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									       Welcome to
 Digital Catalog (V 2.9c)
Sales and Productivity Enhancement tool
 Why should you use Digital Catalog !!
• Tiredwith multiple of tools and manual
process for sales and back office functions !!
•Want an easy way to manage digital catalog,
customer offerings, communication, track &
manage sales pipeline
•Plan to accelerate customer response cycle and
sales conversion
Are you ready to be more organized and close more
sales with Digital Catalog
   What Sales Methods do you use!
• Product Catalog Displays
• Customer Meeting and product sample displays,
  followed by customer driven product
  preparation and communication
• Email campaigns
• Specific sales campaigns
• Exhibitions
• Client site meetings
    Critical Issues for sales process!

Quality                        • Proper Submission of
                       Value     Product Data
                               • Language barrier
          Acceptance           • Effective display of your
                               • Quick communication
                               • Quick response mode
                               • Effective back-office
Digital Catalog Tour: Thumbnail Viewer- category driven
entire collection
                    Category driven   Selection list for
collection          thumbnail view    email, print, offer,         •Step I - Create
                                                                   category or sub
                                                                   •Step II- Insert new
                                                                   items to catalog
                                                                   •Step III- customize
       Quick                                         Quick
                                                                   product info map to
    Graphic                                       product detail   suit your business
    preview                                       view
                                                                   •Step IV – Edit
                                                                   product details to
                                                                   suit your sales tasks
                                                                   •Step V- drop
                                                                   selected product(s)
                                                                   for interactive sales
 Digital Catalog Tour: Replace your dumb & non responsive
 emails with customizable iCatalog to accelerate Sales
                                                          •Create Campaign,
     Your company                                         & emarketing mail
     name will appear
     here                                                 • Make Interactive
                                    Customer response
                                    sheet                 •Make it easy for
                                                          customer to respond
                                                          back to you
                                                          •Accelerate response
                                                          from non English
                                                          speaking prospects
                                                          •thumbnail view or
                                                          list view (current)
  click to                                 Customer can   •Customized details
  view details                             place order
                                                          •Email iCatalog
iCatalog : Main Page
Digital Catalog Tour: Replace your dumb & non responsive
emails with customizable iCatalog to accelerate Sales (contd.)
                                                   • Dumb emailing of
                                                   product graphics &
                                                   details lacks appeal
                                                   and is inconvenient
              •iCatalog enhances presentation      to read/respond.
              skills of your enterprise            •Web based view is
              •iCatalog enables user to view       interactive but lacks
              your products in offline web         flexibility for day to
              format                               day communication
                                                   with prospects.

                                                   •iCatalog is
                                                   responsive and
 Digital Catalog Tour: Replace your dumb & non responsive
 emails with customizable iCatalog to accelerate Sales

                     Double click to             •Reduces response
                     view details/full
                     graphic                     time from your
                                                 •Makes it very easy
                                                 and friendly to reply
                                                 •Enables non
                                                 English speaking
                                                 prospect to respond
                                                 •Using selection
                                                 basket, prospect can
               upon filling, click               also quickly place
               post to send to you!

Quick response and sales order is what you
desire for sales campaign / process
Digital Catalog Tour: Album quickly prepares your presentation
and reflects focused display for campaign or customer meeting
                                                   Selection list for
  albums for                                       email to customer         •Create territorial
 customer or                                       upon his response         sales presentation
                                                                             •Plan interactive
                                                                             customer meeting
                                                                             •Quickly prepare for
                                                                             specific event (e.g.
    •Prior to customer meet or specific event,
                                                                             exhibition, business
    plan your display collection                         product detail
                                                         view (can be        travel)
    •Customer meeting with album created to              edited for album)
                                                                             •Make special event
    suit his preference products can help
                                                                             and customer meet
    customer in placing you order
                                                                             more profitable and
    •Details incl pricing can be changed to suit                             easy to manage
    specific album collection.
                                                                             •Create eAlbum for
                                                                             CD distribution.
Digital Catalog Tour: Distribute customizable eAlbum at specific
event (exhibition/tour) and customer meeting

                   Slide show      Product details
                   options         display options
                                                     • Distribute your
                                                     album quickly and
  Customize                                          •Give customer
  thumbnail view
                                                     meeting display
                                                     products to enhance
                                                     sale prospects
                                                     •Customize your
                                                     album display
                                                     •Thumbnail view,
                                                     slide show, search
                                                     and product details
Digital Catalog Tour: Distribute customizable eAlbum at specific
event (exhibition/tour) and customer meeting- thumbnail view,
full page detail view, slide show and search function
Click to run       Search     company
slide show         on album   name

                                   •Customized Full view
                                   details to suit campaign
                                   or customer
         Double click to
         view detail page          •Powerful zooming and
                                                 •eAlbum is like mini web
                                   easy navigation
                                                 •eAlbum is necessary for specific
 Digital Catalog Tour: Distribute customizable slide shows at
 specific event (exhibition/tour) or shop floor
•Slide show
options available                                   •Slide show
•Distribute slide     Double                        options available
show to product       click for
                      zoom view                     like speed,
display points or
                                                    transition effects,
                                                    background color,
•Excellent tool for                                 randomized
exhibition, trade                                   display, full size
shows, shopping                                     window,
floor display                                       navigation to
                                                    product from
•It may fetch
                                                    selection list
customer’s visit to
your shop/display
Digital Catalog Tour: Distribute customizable slide shows at
specific event (exhibition/tour) or shop floor

click to
view larger

                                                   •Slide show
                                                   thumbnail viewer
                                                   for quick viewing
                                                   the entire
Digital Catalog Tour: Track your customer offers in highly
interactive and communicative manner
                                  Selected         Select customer                        •Track interactively
                                  detailed                                                customer offers
customer’s offers                 list
                                                                                          •Save time & efforts
                                                                                          in data retrieval
                                                                                          •While negotiating
                                                                                          with customer this
                                                                                          tracking is very
                                                                     Quick reference to
                                                                     product’s details
                                                                                          useful and handy
                    click to
                    view larger                                                           •Interactive emails
                                                                                          of eOffer can win
                                                                                          response & SALES
                                                                                          •Change your way to
                                    •Interactive presentation
                                                                                          approach your
                                    of offer is vital for sales
                                                                                          customer with web
                                    lead conversion
                                                                                          like look OFFER
                                    •Print images of offer
                                    •One step closer to sales
Digital Catalog Tour: Present your offer to customer for better
view and quick response
                                                          •Major challenge for
                                                          most enterprise, is
                                                          to convert sales lead
                                      Customer response
                                                          to sales in quickest
                                      sheet               manner
                                                          •Your current mode
                                                          of spreadsheet
                                                          driven offers with
                                                          graphic attachments
        Double click to see details
                                                          lacks convenient
                                                          view for customer
                                                          •Do not loose your
             •eOffer makes your offer
                                                          sales lead by non
             viewing very convenient for
                                                          responsive offer
                                                          sending process !!
             •Web view mode makes it
             easy for customer review and
             •eOffer can be sent by email
Digital Catalog Tour: Make it convenient for your customer to
review product details and respond back to you !!

                                                       •Do not be frustrated
                                                       with customers’ non
                                                       •Unless customer can
                                                       review your products
                                                       quickly, how will he
                                                       respond quickly
                                                       •eOffer eases
                                                       customer’s review of
                                                       your offer and get
                                                       you quick SALES.
                                                       •This viewer makes
                      •eOffer – full product view is   you display to
                      convenient mode for              customer the
                      customer to review your offer    complete details.
                      •Details on full page is
Digital Catalog Tour: Make it convenient for your customer to
review product details and respond back to you !!

          Double click to
          view details

                                       •eOffer enhances response cycle
                                       from your customer
                                       •eOffer enables non english
                upon filling, click    speaking prospect to respond
                post to send to you!
Digital Catalog Tour: Power search and customer’s subsequent
review collection in interactive manner

                   Thumbnail section displays search results. Also
                   this opens with the product images selected by
Search criterion
                   customer for second review

                                                                     •Quick and powerful
                                                                     search on catalog
                                                                     •Selection lists enable
                                                                     quick email/print/
                                                                     icatalog/offer /album
                                                                     •User selection can be
                   click to                                          used in search window
                   view larger                                       for subsequent review,
                                                                     enhancing your sales.
Digital Catalog Tour: Effective picture viewers for your customer
with details

                    •Picture viewer with
                    zoom option and
                    product details
                    (unlike other photo
                    album software)
                    •While viewing
                    products, customer
                    can add specific
                    product to his mail
                    •This viewer makes
                    you display to
                    customer the
                    complete details.
Digital Catalog Tour: Enhance your view by facilitating your
customer to select combination products

                               Step I Select
                                                    •Virtual viewer
                               graphic              helps customer
                                                    in making
                                                    selection for
                                                    combination or
                                                    related products
  Step II drop it to desired
  location to create virtual                        • Interactive
                                                    display helps
                                                    customer in
                                                    quick response.
 Digital Catalog Tour: Print your customized Catalog

                                                       Printing of entire
                                                       or selected catalog
                                                       •Options for per
                                                       page nos of images
                                                       •Customize info
                                                       sheet for printed
                                                       •Save time, efforts
                                                       and money for
                                                       printed catalog

Powerful printing with product details ( options for
1/2/4/6/8/12/16/20/24 graphics per page)
 Digital Catalog Tour: Quick emailing from your Catalog
                                                 •Do not be frustrated
                                                 with emailing task
                                                 •Do not need to work
                                                 overtime for email
                                                 •Overcome the risk
                                                 of loosing customer
                                                 for delayed response
                                                 •Create email on the
                                                 •Optimize mails to
                                                 reduce file sizes
                                                 while emailing
                                                 •Facilitates you quick
                                                 response to
Auto preparation of email with outlook express
(graphic as attachment and product details in
message body)
     How Digital Catalog assists !
• It deals effectively with both
  Sales Process and Back Office
• Unlike other standard Photo
  Albums, It Makes you SELL
• True Sales Enhancement Tool
• Helps Non English speaking
  customers to respond easily
• Business Productivity Booster
   How Digital Catalog Assists ! (contd.)
Effective Back Office Management
   –   Category/sub category driven collection
   –   Maintain customized info for each product
   –   Maintain confidential and general info
   –   Quick & optimized emailing of product info
   –   Quick print support in multiple formats
   –   Auto managed product valuation system (e.g. the jewelry product
       to be auto revalued for gold price movement)
   –   Photo editing and manipulation tools
   –   Customer offer management for quick future references
   –   Powerful search on entire catalog
   –   Built in security of your data
  How Digital Catalog Assists ! (contd.)
Effective Sales Process Handling
  –   Effective presentation
  –   Quick and error free communication
  –   Special sales campaign preparation
  –   Interactive mini catalog ( iCatalog ) generates quick response
      from your prospects
  –   Non English Speaking Customer / prospect can respond
  –   Powerful Slide Show for Exhibition
  –   Interactive customer offer tracking system
  –   Makes you give quickly and interactively, whatever customer
      wants from you
  –   Enhances sales prospect by accelerating customer response
      What other software do not give!!
Most photo album software do
 not facilitate:                                                  Back office
•   Categorized product info management
•   Interactive sales process management                Album                    Sales
•   Complete portable back office system
•   Powerful customer offer making and tracking
•   Quick, interactive and responsive presentation
•   Customize to suit business needs                 Campaign                    Cataloging
•   Removes language barrier for your customers
•   Event / Campaign driven presentation
•   Effective communication process
                                                            Exhibition    Prospect
•   Most back office and sales process integration
    reduces duplication and re-key of information
•   Makes your customer meeting/interaction more
•   Effective sales generation model
Why Should you use Digital Catalog
Most of enterprises spend lots of time, efforts
 and consequent costs/frustration in:
  – Back office functioning
  – Digital displays
  – Sales campaign
  – Special events like product, new design launch,
    exhibition, customer meeting, outstation customer
    meet, trade shows etc
  – Customer/Prospect interaction, response to fit their
    requirements, waiting for their responses
    Why Should you use Digital Catalog (contd.)
Mostly exercised                  Current methods/tools
Category driven collection and    Photo album tools/file system in windows (limitation-
thumbnail viewing                 most of these tools do not support customized product
Interactive presentations/album   Photo album tools (limitation- most of these tools do
making                            not support customized product info & customer
                                  response sheet) or manual presentation using power
                                  point / PDF file (limitation- manual preparation takes
                                  lots of time/energy)
Customer offer making             Excel format file and product photos emailing as
                                  attachment ( Limitation- manual process lacks interactive
                                  mode and response option; takes lots of time and
                                  energy; makes process repetitive)
Customer/Prospect meetings        Product designs are displayed through printed / CD
                                  Catalog / samples with or without embedded details
                                  (Limitation- difficulty in carrying all collection, customer
                                  driven search, details accessing, quick response cycle )
     Why Should you use Digital Catalog (contd.)
Mostly exercised                  Current methods/tools
Product detail management and     Excel, accounting products, PDF, printed files etc
printing                          (limitation- most of these tools/ methods do not facilitate
                                  quick accessing, searching, filtering and often requires re key
                                  of info for any customer meeting and/or communication)
Emailing product graphics and     manual creation of mailing using email clients like outlook
details                           express, MS Outlook etc (limitation- manual preparation
                                  takes lots of time/energy and requires re key of info for each
Customer offer tracking           Manual tracking through files ( Limitation- manual process
                                  takes lots of time/ energy and re submission of info takes lot
                                  of time again )
Exhibition / special event like   Display preparation through printed / CD Catalog with
outstation meetings (including    embedded details (Limitation- difficulty in carrying all
overseas)/ product launch         collection, takes lot of time/energy/costs in preparation,
                                  leads to longer response cycle , poor sales conversion cycle
             Next Recommended Steps
• Download Digital Catalog from www.ripra.com or our Vendor’s site
• You may start using TRY BEFORE YOU BUY Version or FREEWARE
  LITE VERSION (supports up to 300 product collection) and can buy its
  Enterprise Version online from our site. For more information on updated
  pricing and special offer plan (if any), please visit us at www.ripra.com or
  contact our vendor.
• The product comes with interactive help file. And entire product use learning
  process is as easy as COPY and PASTE.
• If you require additional features to suit your business needs, OR are finding
  difficulty in working with it ; please write to us at support@ripra.com
• We back the product with excellent support system and
  product upgrade policy to suit growing business needs.

Thank you for your time with Digital Catalog Tour.

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