraints. These
form a foundation for the development of your personal IPS.

Investment objectives are your goals. These are generally defined in terms of
return requirements and risk tolerance.

Investment constraints are limitations or restrictions that are imposed on the
portfolio management process. These generally cover areas such as: liquidity
needs, time horizon and tax considerations. In addition, you may have personal
preferences that need to be considered. All of these will have an impact on both
the construction and performance of your portfolio.

Return requirements

Return requirements are often the first objective defined in an investment portfolio and include total return,
capital growth and income generation. Each of these objectives requires investments in a range of asset
classes, however, the amounts allocated will vary considerably depending on your risk tolerance, liquidity
needs, time horizon and tax considerations.

Risk tolerance

An investor’s tolerance to bear risk can have a significant impact on the overall asset allocation and thus the
potential for gains. Fully understanding your attitude towards risk allows us to provide you with guidance and
advice about both the relative and absolute risks of your investment strategy.

Liquidity needs

Liquidity is defined as an asset’s ability to be sold and converted to cash at current market prices. However,
we believe that for portfolio management purposes, certainty of price also needs to be considered.

Time horizon

Longer time horizons provide protection from short term market fluctuations associated with equities and
allow us to consider investments with greater risk.

Tax considerations

Tax considerations do not generally play a major role in asset allocation; they do however affect security
selection and account structuring. That is, which assets should be held in which account. This includes
RRSPs vs. non-RRSPs, as well as setting up income splitting accounts. Our priority is to maximize your after
tax returns.

Discretionary portfolio management

Discretionary Portfolio Management allows you to delegate the day-to-day
management of your wealth to our team of professionals. We manage your
portfolio based on the parameters agreed upon in your IPS and regularly report to
you on your portfolio’s performance. We keep you informed about the decisions
that we have made and the direction that we are taking. This level of service is
ideal for those individuals who may not have the time, expertise or desire to
manage their own assets.

Our approach

At CWM, we are dedicated to rigorous investment analysis, in-depth asset
allocation processes and strict risk management. Working as a team, our portfolio
managers have a perspective and depth of collective experience that could not
be achieved by an individual working alone.

Our portfolio managers share one focus – to generate superior long-term returns
while minimizing risk. Similar to all prudent asset managers, we are strong
believers in portfolio diversification. What differentiates CWM is our global
perspective and multi asset class approach.

Global investment process

As part of Société Générale, CWM participates in a global network with access to
international investment possibilities. Our local team is supported by a platform of
experts and specialists based throughout the world. This combination of global
expertise and local presence allows us to offer you solutions perfectly adapted to
your specific requirements.

Our multi asset class approach

Traditionally, asset managers have used a combination of equities, bonds and
cash to form portfolios. The reality is that these alone are unlikely to deliver an
optimal result.

The addition of alternative investments into a traditional asset mix has been
proven to substantially enhance risk adjusted returns. This is why alternative
investments have strengthened their weighting in the portfolios of high net worth
individuals over the past decade. Société Générale’s expertise in alternatives is
widely recognised within the international investment community:

      Voted ‘Outstanding Private Bank for Alternative Investments’ by Private
      Banker International in 2005 and 2007.

Alternative investments also provide more flexibility in the customization of your
portfolio. This allows us to meet almost any investment objective, including:

        Capital growth
        Capital preservation
        Income generation
        Absolute return
        Asset or sector specific
        Geographic focus

Structured Investment Solutions

The combinations are endless.

Appreciated for their flexibility, structured products provide an alternative to traditional securities. They
provide solutions to many different investment issues including:

          Capital protection
          Leverage effects
          Variable frequency of income flows
          Access to exotic asset classes

Structured products are unique securities created from combinations of financial instruments. They bring
together financial asset(s) such as equities, foreign exchange or interest rates with a more complex optional

They were developed as an institutional solution used to meet specific investment objectives or constraints.
Today they allow investors to exploit market opportunities in a variety of different ways.

Some possible structured products are:

           Yield products                  Directional products                  Alternative products
    These generally raise the income     These provide the potential to       These are intended to move
    performance of portfolios with       profit from bull or bear market      independently from the
    predefined capital risk.             forecasts.                           fluctuations of traditional markets.
    Example: you wish to invest for      Example: you wish to benefit         Example: you wish to achieve
    the medium term in a capital         from a 12 month view on the          performance results not correlated
    protected product linked to the      movement of oil and gas prices.      with equity markets. By taking a
    stability of a specific stock. You   You can protect your capital         view on the out performance of
    forgo the stock dividend but now     (capital guaranteed products) or     one sector compared to another
    receive an improved but              outperform your forecast             for 3 years.
    conditional annual income.           (leverage product).

The CWM advantage

We build custom-made solutions and provide expert guidance in areas covering:
downside risk reduction, performance maximization, investment diversification,
liquidity generation (monetization), tax optimization and stock option issues.

We provide a broad range of information about all structured product offerings
including: performance simulation, expected return and market risk monitoring.

Last but by no means least, we will monitor your structured products
performance and provide follow-up, relevant recommendations and quantitative

Structured products represent a vast investment universe.
Some possible investment themes could be:

      Region / Country                             Topical                        Underlying
         Europe                            Alternative energy                    Equity
         United States                     Biotechnology                         Credit
         Asia                              Sustainable development               Hedge funds
         China                             Agriculture                           Commodities
         India                             Water                                 Real estate
         Brazil                            Global warming                        Fixed income

Advisory investment services

We all need advice from time to time

Whether you require a global market view or specific security analysis, interest
rate reviews or inflation trends, ideas for protecting investments or ways to
capitalize on opportunities, we can provide understandable guidance to help you
meet your goals.

Our advisory investment services include:

       Access to the expertise of market professionals
       Specialist advice on investments and markets
       Analysis of specific securities
       Structuration of derivative contracts or structured products
       Stock hedging services
       Specialist execution services
       Global custody of assets

Mutual funds

Our fund research specialists systematically analyze the funds available on the
market and select only the best in each category. Fund research is based on a
true open architecture model giving access to a focused range of funds offered
by more than 80 management companies. Analysis is carried out on all fund
providers, regardless of their size or reputation. We combine quantitative and
qualitative analysis to select a short list of preferred funds, covering global
financial markets geographically and by sector.

In summary our role is not to sell you a product but to provide you with a solution
that is unbiased and in your best interest.

Our investment solutions are designed to answer the demands of high net worth
individuals. We continue to expand our range of products in order to deliver
quality service, strong performance and investment peace of mind to our clients.
If you would like additional information please speak to one of our investment

“The difficulty lies, not in the new ideas, but in escaping from the old ones”,
John Maynard Keynes (1883-1946).

Published and edited by Canadian Wealth Management.

The information provided in this document is purely
indicative and the Bank can accept no liability relating to it.
If you wish to receive further information about the products
and services presented in this brochure, do not hesitate to
contact your advisor.

                                                                  Société Générale ranks among the top 25 banking and
                                                                  institutional groups in the world and serves retail and
                                                                  corporate customers in 82 countries.

                                                                  SG Private Banking, the wealth management arm of
                                                                  Société Générale Group, is present in 25 countries.
                                                                  It provides global wealth management services to high
                                                                  net worth customers and ranks among the top 15
                                                                  players worldwide (Euromoney 2008).

                                                                  CWM wealth management includes:
                                                                  - Tax and financial planning
                                                                  - Investment management
                                                                  - Trust and family succession planning
                                                                  - Specialized services

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