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									                  MINUTES OF THE MEETING OF



              ON TUESDAY 4 JULY 2006 AT 10.00am

Members      Mrs Margaret Fay                 Chair
             Mr Ian Brown
             Mr John Cuthbert
             Mr Christopher Edwards
             Mrs Jackie Fisher
             Mr Kevin Rowan
             Cllr John Shipley
             Cllr Bob Symonds
             Mrs Christine Smith
             Mrs Alison Thain
             Mr Chris Thompson
             Mrs Kate Welch

Officers     Mr Alan Clarke                   Chief Executive
             Mr David Allison                 Director of Business & Industry
             Mrs Stacy Hall                   Director of Communications
             Mr John Holmes                   Director of Regeneration &
             Mr Malcolm Page                  Director of Corporate Resources
             Mrs Pat Ritchie                  Director of Strategy &
             Mr Peter Judge                   Head of Legal Services (acting as
                                              Secretary to the Board)

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BM/06/90   Apologies for Absence

           Apologies were received from Geoff Hodgson and Jane

BM/06/91   Declaration of Interests

           The following interests were declared:

                     John Shipley declared his interest in all items
                      relating to Newcastle City Council.
                     Bob Symonds declared his interests in all items
                      relating    to  Sunderland    City  Council and
                      Sunderland ARC.
                     Christine Smith declared her interests in all
                      matters relating to Durham County Council.

BM/06/92   Minutes of the previous meeting

           Minutes of the meeting held on 24th May 2006 were agreed
           as an accurate record approved for signature by the

BM/06/93   Matters Arising

            BM/06/73 (Chairman’s Report) The Secretary confirmed
            that the Secretariat were in the process of contacting all
            Board Members and would be reporting to the Chairman
            before next meeting.

           BM/06/73 (Chairman’s Report) The Chairman advised
           the Board that the issue of Board Member recruitment and
           communication were being taken forward in accordance
           with the minuted actions.

           BM/06/74 (Chief Executive’s Report)
           The Director of Strategy and Development would circulate a
           paper to the Board on the position relating to student visas
           and the flexibility available for the region.

           Action:    Director of Strategy and Development to PR
           circulate a briefing note on the student overseas visa
           situation to the Board.

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BM/06/94   Chairman’s Report

           The Chairman reported the following delegated decision on
           behalf of the Board (under authority delegated by standing
           orders) since the last Board meeting.

               BP/Jan/06/SO19/1 - Education and Skills
                Committee - Change of name.
                The Chairman approved the change of name of the
                Education and Skills Committee to the Education,
                Skills and Employment Committee to better reflect
                the Committee’s new areas of responsibility.

           The Chairman then provided the following update:

                 The Chairman congratulated Hartlepool on securing
                  the Tall Ships race venue for 2010.

                 The Chairman reported that she had attended
                  Washington DC with a delegation from Sunderland
                  City Council to mark the signing of a friendship
                  agreement between Washington DC and the City of
                  Sunderland. Councillor Bob Symonds indicated that it
                  had been a very positive event and the support of the
                  region had been appreciated by Sunderland. He felt
                  that this was a very positive agreement for the
                  region, the city and their partners.

                 The Chairman reported that she had attended the
                  second senior level dinner with the Chinese
                  delegation as part of the regions Memorandum of
                  Understanding with Shanghai. It had been a very
                  successful event.

                  The Chairman also reported on the RDA Chairs’ visit
                  to the F.A. sports village in Salford and discussed the
                  regions’ ambitions for a legacy from the 2012

                 The Chairman recognised and congratulated NSK on
                  the occasion of their 30 th anniversary of the company
                  in the region. The Board heard that NSK was the first
                  Japanese company to come to the region and the
                  sixth Japanese company to locate in the UK.

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BM/06/95   Reports from Board Members

                Christine Smith reported that she had attended the
                 North     East   Assembly’s     Scrutiny and Policy
                 Development Committee, which was investigating
                 collective regional leadership.

                Ian Brown reported that Dr. Stuart Burgess, the
                 Government’s rural champion,` had spent a two -day
                 visit in the region and the Agency’s Rural Team
                 should be congratulated for their work on the visit.

                Kevin Rowan had represented the Board at an
                 Economic and Social Inclusion Conference held by the
                 Cabinet Office. He noted the Cabinet Office’s
                 commitment to this agenda but also noted that there
                 was no further finance available.

                John Shipley reported that he had attended the
                 Transport Compact of the Northern Way. The North
                 East’s representatives worked well as a team and
                 made a very positive contribution. However, Cllr.
                 Shipley reported that there was still a lack of clarity
                 about how the region would benefit from the

                Christopher Edwards reported that, in accordance
                 with the theme of Science City around aging and
                 health, the University of Newcastle had been
                 successful in a bid from the Wellcome Trust, which
                 would bring £7.5 million to the region and was a good
                 example of the added value of the Science City

                Jackie Fisher reported that local colleges affected by
                 Nexus’ decision in relation to Teen Travel and the
                 relevant local authorities had agreed to contribute to
                 assist transport to college and that DFES had also
                 indicated support. However, there was some question
                 as to how the funds could be channelled into the

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                   The Chief Executive reported to the Board that he
                   had been asked to consider if the Agency could be a
                   conduit for the funding. Given the Board’s discussions
                   and earlier resolutions, the Chief Executive had not
                   been able to agree this or accept accountability for
                   the funding. He had made this decision with advice
                   from the Agency’s Head of Legal Services.

                  John Cuthbert reported on two events in which the
                   Skills Team has been involved, an employers’ event
                   and a 14-19 event.         Both were recognised as
                   successful by the National Learning & Skills Council

BM/06/96   Chief Executive’s Report

            The Chief Executive presented the
           2.                                             Board    paper
            BP/JUL/06/01 (Chief Executive’s update).

            The purpose of this report was to provide a short update on
            the current strategic activity of the Agency. The report also
            provided updates on progress with key projects since the
            last meeting such as the Business Link contract, the Agency
            Open Day, Independent Performance Assessment , Business
            Process Review, Northern Way, Tourism and Marketing and
            the Regional Image Strategy. An appendix to the report set
            out forthcoming major projects.

           The Chief Executive particularly highlighted that the
           Independent Performance Assessment was his personal
           priority. He was fully supportive of the process and it would
           be receiving considerable personal attention. The reports on
           NWDA and EEDA had now been published. The Chief
           Executive was confident that the Agency would be able to
           demonstrate its very high standards of performance.

            The Agency’s Open Day had received some very positive
            feedback and the Agency would be holding an Open Day at
            Cavendish House for visitors from the Tees Valley.

            The Regional Economic Strategy consultation closed on the
            30th June 2006 and the Agency is in the process of finalising
            the RES and submitting it to the DTI. It is hoped that we
            will be able to formally launch the RES at the Annual Review
            meeting in the early autumn. However, this will depend on a
            response being received from the new Minister.

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            The Business Link tender process was still ongoing but it
            was hoped that the Agency would be able to begin the
            Alcatel standstill period on or before Thursday of this week.
            The Board discussed the purpose of the standstill period and
            its impact on the finalisation of the contract. The Board
            were advised that the Head of Legal Services had
            maintained independence from evaluation in order to ensure
            fairness and oversight of the detailed process.

            The Chief Executive also discussed the OECD territorial
            review and confirmed that the launch of the review report is
            planned for 21st July 2006.

            The Chief Executive has also arranged for the Board to
            receive a presentation during the meeting on the PETech
            Centre Project, which is a key forthcoming project in

            The Board discussed the Chief Executive’s report and
            particularly discussed how the Board could effectively input
            into strategic issues, given that responses are frequently
            required within very short timescales.

           Action: Chairman to consider proposals for a Policy              MF/
                    and Strategy Board Task and Finish group                SEC

BM/06/97   Waygood Gallery Project (TWP)

           The Director of Strategy & Development introduced Board
           paper BP/JUL/06/02 (Waygood Gallery Project (TWP)).

           The purpose of this report was to seek Board approval for
           the Waygood Gallery project with single programme
           expenditure of £3,700,000.

           This is a Tyne & Wear sub regional project requesting
           £2,000,000 as a contribution to the refurbishment of the
           Waygood Gallery in High Bridge Street Newcastle,
           £1,7000,000 was previously approved through Single
           programme Land & Property funding for the acquisition of
           the building in 2001.

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                 Action: Business Case paperwork (including SEC/
                 financial breakdown) to accompany Board DA
                 project approval papers. Secretariat to arrange
                 amendment of the precedents and templates.


                 i.     To   receive    report        BP/JUL/06/02
                        (Waygood Gallery);

                 ii.    To approve the £3,700,000 expenditure
                        requested subject to a condition that One
                        NorthEast has no commitment to provide
                        future revenue funding beyond that set
                        out in the project; and

                 iii.   That this report may be published in the
                        public records of the Agency.

BM/06/98   Annual Report and Accounts 2005-06

           The Director of Corporate Resources presented the Board
           paper BP/JUL/06/03 (Annual Report and Accounts 2005-
           06). The purpose of this report was to present the draft
           Annual Report and Accounts of the Agency for the year
           ended 31 March 2006 to the Board for approval following
           consideration by Audit Committee.

           The Board noted that the Agency had met all of its financial
           targets and that the internal and external auditors are
           content with internal processes enabling a fully compliant
           statement of internal control to be signed.

           Internal audit provided a positive assurance opinion and
           external audit an unqualified opinion as part of the Annual
           Report and Accounts.
           On behalf of the Board the Chairman congratulated all those
           involved in securing this very good financial performance


                 i.     To approve the Annual           Report    and
                        Accounts for 2005-06;

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                 ii.    To agree that the report may be published
                        in the public records of the Agency; and

                 iii.   The draft Report and Accounts may not be
                        published as the final Report and Accounts
                        will be published following approval by
                        the Board.

BM/06/99   Post 2008: Delivering The Agency’s Agenda

           The Chairman introduced this item and provided information
           about letters, which the Board had received from various
           partners. The Board acknowledged that it was its
           responsibility to make the ultimate decision on the point but
           that the views of partners and colleagues were important
           and would be noted.

           The Chief Executive and the Director of Strategy &
           Development presented paper BP/JUL/06/04 (Post 2008:
           Delivering the Agency’s Agenda). The Director of Strategy of
           Development also gave a presentation BP/JUL/06/0/Add 1
           (Delivering the Agency’s Agenda presentation). The purpose
           of this report was to outline the proposed consultation
           timetable with partners on the way forward for delivering
           the Agency’s agenda and to discuss further the principles of
           an Investment Planning approach as the basis for
           engagement with partners in the Region.

           The Board duly and carefully considered the presentation
           and the paper and supported the direction the paper set and
           the proposals for full and longer consultation with partners.
           Given the importance and commercial sensitivity of this
           matter, the Board carefully considered the issue of
           publication of papers and were advised by the Secretary.


                 i.     To agree to a longer timescale for
                        consultation with partners as set out in
                        Section 4 of the paper;

                 ii.    To agree the principles which will
                        underpin the consultation with partners as
                        set out in Section 5 of the paper as

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                         (a)   To use Investment Planning as the

                         (b)   To serve notice to the SRPs that
                               from April 2008 there will be no
                               automatic delegation of resources
                               which in future will be allocated to
                               agreed strategic priorities;

                         (c)   To support the work of partners to
                               provide analysis and evidence for
                               strategic investment on a City
                               Region basis.

                  iii.   To agree to use the RES Action Plan
                         process as the mechanism for determining
                         a set of proposals for the Board’s
                         agreement at its December meeting; and

                  iv.    That this report (BP/JUL/06/04) and the
                         presentation (BP/JUL/06/04 add 1) may
                         be published in the public records of the
                         Agency but that appendix 1 to the paper
                         may not be published as it is a draft for
                         future publication and appendix 2 may not
                         be published in the public record but will
                         be made available in response to a
                         request    for   information  under   the
                         Freedom of Information Act 2000.

BM/06/100   Regional Image Campaign – Research Findings

            The Director of Communications presented the Board paper
            BP/JUL/06/05 (Regional Image Campaign Research
            Findings). The purpose of this report was to update the
            Board on independent market research undertaken to help
            measure the impact of the first year of the Regional Image

            The Board noted findings and made observations on the
            positive aspects of the campaign. Future RIS activity would
            give greater emphasis to the Business element and would
            include continued use of Taxi advertising.

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                  i.     The Board noted the contents of this
                         paper  BP/JUL/06/05(Regional     Image
                         Campaign Research Findings); and

                  ii.    That this report may be published in the
                         public records of the Agency

BM/06/101   Independent Performance Assessment

            The Director of Corporate Resources presented the Board
            paper     BP/JUL/06/06      (Independent     Performance
            Assessment). The purpose of this report was to update the
            Board on the progress that has been made in preparing for
            the Independent Performance Assessment (IPA).

            It was confirmed that the IPA Self Assessment document
            had been submitted in advance of deadline and was
            available on the Agency’s website. The document had taken
            into account comments from a wider range of internal and
            external stakeholders and had changed significantly from
            the originally circulated draft and was presented to the
            Board following detailed consultation and approval via the
            Corporate Resources Committee. The Chief Executive and
            the Director of Corporate Resources agreed that the Agency
            was well prepared and work was continuing with the items
            identified in the Improvement Plan, which, in the main,
            included the work that has been ongoing for some months
            under the Improving the Agency programme and other
            Agency initiatives.


BM/06/102   Annual Performance Report 2005-06

            The Director of Corporate Resources presented the Board
            paper BP/JUL/06/07. This paper presented the One
            NorthEast Annual Performance Report 2005-06 to the Board
            including key projects and initiatives delivered across the 10
            programmes of the Agency.


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                 i.      To   note   the   contents  of   report
                         BP/JUL/06/07     (Annual   Performance
                         Report 2005-06).

BM/06/103   Presentation – PETech Centre Project

            With the permission of the Chairman, the Board received an
            informative presentation from the Director of Business and
            Industry on the PETech Centre Project, which is currently
            under development.

BM/06/104   Report of Education Skills and Employment
            Committee held 9 th June 2006

            Taken as read.


                  i.   The Board noted the content of this report
                       BP/JUL/06/08 (Report of the Education,
                       Skills and Employment Committee); and

                  ii. That paper BP/JUL/06/08 (Report of the
                      Education,     Skills    and  Employment
                      Committee) should be published in the
                      public records of the Agency.

BM/06/105   Report of the Regeneration Committee held 13 th June

            Taken as read.


                 i.      The Board noted the content of this report
                         BP/JUL/06/09       (Report      of     the
                         Regeneration Committee); and

                 ii.     That paper BP/JUL/06/09 (Report of the
                         Regeneration Committee)     should  be
                         published in the public records of the

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BM/06/106   Report of the Corporate Resources Committee held
            21st June 2006 (draft)

            Taken as read.


                 i.     The Board noted the content of this report
                        BP/JUL/06/10 (Report of the Corporate
                        Resources Committee); and

                 ii.    That paper BP/JUL/06/10 (Report of the
                        Corporate Resources Committee) should
                        be published in the public records of the

BM/06/107   Report of Audit Committee meeting of 22 nd June 2006
            and Annual Report of the Audit Committee to the
            Board (draft)

            Taken as read.


                 i.     The Board noted the content of this report
                        BP/JUL/06/11 (Report of the Audit

                 ii.    The Board noted the positive assurance by
                        the range of assurance activities identified
                        in report BP/JUL/06/11 (Appendix 1)
                        (Annual Report of the Audit Committee);

                 iii.   That the report papers BP/J/06/11
                        (Report    of  the    Audit  Committee)
                        BP/JUL/06/11 (Appendix 1) (Annual
                        Report of the Audit Committee) should be
                        published in the public records of the

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BM/06/108      Any Other Business


BM/06/109      There being no other business, the meeting was
               closed at 1:17pm

I confirm that these are a true record of the proceedings of the meeting

to which they relate:-

Signed :    ...........................................................
            Margaret Fay


 Secretariat Section
 Legal Services
 One NorthEast
 Stella House
 Newburn Riverside
 Newcastle upon Tyne
 NE15 8NY

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