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Copy of a Rubric Template - Download as DOC


Copy of a Rubric Template document sample

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									               Response to Literary and Informational Text/Essay
                 Making and Supporting Analytical Judgments
Student’s name:                                                                          Date of exhibition:

Panelist’s name:

  Standard(s)           Substanti ally             Parti ally               Proficient             Proficient with        Score
                      bel ow proficient            proficient                  (20)                  distincti on         25 pts
                             (5)                      (15)                                               (25)            ea./100
                     Many and                 Consistent errors in    Some errors in             No erro rs in
                     numerous errors in       grammar,                grammar,                   grammar,
W – 9 Writing        grammar,                 punctuation,            punctuation, spelling,     punctuation,
Conventions          punctuation,             spelling,               capitalizat ion and        spelling,
    W–10–9.1         spelling,                capitalizat ion and     sentence structure         capitalizat ion and
                     capitalizat ion and      sentence structure                                 sentence structure
                     sentence structure
                     There is no              A few ed its have       Ed iting and rewrit ing    There is clear and
                     evidence that the        been made but the       has taken place and        consistent evidence
                     writing is a result of   writing is not result   it is evident that the     that the writing is a
W-10 Writing
                     a plan, use of           of a plan, use of       writing is a result of a   result of a plan, use
                     graphic organizer,       graphic organizer,      plan, use of graphic       of graphic
                     rough draft and          rough draft and         organizer, rough draft     organizer, rough
                     final copy.              final copy.             and final copy.            draft, rev ising and
                                                                                                 final copy.
                     There is no              There is some           There is consistent        There is excellent
                     variation of             variation of            variation of sentence      variation of
                     sentence length,         sentence length,        length, paragraphing,      sentence length,
W - 1 Structures     paragraphing, and        paragraphing, and       and application of a       paragraphing, and
of Language          application of a         application of a        format appropriate to      application of a
                     format appropriate       format appropriate      the writ ing’s purpose.    format appropriate
                     to the writ ing’s        to the writ ing’s                                  to the writ ing’s
                     purpose.                 purpose.                                           purpose.
                     There is no clear        There is an unclear     There a clear thesis,      There a well
                     thesis, inferncing       thesis, litt le         some inferencing           articulated, clear
W-3 Response to      about the                inferencing about       about the characters,      thesis, inferencing
literary or          characters, plot,        the characters, plot,   plot, setting, etc., and   about the
texts- make and
                     setting, etc., and       setting, etc., and      paragraphs with            characters, plot,
support analytical   paragraphs with          few paragraphs          transitions and            setting, etc., and
judgments            transitions/conclusi     with transitions or     conclusions                paragraphs with
                     ons                      conclusions                                        transitions/conclusi

                                                                                                           Total ______


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