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					screen_name      twitter page                        name                   location              description
1burdette           Burdette Rosendale     Augusta,Illinois      I am a midwest family farmer interested in continued personal growth for myself and others.
4AGRICULTURE        Darren Wallis       St. Louis, Missouri   Born and raised in SEMO on a farm, love dynamic trends in ag and the people. Work at Monsanto Co.
aafromaa         Anne Adrian            Auburn, AL            Anne Adrian works for Auburn University & Alabama Cooperative Extension System. I tweet about work, family,
ABNLindsay          ABNLindsay          Columbus, OH          Farm Radio Broadcaster
ABNRadio         ABN Radio              Columbus, OH          Ohio's Voice For Agriculture
                                                                            iPhone: 38.915451,-
AdventuresInAg      Adventures in Ag    94.763504             Finding myself in unexpected situations working in the Ag Industry
AFBFMace         Mace Thornton          Washington, DC        Mace Thornton, a simple Kansas farm boy, is deputy director of public relations for the American Farm Bureau Feder
agchat            #AgChat                Global agriculture!   A weekly conversation for folks involved in the business of growing food, fuel, feed and fiber on Tues., 8 -10pm EDT (c
AgChatter        AgChick                Funks Grove, IL       also tweeting as @agchick This ID is to help in hashtag searchable conversations
agchick          Tricia Braid Terry     Funks Grove, IL       Farm girl, farm mom and farm broadcaster. Be sure to listen to me on the air on the RFD Radio Network, and online a
                                                                            Shiawassee County,
AggieMegg           Megghan Honke       Michigan              Farm girl at heart and in practice. Moonlight during the day as an event planner and educational coordinator for Mic
agleader         Cannon Michael         Los Banos             I am a 6th generation California farmer in the Central Valley. Water, regulation, immigration, environment are all co
AgLineNews          AgLineNews          California, USA       I heard it through the AgLine!
AgNews            AgriNews               America's Heartland   Illinois AgriNews and Indiana AgriNews, as well as CountryNews
AgribizNews         Agribusiness News   Colorado              Pick up the latest news from the best sources in agribusiness
AgriBlogger         AgWired             Missouri              Chuck Zimmerman is the professional agriblogger, farm podcaster and President of ZimmComm New Media.
AgriNewsHound       Andrew Campbell                           Addictively curious about agriculture, the people in it, and the issues effecting farmers. Also farm dairy and grains.
AgWiredLive         Chuck Zimmerman                           Agriblogging farm podcaster and President of ZimmComm New Media.
akleinschmidt       Andy Kleinschmidt   Van Wert, Ohio        Ohio State University Extension Agriculture Educator and Assistant Professor; Farm, Crops, Soils and Agronomy; Ag Bl
AKRanch          Kim Kortes             Wyoming               We run a commerical cow/calf operation - established 1916. We also flood irrigate our grass hay meadows & p
allaboard2009       All Aboard 2009     The Midwest           Jada and Jenna share their experiences from the field while working on their family’s harvest crews as they make
AlpacaFarmgirl      Katy Spears         Alabama               Alpaca Breeder/Fanatic, Fiber Arts Fridays! Mom to 4, Wife 2 Artist, Unlikely Farmer, Lover of Agribiz, basketball fan.
AmandaNolz          AmandaNolz          Brookings, SD         I'm a cattle rancher, a family member, a friend, an SDSU ag journalist senior, a freelance writer, a motivational speak
andreazippay        Andrea Zippay       Ohio                  Farmer. Farm writer. Cook. Crafter. Wife.
AndyVance           Andy Vance          De Graff, OH          Agricultural Broadcast Journalist and Rural Social/MultiMedia Professional in Small -Town Ohio
AR_HR              Erica Saunders                               Founder of, Defending the Rights of Responsible Animal Owners from the Animal Rights Industry
at_the_farm         Megan Morgan        Missouri              My passion is agriculture, No farmers No food! My husband, kids, & I row crop, raise cattle, grow pigs, & se
BEEFLady         Carol Abrahamzon       Minnesota             A proud BEEF producer and agriculture advocate
BEEFMagazine         BEEF Magazine                                 BEEF, America's leading cattle publication, publis hes 12 monthly issues for cow/calf operators, stocker-growers, cattl
bjeick              B.J. Eick              Wooster, Ohio             Livestock Promotions - Leading Marketing Solutions
BNorthey          Bill Northey           Iowa                      Iowa Secretary of Ag and corn and soybean farmer
BradysBeef           Brady's Beef        Southeast Idaho           We raise grass-fed, natural beef in Idaho. Available for local pickup.
BuckeyeFarmNews      Buckeye Farm News   Columbus, OH              Information on the issues that impact Ohio's farmers and rural residents. Buckeye Farm News is published by the Oh
                                                                              Calif., Idaho, Ore. and
capitalpress         Capital Press       Wash.                     Capital Press agriculture newspaper and, covering West Coast farm, ranch and agribusiness news. P
CarolineFW           Caroline Stocks     London                    Miss Deputy News Editor, Farmers Weekly Magazine. Part-time zoo keeper. Music-lover and gig fiend.
CCImarketing         CCImarketing        Park Ridge, IL, USA       AgPR - the news release distribution service for agriculture
Chedgar            Celestial Nolan        Gallipolis, Ohio          My name is Celeste, I am a dairy farmer, cheesmaker and mother who not only wants to feed her family, but feed he
chrischinn        Chris Chinn            United States             5th Generation Family Farmer
CMEGroup          CMEGroup               Chicago                   A CME/CBO T/NYMEX Company
                                                                              ÃœT: 40.783436,-
cornfedfarmer        Brandon Hunnicutt   98.131275                 Farm corn, soybeans, and popcorn in Nebraska. Plus the kids and I like a little Wii
cottonfarmer         Gene Roney          USA, Georgia              Ga. Farmer cotton, corn, peanuts, wheat, and soybeans.
CowgirlLawyer        Cari Rincker        Shelbyville, IL           Agriculture and Environmental Attorney (licensed in NY, NJ, CT, DC), SimAngus Cattle Owner, Photographer, Traveler
Cows_Life         Wagner Red Angus       Monango, North Dakota     Hi! I'm a heifer on the Wagner farm, located in southeast North Dakota. Follow my day-to-day activities as a cow!
CraigvonStein        Craig von Stein
Creek_Bed_Farm    America's Dairyland       4th Generation Sustainable Beef Farmers Trying to Eeeek out a Living in Wisconsin
cyberdoyle           cyberdoyle          UK                        Twitterita in quest to get Fibre to my Farm
d_toland          DanToland              Columbus, Ohio            Agricultural communicator and social media enthusiast
DairyAlert        DairyHerd Management   Lenexa, KS, USA           Dairy Herd Management is the business leader in the dairy industry.
dairydino         Dino Giacomazzi        California                Dairyman, Farmer, Advocate, Musician, Karaoke Band Leader, Web Developer. Saving the world one cowpie at a tim
DaleArnold           Dale Arnold         Columbus, Ohio            Director, Energy Services, OFBF and Director, Ohio Farm Bureau Foundation
DebOsza            Deb Osza               Indianapolis              Communications professional in dairy industry. I love dairy farmers, dietitians, and playing the flute.
derekbalsley         Derek Balsley       IOWA                      I grew up on a beef/corn/hay farm in N Iowa. I'm passionate about mar keting, technology, and agriculture.
DougMcKinney23       Doug McKinney       Stillwater, OK            Beef Cattle Specialist, beef cattle producer, speaker, Agriculture supporter
dropstonefarms       Dropstone Farms                               A tiny farm on Bainbridge Island, Washington.
eagerjeffrey         Jeffrey Eager       Michigan                  Husband, Father,Pioneer Hibred Int. Sales rep,C.C.A., Lutheran, and Crop Farmer
EDJEtech          EDJE Technologies      Indianola, IA             Providing affordable, error-free high quality advertising that increases our customer's profits.
emily718          Emily Caldwell            Pennsylvania              I'm a PSU graduate and current editorial intern at Farm and Dairy newspaper in Salem, Ohio. I'm also looking for a fu
                                                                                 iPhone: 39.875534,-
erhoades          erhoades                  83.068771                 Professor of Ag Communication
etcattlewoman        RB                     Texas
ethrepor ter ter         Todd Neeley            Nebraska                  Award-winning DTN staff reporter and blogger.
evanjurkovich        Evan Jurkovich         Tehran                    Ag public affairs, communications, policy, politics. Dreamer. Learning this social media bit...lots to learn!
famfarms          CAFF                      California                Community Alliance with Family Farmers -- growing food, growing farms, growing communities
farmanddairy         farmanddairy           Salem, Ohio               Weekly farm and rural newspaper and auction guide (and, no, we’re not just dairy!) Editor Susan Crowell is the m
FarmAnimlLvR         animlLvR
FarmBureau           American Farm Bureau                             American Farm Bureau is America's largest general farm organization
farmerhaley          Mike                   Ohio                      5th Generation Family Farmer
FarmersGuardian      Farmers Guardian       UK                        FG is a weekly national agricultural newspaper. Whatever your field - we've got it covered.
farmerspice          Leah                   Williamsville, IL         The Momma of one...future Army wife...and the epitome of Murphy's Law.
FarmersWeekly        FarmersWeekly          Sutton, Surrey, UK        Farmers Weekly magazine - through the eyes of its community editor Isabel Davies
                                                          Jody Van
FarmGirlVR           Regenmor ter           Inwood, Iowa              Love God~Family~Friends~The Farm~Scrapping~Bath Time~Reading
farmingfriends       farmingfriends         Yorkshire                 farmer's wife, smallholder with hens, ducks, guinea fowl, quail & saddleback pigs. Love to blog, garden & ta
farmingmagazine      Farming: TJoNEA        St. Johnsbury, VT, USA    The Northeast's Premier Ag Journal
farmnewsjock         Mike Hergert           Grand Forks, ND           farm broadcaster, runner, wine and food lover. Listen to podcasts at
FarmrPhil         Philip Gorringe           Herefordshire. UK         Farmer,Husband and Father, Podcaster. Has been known to be opinionated.
FarmWorld            Newspaper              Knightstown, IN           Midwest farm newspaper serving Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, Tennessee and Iowa
Fastline          Fastline                  Buckner, Ky               The Premier Resource for New and Used Equipment
fb_CyndieS           Cyndie Sirekis         Washington, DC            A dairy farmer's daughter and director of news services for the American Farm Bureau Federation
featherchick         featherchick           Illinois                  Field editor for Ill., Ind. AgriNews, proud supporter of U.S. farmers, U.S. military. Live and work in La Salle, grew up in
                                                                                 Madison, WI/Lexington,
FeedingTheGlobe      Lori Weaver            KY                        creator of Feeding the Globe, devoted to feed, food and fuel issues impacting global food security.
Feedstuffs        Feedstuffs                Minneapolis, MN           Feedstuffs provides the latest news on food, agriculture and farming. Issues covered: humane animal care, global wa
FieldAssignment      FieldAssignment        Hartland, Wisconsin       "Field Assignment" is a blog where Mike Opperman, Bill Stadick and others at agri -marketing agency Cha
fishfarms         Rachel Fishback           Washington, Iowa          Mother, Iowa Farmer and Professional Photographer spreding my love of family, agricucture and photography to oth
FL_Dairy_Girl        Kris Rucks             Florida                   My husband and I are dairy farmers in South Florida. We have 2 beautiful children. Our daughter loves to show Brow
foodandfarming       Lilian Schaer          Guelph, Ontario, Canada   Canadian agri-food writer, communications project specialist - passionate about the farming side of food
foodchat          #FoodChat              Wherever food is grown!   A monthly conversation between people concerned about food and those who produce it. Join live conversation 3rd
foodprovider         Mike Ver Steeg      Inwood, Iowa              Christian, conservative, pig, corn and soybean producer from Northwest Iowa
fosterk96         Kristy Foster          East Palestine, Ohio      Agriculture news reporter who loves the rural lifestyle.
FredPond          Fred C. Pond           Scott, Ohio               Owner and Operator of The Pond Seed Company
FunTSAR            Bill Bakan             Hartville, Ohio USA       Maize Valley is a Family Farm Market & Winery creating fun, local & healthy experiences for all
gilmerdairy          Will Gilmer         Lamar County, Alabama     Alabama dairyman Will Gilmer tweets about life on Gilmer Dairy Farm
HogDoc              Dave Farnum            Rural Iowa                Veterinarian, Dad Working with cattlemen to make beef safer with prevention.
holstein_world       Holstein World                                The #1 source for Holstein news and event coverage!
HotPeppersInAg       Hot Peppers in Ag   Loup City, NE             Hot Peppers in Agriculture is dedicated to letting you know it is cool to producing food, fiber, fuel and pharmaceutics
HTFUS                Hand That Feeds U.S.   Rural America             HTFU.S. is a project of Farm Policy Facts that aims to improve urban media’s perceptions about U.S. agricultu re, f
HuskerFarm           Ryan Weeks          South Central Nebraska    Fifth generation farmer on the original homstead from 1892. Raise Corn, Soybeans, Popcorn, Alfalfa an d Prairie Hay.
iamafarmer2          Debbie Borg         Nebraska
IAmBiotech           I Am Biotech        Washington, DC            Editor in Chief of
INDairy            Winners Drink Milk!    Indianapolis, IN          Wholesome dairy product nutrition info from Hoosier dairy farmers for dietitians, health professionals and Indiana c
IndianaGrainCo       Grain Trader                                  Commodity Traders
IndianaPork          Indiana Pork        Indianapolis, IN          The official Twitter site of Indiana's pork farmers. Taking care of our pigs is what we do best!
IowaAgClassroom      Melissa Brooks      Iowa                      State Contact for Ag in the Classroom progam. Farm Bureau Young Farmer Program Coordinator. Enjoys traveling an
IowaFarmBureau       Sara Payne          West Des Moines, Iowa     Advocating for food, farming, families and the future of Iowa
IowaFarmWriter       Heather             Iowa                      Writer for the Iowa Farm Bureau Spokesman. Supporter of farmers. Back-of-the-pack marathon runner. Crazy about
Iowamyhome           Teresa Bjork        Central Iowa              Iowa Farm Bureau features writer who loves small towns, food and the simple life
j3cattle          Joshua Ramsey          Alamogordo NM and Garber OK
JacksonFarms         Mike Jackson        Moweaqua, Illinois        Farmer on family farm. I like to hunt,fish,golf,play poker and ride my Harley motorcycle.
JCornely          Joe Cornely            Columbus Ohio             Farm Bureau media specialist and bald guy
JeffFowle         Jeff Fowle             Etna, CA                  Conservative Christian rancher, raising cattle, horses and hay
jennaweg          Jenna Wegner           Wisconsin                 dairy farmer's daughter | working for the members of MN Farm Bur eau | consuming my 3 -A-Day of dairy
jerz4me            Kristin Taylor
jilib                jill m.                Here at the farm          Christian,wife, proud Mom of 3 Gr8 Men,Excitd Gma2b/Aug!W e Farm:cattle,grain,bulldogs.So many blessings!
JYMATS              Jacob Rezac            Near Manhattan, Kansas    I am a 19 y/o 3rd generation Rancher, 2nd generation Volunteer Fireman, And All Around Handyman Rolled Into One
kelly_girl        kelly                  Texas                     Dirt. Lots of dirt. A little cotton, a little grain, some cattle. I take pictures of it all.
kennedynick          kennedynick
KimNewsom            KimNewsom           Nashville, Tenn.          Magazine editor for FFA New Horizons, TN Home and Farm, and ILFB Partners; animal agriculture advocate
                                                                                    Northern California
KraziKrone              Krazi Krone            foothills                  Farmer, Mother (& Grandmother), Small business owner, and spiritual seeker
kst8er76          Farm Girl                    Kansas                     Mom, Wife, Farm & Commercial Insurance Nerd, Shopper, Photography lover, #topprog, #Kansas, #insurance
KyFarmersMatter         Johns Custom Meats     Smiths Grove, KY           Cattle Producer,EX-Tobacco Grower-Meat Shop Owner~Locally grown meats from small family farms! Buy Local Kent
L_Wright          Lynnette Wright              Syracuse, NY               Born and raised on a 50-cow Registered Holstein farm in the heart of NY. I love the pur ebred dairy industry and my d
laurasleanbeef          Laura's Lean Beef      Lexington, KY              Lean, naturally-raised beef company. Available in grocery stores nationwide.
LBC_luke          Luke Bowman                  Greens Fork, IN            Animal Science teacher, livestock genetics facilitator, Animal Ag promoter, husband to the classiest lady ever, son, a
leahbeyer         leahbeyer                    Indiana                    mother, wife, believer
lisabeth515             Lisa                   Harrisburg, Pa.            Professional dairy industry promoter; dairy farmer wanna -be; and lover of all things pop culture!
LiveAuctionNews         Brad Fahrmeier         Lexington, MO              A desire to web-cast auctions and help auctioneers take it to the next leve!
lizardcow         Liz                          Indiana                    midwestern cowgirl, college student (soon to be al umna), animal agriculture advocate.
lmworden          lmworden                     Ver mont                   Farm girl at heart, Badger for life. I love Holsteins, the dairy industry, and everything related to it! Trying to be the be
                                                                                    Mt Sterling, OH Madison
LohstrohFamFarm         Lohstroh Family Farm   County                     Pumpkins our specialty at our fall farm market. Freezer beef, custom baling and wrapping.Visit us on the web:http://
mallorypond             Mallory Pond           Scott, Ohio                I am 22. I am at The Ohio State ATI majoring in Floral Design and Marketing with Greenhouse Production and Mange
Mandymcar               Haystack Studio        Montana                    farmer, artist, photographer
ManfullOrchards         Manfull Orchards       Augusta, Ohio              Homegrown fruits and vegetables for seven generations.
MarketYourFarm          Brian Smith - MYF      Nebraska                   Farmer, marketer, dreamer. I help other farmers improve communication and marketing of their farms.
MarleneEick             Marlene Eick           Wooster, Ohio              Agricultural educator and communicator, book lover, pianist, and (with my husband) frequent livestock show and sal
MarlinBohling           Marlin Bohling         Raleigh, NC                Prez of World Wide Ag Network, for mer ag producer turned radio broadcaster, then podcaster and freelancer.
MBFarmJournal           Kelvin Heppner         Southern Manitoba          Farm broadcaster with Golden West Radio, host of MFJ - 12-2pm weekdays, listen live at
MeganHunnicutt          Megan Hunnicutt        Midwest                    Based on who I follow on here, I am rather eclectic: entrepreneur, sports fan, foodie, wine-o, farm girl.
MissMegRae              Megan Brown            Butte County, California   5th generation commercial cattle rancher. Pro-food. Pro-animal welfare, not rights.
mlooker                  Mark Looker            Modesto, CA                Ag Communications Consultant
mpaynknoper             Michele Payn-Knoper    Indiana, U.S.A.            Speaker and writer connecting farm gate to consumer plate. Focus on social media marketing, agriculture advocacy a
natejtaylor             natejtaylor            Sycamore, IL               Skilled Project Manager & Business Analyst.
nel1jack          Nelson                       Victoria                   7 kids. I don't need a life, I need a break. Certified Omnivore.
Northwestbeef           Wes Killion            Oregon                     Conservative living in a liberal state.
ohfarmmom               Joy Bauman             Otway, OH                  Farmwife, work at OSU South Centers, raise 3 girls, keep busy.
OhioFarmBureau          Ohio Farm Bureau       Columbus, Ohio             Ohio's largest general farm organization. Working to forge a partnership between farmers and consumers.
                                                                                    Ohio Department of
OhioProud               Ohio Proud             Agriculture                Buy Fresh. Buy Ohio.
OppieOnAg            Mike Opperman          Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin   PR Director, Dad and Packers Fan
OurOhio            OurOhio                   Ohio                       Our Ohio tells the story of Ohio agriculture through the faces and places that make Ohio great. A TV series, magazine
pigg74              Steve Pigg                Western Illinois           Farmer raising corn & beans, also insurance agent
RandyKrotz           Randy Krotz            St. Louis, MO              Online PR, SVP, energy, food, agriculture, healthcare.
RayLinDairy          Ray Prock              Turlock, CA                CA Dairy Farmer, Father of 2 great kids, married to their Beautiful Mother, Supporter of Agriculture, caretaker of anim
rcurless          Randy Curless             Wabash, IN                 Pork producer and County Councilman from Wabash, IN, and President of Indiana Pork
                                                                                 Chattarnagar 30.4272N
reallybuffalo        Vijay Srao             76.6492E                   Farmer(If you can not recognise me from the fuzzy photo and the beard ,yes the for mer pupil of Bellfield Middle Scho
redwood007           michael goodman        nevada                     photographer/tree farmer /free spirit 1 at peace with the world /non procrastinater/believer in possitive thinking
ritchiefarms         rmsBob Ritchie         California                 Grape & Almond Grower/Crop Advisor
Ron_on_RON           Ron Hays               Oklahoma                   The Director of Farm and Rural Programming for the Radio Oklahoma Network - the Number One Ag Radio Network
Rosemont_Farm        Heather Walters        Yamhill, Oregon            Sustainable 22 acre family farm, pastured poultry, pigs, dairy goats, market garden, plants, soy free. Farmer heal thy
russfarm          Dave Russell              Indianapolis, IN           Farm Broadcaster, Buckeye Fan
scrowell          Susan Crowell             Salem, Ohio                Editor of Farm and Dairy (weekly newspaper - @farmanddairy) trying to stay relevant in a multimedia world. Kent Sta
Serfman76         Kevin Serfas              Turin, Alberta             I am part of a family farm in Southern Alberta. We run a 5000 hd feedlot and and farm 35000 acres of mixed crops. T
                                                                                 Lethbridge, Alberta,
shaunhaney           Shaun Haney            Canada                     Farmer, seed retailer,entrepr eneur and writer/blogger
showpigs          Todd Michael              Famersville, Ohio          Todd Michael raises purebred Hampshire, Yorkshire and Hereford hogs on his family farm.
SierraRanch          Sierra Ranch           Claremore, OK              Ranch owner learning the ropes and raising kids.
Skinnyhorse          Scot Dutcher           Colorado, USA              Unapologetic American, Anti -animal rights. Support animal use in ag, exhibition, sporting, and med research. Will kee
stevesellers         Steve Sellers          McDonough, Georgia         Unencumbered by the thought process.
SwineWelfareVet      Dr. Ines Rodriguez     Kennett Square, PA         I am a swine veterinarian at the University of Pennsylvania with an interest in sow housing and swine welfare issues.
TheFarmgirl          Jennifer               Ohio                       I write. Also, wife, pistol-packin' mama of 3, livestock caretaker, homeschooler, horse lover, pianist, antique shop ow
TownHallOhio         Town Hall Ohio         Columbus, Ohio             Ohio Farm Bureau's weekly award-winning radio public affairs discussion forum, airing on 12 Ohio radio stations reac
trentloos entloos        Trent Loos
trg1173            Terry Gilbert             Central KY                 Wife, Mother, Nana, Beef Farmer, Ag supporter
TroyHadrick          Troy Hadrick           South Dakota               I am a cattle producer from South Dakota
TruffleMedia         TruffleMediaJohnBlue   indianapolis               Creating agriculture community for you
tvfarmer          David Brown               Decatur, Il                Central Ill. farmer and part time ag broadcaster
                                                                                 ÃœT: 40.78674,-
Tyker man1 man1           Steve Tucker           101.972372                 A God believing farmer who spends too much time wondering what you are doing.
vbarr                Vanessa Barr              Tennessee                  Exciting life on the family farm, coupled with interesting (ag & other) communications work.
WATTPoultry ATTPoultry     Animal Agribusiness                            Become a Facebook Fan:
WhitWallace      Whitney Wallace       Missouri                 Agricultural Journalism major at Mizzou. Work in beef industry. Cheer for the Tigers. Love livestock shows, shoes, cou
wiggled        Heather Gorringe        Herefordshire UK - Really Rural Living Store. Heather is Chief Wiggler, Farmer's Wife, Podcaster, and Giggler. Blog
worldfarmers     IFAP World Farmers    Paris, France            The Farmers' Voice at the World Level
WorldWideAg       Raleigh, NC              Get FREE ag market quotes, news, weather, commodity futures analysis, podcasts hosted by Marlin Bohling, custom
                                                                         writenowbiz, northwest
WriteNowBiz      Jan Hoadley           Alabama                  Full time freelance writer, author, multi -dog home, raise rabbits, homesteader, horses, farm, smbusiness topics
zjhunn         Zach Hunnicutt          Nebraska                 I farm in Hamilton County Nebraska with my dad and brother raising irrigated corn and soybeans, and have a wife, a

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