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					                                    WISCONSIN STATE FAIR PARK
                                        640 South 84th Street
                                     West Allis, Wisconsin 53214


Furnish booth drapery and equipment rental for use at the Wisconsin State Fair Park during the
Annual State Fair and the off-season events held during the contract period.


It is the contractor's responsibility to completely inspect sites prior to submitting bids or proposals to
determine all requirements associated with the project. Failure to do so will in no way relieve the
successful contractor from the necessity of providing, without additional cost to the State Fair Park,
all necessary services that may be required to carry out the intent of the resulting contract. The
contractor should schedule any visits with the individual(s) mentioned below at least one day in

If additional information is necessary to assist the vendor in interpreting these specifications, written
questions will be accepted by Steve Reinhardt, Exhibitor Services Director, Wisconsin State Fair
Park, West Allis, Wisconsin 53214, phone 414/266-7043. Questions must be received by
September 9, 2008, written response(s) will be mailed to all bidders of record.


The State Fair Park is not liable for any cost incurred by the contractor in replying to this Request.


Award will be made to responsive, responsible bidder on the basis of cost, providing the bidder
meets the vendor qualifications supplied herein. Award will not necessarily be to one contractor for
all items included in the bid.


Failure to comply to our required method of bid will be grounds for automatic disqualification of your
bid. Use Request for Bid Form (DOA-3070) attached -- SUBMIT ALL BIDS IN Duplicate. Submit
your bid with the proper identification on the front of the bid envelope. Bidder may bid on part or all
of the items in the list of equipment.


The right is reserved to accept or reject any and all bids submitted; and to accept such bids deemed
in the best interest of the State Fair Park. The State Fair Park reserves sole rights to determine
vendor qualification.
BID CONDITIONS                                                                   PAGE 2


The contract period is January 01, 2009 through December 31, 2009. Two 1-year renewal options
will be available upon mutual agreement. Renewal of the contract will be by addendum, otherwise
contract is finished at contract period end.


The contractor shall return a performance surety in the amount of $10,000.00. Sureties will consist
of one of the following: 1) Cash on deposit with an agency of the State; 2) A certified or cashier's
check; 3) A non-cancelable letter of credit.


Wisconsin State Fair Park reserves the right to terminate this contract at any time, for convenience,
with or without cause. Upon termination, Wisconsin State Fair Park liability will be limited to the pro
rata cost of the services performed as of the termination plus expenses incurred with the prior written
approval of Wisconsin State Fair Park. In the event that the Contractor terminates this Contract, for
any reason whatsoever, it will refund to Wisconsin State Fair Park within 48 hours of said termination,
all payments made hereunder by Wisconsin State Fair Park to the Contractor for work not completed
or not accepted by Wisconsin State Fair Park. Such termination will require written notice to that
effect to be delivered by the Contractor to Wisconsin State Fair Park not less than 30 days prior to
said termination.

INSURANCE: See "Standard Terms and Conditions" Number 23.0, 23.1, 23.2, and 23.3.


The contractor shall provide an insurance certificate indicating this coverage, countersigned by an
insurer licensed to do business in Wisconsin, covering the period of the contract. The insurance
certificate is required to be presented prior to the issuance of the purchase order or before
commencement of the contract.


The contractor shall establish and maintain adequate records of all expenditures incurred under the
contract. All records must be kept in accordance with generally accepted accounting procedures. All
procedures must be in accordance with federal, state and local ordinances.

The State Fair Park shall have the right to audit, review, examine, copy and transcribe any pertinent
records or documents relating to any contract resulting from this bid. The contractor will retain all
documents applicable to the contract for a period of not less than three (3) years after final payment
is made.
BID CONDITIONS                                                                      PAGE 3


Invoices may be submitted upon completion of work per specifications, each work order or delivery
with a monthly statement for follow-up as designated by the State Fair Park. All invoices must be
submitted in triplicate: Original and two (2) legible copies. Invoice should be type written, contain an
individually assigned invoice number and the purchase order number.


The appeals procedure applies to only those requests for bids that are $25,000 or greater. Notices
of intent to protest and protests must be made in writing. Protesters should make their protests as
specific as possible and should identify statutes and Wisconsin Administrative Code provisions that
are alleged to have been violated.

The written notice of intent to protest the intent to award a contract must be filed with:

                                     Craig Barkelar, Deputy Director
                                       Wisconsin State Fair Park
                                          640 South 84th Street
                                          West Allis, WI 53214

and received in his office no later than five (5) working days after the notice of intent to awards is

The written protest must be received in his office no later than ten (10) working days after the notice
of intent to awards is issued.

The decision of the head of the procuring agency may be appealed to the Secretary of the
Department of Administration, within five (5) working days of issuance, with a copy of such appeal
filed with the procuring agency, and provided the appeal alleges a violation of a statute or a provision
of Wisconsin Administrative Code.


Contracts estimated to be over twenty-five thousand dollars ($25,000) require the submission of a
written affirmative action plan. Contractors with an annual work force of less than twenty-five (25)
employees are exempted from this requirement.

Within fifteen (15) working days after the award of the contract, the plan shall be submitted for
approval to the contracting agency. Technical assistance regarding this clause is provided by the
Wisconsin Office of Contract Compliance, Department of Administration, P.O. Box 7867, Madison,
WI 53707-7867, (608) 266-5462.


Chapter 16.765 of the Wisconsin Statutes requires the following provision to be included in every
contract executed by agencies of the State. The Contractor agrees to the provisions as stated below.
BID CONDITIONS                                                                       PAGE 4

       "In connection with the performance of work under this contract, the Contractor agrees
       not to discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment because of age,
       race, religion, color, handicap, sex, physical condition, developmental disability as defined
       in s. 51.01 (5) sexual orientation or national origin. This provision shall include, but not be
       limited to, the following: employment, upgrading, demotion or transfer; recruitment or
       recruitment advertising; layoff or termination; rates of pay or other forms of compensation;
       and selection for training, including apprenticeship. Except with respect to sexual
       orientation, the Contractor further agrees to take affirmative action to ensure equal
       employment opportunities for persons with disabilities. The Contractor agrees to post in
       conspicuous places, available for employees and applicants for employment, notices to
       be provided by the contracting officer setting forth the provision of the nondiscrimination


All contractors must meet and provide evidence to substantiate the qualifications. Contractors must
have been in the business of renting, maintaining and installing complete booth drapery and/or rental
equipment for at least three (3) years. Contractors must have experience in supplying equipment for
venues similar to the Wisconsin State Fair, and have successfully performed contracts for these


The Wisconsin State Fair has an all-pay gate. Contractor is responsible for purchasing tickets for the
personnel and vehicles. Pass out privileges is permitted.

FAX BIDDING: FAX NUMBER – 414-266-7007

Bidding by facsimile will be accepted ONLY IF THE FOLLOWING GUIDELINES ARE FOLLOWED:

1.     All faxed bids must use a facsimile transmission cover letter that clearly identifies the fax as a
       bid document.

2.     Faxed replies to bid requests will be signed. Each page will be initialed and numbered "Page
       1 of 5, Page 2 of 5", etc.

3.     That faxed bids will be rejected if they do not arrive on time, i.e., the last page of the fax
       transmission must be completed prior to the bid opening due date and time.

4.     Bidders may enlist the services of a third party such as a printing operation that offers fax
       services. The third party would fax bid documentation if bidder does not have a fax machine.

5.     ORIGINAL SIGNED BID must be mailed and received within 72 hours after bid due date and
       time. Even if faxing bid, it is not valid without an original signature on file.


In carrying out any provisions of this Contract or in exercising any power or authority granted to the
BID CONDITIONS                                                                     PAGE 5

Contractor thereby, there will be no personal liability upon Wisconsin State Fair Park, it being
understood that in such matters Wisconsin State Fair Park acts as agent and representative of the

The Contractor will indemnify and save harmless the State and all of its officers, agents, and
employees from all suits, actions or claims of any character brought for or on account of any injuries
or damages received by any persons or property resulting from the operations of the Contractor, or of
any of its contractors, in prosecuting work under this Contract.


The Exhibitor Services Manager or designee will direct the requirements for the furnishing, erection
and dismantling of the draped booths. Heights will be specified for each building. Include side
returns in the price.

An assortment of colors is to be available in fire retardant materials. All materials are to be in prime
condition. Contractor must furnish daily maintenance and servicing.

The request is based on past years' requirements. Total requirements may be added to or deducted
from by the Wisconsin State Fair Park. Neither minimum nor maximum rental or service is

The contractor will be required to designate a “contact” person and provide that contact person some
form of communication device (2-way radio) during the State Fair. When the contact person is
notified the contractor shall respond within thirty (30) minutes.

The contractor and his/her employees shall conduct themselves in a decent, orderly and business
like manner at all times while performing the provisions of this contract. Failure to do so may result in
the possible cancellation of this contract.

Materials or work called for in this contract shall be furnished and performed in accordance with
established practice and standards recognized by the trade.

The contractor shall not assign, transfer, or sublet this contract to any other individuals or corporation
without the express written approval of the State Fair Park Director or his designee.

The contractor must be able to furnish table and chair rental, plus other items handled, on a 24-hour
notice for non-fair events.

Rentals during the Annual State Fair are for the Wisconsin State Fair Park use only! It does not
include rentals to the vendors.

Contractor to supply 800 Vendor packets to the Wisconsin State Fair Park's Exhibitor Services
Department, no later than March 15th of the current contract year. Vendor packets must include
cover page with contractor name, address, phone number, fax number, e-mail address, and contact
person. Contents of Vendor packets will include a complete itemized list along with pricing of all the
contractor goods and services that will be available for purchase/rental by the Vendor during the run
of the Fair. Also included are all necessary order forms with instructions on how and when to submit.
Contractor agrees to pay the WSFP a sum of 15% of invoice total less applicable taxes on all
BID CONDITIONS                                                           PAGE 6

rental/purchases of goods or services sold to Vendors during the Annual State Fair.

All equipment and props must be in good condition and aesthetically pleasing.


    Scope                                                                 1
    Clarification of Specifications                                       1
    Incurring Costs                                                       1
    Method of Award                                                       1
    Method of Bid                                                         1
    Acceptance of Bids                                                    1
    Terms of the Contract                                                 2
    Performance Surety & Liquidated Damages                               2
    Termination of Contract                                               2
    Insurance                                                             2
    Scope Of Insurance                                                    2
    Record / Keeping / Retention                                          2
    Billing                                                               3
    Appeals Process                                                       3
    Affirmative Action                                                    3
    Nondiscrimination In Employment                                       3
    Vendor Qualifications                                                 4
    Annual State Fair                                                     4
    Fax Bidding                                                           4
    Legal Relations                                                       4
    General Obligations                                                   5

    Bid Forms

    Vendor Information Form (DOA-3477)

    Vendor Reference Form (DOA-3478)

    Floor Plans of Exhibit Halls:

    East Wing #512       Wisconsin Products Pavilion   Wisconsin Exposition Center
                         MINORITY BUSINESS STIPULATION

The State of Wisconsin is committed to the promotion of minority business in the state’s

purchasing program and goal of placing five (5) percent of its total purchasing dollars with

certified minority businesses. Authority for this program is found in Wisconsin Statutes 15.107(2),

16.75(4), and 16.75(5) and 560.036(2). The contracting agency is committed to the promotion of

minority business in the state’s purchasing program.

With this procurement, the successful contractor is encouraged to purchase 5% of services and

supplies from minority businesses certified by the Wisconsin Department of Commerce, Bureau of

Minority Development. The awarded vendor will submit a subcontracting plan of action

indicating their utilization of certified minority businesses on this contract. The State Fair Park

will require from the successful contractor a quarterly report of purchases of such supplies and

services necessary for the implementation of this contract. A listing of certified minority

businesses, as well as the services and commodities they provide, is available from the Department

of Administration, Office of Minority Business Program, (608) 267-7806. The list is published on

the Internet at: http://www.doa.state.wi.us/dsas/mbe.htm.
                                               BID FORM

BID NO. 09-00-09

COMPANY NAME _______________________________________________


Propose to perform the required obligations in accordance with specifications and general conditions of contract
set forth in this Request for Bid. No maximum nor minimum quantities are guaranteed. Quantities listed
below are estimated past usage for bidding purposes only.

PLEASE NOTE - The contract is for a one-year period. Prices shall be for both fair and non-fair events. Please
review the guidelines for - installation, rental fee, maintenance, and dismantle under each heading of the enclosed
Request for Bid. Please include a unit price for each line item and a total rate based on the estimated usage
provided. The “run of the fair” is defined as 11 consecutive days. All equipment shall be priced as such that a
reasonable set up and dismantle period is included in all applicable rental fees listed below.

(All pricing to include installation, removal and all applicable hardware)

USAGE                   DESCRIPTION                                          UNIT RATE         TOTAL RATE
               10’ x10’ booth spaces to include:
               8’ tall banjo drape back drop
               3’ tall banjo drape side rail

850            10’ x 10’ Booth spaces                                        _________           _________

160            12' tall banjo masking drape, per linear foot                 _________           _________

2200            8' tall banjo masking drape, per linear foot                 _________           _________

870             3' tall banjo masking drape, per linear foot                 _________           _________

780 sq yd      Carpet, per square yard                                       _________           _________

63             Metal 22" x 28" Sign Holder                                   _________           _________

6              Display Case                                                  _________           _________

2-Sets         Two Sided Aisle Signs
               Numbered 100 – 1900                                           _________           _________

22             3’ Tall Vinyl Masking Drape, per linear foot                  _________           _________

                                                                             Total               _________
                                                 BID FORM

BID NO. 09-00-09

COMPANY NAME _______________________________________________

(All pricing will have individual lines for labor)

USAGE                   DESCRIPTION                                   UNIT RATE   TOTAL RATE

2,210           Vinyl Folding Chairs                                  _________    _________

2,210           Installation/Dismantle of Vinyl Folding Chairs        _________    _________

53              60" Round Tables                                      _________    _________

16              Disposable Table Covers for 60" Round Tables          _________    _________

75              Custom Linen Table Covers for 60" Round Tables
                (for one use Friends of the Fair Sponsor Evening)     _________    _________

53              Installation/Dismantle of 60" Round Tables            _________    _________

11              Pedestal Tables, 41" high                             _________    _________

11              Installation/Dismantle of Pedestal Tables, 41" high   _________    _________

119             Installation/Dismantle of 8' x30”
                Vinyl covered and polystyrene skirted table           _________    _________

13              41” High Rise Cocktail Table Covers                   _________    _________

119             8’ Banquet Tables                                     _________    _________

3          6’ Banquet Tables                      _________   _________

3          6’ Skirts Disposable                   _________   _________

171        8’ Skirts Disposable                   _________   _________

98         8’ Skirts Linen                        _________   _________

331        Vinyl Table covering (8' table size)   _________   _________

3          Linen Table Covers (6’ table size)     _________   _________

64         White Resin Bistro Chairs              _________   _________

6          Bar Stools – Fabric Cover              _________   _________

2-Sets     Table Extenders                        _________   _________

20         Chair Ties                             _________   _________

                                                  Total       _________
                                       BID FORM

BID NO. 09-00-09

COMPANY NAME _______________________________________________

(All pricing to include installation and removal)

USAGE                  DESCRIPTION                             UNIT RATE   TOTAL RATE

15             8’ Sections of White Picket Fencing             _________    _________

72             4' x 4' Stage Sections, various leg heights
               (if prices are different for various heights,
                please specify different prices)               _________    _________

47             Tensabarrier (single unit aisle post)           _________    _________

2              Ramp Starters                                   _________    _________

8              Ramp Risers 4”                                  _________    _________

1              Raffle Drum                                     _________    _________

2              Exit Lights – 2 Sided                           _________    _________

40             12” Square Mirrors                              _________    _________

3              Tabletop Butane Burners                         _________    _________

12             Bottles Butane Fuel for Burners                 _________    _________

                                                               Total        _________
                                       BID FORM
BID NO. 09-00-09

COMPANY NAME _______________________________________________


USAGE              DESCRIPTION                                      UNIT RATE   TOTAL RATE

           Computer Aided Design to include but is not limited to:
           Compiling building or grounds layouts
           Designing efficient usage of existing space
           Designing efficient usage of proposed space
           Producing building or grounds renderings

           Straight Time per Man per Hour                           _________    _________
           Please Define Straight Time Below:


           Over Time per Man per Hour                               _________    _________
           Please Define Over Time Below:

           General Labor to include but is not limited to:
           A) Reconfiguring existing equipment after initial installation
           B) Maintenance – on call
                                      BID FORM

BID NO. 09-00-09

COMPANY NAME _______________________________________________

           Installation and Dismantle of State Fair equipment

           Straight Time Per Man Per Hour                       _________   _________
           Please Define Straight Time Below:


           Over Time Per Man Per Hour                           _________   _________
           Please Define Over Time Below:

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