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					               UO Permanent Residency Application Process
                           Part 2: Form I-140

Timeline for Permanent Residency Application (about 2 ! years):
   1. Approval of UO Vice Provost for Academic Affairs (2-4 weeks) and
      Labor Certification Process (6-12 months, as of Jan. 2010)
   2. Intent to Immigrate Petition: I-140 (6-12 months, as of Jan. 2010)
   3. Adjustment of Status Petition: I-485 (6-12 months, as of Jan. 2010)

APPLICANT will submit the following to International Affairs:
  1. Form I-140 - fill out Parts 3, 4, 6 (except #2), 7
  2. Check from your UO department made out to “U.S. Department of Homeland Security ” for $475
  3. Copy of UO Terms of Appointment & Contract
  4. Copies of I-94 card and Visa sticker (in passport) or Visa approval (I-797) that shows
     visa approval dates
  5. Submit current CV/resume
  6. Copies of graduate degree(s) and transcripts
  7. TWO letters of recommendation (see sample letters following)
  8. Information about UO department, “The Petitioner” (see sample)

   1.   Complete “PART 1, 2, 5, 8” of the form I-140
   2.   Determine how long applicant’s H-1B (or other visa type) is valid
   3.   Enclose a cover letter with I-140
   4.   Submit the following documents to USCIS: Approved Labor Certification, I-140, check for
        $475, copy of UO Contract, copy of visa information, CV/resume, a copy of graduate
        degree(s) and transcripts, two letters of reference, “The Petitioner” memorandum, and a
        cover letter from International Affairs

   1. After your I-140 is approved, you will be responsible for filing I-485 form for “adjustment
      of status” to a U.S. permanent resident with the USCIS. However, if you have any questions
      about this process or other related issues, please contact International Affairs at 346-3206.
   2. To obtain forms & instructions, please call the USCIS request line at 1-800-870-FORM.
      You will need one I-485 packet for each family member.
   3. If your current visa expires once you file the form I-485, you cannot leave the U.S. without
      prior permission from the USCIS. If you are planning to travel abroad within the next year,
      please make sure you file for an advance parole (Form I-131). This form is not included in
      your packet, but can be downloaded directly from the USCIS. Go to the USCIS website at and click on “Forms.”

                                                                                    Updated January 2008
         Sample Recommendation Letter #1


TO:           U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services
FROM:         Bob W. Jones
              Professor, Mathematics
DATE:         August 1, 2007
RE:           Dr. Richard Smith

I am writing in support of the application by Dr. Smith for permanent residency.

Dr. Smith joined this department in September 2006 and had an immediate and very positive
impact. He is an outstanding young scholar with some 17 papers, several of which include
significant contributions to modern mathematics. He has also proved to be a talented,
effective and extremely well liked professor. In just a few months he has come to be a
valuable and stimulating colleague. He has been active in our seminar programs and has
worked unusually well both with graduate students and with faculty.

For many years this department has had worldwide renown for its program in algebra. Recent
retirements and resignations have placed that program in some jeopardy. Dr. Smith, although
still very young, is giving solid evidence that he is going to play a major role in the
revitalization of that algebra program. He has been active in his interaction with other
faculty. He has recently accepted the responsibility of directing a Ph.D. student and has
generated interest in others about his work.

I fully expect that Dr. Smith will become a real intellectual force within his department and
will be a prime contributor to its future success. Thus, I urge the approval of his request.

        Sample Recommendation Letter #2


TO:            U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services
FROM:          Mary B. Johnson
               Professor, Department of Architecture
DATE:          August 1, 2007
RE:            Dr. Anna Anderson

I am writing in support of the request for permanent residency for Dr. Anderson.

I have had the opportunity of working with Dr. Anderson in the Department of Architecture,
Energy Studies in Buildings Laboratory at the University of Oregon since September 2005.
In collaboration with me, Dr. Anderson has been engaged in research in the area of thermal
design of buildings, the development of computerized tools for energy analysis, empirical
daylighting and ventilation studies in industrial housing systems.

During this period, I have known Dr. Anderson’s performance to be outstanding. She has
brought to our project extensive capabilities in the area of energy testing of buildings and has
demonstrated his broad knowledge of thermal sciences. I have been impressed with her
creative ideas and her ability to communicate those ideas and to put them to work. She is a
hard worker and a self-starter. I have found her character to be unquestionable.

Dr. Anderson is eminently qualified for her work here as a professional engineer. She holds a
Ph.D. from the University of California at Davis. She brings to the University of Oregon
extensive professional experience in the fields of thermal sciences and fluid mechanics. She
is a proficient computer programmer. She has experience with residential construction and
has helped to develop HVAC systems for several commercial buildings.

In summation, I support Dr. Anderson’s request for permanent residency.

           Sample part of I-140 application

                                       The Petitioner

The University of Oregon is a major public university in the state of Oregon, enrolling over
18,750 students. It has about 3,645 faculty and staff with an annual budget of approximately
$260 million. (--modify the following text for your department--) The School of
Architecture has 29 full-time faculty members, advises 328 undergraduate and 183 graduate
architecture majors, and 57 undergraduate and 18 graduate interior architecture majors, and
teaches about 600 students each year. Its annual operating budget is about $3.2 million. Dr.
Samuel Jones will apply for adjustment of status to that of a permanent resident at the U.S.
Citizenship and Immigration Services, Portland, Oregon.


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