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									   «Тhe company of        year 2006» in a
   nomination «Regional business of favour»

   Member of Russian Association
   Marketings Services since 2005

   Member of Russian BTL of Partneship
   since 2007

Advertising group

of national projects
                                            INFORMATION ABOUT THE AGENCY

   From the autumn of 2008 «Аdvertising group Onyx» in composition a national
              Позиция РГ «Оникс» в regional BTL-partner of international
network «Meridian» became strategic структуре Aegis в России
network publicity group Aegis.

                                                               The regional medias
                                                               network "Meridian"
                                                                The regional btl-
                                  INFORMATION ABOUT THE AGENCY

«Advertising group Onyx»was created in 1994.
Network of own offices:
Saint Petersburg,
Number of stuff: 134 persons.
                                  INFORMATION ABOUT THE AGENCY

«Company of year 2006» in a
nomination «Regional business of

Member of the Russian
Marketings services since 2005.

Member of Russian
BTL of Partnership
since 2007.
                                          INFORMATION ABOUT THE AGENCY

    Strong sides of agency are:

• 70 realized national projects on
territory of Russia after 2006-2008г.г;

•   The physical being is in regions;

• Cooperation worked years between

• Automated mechanisms of control of
                                                  SERVICES: SPECIALIZATION

«Advertising Group Onyx» is specialized on the complex of services in
direction of BTL, including is informative (ATL) support of BTL-projects,
production of promotional gifts and their logistic on regions.


                          BTL DIRECTION

Sales-promotion, Trade-promotion,
                              RESOURCES FOR REALIZATION of BTL-PROJECTS

• 12 regional BTL-coordinators;

• 8000 promoters;

• 450 experienced merchandisers;

• 400 experienced supervisor;

• 80 local BTL-coordinators;

• › 3000 points-of-sales with description in base (for the
targeted programs)

•Report-site: own programmatic providing allowing to control
motion of action in mode on-line;

Tasks decide by means of «Report-site»:

- forming of the first and additional team of personnel for work
on a project;

- binding a personnel to the points-of-sales;

- control of personnel in the points of auctions is sms-accounting;

- control of sales of the moved forward commodity is sms-

- operative reacting on a situation, analysis and making decision.

Advantages are:

• Single base of personnel

• Single base of points-of-sales

•On-line control after motion of project

•Automatic forming of accounting on a site

•Access to information for all participants
                              USE OF REPORT-SITE FOR TRADE-PROMOTION

    By «Report-site» the programs of
motivation of personnel of point-of-sale and
local representatives          of client are
    «Report-site» allows :
     to explain the employees of points
of auctions on participating in the
program of motivation through :
• Announcing of competitions, drawings
of prizes.
• The interactiveness of participants is
access on a site (bringing of information,
viewing of rating, clarification governed).
                                USE OF REPORT-SITE FOR TRADE-PROMOTION

    To do Sms-deliveries with next
information :
• Extra charge of marks (for sales, for
the increase of sales).
• SMS-trainings and quizzes.
• Congratulations are forming of
                             USE OF REPORT-SITE FOR TRADE-PROMOTION

    Operatively to form accounting on a
    - On rating of leaders in every town;
    - On the general scope of the
    program and etc.
                             USE OF REPORT-SITE FOR MERCHANDISING

•Based on the program «Report-site» we
conduct audit program outlets.

•Figures from the Audit outlets in
electronic form shall be made on the
«Report-site»    in    the field, and
automatically processed.
                             USE OF REPORT-SITE FOR MERCHANDISING

•The advantages of automatic
information processing:

• - Reducing the time for analysis
and debriefing programs,

• - Reducing the probability of
errors caused by human factor,

• - Identification of incorrect data.
                             CONTROL OF REALIZATION OF BTL-PROJECTS

Checking of implementation phases system BTL-projects
«Tayming» :

Planning of basic implementation of project phases:
•Programs of addresses
•Preparation of
•Graph of work

Control of the stages of execution of project

The system of automatic notifications allows through an e-mail and
sms allows the participants of working group to watch after a
progress chart, remind about the approached or overdue event.
                                        EXAMPLES OF THE REALIZED PROJECTS

              The most extensive project on geography

Client: Nycomed
Mechanics: Monitoring of pharmacies
Geography: 52 cities
General scope of point-of-sale: 1 035
Tasks of agency: measuring of level of distribution,
measuring of recommendations
Achievements: Large scope of points on all cities
(about 1200 pharmacies), analysis and taking of by
volume accounting.
                                         EXAMPLES OF THE REALIZED PROJECTS

                       The largest number of deployed

Client:   AA      «Simple   Communications»
(Beer of T);
Mechanics: gift for a purchase
Geography: 14 cities
The General scope of TT: 280 at the same
Tasks of agency: stimulation of sales
Achievement: Control of start a large number
of staff at the same time (20 promoters in the
city) through the sending of sms-messages to
the Report-site
                                             EXAMPLES OF THE REALIZED PROJECTS

                    The project with the complicated task
Client: AA «Impact» (Ferrero, the brand Nutella)
Mechanics: tasting.
Geography: 22 cities
Total coverage TT: 152
The objectives of the agency: Formation and distribution of
samples (paste bun + + knife - in the company's package).
Extras: Every day, 3 days a week, 4 weeks should have been
delivered to the point of the whole geography of the action fresh
Achievements: Deal with bakeries, miscalculated the route,
hired the requisite number of Ghazals to haul rolls across the city.
                                           EXAMPLES OF THE REALIZED PROJECTS

Client: GlaxoSmithKline

Mechanics: measure the level of advice and
The first wave - January 2008
 Geography: 31cities
 The total number of pharmacies: 1292 pharmacies

The second wave - October 2008
Geography: 43 cities.
The total number of pharmacies: 1882 pharmacies

The objectives of the action: to collect information on the products in cities and
undertake a survey of pharmacists pharmacies.

 Total: were collected and kept records with data obtained in a single consolidated
report. It displays the percentage of the representation of GSK products in the cities.
The same poll results showed what drugs most often recommend that pharmacists in
                                             EXAMPLES OF THE REALIZED PROJECTS

Client: Indesit Company (Hotpoint-Ariston)

 Mechanics: BTL. A professional chef is in the promo
area (kitchen set with a built appliances Ariston) Trade
Center. He prepares a pizza using ovens Ariston, and
ugoschaet visitors.In the process of cooking chef tells
interesting facts from the history of pizza, explains its
actions, informs visitors of Technology Ariston, answers
questions. Girl promoters invite visitors to try the pizza,
advice on consumer devices and distributed Leaflet.The
staff has been trained in the office of Indesit (Moscow).

Geography: Chelyabinsk, Saratov,          Orenburg,   Ufa,
Nizhny Novgorod, Magnitogorsk

Time: 2007 - 2008.
                                          EXAMPLES OF THE REALIZED PROJECTS

Client: Combine «Wave»

Mechanics: ATL. Placing layouts transport and media.

Geography: Novosibirsk, Barnaul, Biisk, Novoaltaysk,
Ulan-Ude, Abakan, Chita, Krasnoyarsk, Khabarovsk,
Novosibirsk, Omsk, Irkutsk

Time: March-December 2008
                                             EXAMPLES OF THE REALIZED PROJECTS

            The program of promoting drug Calcium-D3 Nicomedes

Client: Nycomed
Mechanics: consultation.
1 st wave: 10 - 22 December, 2007
Geography: 24 cities
Number of Sales: 9857
Gift Certificate: 9839
As a compliment for the purchase issued a symbolic gift
- aromatic candles or fruit (orange or lemon).

2 nd wave: June 12 - July 12, 2008
Geography: 27 cities
Number of Sales: 6080
Gift Certificate: 6080
As the gifts were given small packages of juice or milk to choose a buyer, as well as
mirrors and toothpaste.
                                               EXAMPLES OF THE REALIZED PROJECTS

Client: company «Hee Chang»

 Mechanics: Advertise on transport and videos in
the media

Geography: Perm, Chelyabinsk, Kemerovo,
Novokuznetsk, Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk, Barnaul,
Chelyabinsk, Ekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Tyumen

Time: July 2008-June 2009.
                  BTL DIRECTION

                                      EXAMPLES OF THE REALIZED PROJECTS IN 2008.

                         Video Astra - Zeneka
       «Announcement of the results of the study ATAS - 100 months
                           of surveillance»

Client: «Imageland PR» (Astra – Zeneka)‫‏‬
Mechanics : Videoconferencing
Aims of project: Informing Medical workers about
results researches WATCH out is 100 months of
Geography: 13 cities
Amount of participants: 326
Participants were doctors – oncologists. In
Irkutsk the main oncologist of country
was present.
In the tasks of agency included:
organization of hall with ISDN-channel, for conducting of Videoconferencing; personnel for
meeting of guests; transporting of guests; Buffet.
                              EXAMPLES OF THE REALIZED PROJECTS IN 2008.

The ceremony of awarding the partner company OAO «SUN InBev» «Silver eagle 2008».
                                     July 2008
                                  EXAMPLES OF THE REALIZED PROJECTS IN 2008.

   Awarding «Silver eagle» - an event marking the final
stage of the competition to maintain standards SUN InBev
Merchandising among retail points-of-sales

Geography: Volgograd, Astrakhan, Saratov, Penza
 Number of guests: about 450 in each of the cities
 The number of the personnel involved: 20 actors and
dancers, including - 3 professional theater actors from St.
Petersburg, 10 technical staffs

Tasks of agency:
 -Development of activities (theatrical show)
 - Develop a detailed scenario
 - Casting
 Logistics Organization (scenery, staff and visitors)
 selection and presentation group-headlayner (Na-Na)
 choice of the room, a menu selection, organization
                    EXAMPLES OF THE REALIZED PROJECTS IN 2008.

Conference Partners of LLC SUN InBev, May 2008.
                                  EXAMPLES OF THE REALIZED PROJECTS IN 2008.

     Conference Partner Company LLC «SUN InBev» - retail
outlets. Objective: presentation of the company, improving
customer loyalty, recreation and communication in an informal
      The reason for celebration was the opening of new
company towns for work

    Geography: Pskov, Arkhangelsk, Voronezh, Kursk, St.
     Number of guests: 300-500 people in each city

     The objectives of the agency:
     - Development of activities (theatrical show)
     - Develop a detailed scenario
     - Casting
    Logistics Organization (scenery, staff and visitors)
     selection and presentation group hedlaynera (Na-Na)
     choice of the room, a menu selection, organization

A series of events for Inmarko. March 2008
                                  EXAMPLES OF THE REALIZED PROJECTS IN 2008

 - To demonstrate the high level of the company, its
status, stability and prospects of cooperation with it,
 - Increasing loyalty to the company «Inmarko» by
creating in the minds of CA positive image of the
company as a reliable partner
- Hiring and processing applications for the installation
of refrigeration equipment with customers «Inmarko».

 Geography: Krasnodar, Rostov-on-Don, Tula
 Number of participants: 300-500 in each city.
Participants were clients of the company Inmarko -
owners of commercial networks and retail sales.
 As a gift to guests in Krasnodar was invited to a special
guest - dance group «Todes», in Rostov and Tula - held
a drawing of valuable prizes (TVs, telephones).

The result of these programs have contracts
with new partners - 90% of new partners
invited to the event concluded a contract with
the company during a party.
                                              SUPPORTING PRODUCTION

   AG «Onyx» carries out wholesale deliveries of the original souvenir
products from manufacturers.

    The benefits of our proposal:
• direct shipments from China, bypassing middlemen;
• A short time delivery of products - Dalnevostochnuyu through customs
(30 days shorter Sea route);
• the ability to search the original versions are not limited catalog and
stores, the possibility adjusted to the ideological content of advertising
campaigns client;
                                              SUPPORTING PRODUCTION

    -permanent presence of a representative in China (Guangzhou), which
allows us to control the quality of goods and milestones for passing the
     Check-office employees in China, for personal control is particularly
difficult and important jobs;

   Souvenirs can be ordered as part of the BTL-project, as well as a
separate project.
                                               SUPPORTING PRODUCTION

   Description: The service logistics cargo across the geography of the
Russian Federation.

    In the short term project - perhaps the distribution and delivery of
products to cities in Russia without the importation of head office (as soon
as the consignment from East to West).
    Quality control of the customer - for mass models.

    This approach reduces training time, BTL-start the project.
                        Kotsar Oleg            Bekareva Olga          Gonchar Vitaly           Aksenova Catherine
                        general director       Moscow                 St. Petersburg           Promoregions

                       Best Ludmila            Velichko Natalia       Borovikova Anastasia    Kupriyanova Catherine

The heads of offices   Rostov-on-Don           Khabarovsk             Ekaterinburg            Ufa

                       Ferapontova Anastasia   Tatyana Levina         Anisimov Aleksey       Malakhovsky Catherine
                       Samara                  Novosibirsk            Tomsk                  Siberian region

                       Borbikova Svetlana      Shvedchikova Tatiana   Putsillo Tatiana
                       Vladivostok             Krasnoyarsk            Krasnodar       

117186, Moscow                        450076, Ufa                        690106, Vladivostok
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 tel. / fax: (812) 313-27-95          tel. / fax: (343) 257-51-13         tel. (4212) 75-05-37
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st. Socialist 74, of. 1212 / 1        Ave Dimitrova, 1                    Human
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