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Training Home Page - Microsoft Office Online


Training Home Page - Microsoft Office Online document sample

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									                                       Office 2007 Learning Links
Microsoft Office online Training Home Page– videos with narration demonstrate new features, 20 min to 1 hr in
length. Self-Paced instruction – user may click ahead to the next topic or rewind to previous topic. Practice Lessons –
must have Office 2007 installed on the computer to download the practice lessons.
Don’t have a high-speed Inte rnet connection? Learn Microsoft Office 2007 using Microsoft created PowerPoint
Presentations start with the “Get Up to Speed” series. Save the presentations to a portable drive or burn to a CD to
create computer based training…no Internet connection required. Must have Office 2007 installed to download the
practice exercises      http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/templates/CT102036981033.asp x

Test Drive Microsoft Office – Learn Microsoft Office 2007 without purchasing or installing it. This is hands-on
training. Users can experiment with most features of Office 2007 with the exceptions of saving and printing. Microsoft
Office Test Drive requires Internet Explorer 6 or later, installing Citrix browser plug-in, accepting an active X control,
high speed broadband Internet connection, a minimum 1024 x 768 screen resolution is recommended, and a Windows
Live ID. If you don’t have a hotmail, MSN email, or a Microsoft Passport account, you have to create one to login.
The link below contains directions for installing Microsoft Office 2007 Test Drive.
The link below contains the button to install Microsoft Office Test Drive.

HP Learning Center Microsoft Word Tutorial – The Ribbon – Video with narration. Scroll to the bottom of the
page for links to related Office Tutorials.        http://h30187.www3.hp.com/tutorials/viewHowTo/p/courseId/14763

Florida Golf Coast University Word 2007 Tutorial – basically an online manual with labeled screen shots and
instructions.      http://www.fgcu.edu/support/office2007/Word/index.asp

The Baycon Group Free Tutorials – basically an online manual with labeled screen shots and instructions.

Top 10 Word 2007 Help and Tips – configure the status bar & Word options, hide recent documents, and show page
thumbnails, etc.          http://malektips.com/microsoft_word_2007_help_and_tips.html

Find your favorite 2003 commands in the new 2007 interface
Word 2007 Cheat Sheet – Quick reference charts

Excel 2007 Cheat Sheet – Quick reference charts

Powe rPoint 2007 Cheat Sheet – Quick reference charts
http://www.co mputerwo rld.co m/action/article.do?command=v iewArt icleBasic&articleId=9061638

Changing the Normal Te mplate – http://articles.techrepublic.co m.co m/ 5100-10877_11-6137320.ht ml
The normal template format settings include: extra spaces between paragraphs, line spacing of 1.15, and Calibri font.
Calibri font is one of a new font type, ClearType. The benefits of ClearType font are improved readability and reduced
mental fatigue when viewed on laptops or high-quality flat panel displays. Those of us with older monitors may notice a
slight improvement. If you plan to print your document, Times New Roman is still the best. For more information on
fonts: Crabby’s font facts 101: Best Practices – http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/help/HA011193841033.aspx

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