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									                   Earn 6 credits of graduate or undergrad study in

                   Florence, Italy
                                     26 June to 26 July 2008
          Communication and Culture in Italy
       The course, Communication and Culture in Italy, explores a breadth of communication foci including
    representation of Italian culture in film and media, the construction of gender, nation and ethnicity, and
    the impact of globalization, ICT, and business and organizational communication in Italy. This is the only
    course of its kind offered in the English language in Italy. The course is open to all undergraduate and
    graduate students at universities in the U.S. and abroad. Transfer credit is administered by BGSU.

      The location of the course is in the heart of Florence. The SACI campus is located in the heart steps
    away from Michelangelo's Medici Chapel, Fra Angelico's masterpieces in San Marco, the colorful central
    market and Florence's Duomo. For more info on SACI, see www.saci-florence.org

       The experience is far more than just studying in Italy. Students are housed in furnished apartments
    with other students throughout the center of Florence. Field trips to towns such as Pisa, Lucca, San
    Gimignano, Siena and Fiesole form an integral part of the BGSU-SACI study experience. These visits add
    a special dimension to the program which, overall, is one that participating students say has transformed
    their lives.

       The professor, Dr. Lara Martin Lengel, began researching communication and culture in the
    Mediterranean when she was a Fulbright Scholar in Tunisia during the 1993-1994. Since then, she has
    been awarded $500,000 in federal grants for research and curriculum development in the region. Dr.
    Lengel’s books and refereed articles address social, cultural and political impact of intercultural and
    international communication. She has taught and researched in Britain, China, Western and Eastern
    Europe, and the Middle East and North Africa. She successfully launched the Communication and Culture
    in Italy study program, June-July 2007. Many of the participants in the 2007 program said this was the
    best university experience they had ever had.

    - - Apply now to ensure your place in the greatest communication course you’ll ever take. - -

        Review of applications begins March 1, 2008 and continues on a rolling admissions basis until all
      spaces in the class are filled. Application forms, costs, and other information can be downloaded from

For more information, please contact:
Dr. Lara Martin Lengel
Associate Professor, School of Communication Studies
                                                                                                    SA CI
Bowling Green State University
313 West Hall, Bowling Green, OH 43403
lengell@bgsu.edu, 419-372-7653
Communication and Culture in Italy
After a thorough three-day orientation to the city of Florence which begins on June 26, 2008, students will
meet in class on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9 am – Noon through July 26, 2008. This schedule allows for
maximum time to choose from an exciting array of the courses for the second 3-credit hour course (see list
of SACI Summer Term courses available from SACI or http://personal.bgsu.edu/~lengell/florence), as well as
for traveling and exploring Florence and other areas of Tuscany.
ESTIMATED COSTS (current, based on 2007 costs)
$60              Application Fee
$692/credit hr Tuition Fee ($4,150 for six credit hours)
$300             Activity Fee
$1400            Housing fee. Students are housed with other SACI students in apartments throughout Florence.
                 The standard accommodation is a bedroom with two beds. The cost for a single room is an
                 additional $450.
$400             Refundable General Program Deposit. This deposit will be returned to the student,
                 provided that the apartment is left clean and undamaged. All students share responsibility for the
                 apartment, so damages are divided equally among housemates.
$1700            Airfare estimate (roundtrip). Students wishing to stay beyond 5 weeks (before or after the
                 summer term) are welcome to do so. Students are welcome to schedule their flight to allow for
                 their preferred travel plans.
$22              International Student ID Card. This card may create cost saving opportunities for flights and
                 entrances to museums and other attractions.
$97              New Passport Application Fee (if you don’t already have one – please apply NOW to avoid
                 additional costs and stress).
ADDITIONAL COSTS: Students are responsible for the cost of meals, supplies, transportation to/from
airports, personal transportation, telephone costs, and souvenirs. Shopping in the local markets and preparing
your own food will drastically cut these costs.
NOTE: A minimum of ten students is required. BGSU and SACI reserve the right to cancel a course at any time.
February 1, 2008          International Program Travel Grant application due for
                          BGSU graduate or undergraduate students. Students from other
                          universities should check with their international education office
                          to see if there are similar scholarships or grants.
February 15, 2008         Phi Kappa Phi National Honorary Undergraduate Study Abroad Grant
                          application due.
March 1, 2008             Communication and Culture in Italy applications begin to be reviewed. Applications
                          obtained from http://personal.bgsu.edu/~lengell/florence/
Two weeks after           $400 housing deposit due (to be refunded after SACI stay).
acceptance into program
May 1, 2008               SACI application and housing forms due.
                          Deadline for $400 housing deposit (to be refunded after SACI stay).
May 15, 2008              Balance of SACI tuition and housing costs due.

Dr. Lara Martin Lengel, School of Communication Studies, Bowling Green State University

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