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                                   Council of Quilt Guilds
                 Volume XVIII, No. 2                                                       June 2003
President’s        Wow, a lot of you missed an awesome judging conference! It exceeded my expec-
              tations, and I feel like I’ve learned a tremendous amount about quilts and clothing. We
Comments      spent over three days of intensive study and hands on practice, and now nearly twenty of us
Kelly         are now able to competently judge shows and competitions. We had students from as far as
Gallagher-    Canada, and this rare opportunity was greatly appreciated by all.
Abbott             As a member of Flying Geese Quilt Guild, I’ve had the opportunity to have my quilts
              judged at our show for many years. As a non-juried show, all quilts are admitted, and the
              judging is an option provided for a nominal fee. It is an outstanding opportunity for quilters
              of all skill levels to learn and grow. The judges provided valuable comments and feedback
              to strengthen your skills. If your guild does not provide this, please encourage them to
              consider it. It will help to raise the standards of your guild’s quilts.
                   We’d like to consider hosting this event again. There is a nationwide demand for such
              classes, and we were so impressed with the content and instruction, we’d like to make it
              available to a wider audience. It’s rare that the SCCQG has an opportunity to host
              something as valuable as this for the quilt community. Let us know your thoughts. A side
              benefit was a few days in a lovely location in Temecula where there are minimal distractions
              and beautiful views. I seem to have also acquired a few pounds thanks to the plentiful and
              tasty food!
                   We had my newest family member attend the conference. BillieJo is our current guide
              dog puppy, an adorable 12 week old German Shepard (German Shredder, as the kid’s say)
              that has us completely enamored. She’s very smart, and happy to
              quietly lie at my feet, behaving herself and not chewing up everything in
              sight, like our lab puppy continually did. If only my kids were this well
              behaved! Just before the conference, my very active 5 year old, Ryan,
              discovered the joys of a pressure checker for the car tires. He checked
              pressures until all four tires were completely flat! Try explaining that one
              to AAA. By the time we realized it was too quiet, and went to look for
              him, he even had the jack out and was doing his best to fix things.
              Needless to say, I’ve locked up the flares.
                   It’s not too late to enter the Hoffman Challenge. It’s great fun to see
              the quilts coming in, and I’d love to have a lot of local participation.
              Contact me or see for more information
              (including obtaining a traveling exhibit for your guilds or shows). We
              also have a few more spots at the Meet the Vendor meeting. Jessie or I
              can answer questions on that, if you know someone who might be
              interested. I’ll miss seeing you all at this meeting, as our annual puppy
              event is at the facility of Guide Dogs, Inc. in San Rafael that day. Have
              fun! Let us hear from you if you have any suggestions, or would be
              interested in assisting as a member of our board!

Program            Many thanks to board member, Jean Kuper, for providing a very informative
               presentation at our April meeting. Our July meeting will give us all a chance to “Meet the
Jesse Hahn
               Vendors.” Join us?
2                                                               Southern California Council of Quilt Guilds

Board Members                                            Treasurer’s Report – Jean Kuper
President:         Kelly Gallagher-Abbott                January 1, 2003 through March 31, 2003
                        BEGINNING BALANCE
                                                         Savings                                       $20,952.45

                                                         Checking                                       $6,939.66
                                                         Ins-Premiums                                  $12,924.00
Vice President:    Jessie Hahn                                                                            $63.06
                                                         Interest Earned
                                                                  Savings                     $55.67
                                                                  Checking                     $7.39
                                                         Membership Fees                                $2,375.00

                   Lisa Scaglione                        Insurance certificates                         $1,110.00
                        Transfer from savings
                                                         Total Income                                  $16,472.06
                                                         Miscellaneous                                   $459.90
Treasurer:         Jean Kuper                                                                              $7.40
                                                         Hostess Guilds
                                                         Bank charges
Newsletter:        Pam Overton
                                                               Postage                    $150.75
                                                                Printing                                 $265.23
                                                         Total Newsletter
                                                         Miscellaneous                                     $5.00
                                                         To savings                                    $15,000.00
Membership:        Bettie Blauser                        Disaster Fund Disbursement                      $500.00
                          Total Expenses                                $16,237.53

                                                                           Checking                     $7,118.52
                                                                            Savings                    $36,008.12
                                                                    Current Balance                    $43,126.64
Insurance          Paula Fleischer
                                                         LESS DISASTER FUND:                            $3,200.00
                                                         Operating Funds                               $39,926.64

Please leave
                                                         Respectfully submitted,
message                                                  Jean Kuper, Treasurer
Parliamentarian    Rosalee Watson                        Minutes – Lisa Scaglione
                                                           SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA COUNCIL OF QUILT
                                                                General Meeting – April 26, 2003
Please remember                                          President – Kelly Gallagher-Abbott
As part of your guild commitment to the Council:         Insurance
Newsletters (hard copy or e-newsletters) are to be
                                                              Policy cost up $3,000 from previous year. No
sent to:
                                                         plan to raise insurance fee at this point. Dues we
SCCQG President:              Kelly Gallagher-Abbott
                                                         collect are sufficient to cover the premium.
SCCQG Newsletter Editor: Pam Overton
Address/officer changes - to Bettie Blauser,                  Painted Turtle camp report and reminder.
                                                         Membership – Bettie Blauser
Membership Chair.
    And, last but not least, please remember that the         Reminder of disclaimer on roster: For
SCCQG board members are volunteers, just as all of       guild/council use only. Not for distribution.
you are volunteers for your respective guilds. We do          Packets distributed at the meeting. Please
the best we can with the time that we have.              confirm you picked up your guilds’ packet. Packets
                                                         include two copies, one each for the guild’s
June 2003
Southern California Council of Quilt Guilds                                                                       3

president and rep. This will be the last time we             meetings. There is a nominal fee to bring the
distribute a hard copy. CDs will be distributed in the       challenge to your guild show. Must be insured at the
future. Cost to print and ship is $1800 - $2,000.            show.
Cost savings for distribution by CD will be significant.          Insurance – discussion regarding shipping quilts.
Guilds might want to consider this also for
distribution of their guild directories. Question. Can            Unless there are five of any one item in
                                                             existence, they will not cover it. Will not cover it
they get more than one CD or copy the CD?
                                                             beyond the $100 fee. UPS and FedEx both have
                                                             disclaimers around his. Even if quilts have certified
      Guild changeover is so frequent that it is difficult   appraisal, they will not provide replacement cost.
to keep up to date. Consequently we may consider             Should be covered by individual homeowners
doing this more than once during the year. All               insurance if you get a rider. Talk to your insurance
changes in officers, typos, etc. need to go to Bettie        agent.
      Reminder that dues are due January 1. It is the
guild rep’s responsibility to ensure that dues are paid           Speaker contracts – Send W9 with the
                                                             contracts. If you have questions about speaker
on time and officer changes are submitted.
                                                             contracts, check website under guild information for
      The directory information is in a Word database;       sample contracts. Guild should cover speakers’
we will probably produce in PDF, Word and rich text          quilts in the contract: not the guilds’ responsibility.
so that all can view it. Bettie will include a portion on
                                                                  There was in inquiry to those in attendance
the renewal form that asks for CD format.
                                                             regarding quilt show entry fees and parking fees.
      Now that we’ve gone to solely electronic               Quilt Shows’ entry fees are $5, $6, $7, $3. Parking
distribution of the Council newsletter, the e-mail           fee $1-5, Glendale was $8 with validation.
notice that the newsletter has been posted on the
web site ( is even more important.                  A hearing impaired guild member has asked that
                                                             an interpreter be provided for the meeting.
      Meeting dates and hosts through 2004 are listed        Questioned the membership if anyone knows
in the council calendar of events.                           anything about this and the possible responsibility of
      Newsletter info. New e-mail address                    the guild to provide the service. Lois Brestoff Articles due right after            volunteered to check it out. Discussion re ADA
Portland quilt market. Check calendar to ensure              requirements.
your show/event is listed.                                        If that question comes up in your guild, the guild
      Vendor list is being maintained by Ellen Brooks        should consult an attorney. Meanwhile the Council
from Lancaster; Antelope Valley Quilt Assoc.                 will research it and try to provide information later.
      Becky Miller, Valley Quilters is maintaining the       Old Business:
teacher directory. If you have additions for either          How guilds review speakers. Best done by word of
listing, please contact them. Meet the Teacher –             mouth. Guilds should ask for references prior to
people already requesting space for this meeting in          booking a speaker. Ask for most recent three guilds.
July 2004.                                                   Ask those guilds if they would bring that speaker
      Joint board meeting with NCQC – attempted in           back. Keep it to the facts, try to keep the “gossip”
March. Unfortunately it was cancelled.                       out of it. “Would you rehire this speaker?” is a
New business                                                 (legally) safe question.
      Looking for board replacements. Anyone                 Announcements:
interested in any position, please talk to us. We             Paso Robles – Small quilt auction , May 3, Robert
would like to work together to transition. Remember,            Paul Winery. At a brand new winery. Wine for
each year, half the Board positions conclude their              sale during the auction.
two-year term, to ensure some continuity.
                                                              TLC quilt show – wall hanging opportunity quilt.
      Judging Conference will be held in June in               Aug. 1-3, $5, free parking. Many award-winning
Temecula. Has been held for several years in
                                                               quilt artists in the group
Northern Cal and always fills very quickly. There are
not many opportunities to learn this skill. 4-days            SMQG – June 7-8, at Loyola Marymount
intensive study. Small groups. Will qualify you to             University, feature quilter, Rubio Nishio, self-
judge competitions and shows. No certification, but            taught, has won many awards. Small quilt auction
most shows don’t require that. Quality of the course           on Sunday, Opportunity quilt tickets available.
is equal to certification process. Hope to fill this with      Room for other guilds’ opportunity quilts.
local quilters first! As a judge, you would be
qualified to judge the Hoffman Challenge.                     Santa Maria Valley Quilt Guild, May 17-18, at
                                                               Faire Park. $5 admission, free parking.
      Kelly has just taken over as curator for the
Hoffman Challenge. 1,000 quilts, based on a                   Traveling Exhibit by AQS Quilters – United We
different challenge fabric each year. Results in five          Quilt, Adm. $5
exhibits that travel to 150 locations each year.
Available for guilds to use at shows, and at guild

                                                                                                        June 2003
4                                                                   Southern California Council of Quilt Guilds

 Old Town Nipomo Quilters – June 28, 1-day show,             Treasurer can write checks for “budgeted expenses”
  in conjunction with Nipomo street fair. Quilt show          without additional approval since the budget was
  and sale. At Creative Patches. Free admission.              previously approved by the board/guild. Anything
                                                              outside the budgeted expenses must be approved
 Bear Valley Quilt Guild – small quilt auction,              by the board/guild. Board members should be
  Sunday, May 4. Quilts of all sizes.                         counseled that they have a budge and cannot
 AAQLA – opportunity quilt at today’s meeting                exceed that budget.
 SFQA – quilt show not happening this year in May.                Question regarding board member misuse of
  Lost their venue this year because of construction.         funds or not performing the way the board thinks she
                                                              should. Guild bylaws should cover this. First
  Next show will be 2004 in September. Flyers
                                                              approach should be to try to move that person to a
                                                              position where they have limited decision-making
      Shirley Ochs thanked the group for coming.              power. Generally, try to take a minimally divisive
RSVPs really helped. Reminded everyone that this              approach.
is Strawberry Festival Weekend. Also have many                     Discussion regarding minimum requirements for
quilt shops in the area, 4-5 quilt shops within 20            treasurer – requires access to computer and
miles: Betty’s and Sophie Anne’s; Quilting Cousins;           accounting software. Some small guilds can work
Creative Patches.                                             with checkbook only but accountability is easier to
      Speaker: Jean Kuper – Fiscal Responsibility             accomplish using accounting software.
      Most guilds are chartered as 501[c]3 or [c]7                 Discussion regarding importance of selecting
      Information focuses on 501[c] 3. Most of the            officers who are qualified to do the job, particularly
material presented comes from IRS website.                    treasurers. Make sure the treasurer understands
                                                              the responsibilities and is qualified..
      Nonprofit organizations are organized
exclusively for purposes specified by IRS.                         Non-profit Treasurer responsibilities:
                                                               Accept funds
      If the guild makes over $5,000 a year you should
first make sure that you incorporate. Must file with           Deposit
the IRS. Gross receipts less than $5,000 annually –            Disburse
average over 3-year period – do not have to                    Prepare and retain financial statements
incorporate. Must file within 90 days of the fiscal            Reconcile accounts
year or pay taxes on the previous year’s income.                   Have an operating account for day-to-day
Will have to file in that year and every subsequent           expenses. Also have savings accounts and transfer
year until you get the form 1023 again. Important             funds as needed to operating account. Control the
that the 1023 form gets filed on time. Application for        process by having different signers on savings
Recognition of Exemption. On IRS website. [1024               versus checking accounts. Have separate quilt
for501[c] 7. Basically the same form.]                        show account. Easier to run a separate budget for
      Additional tax forms: Form 990 – return of              the show. Also true for other major events/activities.
organization exempt from income tax report 990EB.             Guild treasurer has responsibility for all accounts
If gross receipts are less than $25,000 you do not            and should be signatory on all accounts. NOTE We
have to file. $25,000 to $100,000 you can file                can no longer rely on 2-signature requirement.
990EZ. Over $100,000, file long form.                         Banks no longer look at this and checks are easily
                                                              cashed with a single signature. Bank software does
      State of Calif. – Statement of information – filed      not look for two signatures. Only if the check was
biennially after filed the first time. $20 to file. Will be   cashed by a teller are you covered. Does not
mailed to central address. If guild address changes,          preclude the guild from requiring two signatures.
you need to remember that it has to be filed with the
state. SI100                                         When changing officers, outgoing treasurer
                                                              brings new signature card for completion to facilitate
      If you have questions, check Secretary of State         transition to new board.
                                                                   On receiving money - always double-count
      Checklists are included below.                          cash. Provide a receipt for the money and ensure
      As a member of the board of directors, you are          that you get a receipt. Treasurer should have
personally responsible for the guild finances and             receipts with deposit slip copy so they will know what
fiscal responsibility. The guild treasurer is                 made up that deposit. It is OK to keep cash and
responsible for all guild funds (includes quilt show if       provide check in that amount to facilitate mailing the
that is maintained separately). Accounting                    deposit.
information should always be reported to the board.                When checks are received, make sure they are
      Each guild needs to have and follow written             payable to the guild. If they are payable to the
policies and procedures on how to do things. How to           individual have that person deposit the check and
process funds. (i.e., if we take in cash, money goes          write a check payable to the guild. Banks won’t
to . . . show the process flow).                              accept third party (endorsed) checks.
      Budgeting for the year – board must follow                   Paying the bills
approved budget and watch it throughout the year.

June 2003
Southern California Council of Quilt Guilds                                                                     5

     Keep an audit record of every outgoing penny.           Require the Treasurer to provide receipts with
Need to have a permanent record of all guild                  monthly Treasurer’s Report to the Board. Make
expenditures. Best to work out that bills come                sure someone actually looks at them!
directly to the guild rather than a specific individual.    Does anyone check to make sure that there are
Pay within two weeks of receiving the bill. For               no checks missing from the check stock?
reimbursement requests: all receipts should include        Receipts
the name of individual, date, dollar amount, check
                                                            Make sure that for every process that requires
paid to; description of expense. Treasurer needs to
validate that they are budgeted expenses prior to             accepting payment for goods/services a
reimbursing, otherwise need board/guild approval for          procedure is in place to allow for the balancing
unbudgeted items. If the treasurer is writing a check         of the money:
to themselves for reimbursement, make sure that             Membership fees: Are the total fee collected
someone else signs it. Looks cleaner.                         equal to the number of members who joined the
     Keep a record of checks received, what for, from         guild times the membership fee?
whom, check number, postmark, etc.                          Opportunity tickets: Does the money collected
                                                              balance to the tickets sold?
     Builds in a cross check between the record and
                                                            Do those that provide this information to the
the deposit records. Balancing the bank statements
monthly is important. Ask the bank to mail two                Treasurer check to make sure the funds were
statements – one to president; one to treasurer. At           deposited into the guild’s account?
least one guild has a treasurer who prepares               Account Balancing
checks, and balances account, but does not have             Does the monthly bank statement come to a
check-signing authority. That responsibility falls to         person who does not have access to writing
president, parliamentarian, vp, some other board              checks?
member. One guild has the treasurer provide the             Are the disbursement and receipt records
entire accounting file on a disk with the report each         provided to that person to balance the
month. This serves as a backup.                               accounts?
     Many banks do not return checks. Downside is           Do these records reflect proper approval?
that you cannot check payees and what it was for. If        How are discrepancies resolved?
you do get checks back, they should not go back to          How long does it take to resolve the differences?
the person who wrote them.                                  Are random certifications of the accounts
     Don’t commingle treasurer’s records. Important           performed?
that you keep things separate and clearly identified.
It should be easy for someone to take over or pick         Checklist 2:
up with the job if the need arises. Keep records           Indicators ratings: E=essential;
together.                                                  R=recommended; A=additional to strengthen
     Guild’s financial records should be audited           organizational activities
annually. For large guilds, it should be a paid            Rating for each item should be indicated as :
auditor who specializes in non-profits. Question           “Requirement Met” or “Needs Work”
regarding the cost to pay auditor.                          The organization follows accounting practices
     Information regarding services available to non-          that conform to accepted standards.
profits that provide the software (Quicken, Word,           The organization has systems in place to
Excel, etc.) to do the job. These are secure sites,            provide the appropriate information needed by
just as banking online is done within the bank’s               staff and board to make sound financial
website and is secure.                                         decisions and to fulfill Internal Revenue Service
     Meeting adjourned at 12:30 pm.                            requirements.
     Respectfully submitted,                                The organization prepares timely financial
                                                               statements including the Balance Sheet [or
     Pam Overton in absence of Lisa Scaglione,
recording secretary                                            statement of financial position) and Statement of
                                                               Revenue and Expenses [or statement of
Checklist 1:                                                   financial activities] which are clearly stated and
Tips for Safekeeping Your Guild’s Treasury                     useful for the board and staff.
                                                            The organization prepares financial statements
Disbursements                                                  on a budget versus actual and/or comparative
 Are there receipts for every disbursement?                   basis to achieve a better understanding of their
 Are the receipts properly documented/Are they
   for allowable expenses?                                  The organization develops an annual
                                                               comprehensive operating budget, which
 Is there a way to verify accuracy of receipts for
                                                               includes costs for all programs, management
   the disbursement indicated? (e.g. If 100 stamps
                                                               and fundraising and all sources of funding. This
   were paid for, did the guild get all 100 stamps?)
                                                               budget is reviewed and approved by the Board
                                                               of Directors.
                                                                                                      June 2003
6                                                                  Southern California Council of Quilt Guilds

   The organization prepares cash flow projections.           The Board of Directors, or an appropriate
   The organization periodically forecasts year-end            committee, reviews and approves the audit
    revenues and expenses to assist in making                   report and management letter and with staff
    sound management decisions during the year.                 input and support, institutes any necessary
   The organization reconciles all cash accounts               changes.
    monthly.                                                   The audit, or an organization prepared annual
   The organization has a review process to                    report which includes financial statements, is
    monitor that they are receiving appropriate and             made available to service recipients, volunteers,
    accurate financial information whether from a               contributors, funders and other interested
    contracted service or internal processing.                  parties.
   If the organization has billable contracts or other        Training is made available for board and
    service income, procedures are established for              appropriate staff on relevant accounting topics
    the periodic billing, follow-up and collection of all       and all appropriate persons are encouraged to
    accounts, and have the documentation that                   participate in various training opportunities.
    substantiates all billings.
   Persons employed on a contract basis meet all
    Federal requirements for this form of
                                                            ASK THE BOARD
    employment. Disbursement records are kept so
    1099's can be issued at year-end.                       (Some of the specifics may have been changed to
   The organization has a written fiscal policy and        protect the identity of those pursuing advice.)
    procedures manual and follows it.
   The organization has documented a set of                Speakers
    internal controls, including the handling of cash       Dear Board:
    and deposits, approval over spending and                I found an old list of speakers put together in 1994.
    disbursements.                                          It gave names/addresses/phone numbers and a little
   The organization has a policy identifying               information about what their specialties were. Has it
    authorized check signers and the number of              ever been updated?
    signatures required on checks in excess of
    specified dollar amounts.                               Dear Member:
   A designated person approves all expenses of            As part of our 2002 Meet the Teachers we updated
    the organization before payment is made.                the speaker list. You’ll find it posted at
   The organization has a written policy related to
                                                            Dear Board:
   The organization has established, or is actively
                                                            How do I get on the council meet the teacher list?
    trying to develop, a reserve of funds to cover at
    least three months of operating expenses.
                                                            Dear Member:
   The organization has suitable insurance
                                                            Becky Miller, a member of the Valley Quilters, is
    coverage, which is periodically reviewed to
                                                            currently maintaining the teacher database for
    ensure the appropriate levels and types of
                                                            SCCQG. The current list is posted on the council
    coverage are in place.
                                                            website ( If you would like to have
   Employees, board members and volunteers who             your name added to the list, please contact her. Her
    handle cash and investments are bonded to help          telephone and e-mail address are listed in the
    assure the safeguarding of assets.                      council directory.
   The organization files IRS form 990's in a timely       Our next Meet the Teachers meeting will be in July
    basis within prescribed time lines.                     2004. Early in 2004 we will send out invitations to
   The organization reviews income annually to             those teachers on our list. Space at the Meet the
    determine and report unrelated business income          Teachers meeting will be assigned on a first-come,
    to the IRS.                                             first-served basis after the invitations go out. Please
   The organization has an annual, independent             make sure that we have your current e-mail and
    audit of their financial statements, prepared by a      snail mail addresses. The invitations will be mailed
    certified public accountant.                            via e-mail and snail mail at the same time.
   In addition to the audit, the CPA prepares a
    management letter containing recommendations
    for improvements in the financial operations of
    the organization.
   The Board of Directors, or an appropriate
    committee, is responsible for soliciting bids,
    interviewing auditors and hiring an auditor for
    the organization.

June 2003
    Southern California Council of Quilt Guilds                                                                             7

    How do we update our guild officer information?                contains an officer update form. Shortly after the
                                                                   election, your guild rep should complete the form
    Dear Board:                                                    and include name, address, telephone, and e-mail
    We’ve just elected new officers for our guild. How             addresses for your guild president, program chair,
    do we notify the council so that our guild information         newsletter editor, and council rep. The completed
    is updated in the directory?                                   form should be forwarded to Bettie Blauser,
                                                                   Membership Chair. If you do not have a copy of the
    Dear Member:                                                   form, contact Bettie and she will e-mail or snail mail
    Your SCCQG directory packet (distributed in April)             the form to you.

Does A Guild Have Legal Obligations To Its Members?
     Most Guilds have no employees and do not think of themselves as employers or even as businesses. So we were
wondering whether a Guild had legal obligations to its members? We asked a few hypothetical questions to a volunteer
attorney (who prefers to remain anonymous) and got back some interesting answers. Here they are.
     Q. Most Guilds have no employees? Are Guilds obligated not to discriminate under the anti-discrimination laws?
     A. Let me ask a question first. What is a Guild?
     Q. Guilds are non-profit, membership organizations whose purpose is social and educational; to advance the craft of
quiltmaking and our knowledge and appreciation of it.
     A. So the question is?
     Q. Do the anti-discrimination laws in California apply to us?
     A. No. The California Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) prohibits discrimination by employers against
employees on the basis of race, religion, sex, national origin, medical condition, and for other reasons. But FEHA does
not apply to employers of fewer than five employees, and it applies only to employees, not independent contractors. Of
course, Guilds should not discriminate against its members or anyone else.
     Q. What about the civil rights laws?
     A. In California, the civil rights (or public accommodation) law is called the Unruh Civil Rights Act. It applies to all
business establishments of every kind whatsoever. Are you a business establishment?
     Q. We collect money from our members. We sell tickets to raffles. We write checks to pay our bills. Are we a
     A. Well, even if you have employees, operate a small retail shop, sell T-shirts with your insignia, and operate fund-
raising activities, you would probably be compared favorably (on this issue) with the Boy Scouts, with its educational
mission. In that case, the Unruh Act does not apply.
     Q. Why do you say that?
     A. In 1998, the California Supreme Court faced a case where the Boy Scouts rejected the application of a
homosexual to become an assistant scoutmaster. Even though the Boy Scouts had employees, a retail shop, sold T-
shirts and held fund-raisers, the Supreme Court held that the Boy Scouts, given its overall purpose and function, was not
a business establishment whose membership decisions were subject to the Act.
     Q. Are there any cases that might worry us?
     A. Yes. You could contrast the Boy Scouts case with the case of the Peninsula Golf & Country Club, which was
excluding women from proprietary membership. While noting that a truly private social club would not normally constitute
a business establishment under the Unruh Act, the Supreme Court found that the Golf Club earned a significant amount of
revenue from non-members for use of its facilities and the purchase of goods and services on its premises, and that the
Unruh Act applied to it.
     Q. What’s the difference?
     A. The distinction is probably in the difference between an organization with a recreational purpose (operating a
baseball team is a business) on the one hand, and between an organization with educational purpose and function.
Because a Guild is much more like the Boy Scouts and much less like a Golf Club, the Civil Rights Act does not probably
apply to a Guild.
     Q. What about the federal civil rights act and the disability act?
     A. Federal law applies to actions taken under color of law; that is, state action. In short, private organizations are not
obligated to comply with these laws. For example, private schools are not obligated to comply; that is, unless they receive
public funding.
     Q. What should a Guild do if a member complains about a disability of some sort and demands that an
accommodation be made?
     A. Guilds have no obligation to meet such demands, but they should do the right thing and take whatever steps might
                                                                                                               June 2003
   8                                                                                 Southern California Council of Quilt Guilds
be reasonable. Say, for example, that a member has a hearing impairment. Let him or her have preferential treatment to
sit close to a speaker. In addition to giving important information (e.g., meeting announcements) verbally, give him or her
a note to read as well.
     Q. Do we have to do more?
     A. You mean, purchase a hearing aid or provide a paid signer? There is no obligation to do so, and going to such
lengths would probably be seen as unreasonable.
     Q. How do we decide this?
     A. To decide, the Guild should be able to articulate a reason for doing one thing or the other. For example, a paid
signer would cost much more for one night than a typical member’s dues for a year. On the other hand, the Guild might
want to say in its newsletter than it is looking for a volunteer, or perhaps make a few phone calls. Accommodations, even
when required, are only supposed to be reasonable; not extreme. But there is no bright line between reasonable and
unreasonable. So my advice is to err on the side of being reasonable, whatever that is.

                                       SCCQG Calendar of Events –2003/2004
    The Calendar of Events is maintained by SCCQG and made available to members to aid in scheduling and advertising quilt shows and
    other guild-related activities. Calendar event notices will be accepted from any paid guild or individual member. Space priority is given
    first to guild activities. Notices are generally limited to four (4) lines.

                June 28-29, 2003: Orange County Quilt Guild Quilt Show. For information contact Claudia Redfern at
                June 26-27-28, 2003. SAN LUIS OBISPO QUILT CELEBRATION 2003 presented by SLO Quilters, Inc. Featured Artist -
                Shelly Swanland and Traveling Exhibit - "United We Quilt" Special Celebration Preview with Wine Tasting Thursday Evening.
                 Show hours - Friday 10 am to 8 pm, Saturday 10 am to 4 pm - Admission $5 Veteran's Memorial Building, 801 Grand Ave.
                San Luis Obispo. Contact Shirley Head (805) 544-5176 or e-mail - for more information.
                July 11, 2003. Alpine Country Quilters annual quilt show from 10:00-5:00 at the Alpine Community Center located at 1830
                Alpine Blvd. Over 150 quilts on display along with Demos, Wearable Art, Raffle Quilts, and Quilts for sale. Several vendors will
                also be there and a quilt appraiser for those who would like to have their quilts appraised. Admittance fee to the show is $3:00.
    UPDATE      July 19, 2003: SCCQG meeting hosted by Valley of the Mist Quilt Guild. Topic: Meet the Vendors.
                Directions: Traveling on Interstate 15, exit Rancho California Road and turn east (if traveling south, turn left - if traveling
                north turn right). Go one block and turn RIGHT onto Ynez Road. Go to the second stop light and turn LEFT onto Rancho
                Vista Road. Drive 1.1 miles and turn RIGHT into the parking lot of the Temecula Sports Park & Community Center (there is no
                visible sign when entering from this direction). The address is: 30875 Rancho Vista Road, Temecula, CA.
                August 1-3, 2003: TLC Quilters of West Covina will hold their biannual quilt show at the West Covina Senior Citizens Center
                at 2501, E. Cortez, West Covina.
                August 9-10, 2003: Quilters by the Sea Quilt Show – A Sea of Quilts at the Long Beach Hilton.
                August 16, 2003: Wearable Art Connection meeting at 10a.m. The speaker is Kayla Bennington. The meeting is free for
                WAC members, $10 for guests. Call Valerie Sugar at 562-804-5536-
                August 29-31, 2003: 22nd Annual San Diego Quilt Show at the San Diego Convention Center, Hall F, 111 West Harbor Drive;
                Fri and Sat 10 am to 6 pm, Sun 10 am to 4 pm; 11 yrs-adult $7, 4-10 yrs $3.50, 3 yrs and under free; Guest Artist Cynthia
                England of Houston, TX; for entry forms or info phone (619) 443-2706 or email Or visit the new San
                Diego Quilt Show website at
                August 30, 2003: The Lake Arrowhead area 11th Annual Quilt Show supported by both Willow Woods and Dogwood Quilt
                Guilds will be held in Sky Forest, Highway 18, from 10 AM to 4 PM one day only. Entries in this non-juried show are due
                August 28th. A small quilt auction, craft booths, and several opportunity quilts will be displayed. For more information, contact
                Cyndee Dvorak, Quilters’ Cottage, (909)337-1521. Quilts are displayed outdoors among the pines.
                August 30-31, 2003: Busy Bears Quilt Guild of Big Bear Lake, CA. presents MOUNTAIN TREASURERS XV QUILT SHOW
                2003, Saturday 10:00 am - 5:00 pm; Sunday 10:00 am - 4: 00 pm, Big Bear Elementary School corner Knickerbocker &
                Pennsylvania, Internet:
                September 5-6, 2003: Flying North Together, a quilt show presented by the Flying Geese and North Cities Quilters Guilds.
                10am-5pm on Sept 5 and 9:30am-5pm on Sept 6. Held at the Orange county fairgrounds. Carol Culbert is the featured quilter.
                For more details visit or contact Eileen Wintemute at
                September 12-14, 2003: Goin’ to Sew Quilting Retreat. Contact Karen Woodard 714-974-7357 or or
                September 19-21, 2003. Traveling Quilters Big Bear Quiltaway Weekend. Cost: $200 per person based on double
                occupancy. For information contact Pam Overton (310) 546-5990 or
    NEW         September 27, 2003: Desert Winds Quilt Guild Quilt Show and Boutique, 10 to 5 , Percy Bakker Comm. Center, Hesperia
                September 27-28, 2003: Quilters Etc. Quilt Show to be held in Lompoc Veteran’s Building Lompoc, CA. For information,
                contact: Marilyn Romine (805) 735-8985
                October 2 - 5, 2003: Nostalgic NeedleArt III, a needlework and embellishment conference in Ontario, CA. For additional
                information, visit their website at http://www.nostalgicneed! and join the mailing list to be notified when then class
                schedule is available. Call Jan Raymond at 909-591-8050 to receive a brochure.
June 2003
Southern California Council of Quilt Guilds                                                                                                  9

NEW      October 4, 2003: Old Town Temecula Outdoor Quilt Show, Sponsored by Valley of the Mist Quilters Guild, 10a.m. to 4 p.m.,
         Quilt Auction at 1 p.m. Over 150 quilts displayed between Moreno and Santiago Roads on Old Town-Front Street Directions: I-
         15 to Temecula, exit at Rancho California Road. West to Old Town-Front Street. South on Old Town-Front Street. Information:
         Please call or email Pauline McCauley (909) 600-4928
         October 10-12, 2003: Goin’ to Sew Quilting Retreat. Contact Karen Woodard 714-974-7357 or or
         October 11, 2003: Orange Grove Quilt Guild Auction and Tea at the Newland House, 19022 Beach Blvd., Huntington Beach.
         Admission $5.00 to cover bid numbers and refreshments. 80-100 quilts in varying sizes. Guild Boutique, Chinese Auction Gift
         Baskets, and a special raffle. 11 am preview ; Auction at 1 pm. Info: Marie Blash, 714-775-8004 or for.
         October 17, 2003 through January 4, 2004 - The Fiber of Coronado - An invitational exhibition of work by Quilt San Diego/
         Quilt Visions Members. Celebrating the life of Coronado, these small art quilts are artists' interpretations of this unique
         Southern California community. The Coronado Historical Association Museum of History & Art.,1100 Orange Ave.,Coronado,
         CA 92118. Mon.-Fri.-9am-5pm,Sat-10-5pm,Sun-11-4pm. Contact the Museum - (619) 425-7242 or Quilt Visions - (858) 484-
         5201 for further information. email:
         October 18, 2003: SCCQG meeting hosted by Camarillo Quilters Guild. Topic: Judging Quilts and Wearable Art.
         October 17-19, 2003: Quilts at the Adobe, El Camino Quilters, San Diego County Parks Department and the San Diego
         County Parks Society at the Historic Rancho Guajome Adobe, 2210 North Santa Fe Road in Vista, Ca. 10Am - 4PM Daily.
         Show features quilts and wearable art, musical entertainment, quilt vendors, demonstrations, a certified quilt appraiser (fee for
         service), a fashion show Sat. and Sun. at 1. $5.00 admission includes a self-guided tour of the Adobe. Further info available
         from Jane Wischstadt, (760) 726-3321 or e-mail: A recorded events message for the Adobe is (760)
         724-4082. Website for El Camino Quilters is:
         October 18-19, 2003: Tehachapi Mountain Quilters Quilt Show in Tehachapi CA. For info: contact Eve Hall at 661-822-3281.
         November. 7-8, 2003 - Quilts of the Friendly Village - Fallbrook Quilt Guild at Fallbrook Presbyterian Church , 463 S. Stage
         Coach Lane, Fallbrook - Info. contact Fran at 760-451-0835 --
         November 7-9, 2003. Traveling Quilters Big Bear Quiltaway Weekend. Cost: $200 per person based on double occupancy.
         For information, contact Lynn Crawford (760) 249-8869or
         November 14-16 2003: MOON over the MOUNTAIN, Quilting Retreats, Lake Arrowhead,$375 weekends, 626 355-7471.
         November 15, 2003: Wearable Art Connection meeting at 10a.m. The speaker is Judy Bishop. The meeting is free for WAC
         members, $10 for guests. Call Valerie Sugar at 562-804-5536.
         November 15, 2003. Santa Clarita Quilt Guild biannual quilt show 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at College of the Canyons, 26455
         N Rockwell Canyon Rd, Valencia, Ca, 91355. Traditional, Contemporary, & Art Quilts. Opportunity Quilt, Crafters Chance
         Corner, Vendors, Door Prizes, Refreshments available. Donations $6.00 or $5.00 plus one item of non-perishable food for the
         SCV Food Pantry. Parking $1.00, South parking lot. For info: or call Eddie Moore at 661-270-0630.
         November 21-23, 2003: Afro-American Guild Quilt Show , Torrance Cultural Arts Center, 3341 Civic Center Dr., Torrance.

         January 15-18, 2004: Road to California, Ontario Convention Center, Ontario, CA. For information call Toll Free 877.762.3222
         or on the web at
         January 17, 2004: SCCQG Meeting hosted by Road to California. Topic: TBD.
         January 23 & 24, 2004. Cotton Patch Quilt Guild - Quilt Show-Kern County Fairgrounds, Bakersfield, CA. Opportunity Quilt,
         Quilt Guild Challenge. Admission $5.00, $7.00 for 2 days. For more information call LaNita Northway 661-327-0302
         January 30-31, 2004. Valley Quilters quilt show at Valley Wide Recreation Center, 901 Esplanade Ave., San Jacinto. For
         more information, contact Mary Fidler, Show Chairman, at, or Jane Wesoloski, Guild President, at
         February 28-29, 2004: South Bay Quilters Guild Quilt Show, Torrance Cultural Arts Center. Information:
         March 5-6, 2004: Desert Guilds Quilt Show "Fun in the Sun" 10 AM to 5 PM, Palm Springs Pavilion, 401 S. Pavilion Way,
         Palm Springs, Ca. Presented by Pass Patches Quilt Guild, Cactus Sewables Quilt Guild, Coachella Valley Quilt Guild. For
         information contact 1-760-365-6796 or .
          March 6 and 7, 2004: Friendship Square Quilt Guild presents Continuing the Tradition II quilt show at UFCW Auditorium,
          8530 Stanton Ave., Buena Park. Sat 10-5; Sun 10-4. Info: Sarah Herndon 714-527-222 or
         March 28-30, 2004. Glendale Quilt Guild 24th Annual Quilt Show. For info visit the guild website at
         April 17, 2004: SCCQG Meeting hosted by Simi Valley Quilt Guild
         April 24-25, 2004: Camarillo Quilt Guild Quilt Show, Seaside Park, Ventura.
  NEW    May 9 – 13, 2004: QUILTERS’ ESCAPE 2004 An annual quilting seminar/retreat on the California North Coast in the
         redwoods overlooking the Eel River. 2004 national instructors are: Jane Sassaman, Judy Severson, Dixie McBride, Cynthia
         England and Janet Jones Worley. Please send SASE to QUILTERS’ ESCAPE, 3414 K Street, Eureka, CA 95503 ph 707 442-
         0081 or visit for detailed information.
         June 6-7, 2004. Beach Cities Quilt Show at Saddleback Community College, Mission Viejo.
         July 17, 2004: SCCQG Meeting hosted by Schoolhouse Quilters of Rosemead. Topic: Meet the Teachers
         September 9-10-11, 2004. LA County Quilt Guild Quilt Show
         September 10-11, 2004 Quilting in the Valley - returns better than ever! Presented by Valley Quiltmakers Guild and San
         Fernando Valley Quilt Association at the Airtel Plaza Hotel, Van Nuys, CA (formerly at CSUN). Hours: Friday, 10-7, Sat. 9-4
         October 2-3, 2004. Simi Valley Quilt Guild Quilt Show. Details to come.
         October 16, 2004: SCCQG Meeting hosted by the Valley Quilters. Topic: TBD

                                                                                                                               June 2003
10                                                                            Southern California Council of Quilt Guilds

Directions for the July 2003 SCCQG meeting:
    Our host for this meeting is the Valley of the Mist Quilt Guild in Temecula. The meeting date is Saturday, July 19, 2003.
Our meeting will be held at Temecula Sports Park & Community Center, 30875 Rancho Vista Road, Temecula, and begin at
10:00 am. Please RSVP to Leilani Hosking ( to let the guild know that you plan to attend. It will help them
immensely in planning refreshments for our group.
     Directions: Traveling on Interstate 15, exit Rancho California Road and turn east (if traveling south, turn left - if traveling
north turn right). Go one block and turn RIGHT onto Ynez Road. Go to the second stop light and turn LEFT onto Rancho
Vista Road. Drive 1.1 miles and turn RIGHT into the parking lot of the Temecula Sports Park & Community Center (there is no
visible sign when entering from this direction). The address is: 30875 Rancho Vista Road, Temecula, CA.

The topic for this meeting is Meet the Vendors.

Bettie Blauser
146 Loma Lane
San Clemente, CA 92672

June 2003

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