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                                                                dePOSITIOnSTechnIqueS yOu need
                                                                  learn The advanced
                                                                 TO becOme a maSTer aT The arT Of dePOSITIOnS
       JANUARY 15–18, 2010 • hOTEL mONACO dENVER • dENVER, CO

                                                                                “    Thanks to the skills I learned,
                                                                                 I was able to stay focused, not get
                                                                                frustrated and turn my deposition
                                                                           into a sword to use against the defense. 
                                                                                           —Robert Freidel, medford, NJ

Open Only to Plaintiff Trial Lawyers
AAJ Education Endowed by
Power Rogers & Smith
Take your deposition skills to the next level with AAJ’s Advanced Depositions College.
This program provides the strategies and techniques to enhance the performance of even
the most experienced plaintiff trial lawyer at the deposition table.
Built on the fundamentals of AAJ’s Depositions College, the Advanced Depositions College
provides an in-depth, cutting-edge approach to perfecting depositions and witness prepara-
tion skills. This program features a low student-to-faculty ratio, comprehensive lectures,
useful demonstrations, and five workshops—which will be recorded for you to take home—
to prepare you for success in depositions and in the courtroom. During the workshops, you
will practice your new skills and receive critical feedback from the experienced faculty.

Learn and Practice Advanced Techniques in Recorded Workshops:
•	 Discovery Plan and Witness Goals
•	 Lay Witnesses: Exhaustion, Boxing-In, Restating and Summarizing,
   Nonverbals, Mirroring
•	 Document Discovery/“Death Star” Depositions
•	 Establishing Standards of Care and Conduct
•	 Deposing Experts

          Open Only to AAJ Plaintiff Trial Lawyers

Who Should Attend
This program is designed for plaintiff trial lawyers who are well-grounded in the
fundamentals of taking and defending depositions and want to build on their trial skills.

Your Registration Includes
•	 27 hours of continuing legal education, including one hour of ethics, and NCA credits,
   which can be applied towards AAJ’s professional recognition programs
•	 Recorded workshops with personalized critiques
•	 Comprehensive reference materials
•	 Complimentary daily continental breakfast and coffee
•	 Networking lunch and reception
•	 Roundtable discussion breakfast buffet

                      RESERVE YOUR SPACE TOdAY!
     Visit or call
          AAJ Education at 800-622-1791 or 202-965-3500, ext. 612
                      (After November 1, this extension will be 8612.)
Friday, January 15                                   NETWORKING RECEPTION
                                                     6:00 pm–7:00 pm
(Continental breakfast available)
7:30 am–8:00 am
                                                     Saturday, January 16
mORNING SESSION                                      mORNING SESSION
8:00 am–12:45 pm                                     (Continental breakfast available)
Understanding Bias and Its Role                      8:00 am–1:00 pm
in Discovery and at Trial                            Depositions of Corporate
•		 ow	bias	affects	your	deposition	                 Representatives: The 30(b)(6)
  strategy                                           Deposition
•		 ombating	bias	in	discovery	                        C
                                                     •		 rafting	the	notice	for	your	case
  and trial                                            U
                                                     •		 se	of	30(b)(6)	for	contention	
Establishing Standards of Care and                     depositions related to defenses
Conduct with Defense Witnesses                         D
                                                     •		 emonstration	of	questions	used	
                                                       with	the	30(b)(6)	deposition	to	
      Workshop: Discovery Plan                         establish the witness speaks for
      and Witness Goals                                the corporation
•		 itness	plan                                        R
                                                     •		 elationship	between	Rules	
•		 oals	for	each	lay	witness—three	                   30(b)(6)	and	32
                                                     “Death Star” Depositions:
NETWORKING LUNCh                                     The 30(b)(2) Deposition
12:45 pm–1:45 pm                                       F
                                                     •		 inding	all	the	documents
                                                     •		 sing	a	30(b)(2)	deposition	to	
AFTERNOON SESSION                                      discover case dispositive information
1:45 pm–6:00 pm                                        A
                                                     •		 ltered	records:	lock	the	defendant	in,	
Demonstration: Making the                              then impeach with the originals
Most of E-Discovery                                    U
                                                     •		 sing	the	“smoking	gun”	document
•	Deposition	Techniques                                    Workshop: Document
•	Exhaustion                                               Discovery/“Death Star”
•	Boxing-in                                                Depositions
•	Restating	and	summarizing
•	Nonverbals,	mirroring                              LUNCh
     Workshop on Lay Witnesses:                      (On your own)
     Exhaustion, Boxing-in,                          1:00 pm–2:00 pm
Restating and Summarizing,
Nonverbals, Mirroring

 What Past Attendees Say

  “  “My workshop leader was fantastic. He gave valuable insights into the practical
     use of the information we were working on. He gave constructive critiques of our
     mock depositions, which were informative and helpful.”
                                                        —Mark Atlee, Lancaster, PA

  “  The combination of bias, establishing standards of care, and deposition
     techniques…plus the workshops, leads me to a much stronger understanding of
     how to create a transcript that will be useful at trial and so much more than a
     discovery session. This was excellent. This course, as a whole, enables the lawyer to
     use a transcript the way a painter uses a canvas. Awesome!
                                                         —Charles Rock, Newburgh, NY
  AGENdA continued
AFTERNOON SESSION                               AFTERNOON SESSION
2:00 pm–5:30 pm                                 1:30 pm–4:45 pm
Crawling Inside the Skin of                     Special Considerations for Deposing
Your Deponent                                   Experts
                                                •		 stablishing	facts	and	theories	
Demonstration: Dealing with the
                                                  favorable to your case
Evasive Witness
                                                •	Daubert
•		 echniques	in	handling	the	evasive	
                                                •		 ilver	bullets
•		 emonstration	of	deposing	the	
  D                                             Microexpressions
  evasive witness                                     Workshop: Deposing Experts
      Workshop: Establishing
      Standards of Care and Conduct
                                                monday, January 18
                                                mORNING SESSION
Sunday, January 17                              (Buffet breakfast)
mORNING SESSION                                 8:30 am–1:00 pm
(Continental breakfast available)
8:00 am–12:30 pm                                How to Effectively Use Your
                                                Depositions in Trial
Dealing with the Rambo                            M
                                                •		 aximum	effect	as	impeachment
Litigator (ethics)                                S
                                                •		 ubstantive	evidence	when	the	
•		 ule	4.2	and	ex	parte                          witness is unavailable
  communications                                  I
                                                •		 n	opening	and	closing	using	
•		 se	of	deposition	protocol                     PowerPoint
•		 all v. Clifton Precision Tools
                                                Faculty Deposition Demonstrations
Witness Preparation
                                                So, Now What Do We Do?
•		 earning	styles
•		 rocessing	styles                            •		 ow	to	use	what	we	have	learned
•		 aking	your	witness	defamation	proof         •		 pplying the advanced techniques
•		 iagnosing	witness’s	problems	and	             to our practice
  issues	(Live	demonstration	with	a	
  former	client)
                                                        About Workshops
LUNCh                                                   Through hands-on workshops in
12:30 pm–1:30 pm                                 small groups, you will receive individual
                                                 attention and critiques of your skills by highly-
                                                 experienced faculty. Your recorded workshops
                                                 are yours to take home for further study.

Richard D. Hailey	concentrates	his	practice	in	personal	injury.	Mr.	Hailey	is	a	past	presi-
dent	of	AAJ	(formerly	ATLA®),	Fellow	of	the	Pound	Civil	Justice	Institute,	Governor	of	the	
Indiana	Trial	Lawyers	Association	(ITLA),	and	a	member	of	the	ITLA’s	College	of	Fellows.	
The	law	firm	of	Ramey	&	Hailey	is	in	Indianapolis,	Indiana.

Katherine James is cofounder, with Alan Blumenfeld, of ACT of Communication in
Culver	City,	California	whose	workshops	have	trained	more	than	20,000	lawyers	and	
whose	work	as	part	of	trial	teams	has	taken	more	than	700	cases	to	trial.	Her	expertise	is	
in helping to make attorneys more effective in live communication as well as to prepare
witnesses for deposition, mediation, arbitration, and trial. She has been a part of the
faculty at various trial colleges, universities, and law schools including ATLA’s Ultimate
Trial Advocacy Course: Art of Persuasion. ACT of Communication’s newest project, What Can
Lawyers Learn From Actors?, takes their nationally acclaimed workshops and translates them
into a packaged video series with workbooks to maximize the interactive learning experience.

William L. Keating concentrates his practice in complex personal injury/wrongful death
litigation, including products liability, fire/explosions, trucking/auto collisions, automotive
defects,	construction	accidents,	insurance	bad	faith	and	catastrophic	injuries.	He	has	been	
elected to membership in The American College of Trial Lawyers, The International Society
of Barristers, The American Board of Trial Advocates, The International Academy of Trial
Lawyers	and	The	Academy	of	Catastrophic	Injury	Attorneys.	He	is	a	past	president	of	the	
Colorado	Lawyers	Association.	Mr.	Keating	is	a	partner	with	the	law	firm	of	Fogel	Keating	
Wagner Polidori Shafner, P.C., in Denver, Colorado.

Mark R. Kosieradzki concentrates his practice in products liability, wrongful death, spinal
cord injuries, amputations, nursing home abuse and burns. Mr. Kosieradzki is certified by
the National Board of Trial Advocacy and the Minnesota Bar Association as a Civil Trial
Specialist, was elected to the American Board of Trial Advocates, and is a past president of
the	Minnesota	Trial	Lawyers	Association.	He	has	served	on	AAJ’s	Board	of	Governors,	is	past	
chair	of	AAJ’s	Nursing	Home	Litigation	group,	is	a	member	of	AAJ’s	NCA	Board	of	Trustees,	
and	is	a	Diplomate	of	AAJ’s	NCA.	The	Kosieradzki	Smith	Law	Firm,	LLC	is	in	Minneapolis,	

Thomas S. McGrath represents homeowners and commercial property owners against
building contractors, pest control operators, architects, and real estate agents regarding
construction defects, termite damage, pesticide exposure, toxic mold and real estate fraud.
He	is	a	frequent	lecturer	on	these	subjects	and	a	Diplomate	of	AAJ’s	National	College	of	
Advocacy	(NCA).	Mr.	McGrath	is	admitted	to	practice	in	Colorado,	Illinois,	and	Alabama.	
The	McGrath	Law	office	is	located	in	Huntsville,	Alabama.

Phillip H. Miller, course advisor, has an exclusively personal injury practice. Mr. Miller has
tried	48	jury	trials	to	a	verdict	and	handled	a	wide	range	of	complex	cases	including	trucking	
litigation,	nursing	home	claims,	pharmaceutical	torts,	and	daycare	center	child	abuse.	He	is	
AV rated and has been certified as a civil trial specialist continuously since 1991. In addition
to his law practice, Mr. Miller has extensive experience working as a trial consultant on cases
nationwide	specializing	in	discovery	planning	and	trial	preparation.	He	serves	on	the	execu-
tive committee for the Tennessee Association for Justice, is a member of AAJ’s NCA Board of
Trustees, is a Diplomate of AAJ’s NCA, and is a frequent speaker for AAJ and state trial lawyer
associations.	Phillip	H.	Miller	&	Associates	is	located	in	Nashville,	Tennessee.

Christopher J. O’Brien, course advisor, concentrates his practice in automobile negligence,
sexual	assault,	food	poisoning, and	wrongful	death	litigation. He	is	past	president	of	the	West-
ern	Affiliate	of	the	New	York	State	Trial	Lawyers	Association	(NYSTLA)	and	a	Diplomate	of	
AAJ’s NCA. Mr. O’Brien is a frequent speaker for AAJ and NYSTLA CLE programs and is an
adjunct	faculty	professor	at	SUNY	at	Buffalo	Law	School. He	is	a	partner	with	O’Brien	Boyd,	
P.C. in Buffalo, New York.

Karen R. Roberts concentrates her practice on personal injury and products liability litiga-
tion. Ms. Roberts worked as a broadcast journalist for several years before receiving her J.D.
She is a current Vice President of the Texas Trial Lawyers Association, immediate past-chair
of the TTLA Board of Advocates and a former member of AAJ’s NCA Board of Trustees. She
practices with the Roberts Law Office in Tyler, Texas.

Thomas J. Vesper’s practice focuses on products liability, professional malpractice, medical
negligence,	and	consumer	fraud	cases.	He	is	a	former	member	of	AAJ’s	NCA	Board	of	Trust-
ees, a frequent lecturer, and author of the Trial and Depositions Notebooks, published by West/
AAJ	Press	(formerly	ATLA	Press).	Mr.	Vesper	is	a	senior	partner	in	the	firm	of	Westmoreland	
Vesper & Quattrone in West Atlantic City, New Jersey.
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mCLE/NCA Requirements
Earn approximately 27† CLE credits, including one hour of ethics, to be applied to your
participation	in	AAJ’s	professional	recognition	programs.	For	information	about	AAJ’s	
professional recognition programs, visit AAJ Education
programs are routinely accredited by states requiring continuing legal education. CLE
questions	may	be	addressed	by	calling	the	CLE	Assistant	at	800-622-1791	or	202-965-3500,	
ext.	335.	(After November 1, this extension will be 8335.)
†Number of credits may vary depending on calculation method used by individual state accreditation
 agencies. AAJ is a State Bar of California MCLE-approved provider.

Special Assistance
AAJ Education will make every effort to ensure that its meetings are held in facilities that
are fully accessible to persons with mobility disabilities. If you plan to attend our program
and	need	special	facilities	or	assistance	relating	to	a	disability,	please	call	800-622-1791	or	
202-965-3500,	ext.	612.	(After November 1, this extension will be 8612.)
  ❍ Register me for Advanced                                                Special Early Bird Discount When You Register
                                                                            by December 11, 2009
    depositions College (C125)                                              $1,715
        January 15–18, 2010
        hotel monaco denver                                                 Fee after December 11, 2009
        denver, CO

AAJ Paralegal Affiliates may be eligible to attend this program at a discount by attending with an AAJ
plaintiff trial lawyer (Regular, Life, Sustaining, President’s Club, or Leaders Forum) from the same
firm with the same firm address.

Register	two	or	more	lawyers	from	your	firm	at	the	same	time,	and	take	$70	off	the	registration	
fee for each registrant.

  ❍ Yes! Begin my AAJ membership with introductory dues of $149 (enclosed) for my first
      year. This qualifies me to attend AAJ’s Advanced Depositions College.
  I certify by my signature below that I am a trial lawyer who, for the most part, based on caseload
  and time, represents the plaintiff in civil litigation or represents the defendant in criminal
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❍ Check is enclosed (payable to AAJ Education Fund)

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Card #____________________________________________________________ Exp. Date _________

Signature ___________________________________________________________________________

  Four easy ways to register:
  1. Online:                 2. Phone: 800-622-1791 or                    4. mail: AAJ Education Fund
     education/advanced                          202-965-3500, ext. 612                       PO Box 50225
     depositions                                                                              Washington, DC 20091
                                              3. Fax: 202-625-7084
                                          After November 1, this extension will be 8612.

Cancellations received in writing by January 8, 2010 will result in a refund less a 10% administrative charge. Cancellations received
January 9–14, 2010 will result in a voucher for the entire registration fee which may be applied toward any AAJ Education college or
seminar held within one calendar year of the date of issue. Requests for refunds or vouchers received after January 14, 2010 will not be
honored. Mail or fax your cancellation to the registrar.
                                                                                                                          1mmB 1EXC 1OVG

  fOr aaJ uSe Only chK#______________ chK daTe______________ chK amT ______________
          UPCOmING AAJ
Advanced Trial Advocacy College:                           Case Plus: The Next step in
Litigating Truck Collision Cases*                          Developing and Testing Your
October	9–12	•	Atlanta,	GA                                 Trial story*                                                    777	6th	Street,	NW
Hotel	Palomar	Atlanta-Midtown                              December	2–5	•	Houston,	TX
Cosponsored by AAJ’s Interstate Trucking                   The	St.	Regis	Houston                                           Suite	200
Litigation Group                                                                                                           Washington,	DC	20001
                                                           Weekend with the stars:
Litigating Nursing Home                                    Justice Counts seminar
Cases seminar*                                             Endowed by Herman, Herman, Katz                                  REGISTER BY DECEmBER 11, 2009
October	17–18	•	Chicago,	IL                                & Cotlar, L.L.P.
Hotel	Allegro	Chicago                                      December	12–13	•	New	York,	NY
Cosponsored by AAJ’s Nursing Home                          Sheraton	New	York	Hotel	&	Towers                                 and Save $140
Litigation Group                                           Cosponsored by the New York State Trial
                                                           Lawyers Association
Mega seminar: Overcoming Jury Bias,
“Rules of the Road,” and Damages*                          2010 AAJ Winter Convention
October	23–25	•	Las	Vegas,	NV                              January	30–February	3,	2010	•	Maui,	HI
The	Mirage	Hotel
                                                           Trial Advocacy College: Damages
CLe Abroad: Greek Isles                                    with David Ball, Ph.D.*
& Ancient Wonders Cruise                                   February	12–15,	2010	•	Atlanta,	GA
October	23–30	•	Athens	to	Istanbul                         Hotel	Palomar	Atlanta-Midtown	
Seven Seas Navigator
                                                           Litigating Truck Collision Cases*
Reading Microexpressions of emotion                        February	26–27,	2010	•	New	Orleans,	LA
for Attorneys seminar*                                     The Westin New Orleans Canal Place
November	20–21	•	Washington,	DC                            Cosponsored by AAJ’s Interstate Trucking
AAJ	Headquarters                                           Litigation Group

* Open only to AAJ plaintiff trial lawyers (Regular, Life, Sustaining, President’s Club, and Leaders Forum).
  AAJ Paralegal Affiliates may attend AAJ Education programs (some restrictions apply).

                               For more information,
                                                                                                               EDU 751
                                                                                                                         For more information, visit

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