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					                            LROC NewsPublished monthly by the Land Rover Owners Club of Southern Africa
    Est.         1960                PO Box 22016 Lyttelton 0140 - tel & fax 0861-LROCSA
October 2007
    Mike Ilsley
    tel (h)   012-9977 738
    Bernard Cohen
                                             Awards evening.
    tel (h) 011-8836 088
    e-mail v            A fantastic evening of nostalgia was enjoyed by a large crowd of our most loyal
                                             members who were awarded badges for long standing membership. A formal catered
    Andre Oberh olster                       evening was organised at the Piston Ring Clubhouse by the current Executive
-   tel (h) 011-9727 057                     Committee. A big thanks to Renzo and Isla Blasa who went the extra mile to let the
    e-mail secretary            evening run like clockwork. We were especially privileged to have Reg and Nancy
    TREASURER                                Whitley present .Reg being one of the founder members of the club in 1960.May the y
    Ry n Bodde
                                             be spared with good health for many years to come. The members honoured appear
    tel (h) 0123470114
    e-mail             on pages 13 and 14.
    Andre w Howard
    Tel 083 459 879 8.
                                             Songimvelo bridge hand over.
    Jesse Rowe
    tel (h) 0828521 566
    e-mail ev
    Phillip Lochner
    tel (h)   012-6530 404
    Attie Smit
    tel (h)  012-8048 789
    e-mail trophy
    Ansie Blignaut
    e-mail regalia
    Renzo Blasa
    tel & f ax (h) 011-3121 423
    Jakob Jordaan
    tel     0828081 422
    Isla Blasa
    tel & f ax 0861-LROCSA
    e-mail   legal@lr

    Abide by the rules, constitution,
    conservation code and code of
    conduct of the Club
    Be a considerate member
    Drive responsibly
    Assist fellow members
    Promote the safe and responsible use
    of Land Rovers
    Respect       rules in    all   parks,
    conservation areas, public and private
    Maintain your vehicle in a sound on-
    and off-roadworthy condition
    Do not litter

                                                     LROC News –October 2007
                                                             Page 1
               CLUB ISSUES
To add Adverts to the LROC News newsletter, email your
advert to

If one would page forward through our 47 years of history
and heritage, from that first year of the LROC in 1960, to
date, it would make for interesting reading. Amongst others,
the changes that the LROC has been through on various
terrains of value offering to our members. I think that one
can imagine that the same will be said in the next 47 years
to come. The committee is hard at work, on every possible
terrain, to keep that momentum of change in an effort to
keep up with the changing needs and demands of our
One of these changes is the need for country members to
form LROC chapters in their regions where they can
organize their own activities and events, under the existing
LROC umbrella, to keep the LROC enthusiasm growing. In
an effort to accommodate those needs, the committee is
busy finalising a document that would enable the formation
of Regional Chapters. Another document that is currently
reaching finalisation is the LROC Corporate Identity Manual.
This manual sets out the LROC brand definition, the
structure of the logo, the logo in colour or b&w, minimum
clearances, standard & minimum sizes, it warns against the
improper use of the logotype, sets out the colour palette,
fonts and usage of the brand.
In order to accommodate text in the logo that would identify
the individual chapters, we may have to change the logo
slightly. We will cover the Chapter rules and regulations, as                 PAST EVENTS
well as the new Corporate Identity Manual in more detail
soon. We sincerely hope that you would support yet another
change to keep the LROC alive in our consistent effort          NIGHT TRIAL
towards giving our members what they ask for in an ever         At last we paid a visit to Witfontein again. Due to mining
changing world!!                                                our usual campsite was no more and for the past 5 years
                                                                no trials were held there. This time around there are
                                                                facilities available and we should be able to pay more
                                       Jakob Jordaan PRO        visits to this sandy playground. During the course of the
                                                                morning and afternoon the members made use of the
                                                                opportunity to work on their sand driving skills. With the
                                                                sun setting in the West all was set for the trial to
                                                                commence. André Oberholster, standing in for Jesse
                                                                Rowe, got his first attempt to set up the course and based
                                                                on the overall comments from drivers and co-drivers alike
                                                                as well as the results for the evening, it was a well
                                                                balanced affair.
                                                                We welcomed the four ladies who braved the sand and
                                                                they will testify to the fact that the y not only learned a lot
                                                                but enjoyed it. Thanks to all who participated in making it a
                                                                great evening.
                                                                The results were as follows:
                                                                Ladies SWB
                                                                L. Killian 90Tdi 70
                                                                Ladies LWB
                                                                1. R. Pieters R/R 57
                                                                2. A. Blignaut 110V8 90

                                                 LROC News –October 2007
                                                         Page 2
LROC News –October 2007
        Page 3
3. C.van Wijk Disco i Tdi 91
                                              Kaapsehoop Long Weekend

Men’s SWB                                     The trip to Kaapsehoop was very successful. Most of the
                                              people arrived on Friday evening and we had dinner at the
1. R. Leimer Si 31
                                              Wild Horse pub, which opened specially for us. Saturday we
2. S. Smit 90Tdi 37                           had a leisurely breakfast waiting for the last stragglers to
                                              arrive, then set off into the forests to a viewpoint over
3. J. Killian 90Tdi 54                        Nelspruit and Barberton. We then descended to a waterfall
                                              where we could swim in the rock pools. Sunday we did two
                                              trips, one along the escarpment and then after
Men’s LWB                                     unsuccessfully trying to find the preferred route, decided just
                                              to climb in low range in the general direction until we
1. W. Schneider R/R 37
                                              emerged from the forests. On Monday it was time to return
2. C. Blignaut 110V8 55                       home. We camped at The Edge, a new campsite with
                                              stunning views, and good facilities. Altogether a great
3. A. Gre yling R/R 59                        weekend.
                                 Attie Smit
                                                         FUTURE EVENTS

                                              Film evening
                                              DATE: FRIDAY 5 OCTOBER 2007
                                              WHERE: PISTON R ING C LUB
                                                       BLOEMFONTEIN AVE MODDERFONTEIN
                                              WHEN : FROM 16:30 FOR THE BRAAI 19:00 FOR THE
                                              PRESENTA TION .
                                              CONTACT: ATTIE S MIT 083 2922412

                                              Fires will be provided so bring your picnic basket for a “bring
                                              & braai” and thereafter a slideshow and a talk.
                                              Ben du Toit, a defense analyst at the Defense Institute,
                                              Armscor will give a 60 minute presentation on ”The Land
                                              Rover in Military Service – A glimpse through history”.
                                              Unique military vehicles used in all areas of conflict since

                               LROC News –October 2007
                                       Page 4
WWII will be covered. Bring your own flash drive /memory
stick and Ben will allow you to down load the presentation       Come and find out more about what they do, especially if
for your personal use/records.                                   you would like to join ORRU!!

                                                  Attie Smit     Directions:
                                                                 Block A (Bateleur), Homestead Office Park, 65
                                                                 Homestead Avenue, Bryanston Coming from the N1
                                                                 concrete highway or the R511.Take the William Nicol
SPRING TRIAL & DRIVER TRAINING                                   Drive off-ramp and turn towards Randburg.Travel along
                                                                 William Nicol until the Grosvener Crossing intersection
DATE          13 – 14 OCTOBER 2007                               and turn RIGHT Into Main road.Travel along Main road
WHERE        NAVELDA FARMS                                       through two sets of traffic lights.
COST          R20-00 / VEHICLE .ABLU TION AVAILABLE              Pass Sandton Land Rover on your Left.At The 3 rd traffic
TRIAL COST R20-00 / VEHICLE                                      lights, Sandton Clinic is on your leftTurn RIGHT into
CAMPING       C AMPING ONLY !                                    Homestead Avenue.Proceed along Homestead ave, the
TIME          THE PRE TRIAL BRIEFING WILL STAR T A T 09:30       2nd office park on your right is No 65 Tell the security
AND THE TRIAL AT 10:00 ON SUNDAY .                               guard you are coming to the Main Block, BATELEUR
HOW TO G ET THERE : IN THE VILLA GE OF MULDERSDRIFT TURN         If you need directions after office hours phone Ivor on 083
ONTO SAND ROAD ( NEXT TO HOTEL), OPPO SITE THE                   326 3020
              THE RIGHT. TURN AT 1       RIGHT TO N AVELDA
              FARMS . 1,5 KM AL ONG BUMPY SAND ROAD ,

              JESSE ROWE – 082-8521566
                                                                 Technical Afternoon - Batteries
One of our club members offered us the use of this venue.        DATE           27 OCTOBER 2007
This is going to be a back into the bush trial and certainly     WHERE          DELTEC , 34 SIXTH STREE T, WY NBERG
                                                                 WHEN           WILL STAR T AT 2.00PM SHARP
very interesting. As nature lovers this venue will suite us
all. There is camping available with basic ablution. There       CONTACT        RENZO BLASA 011-3121423
will be enough wood for the big camp fire! Botswana style        If you have been wanting to ask all kinds of questions
it is! Training will be on the Saturday and Phillip will teach   about batteries, battery care, charging, storage, different
the members a few tricks. The trial will again be on             types of batteries, etc. then do not miss this opportunity to
Sunday. Ladies come and join us!                                 ask your questions. The talk will be held at Deltec’s
                                                                 offices/warehouse in Wynberg but will not be restricted to
AAWDC FUN D AY CHALLENGE:                                        the Deltec batteries – Brett is a clued up chap so I am sure
AS clerk of events I just want to thank the volunteers who       he will be able to handle most if not all your questions.
came out for the day and braved the hot sun and dust
                                                                 Directions : take the Gra yston offramp on the M1
from the spinning Toyota’s to assist me with the
                                                                 highway, and turn EAST into Rautenbach Avenue
marshalling of our obstacle. This was a long day but all
                                                                 (towards Wynberg i.e. away from Sandton), this is a one-
took it in good stride and did an excellent job. I do feel
                                                                 way street. At the first traffic light there is a fuel station on
that our obstacle played a part in achieving our goal. So to                                    th
                                                                 the left, turn left here into 6 Street. Continue for about
Oom Hannes, Fraser, Kevin & Theo. Thanks guys!
                                                                 300m, Deltec is on the right hand side, at S26.10694
                                                                 E28.08060. There is not much parking so you might have
                                                                 to park in the street.

TECHNICAL EVENING –OFF ROAD RESCUE                                         .
DATE          16 OCTOBER 2007
ORGANISER     JAKOB JORDAAN                                      CHILDRENS CHRISTMAS PARTY
TIME          19H00          .                                   DATE         2-4 NOVEMBER 2007
BOOKINGS       ISLA BLASA 0861LROCSA                             WHERE        RUST DE WINTER
The Off-Road Rescue Unit (ORRU) is a focus group of the          BOOKINGS     CLUB ADMINISTRA TOR – ISLA               BLASA    AT

AAWDC and has a permanent team of volunteers, who                        011-3121423 OR 08611 LROCSA
are all members of 4x4 clubs and who utilize their own           ORGANISER    JAKOB JORDAAN 082-808-1422
time and equipment to assist in the event of disaster or         Come and join us on the best attended LROC event and
search and rescue. They have built up an outstanding             one of the biggest highlights on our calendar - the annual
track record over the years and have played a vital role in      Christmas Party – and this year is no exception!!! A
saving lives. The objective ORRU is to assist when and           Mountain drive, Father Christmas, a free Saturday evening
where possible and the prime objective is to provide             spitbraai with pap & sous (bring your own drinks and
efficient, logistical support either by means of off road        salad), a chance for the kids to drive daddy’s landy in a
transport or communications. ORRU works closely with             trial .
organizations like The Mountain Club of South Africa,
National Sea Rescue, Metro rescue services, The South            Costs are R20.00 per person per day (including children of
African airforce as well as the South African Police.

                                                  LROC News –October 2007
                                                          Page 5
school going age) for the use of the venue and it includes
                                                                members of the LROC. No guests’ please.
camping costs, which is payable at the gate on arrival.
The cost for the Mountain drive on the Saturday is R50.00
per Land Rover. The kiddies trial is free. Camping facilities
includes ablution and showers with hot water.
                                                                TREASURE HUNT GUIDE DOG
The program for the weekend is as follows:                      ASSOCIATION
Friday: People arrive as they wish, pay entrance fee at the     DATE       SUNDAY 3 FEBUARY 2008
gate, set up camp and start the campfires.                      TIME       9.00 AM
Saturday:                                                       WHERE      L AND ROVER 4X4 EXPERIENCE KY ALAMI
        Mountain drive starts at 09:30, back in the camp                  7 DASSIEFONTEIN MAIN RD LONEHILL
         by 15:00. Pack a picnic basket for lunch on top of     BOOKINGS     CLUB ADMINISTRA TOR – ISLA BLASA             AT
         the mountain - no fires please!                                011-3121423 OR 08611 LROCSA
        Father Christmas arrives 16:30
                                                                ORGANISER     ATTIE & GERRIE SMIT
        Thereafter the club offers a free spitbraai, pap &
         sous. Bring your own drinks and salad and enjoy
         the evening!!                                          As with the previous treasure hunt, this event will once
Sunday: The children’s trial starts 10:00 at the quarry.        again be in aid of the Guide Dog Ass.. Land Rover 4x4
                                                                Experience made their facilities, free of charge, available
The Christmas gift, for the primary school children, will be    to us and we will depart from their premises. Although no
subsidized by LROC. It will cost the parents only R50 per       entry fees will be charged, you will be asked to give a
child and the LROC will contribute another R50!!!               donation at the start and on route you may be required to
        The R50 per child for the Christmas gift needs to      “pay” for much needed info to reach your destination.
         be paid to the Club Administrator before 26
         October 2007.                                          Fires will be provided for a bring & braai so you may enjoy
        The booking form needs to be with the Club             your Sunday lunch at the finish.
         Administrator before 26 October 2007.                  The event requires a great amount of paperwork and
                                                                therefore you need to book.
ATTEND FOR CATERING PURPOSES!! The weekend is                   Bring the family and for a small fee we will supply you with
subsidised by the LROC and is therefore only for                the contact details of a good councillor.

                                                 LROC News –October 2007
                                                         Page 6
                                                                      LRO C MEMBERS
                                                                     BUSINESS ADVERTS
                                                                We include one line adverts for our members free of
                                                                charge to advertise their personal businesses or
                                                                You must be a bone fide member to advertise in this
                                                                column. Please submit via
                                                                   For all your Two-Way-Radio and Communications
                                                                    Requirements' please contact ROSH Electronics cc
                                                                    Contact Name: Romeo Nardini Tel 011 476-4156
                                                                    Fax 011 476-1787 Cell 082-552 4440 e-mail:
                                                                   Need a simple advertising web site or a complex
                                                                    database-based web site? Contact Renzo Blasa at
                                                                    011-3151400           /       083-4085340          /
                                                                   "Let your spirit find Africa" with adventure travel
                                                                    specialists Free Spirit Adventures mobile: 082 558
                                                                    8959 tel: 011 662 2057 email:
                                                                   For Corporate Gifts and Clothing contact Dave
                                                                    Morgan Tel: (012) 460 0234 Website: www.adva-
                                                                   Get your own copy of "Four-wheel Drive Tips &
                                                                    Traps" dealing with all sorts of Land Rovering topics,
                                                                    directly from the author, Mike Ilsley, at the special
                                                  Attie Smit        price of R120 excluding postage. Call 012 345 2289
                                                                   Learner driver training in the Johannesburg area from
                                                                    Fourways to Southern Suburbs and West Rand. Ten
RACING DAYS                                                         years experience and vehicles equipped with dual
Your contact person for Kyalami, Midvaal, Lichtenburg and           controls. Please contact Kevin Moss on 082 968
Gosforth Park is Darryl Beck 082-930-9562 (evenings                 2543 or 011 674-4065.
only if possible). Your contact person for Swartkops is            Klein Karoo, extremely comfortable accommodation,
Ernst van Biljon 082-568-0748 (evenings only). With all             B&B or S/C for up to 8 persons on Dorper stud farm
the requests for the Land Rover Owners Club assistance              in the Kammanassie Mountains. Absolute tranquillity,
at the various circuits, both Ernst and I are looking for           beautiful views, birding, walks, hikes, cycling, and
more Members to come along and assist us. If you would              4x4 trails aplenty. Near De Rust. Contact Mary &
like to assist at only one circuit of your choice, that would       Dick Carr 072 248 4830. More info at
be wonderful, as to expect Members to attend all races at 
all circuits is unreasonable. For Members who enjoy Motor          "Planning on travelling to Vilanculos in Mozambique,
Racing give Ernst or myself a ring.
                                                                    visit , for all your travel
                                                                    info, route information and bookings or contact Bruce
                                                                    or Elmarie on 083 601 2633" Bruce Turner Cell: 083
   For classified advertisements to appear in the                   604 2503 Email:
newsletter, please submit to
                                                                   150 KvA Silent Mobile Generators for hire - 24 hours.
                                                                    Whelan International - Francois Whelan 072 285
                                                                   Accounting, Bookkeeping, Company secretarial work,
                                                                    Estates, Company Retirement Schemes, New
                                                                    business start up consulting and all aspects relating
                                                                    to personal and company ta xation in the Pretoria
                                                                    area. Contact Alex on 012 997 5324 or 082 396
                                                                    9782. Alex van der Horst Professional Accountant
                                                                    (SA) Registered Tax Practitioner
                                                                   DO YOU LOVE YOUR L ANDY?”Then insure it
                                                                    through Land Rover Insurance! The cover made for
                                                                    your Land Rover.Contact Maritsa @ 041-

                                                 LROC News –October 2007
                                                         Page 7
     3634561Thanks Ian Meaker Chairman LROC PE.                   Bush baby senior combo and dome tent 3x3mx2.9m
    Self Catering log cabins with full bathrooms en suite,       canvas new not used as I use off road trailer.R5000 Gary
     braai boma and bush pub, available in the Waterberg          Clinton 083 3369059 Umhlanga rocks KZN
     (Limpopo Prov), 1½ hours from Johannesburg.                  Defender tyres: 2x General SAG 9.50 x16 (thread left = 5-
     Excellent weekend getaway. Good rates. Contact               6mm and 6-7mm, but a bit warn on the sides ) - R500 all
     Anita/Dennis Fritz on 014 717 1297 or 082 551 8919.          3x BFG AT 235x75x16 (thread left = 2-3mm, 3-4mm and
    LROC members receive a 10% discount on ALL                   4-5mm) - R500 all 3x BFG MT 235x75x16 (thread left = 6-
     accommodation when staying at Kololo lodge                   7mm, 7-8mm and 7-8mm) - R1800 all Contact Johann -
     (Waterberg) and Sefapane Lodge (Kruger -                     073 155 4114 (Pretoria)
     Phalaborwa) Contact Emlyn 072 630 8070                       1994 Jurgens Penta. R50 000.00 Full tent, Rally tent, Add-
    For all your embroidery (Land Rover badges or any            a-Room.New tyres, 2 x gas bottles, battery. Stored under
     other) and any apparel contact Anita at 082 551 8919         roof in Hatfield, Pretoria Contact Johan 079 881 4555 /
     or 014 717 1297 (Precision Embroidery/Labels).               083 681 7476
     Been in the business for 12 years.                           LandRover Defender Tdi 110 hardtop, 2.5 1998, with
    For all your Corporate Clothing and Embroidery               trench conversion(3 passenger back seat and one side
     requirements’ please contact Witch WorX cc.Contact           door added) Green,100 l tank,Dual battery,Tow Bar,Roof
     name: Jacqui Hyde Tel / Fa x: 011 822 3311 Cell: 083         rack,Radio&CD,250000km,R70000 ono. Brackenfell -
     379 9511 Email:                         Cape Town Contact Marietjie 0824694133
    Fully equipped Conqueror and Afrispoor off-road              Land Rover DISCOVERY Series II 2002 Seat covers front
     Camping Trailers for hire in the Eastern Cape region.        and rear excellent condition Made in England Flame
     See our website for more details         retardant and waterproof R1500.00 Ph Andy 0836411240
     or e-mail us at Try us for
                                                                  Series 2a, in good cond, mud tyres and hardtop, licensed
     reasonable rates, quality products and excellent
                                                                  to 07/2008, selling since just bought lwb p/up. email
     service. "It makes sense to rent!"
                                                         for pics. R30 000
    From self – drive safaris in Southern Africa to e xciting
     international destinations.We create holidays to suit        1998 Discovery V8i 160,000kms, 3dr, Tow bar, bull bar,
     your specific needs. Established in 1994. Contact            spots, dual battery system, good condition, sold
     Topwin Tours. Tel: 012 361 6397 /012 365 1131                INCLUDING roof rack, roof top tent, gas bottles and                                         attachments lights etc, Waeco freezer & much more!
                                                                  Owners emigrating. R70,000. Tel: 072 237 9599- Suzanne
To add Adverts to the LROC News newsletter, email your            or email Based in Gauteng.
advert to                                 '76 SIII SWB soft top 2.25 diesel for sale. excellent
                                                                  condition. 4 new tyres, two spares. extra diesel tank. must
                                                                  be seen to appreciate condition. R50 000. Selling to fund
                   FOR SALE                                       SI restore. Gavin 083 268 2776
                                                                  1974 Series 3 Land Rover. 2.6 ltr Petrol 6 cylinder. In daily
                                                                  use and good running condition. Sad sale. R 32,500 neg.
Defender 110 Hi-Line S/W 1994 V8, AAD galvinised                  Ian - 082 881 2772
chassis, 2 x factory fitted additional tanks, + lots of extras,   1986 3.5litre v8 110 defender. Roof rack. side canvas
in excellent condition, service records available, 1 owner        canopy. roadworthy. plenty of work done on rims.
since new. Done 250,000km. R65,000.00. Contact Jan at             New atx tyres. New prop shaft, brakes, clutch kit. Goes
011 673 5407 office hours or e mail:            really well. (Port Elizabeth) priced at only R35000. Contact
Long range tank for Defender Tdi. R500-00 Contact:                Carlo on 0823211575.
Kobus 0823359860(western Cape)                                    2000 Discovery TD5 XS Must be seen. bull bar, tow bar,
Series III SWB. 2.25 petrol. 5 New tyres. New shocks.             S/R, climate control, dual airbag, many more R95000
Electronic ignition. Recon cylinder head, carb and                reluctant urgent sale 083 384 8827
gearbox. In daily use. Wanting to upgrade to a Defender           Defender 110 v8 '91 b/bar, t/bar, seat covers, spots, roof
PUP. R35 000 ONCO. Craig 0834145029.                              rack with spade, axe & jerry cans, gas bottle holder, fully
White 1999 Defender 110 TD5 hard top bakkie, 156                  equipped kitchen unit, axe, wiring for 27mhz radio, new
000km, FSH, Snorkel, side compartments, watr tank, Long           transfer box, long range tank, recovery points Gauteng
range tank, dual battery, ac-dc invertor, mini comressor,         Emlyn 0726308070
CD shuutle, roof rack, roof tent, 2 jerry can and bracket, 1      1998 Defender 110 Tdi high capacity pickup, extras
x 7kg gas cylinder and bracket, roof bag, air jack, hubby         include bulbar, tow bar and cattle rails. Excellent condition,
track and other extras. R 130 000.00 NEG G Donald,                one owner. R 90 000. Contact Martin 058 913 2060
0837634562, email, Cape Town.                  (Vrede), 072 808 7000.
Picture available
                                                                  1997 Defender 110 for sale. Vehicle mileage is 265,000
Ex-Mil metal SNORKEL for defender 110/ 90 (similar to             km (full service history), but has a new 2,8L Power Stroke
MANTEC spec), mushroom top included, all hoses and                TDI (375 Nm) motor fitted. The motor was fitted 15,000 km
clamps, good condition, recently sandblasted and powder           ago, by Barker Performance, and includes all new
coated black, right hand top of fender mount, R1500               accessories such as turbo, starter motor, alternator, etc.
neg,Gauteng, 0824249390.                                          The vehicle, which is in excellent condition, is fully
Freelander (2003 model) longitudinal roof-rails, almost           equipped with many extras such as long range tank, water
new condition, original Land Rover spec, includes keys            tank, aluminium roof rack, ladder with gas bottles, Eezi-
and all fittings, Gauteng, 0824249390.                            Awn roof top tent, Ee zi-Awn awning, drawer system,

                                                  LROC News –October 2007
                                                          Page 8
running boards, bull bar with spot lights, winch, dual
batteries, snorkel, etc, etc.Reluctant sale, but owners
immigrating - Price: R125,000-00 Neg Contact Dave tel:
978-3257 or 083 269 9974                                        Hail Bernard. Veni, vedi vici! Well done. It has been so
3.9 EFI complete. Includes ECU, MAS, throttle body,             enjoyable being part of your team on such a worthwhile
plenum, inlet manifold fuel rail, injectors, all cabling -      project as the Sandspruit bridge.
sensors with connectors and air cleaner. R6500.00 Call          Andy Johnston
Docvan on 0824467449.                                           Good Day.
Hella rallye 1000 lights R1100 - Never used - in original       Bernard
packaging - includes stays, covers and fused relay (New         We would like to thank you for yet another lovely
price R1600+) Contact Rico (082) 682-4224                       weekend. For us as a family it was a privilege to part of
                                                                the bridge building project. We really enjoyed working with
                    WANTED                                      all the other families and would like to be part of a next
                                                                LROC project.
I am looking for a Tachometer that will be compatible with
my 2.5 tdi diesel. Please contact Wayne. Cell: 082 61 333       Christo & Ansie Blignaut, and our three sons Justin,
00                                                              Marco and Philip.
Defender pickup in immac cond, fsh preferable with all
documentation, willing to pay R80 - pics to                                                        NEW MEMBERS
I'm looking for door spares for the LR 110 Defender V8
P/UP (1984): windows/glass, winder mechanisms, door
linings, inside door handles, etc. Jakes 082 411 8451           The following new members are welcomed into the Land
                                                                Rover Owners Club. Ma y your journey with the club be a
                                                                long and pleasant one:
          OTHER MATTERS                                             1. Gerard Scheepers from Constantia Park, he is
                                                                         waiting for his new 90 in September
                                                                    2. Dean and Arlene Seagrave-Sutton from Port
It gives me great pleasure to announce Cobus Bosch as                    Elizabeth, they have 2 children Tasmin and Lia,
the new ORRA Chairman, elected at the AAWDC
                                                                         and own a Discovery 1 V8 Auto
committee meeting last night.
Cobus is at present a member of the FWDCSA and a                    3. Cornelis Volmer and Leatitia Jacobs from Sea
former Algoa Toyota 4x4 Club member for 15 years. He is                  View, they have 3 children Gerard, Ilse and
                                                                         Nicole, and own a Defender 110 Td5
currently working at the SABC and has a thorough
knowledge of radio ranging from LF, AM, UHF, FM, to                 4. Derek and Shirley van Niekerk from Faerie Glen,
satellite transmission. He was a radio operator during his               they own a Discovery 2 Td5 ES
National Service so he brings with an in depth knowledge            5. Carlo Godridge and Helen Stewart from
of proper radio procedures. He also has experience in                    Roodepoort, they own a Defender 110 Td5
installing 29 Mhz radios for members.                               6. Marcus and Lelanie Naude from Brakpan, they
Please welcome Cobus to his new position. I call on                      own a Defender 90 Tdi
everybody to gi ve him all the support that he will need to         7. Michael and Caerwen Palmer from Henley on
make a success of this very important service that the                   Klip, they have 2 children Stuart and Jenna-
AAWDC offers to its members.                                             Leigh, and own a Range Rover
Regards Jakob Jordaan                                               8. Jacobus van Zyl from Eastlynn, he has 1 child
Chairman AAWDC                                                           Pamela-May, and owns a Defender 110 Tdi CSW
Bushveld Training Adventures invites all nature lovers and
                                                                    9. Lourens Pretorius and Hettie Botha from
wildlife enthusiasts to a life changing training and learning
                                                                         Moreleta Park, they own a Discovery 3 TD V6 S
experience about wildlife and the natural environment.
The Environmentalist course is a one year, part-time                10. Steven and Naomi van Tonder from Moreleta
course that combines weekly evening lectures with                        Park, they ha ve 3 children Stefne, Carla and
practical field work and weekends away, followed by                      Tanya, and they own a Defender 110 Td5
written tests and/or assignments for those who want to
acquire a nationally recognized certificate at the end of the       11. Jeremy and Nicoleen Hunt from Port Elizabeth,
year.Courses are held in Johannesburg and Pretoria and                  they have 2 children Amber and Jasmin, and own
registration for 2008 is now open.                                      a Defender 110 2.8i CSW
Contact:                                                            12. Richard and Birgit Macke from Port Elizabeth,
          Bushveld Training Adventures                                 they own a Freelander 2 Td4 HSE
           Tel: (011) 679-2298                                      13. James and Linda-Lou Baldie from Misgund, they
           Fax: 086 672 1205                                            own a Discovery 3 TDV6 HSE, a Discovery 1 Tdi,
           Cell: 082 337 1355                                           a Freelander Td4 HSE and a Freelander Td4 SE

                                                 LROC News –October 2007
                                                         Page 9
             PLEASE FAX FORM & DEPOSIT SLIP TO 011-3121423 BEFORE 26 OCTOBER 2007

                                         LROC CHRISTMAS PARTY 2-4 NOVEMBER 2007 BOOKING FORM

             ME MBE R INFO

             FULL NAME

             MEMBERSHIP No.

             Vehicle registration No.

             Member’s signature :

             ATTENDANCE INFO                                      Cam ping/day visitor fees paid upon arrival at the entrance gate

             Saturday Braai                                                                            Saturday Braai
             Number of adults and High school children                                                 Number of Primary school children
             attending                                                                                 attending
             Number of people in my party that does
             not eat pork


             No.         Name and surname






                                                                                                                                              Full amount
             I agree to pay R50-00 per child for the Christmas gift to the LROC not later than
             26 October 2007                                                                                                                  R


The Clerk of Events and his deputy / deputies as well as committee members of the LROC of SA will at all times be available f or
the smooth running of events and to give advice and assistance as may be required.

I, full name as lis ted abov e, do hereby declare:
             That I realize that 4x4 driv ing is dangerous
             That I will ex ercis e utmost care in participating in any event organized by the LROC of SA
             That I will adhere to the club’s code of conduct
             And that I will follow, to the best of my ability , any instruction giv en to me by LROC officials at any of the events organiz ed by the LROC of SA

I absolv e the LROC of SA or any of its authoriz ed representativ es from all liability incurred during any event (present or future) organiz ed by or on behalf of the LROC of SA:
             Where damages to any vehic le or property occurs, howsoever caused, whether that property is my own or belong to any other person or organiz ation
             Where any death occurs or injury is sustained by myself as driv er, any passenger, spectator or any other person howsoever caused

                                                                       LROC News –October 2007
                                                                               Page 10
LROC News –October 2007
        Page 11
LROC News –October 2007
        Page 12
years   date_joined   membership_type        titles         member_surname                  member_name              spouse_name
  47    03.10.1960    LIFE              MRS               DANDRIDGE             AILEEN
  47    03.10.1960    LIFE              MR & MRS          WHITLEY               REG                       NANCY
  43    03.10.1964    ASSOCIATE         MR & MRS          GRAHAM                KEN                       LIZ
  43    06.02.1964    LIFE              MR & MRS          HAACKE                WULF                      MAUREEN
  41    06.05.1966    ORDINARY          MR                DANDRIDGE             RAYMOND
  41    28.08.1966    LIFE              MR & MRS          WALTON                OWEN                      RENILDE
  38    06.03.1969    ORDINARY          MR & MRS          DRAXL                 FRIEDRICH JOHANN          HILTRUD
  36    16.05.1971    LIFE              MR & MRS          MENASCE               JOHN                      JEANNETTE
  36    26.10.1971    ORDINARY          MR & MRS          SIMPSON               IAN                       AMANDA
  34    21.10.1973    LIFE              MR & MRS          COTTON                TERENCE                   INA
  34    13.05.1973    ORDINARY          MR & MRS          WINSLOW               ANDREW JOSEPH             BETH MARJORIE
  32    16.09.1975    ORDINARY          MR & MRS          COETZEE               PETER                     LYNETTE
  32    01.10.1975    ORDINARY          MR                MACKWAY-WILSON        GARTH
  32    21.07.1975    ORDINARY          MR & MRS          RADEMAKER             MARC                      DIANE
  31    20.06.1976    ORDINARY          MR                KIRKPATRICK           GAVIN
  30    05.06.1977    ORDINARY          MR & MRS          VORSTER               JAN                       LEONE
  28    20.11.1979    LIFE              MR & MS           BECK                  DARRYL                    GITA
  28    05.04.1979    ORDINARY          MR & DR           DOHM                  MARTIN                    INA
  28    28.01.1979    ORDINARY          DR & MRS          SMITHIES              STAFFORD                  SHIRLEY
  25    05.11.1982    ORDINARY          MR                PRESSLY               JAKE
  24    20.02.1983    ORDINARY          DR & MRS          CHIV ERS              ERROL                     CYNTHIA
  23    09.09.1984    ORDINARY          MR & MRS          ANSTEE                DICK                      MARTHA
  23    09.09.1984    ORDINARY          MR                FARTHING              ALAN
  23    07.01.1984    LIFE              MR & MRS          HUBER                 MIKE                      ELSA
  23    24.09.1984    ORDINARY          MR & MRS          KEMPE                 JOHN                      ELSPETH
  23    20.09.1984    ORDINARY          MR & MRS          PLUNKETT              STUART FREDERICK          JENNY
  22    30.08.1985    COUNTRY           MR & MRS          MUMFORD               BRIAN                     DAPHNE
  22    26.03.1985    ORDINARY          MR & MRS          WALDRON               CHRISTOPHER DAVID         DEBORAH LYNNE
                                        PROF &
  21    17.10.1986    COUNTRY           PROF              SHIPLEY               JOHN                      CATHY
  21    13.01.1986    ORDINARY          MR & MRS          WISCHNEWSKI           UWE                       MARIETTA
  20    10.03.1987    ORDINARY          MR & MRS          ALLISON               JOHN                      JEAN
  20    10.08.1987    ORDINARY          MR & MRS          DE SOUZA              ALLAN                     LEANNE
  19    07.07.1988    ORDINARY          MR & MRS          DUNCAN                NEIL                      JEAN MARY
  19    07.07.1988    ORDINARY          MR & MRS          FRASER                IAN                       LYNN
  19    21.04.1988    LIFE              MR                GLYNN                 PHILIP
  19    08.04.1988    ORDINARY          MR & MRS          LEIMER                ROB                       JANINE
  19    07.07.1988    ORDINARY          MR & MRS          McCARTNEY             SANDY                     MARGARET
  19    03.03.1988    ORDINARY          MR & MRS          MYBURGH               IAN                       JANA
  19    03.03.1988    ORDINARY          MR                PFEIFFER              INGO
  19    23.04.1988    ORDINARY          MR & MRS          POROBICH              JOHN                      ANN
  18    13.06.1989    ORDINARY          MR & MRS          AMSINCK               HENRY                     MICHELLE
  18    23.10.1989    ORDINARY          MR & MRS          JONES                 JOHN                      SALLY-ANNE
  18    11.07.1989    ORDINARY          MR & MRS          ROPER                 CHRISTOPHER               ELIZABETH
  17    11.07.1990    ORDINARY          MR                BROCCARDO             PETER FRANCIS
  17    06.02.1990    COUNTRY           MR & MRS          DREWETT               IAN DAVID                 YVONNE
  17    06.06.1990    ORDINARY          MR & MRS          HOLLAND               PETER                     LYNETTE
  17    03.07.1990    COUNTRY           DR & MRS          NAUDE                 KOOS                      INA
  17    04.10.1990    COUNTRY           MR & MRS          PRINSLOO              JACO                      LINDA
  17    08.11.1990    OVERSEAS          MR & MRS          STEINHOBEL            DESMOND                   ADRI
  16    07.05.1991    ORDINARY          MR                STEELE                EDDIE
  16    08.10.1991    ORDINARY          MR & MRS          VAN HARMELEN          WILLEM                    SANDY
  16    09.09.1991    COUNTRY           MR & MRS          VAN ZYL               FRANCOIS                  ANNE
  15    12.02.1992    ORDINARY          MR & MRS          COOPER                ROSS                      DEBBIE

                                                      LROC News –October 2007
                                                              Page 13
15   03.04.1992   ORDINARY       MR & MRS      MASON                 RICHARD                ELDENE
15   07.07.1992   ORDINARY       MR & MRS      MOOI                  TREVOR                 CAROLYN ANGELA
15   11.08.1992   ORDINARY       MR & MRS      PAULSEN               ANTON                  ISOBEL
15   05.08.1992   ORDINARY       MR & MRS      SCHOEMAN              JAN                    ANTOINETTE
15   04.03.1992   ORDINARY       MR & MRS      UBSDELL               RODNEY                 BRIDGET
14   03.02.1993   ORDINARY       MR & MRS      COTTON                BRIAN JOHN             SHELLEY
14   03.02.1993   COUNTRY        MR & MS       COTTON                ALAN                   CANDICE
14   13.10.1993   COUNTRY        MR & MRS      JONAS                 NICK                   THERESA
13   02.03.1994   ORDINARY       MRS           HEPWORTH              ANN
13   03.03.1994   ORDINARY       MR & MRS      JASPER                MARTY KAREL            BRENDA JEAN
13   18.05.1994   ORDINARY       MR & MRS      OUZMAN                LARRY                  GAYLE
                                                                                            SUSANNA CATHARINA
13   04.08.1994   COUNTRY        MR & MRS      SWART                 HERMANUS LAMBERTUS     PETRONELLA
13   04.08.1994   ORDINARY       MR & MRS      TIV ERS               CECIL                  THEA
12   25.03.1995   ORDINARY       MS            BENADE                ANNIE
12   25.03.1995   ORDINARY       MR & MRS      BENADE                JOHANN                 MARINDA
12   09.12.1995   ORDINARY       DR & MRS      COHEN                 BERNARD                DENISE
12   12.09.1995   ORDINARY       MR            VAN BILJON            ERNST HENDRIK
11   26.02.1996   ORDINARY       MR & MRS      BOLLEN                ROB                    ANITA
11   14.05.1996   ORDINARY       MR & MRS      BUBB                  DANIEL                 LULU
11   03.12.1996   ORDINARY       MR & MRS      EGGINK                RIENKO PETRUS          SALOMIE
11   03.12.1996   ORDINARY       MR & MRS      GILL                  BENJAMIN EVERETT       WENDY NOELINE
11   17.04.1996   ORDINARY       MR & MRS      HOLLOWAY              MARK                   JENNI
11   20.08.1996   ORDINARY       MR & MRS      ILSLEY                MICHA EL               DALEEN
11   17.09.1996   COUNTRY - PE   MR & MRS      RAUBENHEIMER          DARRELL                EVIE
11   07.02.1996   COUNTRY        DR & MS       ROSSOUW               ZAKKIE                 ADRI
11   20.08.1996   ASSOCIATE      MR            RUTTI                 THOMAS
11   17.04.1996   COUNTRY - PE   MR & MRS      SMIT                  DANIEL                 HELETJE
11   18.10.1996   COUNTRY        MR            STEENEKAMP            JOHANNES
11   20.08.1996   ORDINARY       MR & MRS      TAYLOR                IAN                    BIFF
11   17.09.1996   ORDINARY       MR & MRS      THEUNISSEN            HELGAARD               GERTRUIDA
11   17.09.1996   COUNTRY        MR & MRS      TROMP                 MARTIN                 ALTEA
11   07.02.1996   ORDINARY       MR & MRS      VAN NIEKERK           JOHAN                  RIKA
11   17.12.1996   ORDINARY       MR            VERCUEIL              LEON
10   19.02.1997   ORDINARY       MR & MRS      BEKKER                BERTUS                 NADIA
10   14.10.1997   ORDINARY       MR & MRS      BLASA                 RENZO                  ISLA
10   30.01.1997   ORDINARY       MR & MRS      BREEDT                STOFFEL                LEONIE
10   14.10.1997   COUNTRY        DR & MRS      CRAMER                LARRY                  NESTA
10   30.01.1997   ORDINARY       MR & MRS      GALLOP                COLIN                  JENNY
10   03.03.1997   ORDINARY       MR & MRS      HARDRES-WILLIAMS      NIGEL                  DI
10   07.07.1997   ORDINARY       MR & MRS      ILSLEY                HARVEY                 JEANETTE
10   13.01.1997   ORDINARY       MR & MRS      ILSLEY                BRIAN                  RONEL
10   29.04.1997   COUNTRY        MR & MRS      LE ROUX               DENZIL                 SANDY
10   20.06.1997   ORDINARY       MR & MRS      LOCHNER               PHILIP                 GAIL
10   03.03.1997   ORDINARY       MR            ROUX                  THEUNIS
10   24.07.1997   COUNTRY        MR & MRS      SCHLEBUSCH            HENNIE                 CHARLOTTE
10   05.07.1997   ORDINARY       MR & MRS      SHAW                  BERNARD                HELEN
10   30.01.1997   COUNTRY        MR & MRS      SUMNER                ERIC                   BRIGITTE
10   11.12.1997   ORDINARY       MR & MRS      VAN JAARSVELD         KOBUS                  ALI
10   15.12.1997   ORDINARY       MR & MRS      WESSELS               LOUIS PHILIPPE JOHAN   LEILANI

                                           LROC News –October 2007
                                                   Page 14
The first Land Rover was designed in 1947 in the United Kingdom (on the island of Anglesey in Wales) by Maurice Wilks, chief
designer at the British car company Rover on his farm in Newborough, Anglesey. It is said that he was inspired by an American
World War II Jeep that he used one summer at his holiday home in Wales. The first Land Rover prototype 'centre steer' was
built on a Jeep chassis. A distinctive feature is their bodies, constructed of a lightweight rustproof proprietary alloy of a luminium
and magnesium called Birmabright. This material was used owing to post war steel shortages and a plentiful supply of post -war
aircraft aluminium. This metal's resistance to corrosion was one of the factors that allowed the vehicle to build up a reputa tion
for longevity in the toughest conditions. The early choice of colour was dictated by military surplus supplies of aircraft cockpit
paint, so early vehicles only came in various shades of light green; all models until recently feature sturdy box section lad der-
frame chassis.

The early vehicles, such as the Series I, were field-tested at Long Bennington and designed to be field-serviced; advertisements
for Rovers cite vehicles driven thousands of miles on banana oil. Now with more complex service requirements this is less of an
option. The British Army maintains the use of the mechanically simple 2.5 litre 4 cylinder 300TDi engined versions rather tha n
the electronically controlled 2.5 litre 5 cylinder TD5 to retain some servicing simplicity. This engine also continued in use in some
export markets using units built at a Ford plant in Brazil, where Land Rovers were built under license and the engine was als o
used in Ford pick-up trucks built locally. Production of the TDi engine ended here in 2006, meaning that Land Rover no l onger
offers it as an option. International Motors of Brazil offer an engine called the 2.8 TGV Power Torque, which is essentially a 2.8-
litre version of the 300TDi, with a corresponding increase in power and torque.

                                                   LROC News –October 2007
                                                           Page 15
                          Land Rover Owners Club of Southern Africa
                          PO Box 70043 The Bridge Port Elizabeth 6032 Tel 041-3634561 & Fax 041-
                          Website                                            e-mail
 Est.      1960

                                           Last Quarter of 2007 News Letter
From the Chairman Port Elizabeth.
The Year is almost over believe it or not!
We have some really different runs planned for the rest of the year w ith new venues; if any of you know of new routes kindly get hold of me so
we can check it out for the club!
We w ill be doing a camp out at “ Eagle Falls” and return via Baviaans during the fir st long week end of 2008 date to be advised. The LROC club
from East London w ill be in our area in September, we will be joining them for a run.
Once again, PLEASE w e need to all encourage Land Rover owners to join us and especially the old series Land Rovers after all that’s w here it
all started!

Ian Meaker

                                             The next planned runs so far for 2007 are as follows:

21st October: LROC Regularity-Economy Treasure Hunt Run.
Meeting at Land Rover P.E. 7am. Sharp to get route planner and instructions plus rules. Costs R 40 per head, No GPS’S allow ed. Prizes and
meal included.
Bring the family this will give everybody something to do while driving and navigating plenty of routes!
All queries call Ian @ 041-3634561

1st & 2nd December: LROC Christmas Run.
We are going to be the first group at a new amazing camp site in Tuinskloof, where Father Christmas will make his appearance again!
This is an amazing site w ith a 4x4 route to the camp site, off road trailers and off road caravans will make it!
All members interested please advis e Ian @ or 041-3634561 so that Father Christmas does not forget anybody!
Depart from Makro 8am for Christmas Run.

LROC Port Elizabeth news and specials!

For Land Rovers Johnny at Port Elizabeth Land Rover 041-4027669

Tyres Mike Sew ell at Tiger Wheel and Tyre 041 – 3639160

Specialized Land Rover Maintenance and Imported parts Contact Brett at Savoy Motors 041-3656308

Land Rover Insurance contact Maritsa @ 041-3634561

For Financial Advisory Services contact Ian @ 041-3634561

                                                         General Rules to remember

IMPORTANT! When in convoy if you can’t see the Landy behind you, STOP w ait or go back and look for your convoy partner. This way every
body will stop it creates a concertina effect!

Never litter, alw ays take your rubbish with you!

Obey the rules of the road!

Wave to all Land Rover Owners!

Have a good tow rope and jack with, you never know when you need to help some one else!

Keep a fis t aid kit in your car!

                                                       LROC News –October 2007
                                                               Page 16

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