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									William M. Coughlin                                 
Communications Manager                                        973-597-3171 (Direct)
Connell Foley LLP                                             201-232-7990 (Cellular)
85 Livingston Avenue                                          973-535-0500 (Main Office)
Roseland, NJ 07068                                            973-535-9217 (Fax)


  Connell Foley Provides Work Experience to Newark’s
        Youth through Internship Program with
                  Christ the King Prep
        Program Allows Students to Earn Money towards Tuition
Roseland, NJ, September 19, 2008 – Connell Foley LLP, a Roseland, New Jersey-
based law firm, is pleased to announce its inaugural year supporting the Corporate
Internship Program (CIP) at Christ the King Preparatory High School in Newark. This
program provides students with real world job experiences while allowing them to earn a
large portion of the cost of their education.

“The CIP is an integral part of the educational experience at Christ the King High
School,” said Fr. Edward Glynn, S.J., President, Christ the King Prep. “We require our
students to commit themselves to high standards of responsibility and behavior.”

Christ the King Prep contracts with partner organizations, such as corporations and
professional services firms, to fill entry-level clerical positions at the partners’ place of
business. Partner organizations coordinate schedules with Christ the King school so
that each of four students per sponsor business is available one full day each week (plus
an extra day every fourth week) throughout the school year.

In return for the students’ work, Connell Foley and the other businesses participating in
the program sign a contract agreeing to pay the CIP a fee used to cover a percentage of
the participating students’ tuitions along with costs associated with administering the

The students perform a variety of clerical and administrative tasks for many departments
and many practice groups within Connell Foley. “We try to give each student a different
work assignment in a different department every time they come in. One day they might
be sorting mail in the mailroom, the next day filing insurance-related documents or
assisting the firm’s library staff with organizing books and journals. It’s a great way to
give them a solid understanding of how different departments within a business must
work together to be successful,” said Tom Fallone, the firm’s Director of Administration.

This program demonstrates that working with adults in an adult environment helps
students understand the importance of acting responsibly and professionally. Students
are treated like adult employees and receive two mandatory performance reviews, one
at the end of each semester.

“Connell Foley is so pleased to be able to contribute to such a worthwhile program and
to help prepare today’s students for the career challenges of tomorrow,” said Liza Walsh,
a member of Connell Foley’s Management Committee.

About Connell Foley

Established in 1936, Connell Foley LLP has a tradition of innovative legal
representation. Over 120 attorneys provide our clients with expertise in a wide range of
specialties, including litigation; alternative dispute resolution (ADR); corporate law and
governance; employment and labor law; professional liability; business crimes and
regulatory defense; crisis management and catastrophic loss; insurance, real estate;
environmental law; land use; banking; technology law and intellectual property; taxation
and estate planning; bankruptcy; toxic torts; health care; and other fields.

In addition to its main office in Roseland, New Jersey, the firm maintains offices in
Jersey City, New York City and Philadelphia. For more information, please visit the
firm’s web site at

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