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									                                                    Social Studies Themes in Global Issues in Context

Social Studies Theme or Objective        Portal Topics in Global           Specific Documents in Global Issues                                 Lesson Plans
                                           Issues in Context               in Context
                                    Agriculture and International Trade    U.S. Department of Agriculture
                                    Agribusiness                           Sustainable Agriculture
                                    Agriculture and Climate Change         Agriculture and Water
                                    Sustainability                         Contributing to Sustainable Food Security
                                                                           Against the Grain
                                                                           The New Land Rush
                                                                           From Foraging to Farming
                                                                           Carrot City
                                                                           Pesticide Free Ontario
                                                                           Farm Future
                                                                           Fields of History
                                                                           Conservation Agriculture
                                    Adoption by Gale and Lesbian Parents   Christian Perspectives
                                    Alternative Medicine                   Judaism; Topic Overview
                                    Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia        Nation of Islam
Beliefs                             Capital Punishment                     Buddhism
                                    Censorship                             Hinduism
                                    Honor Killings
                                    Indigenous People's Rights             Canadian Native Peoples, Encyclopedia Entry
                                                                           Native Benefits Less Than Believed
                                                                           Inuit Strategy to Save Polar Area
                                                                           Innu Lose in Bid to Block Flights
                                                                           Natives Say Promises were not Kept
Canadian Native Peoples
                                                                           Navigating Politics of Diversity
                                                                           Inuit Debate Uranium Ban
                                                                           Arctic People Claim Right to Stay Cold
                                                                           PETA vs. Inuit Leaders, Olympics 2010
                                                                           Canadian Natives Target 2010 Olympics
                                    Global Economic Crisis                 Capitalism and the Cold War
                                    U.S. Mortgage Crisis                   Capitalism; Encyclopedia Entry
                                    Sweatshops                             Social Democracy
                                    Trade Protectionism                    State Capitalism
                                                                           Spiritual Capitalism is to Blame
                                                                           Myth of Confucian Capitalism in South Korea
                                                                           The Exit from Capitalism has Already Begun
                                                                           Is the Pope Capitalist?
                                                                           The Rise of State-Controlled Capitalism
                                                                           Michael Moore’s Capitalism Love Story
                                                                           Capitalism’s Weird Allure
                                                                           Is Capitalism Fatally Flawed?
                                    Criminal Justice
Citizenship                         Elections and Voter’s Rights
                                    Online Activism
                                    Gay, Lesbian and Transgender Rights
                                    Sports and Racism
                                    Women’s Rights
Civil Rights                        Human Rights
                                    Religious Freedom
                                    Ethnic Cleansing
                                    Disability Rights
                                    Africa: Climate Change                                                                    Iceland's Volcano
                                    Alternative and Renewable Energy                                                          Environmental Action
                                    UN Climate Change Conferences                                                             Global Warming
                                                                                                                              They Said What? Media Analysis from the Copenhagen
                                    Volcanoes                                                                                 Climate Change Conference
                                    Coral Reefs                                                                               China: Climate Change and Energy Policy
                                    China: Climate Policy                                                                     Climate Change and Government Policy
                                    U.S.: Climate Policy
                                    Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill
                                    Extreme Weather
                                    Europe Climate Change
                                    Sea Level Rise
                                    South America: Climate Change
                                    Nuclear Proliferation                  Modern Cold-War? Spying?                           Trading Spies
                                    Russia's Renewed Power and Inflence    Cuban Missile Crisis, Encyclopedia Entry           United Nations Declaration of Human Rights
                                                                           Cold War Beginnings
                                                                           Mikhail Gorbachev, Primary Source
                                                                           Overview of the Cold War
Cold War 1945-1991                                                         Ronald Reagan’s Role in Ending the Cold War
                                                                           The Collapse of the Soviet Union
                                                                           The Future of the U.S.-Russian Relationship
                                                                           Untold Story of the Cold War Arms Race
                                                                           Cold War in the 21st Century?
                                                                           National Defense as the Cold War Ends
                                    Digital Business and E-Commerce        Executive Order 12432
                                    Oil Prices                             Economic Growth
                                    G-20 (Group of 20)                     Interstate Commerce Commission
                                    Globalization                          Department of Commerce and Labor
Commerce                                                                   Freedom of the Seas
                                                                           The Digital Revolution, E-Commerce
                                                                           China’s Labor Edge is Shrinking
                                                                           Obama and Unemployment
                                                                           The Global Mall
                                                                           Musharraf Compared to Lincoln
                                                                           Comparative Politics
                                                                           Comparative Politics; Some Points for Discussion
                                                                           Colombia and Venezuela
                                                                           Turkish and German Changes in State Identity
                                                                           Understanding Malaysia and Singapore
Comparative Government                                                     Comparing U.S. Presidents
                                                                           One Mob, One Vote; Comparing Asian Nations
                                                                           Political Party System Statistics
                                                                           Transitional Political Systems
                                                                           Socialism and Communism
                                                                           Reason and Logic
                                                                           Improving Decision Making Skills
                                                                           The Case of Decentralized Electricity
                                                                           Two Sides of Ethnic Entrepreneurship

Critical Thinking

                                                    Social Studies Themes in Global Issues in Context

Social Studies Theme or Objective        Portal Topics in Global                 Specific Documents in Global Issues                                     Lesson Plans
                                           Issues in Context                     in Context
                                                                                 Should Abortion be Legal; Pros and Cons
                                                                                 The Cost of Capital Punishment
Critical Thinking
                                                                                 Armed and Underage; Child Soldiers
                                                                                 All History is Propaganda
                                                                                 Islam vs. Science
                                                                                 Forced Integration; Little Rock 1957
                                                                                 In Katrina’s Wake; Long-Term Impact
                                                                                 The Scopes Trial 1952
                                    Pakistan and India Conflict                  Comparing Criminal Law and Enforcement                Mosque at Ground Zero?
                                    Uighur Conflict in China                     Anthropology                                          Islamophobia be Required to Speak Multiple
                                                                                                                                       Should Police
                                    U.S.- Mexico Border Issues                   Comparative History of Childhood                      Languages?
                                    Romani People                                Pathways to Resilience Across Cultures                Creative Country Writing
Cross-Cultural Studies
                                    Kosovo Independence                          Landscape, Culture and Cuisine in Two Deserts
                                                                                 Are Honor Killings Simply Domestic Violence?
                                                                                 Teaching Politics to Students of Different Cultures
                                                                                 Can Western Economic System work for Pakistan?
                                    China One Child Policy
                                    India Caste Conflict
Cultural Identity
                                    Religious Fundamentalism
                                    Islam: Sunni and Shia Disputes
                                    Restrictions on Women                                                                              Should Police be Required to Speak Multiple
                                    India: Caste Conflict                        Pakistan and India                                    Languages?
                                    Tibet: Conflicts with China                  Palestinian Struggle for Statehood
                                    Islamophobia                                 Restrictions on Women
                                                                                 Same-Sex Marriage
                                                                                 India: Caste System
                                                                                 Thai Protests
                                                                                 Islam: Sunni and Shiite Disputes
                                                                                 Indigenous People’s Rights
                                                                                 China One-Child Policy
                                                                                 Balkan Lingering Issues
                                                                                 Religious Freedom
                                                                                 Business Ethics
                                    Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill                     Arizona Immigration Laws                              Israeli Flotilla
                                    Arab-Israeli Conflict                        President Obama Signs Health Care Bill                2010 World Affairs Challenge
Current Events                      Afghan War                                   Russian Spy Swap                                      The Year That Was -- 2009
                                    Global Economic Crisis                       Mosque at Ground Zero
                                    Earthquake in Haiti                          Mosque Madness at Ground Zero
                                    2008 U.S. Presidential Election                                                                    Free Speech
                                    Free Speech                                                                                        Democracy Analysis of a Country
Democracy                           Obama Administration
                                    Thai Democracy Protests
                                    Elections and Voters' Rights
                                    Population Issues                            Demography, Topic Overview                            Pandemic Preparedness
                                                                                 American Family Study and Statistics                  What's All the Counting?
                                                                                 Literacy Study and Statistics
                                                                                 Racial Demographics in Western Hemisphere
                                                                                 Race and School Performance Report
                                                                                 Population Age, Sex and Marital Status
                                                                                 Ageing in Asia; Trends, Impacts and Results
                                                                                 Meeting Europe’s Demographic Challenges
                                                                                 The New Face of America: Minorities are Majority
                                                                                 China’s Demographic Crisis- Too Many Boys
                                                                                 Demography is King
                                    Unemployment and Joblessness
                                    Famine and Starvation
Economic Conditions
                                    G-20 (Group of 20)
                                    U.S. Mortgage Crisis
                                    Wealth Divide
                                    Aid to Developing Countries                                                                        Developed or Developing?
                                    Global Economic Crisis                                                                             Economic Development in India
Economic Development                World Trade Organization
                                    Central Banks
                                    Nuclear Proliferation                        Pharmaceutical Supply to Developing Nations           Smoker's Need Not Apply?
                                    Trade Protectionism
Economic Policy
                                    Agriculture and International Trade
                                    Hunger Relief
Economic Systems                    Palestinian Statehood
                                    Northern Ireland
                                    Global Economic Crisis                       2010 Oil Leak’s Impact on Economy                     Debt Trap
                                    Child Labor                                  Linking Central Banking and Militarism                Should Child Labor be Let to Continue?
                                                                                 Globalization and Poverty
                                                                                 Survey Analysis for Economics
                                                                                 Inequality and Growth in Modern China
                                                                                 Marxian Theories of Money, Credit and Crisis
                                                                                 In Fed We Trust; The Federal Reserve
                                                                                 Researching European Economics
                                                                                 Findings on International Economics
                                                                                 Environmental and Resource Economics Study
                                    Climate Change                               Environmental Disasters
                                    Brazil: Amazon Rain Forest Destruction and   Environmental Ethics; Topic Overview
                                    Reforestation Policies                       Closed Ecosystems
                                                                                 Ecology Encyclopedia Entry
                                                                                 Ecological Restoration
                                                                                 Sustainable Development
                                                                                 Pollution by Invasive Species
                                                                                 Thinking Like An Ecosystem
                                                                                 Initiatives to Save the Boreal Forest
                                                                                 Ecosystem Economics
                                                                                 Keep the Jungle Alive
                                                                                 Can Underwater Parks Protect Coral?
                                    Immigrants and immigration                                                                         Immigration Reform

Emigration / Immigration

                                                     Social Studies Themes in Global Issues in Context

Social Studies Theme or Objective        Portal Topics in Global                   Specific Documents in Global Issues                                  Lesson Plans
                                           Issues in Context                       in Context
Emigration / Immigration            U.S. Department of Homeland Security
                                    U.S.- Mexico Border Issues
                                    Indigenous People’s Rights                                                                         Reducing Your Carbon Footprint to Help the
                                    Sustainability                                 Tennessee Valley Authority                          Environment
                                    Agribusiness                                   Environmental Management Standards
                                                                                   Agricultural Environmental Management
                                                                                   Crisis of the Environment or of the Heart?
                                                                                   Overcoming Obstacles to go Green
Environmental Management
                                                                                   A Last Resort Against Global Warming
                                                                                   Sustainability, the Very Idea!
                                                                                   Can Voluntary Environmental Regulations Work?
                                                                                   Environ. Management in Transition Economies
                                                                                   Harvesting Water from Fog
                                                                                   Implications of Throwing Away Food
                                    Hurricane Katrina                              Federalism Topic Overview
                                    Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill                       Local Politics
                                    U.S. Mortgage Crisis                           Benefits and Dangers of Federalism
                                                                                   Benefits and Dangers of Federalism II
                                                                                   Federalism, Regionalism and Local Government
                                                                                   The Glory of Federalism
                                                                                   The End of the Federalism Revolution…
                                                                                   Unchecked Powers of Local Government
                                                                                   The United States v. Arizona
                                                                                   Immigration Leader Calls on Federal Government
                                                                                   Federal Gay Marriage Ban Unconstitutional?
                                                                                   Could American-Style Federalism Stabilize Iraq?
                                    International Perspectives on U.S. Influence   Richard Nixon, Foreign Policy
                                    and Policy
                                    United Nations Security Council                Guantanamo Bay
                                    G-20 (Group of 20)                             The United Nations
                                    G-77 and China                                 Post-Cold War Foreign Policy
                                                                                   International Law’s Role in Foreign Policy
Foreign Policy                                                                     A World of Threats
                                                                                   Why States Fail
                                                                                   Issues with Australia’s Foreign Policy
                                                                                   Japan’s Foreign Policy Priorities
                                                                                   Censors without Borders
                                                                                   International Relations, Encyclopedia Entry
                                    Coastal Erosion                                Physical Geography and Human Interaction
                                    U.S.-Mexico Border Issues                      The Physical Earth
                                                                                   Population Geography
                                                                                   What is Geography?
                                                                                   Study of African Geography
                                                                                   Ancient Views on Earth’s Geography
                                                                                   Indus Valley/ Harappa Culture
                                                                                   State Formation, Asia
                                                                                   Economic Geography
                                                                                   Legends and Landscapes of the Nordic Countries
                                                                                   The Geography of Rural England
                                                                                   Geographical Science Study
                                    World Bank                                     The G-20 Argument
                                    Global Economic Crisis                         United Nations Conference
                                                                                   International Monetary Fund and World Bank
                                                                                   Capitalism and Commercialization
                                                                                   Free Trade, Encyclopedia Entry
                                                                                   Social Partners; Lessons from Crisis
Global Economy
                                                                                   How Cities go Global
                                                                                   The Global Savings Tsunamis
                                                                                   Depression 2010?
                                                                                   Follow the Leaders; Company Overview
                                                                                   Monetary Policy Decisions
                                                                                   The Local Economy and the Global Crisis
                                    Globalization                                                                                      Model U.N.
                                    Globalization and Infectious Disease                                                               World Problems and Solutions
Globalization                       Global Economic Crisis
                                    World Health Organization
                                    World Trade Organization
                                    Holocaust: Lingering Issues                    What is Historical Criticism?
                                                                                   Scriptural Interpretation
                                                                                   Historical Investigation a Crime?
                                                                                   Iraq and Lessons of History
                                                                                   Zionism and Political Orthodoxy
                                                                                   A New Starting Point, Religion?
Historical Criticism
                                                                                   Tibet, Past and Present
                                                                                   Hate Kissinger
                                                                                   Decoding Language of Jihad
                                                                                   Rome, the Perfect Faithful Community?
                                                                                   Analyzing Christian-Jewish Relations
                                                                                   Israel tries to Quiet World
                                                                                   Personal Account from World War II
                                                                                   Assassination of Archduke Ferdinand
                                                                                   Vietnam War Protests/ Anti-War Demonstrations
                                                                                   Letter Left at Vietnam Veterans Memorial, 1985
                                                                                   Kennedy’s Speech on Vietnam, Feb. 1968
                                                                                   Liberty Loans 1917, Primary Source
                                                                                   Executive Order 9981, World War II
                                                                                   Buddhist Monk Sets Himself on Fire, 1963
Historical Sources
                                                                                   We Shall Overcome; Civil Rights Workers Singing
                                                                                   MLK Jr. Speech “Beyond Vietnam”
                                                                                   Brown vs. Board of Education
                                                                                   Montgomery Bus Boycott
                                                                                   Emancipation Proclamation
                                                                                   Establishment of the State of Israel
                                                                                   Hitler’s Orders, 1941
                                                                                   9/11 Terrorist Attacks Transcripts of Flight Crew   They Said What? Media Analysis from the Copenhagen
                                    UN Climate Change Conference                                                                       Climate Change Conference
                                    Water Pollution
Human-Environment Interactions

                                                    Social Studies Themes in Global Issues in Context

Social Studies Theme or Objective        Portal Topics in Global            Specific Documents in Global Issues                                   Lesson Plans
                                           Issues in Context                in Context
Human-Environment Interactions      Globalization
                                    Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill
                                    Carbon Footprint
                                    Energy Efficiency
                                    Air Pollution
                                    Population Issues
Human Geography                     Climate Change
                                    Human Rights                            British Human Rights Act, 2010 Podcast              Juvenile Justice
                                    Darfur                                  Political and Civil Rights Statistics               Capital Punishment
                                                                            European Convention on Human Rights                 Human Rights and International Intervention
Human Rights                                                                The Downfall of Human Rights
                                                                            Iran and Human Rights
                                                                            Violence Against Women; Human Rights Problem
                                                                            Soldiers Overseas Lose Human Rights
                                    Palestinian Statehood                   Middle East Peace; Two-State Solution, Opinion
                                    Romani People                           African Urbanization
                                    Basque Nationalism                      Ancient Asian Settlements
                                                                            Viking Settlers in Greenland
Human Settlements                                                           Landless People’s Movement, Brazil
                                                                            The Concept of a Kurdish City
                                                                            A Canadian Oasis
                                                                            The State of the World’s Cities
                                                                            Lessons from Latin America
                                    Tibet: Conflicts with China             Palestinian National Charter
                                    Taiwan: Clinflicts with China           Karl Marx
                                    Russia's Renewed Power and Inflence     The Steamboat, Instrument of Imperialism
                                                                            Railroads and Imperialism
                                                                            Legacy of Roman Imperialism
                                                                            Imperialism in the Middle East and North Africa
                                                                            Empire United States
                                                                            India-U.S. Relations
                                                                            Iraq Since 1989
                                                                            Western Imperialism in the Middle East
                                                                            Accidental Empires
                                    Indigeous People's Rights               Indigenous Peoples                                  Indigenous People's Rights
                                    Climate Change: Impacts on Aboriginal   Indigenous People’s Rights
                                    Peoples                                 Racism in Australia
                                                                            Dawes Severalty Act 1887
                                                                            Indigenous People’s Perspective
                                                                            Zapatista Rebellion
Indigenous Peoples
                                                                            Minority Rights in a World of Diversity
                                                                            News from Aboriginal Studies Press
                                                                            Japan Recognizes Indigenous Groups
                                                                            Apology to American Indians
                                                                            Indian Givers
                                    Violence Against Women                  Rites of Passage                                    Capital Punishment
                                                                            Social Adaptations to Disasters                     Human Rights / Moral Police
                                                                            Theories of Religion                                Literacy
                                                                            Parenting and School Dropouts, A Case Study         Riots in China
Individual and Society                                                      Not Keeping up with the Joneses? The Wealth Gap     China's One-Child Policy
                                                                            The Gay’s Role in Society                           Gay Adoption
                                                                            Refugees and Mental Health
                                                                            Survival of the Fittest in Education?
                                                                            Family Dynamics, Life without a Father
                                    Developing Countries and Education      Industrialization vs. Pollution
                                                                            Cold Start for Africa’s Industrial Revolution
                                                                            Industrialization; Encyclopedia Entry
Industrialization                                                           Industrialization and Unemployment
                                                                            Industrialized Countries Must Take Responsibility
                                                                            Industrial Society and its Future
                                                                            The Social Impact of the Industrial Revolution
                                                                            Technological Progress, Economic Growth
                                    Refugees                                Internal Migration in Haiti, video
                                                                            Will the Economy Move Americans to Midwest?
                                                                            Internal Migration, Encyclopedia Entry
                                                                            Vietnam- Internal Migration
Internal Migration                                                          China- Internal Migration
                                                                            U.S. Dispersion from States of Immigration
                                                                            Massive Influx of Migrants Causes Slums
                                                                            U.S. Sunbelt Population Grows
                                                                            Internal Migration Positive for European Union
                                    World Health Organization               Will New Sanctions Have an Effect?                  World Health Organization
                                    United Nations Security Council         International Monetary Fund                         UN Security Council
                                    European Union Expansion                International Red Cross
                                    North Amercan Free Trade Agreement      International Nongovernmental Organizations
                                    NATO Expansion                          International Treaty Organizations
International Organizations         Bolivarian Alliance for the Americas    European Union
                                    G-20 (Group of 20)                      World Trade Organization
                                    G-77 and China                          North Atlantic Treaty Organization
                                                                            North American Free Trade Agreement
                                                                            G20 Summit Busts Spending Records
                                    Global Economic Crisis                  International Economics
                                    North American Free Trade Association   International Economics Encyclopedia Entry
                                    (NAFTA) Alliance for the Americas
                                    Bolivarian                              International Trade
                                    World Trade Organization                Bull and Bear Markets
                                                                            Globalization and Economic Development
International Economic Relations                                            A Prescription for Free Trade
                                                                            Balance Sheet of Power
                                                                            Economic Perspectives
                                                                            New World Disorder
                                                                            The Sanctions Myth
                                                                            Will America Slip from Number 1?
                                    International Adoption                                                                      Finding Peace in the Middle East
                                    International Custody Battles

International Relations

                                                   Social Studies Themes in Global Issues in Context

Social Studies Theme or Objective        Portal Topics in Global                 Specific Documents in Global Issues                                 Lesson Plans
                                           Issues in Context                     in Context
                                    World Court and International Law
International Relations
                                    Natural Disasters
                                    UN Millennium Goals
                                    International Perspectives on the U.S.
                                    World Trade Organization                     Economic Growth, Encyclopedia Entry
                                                                                 The General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade
Agriculture                         Trade Protectionism
                                    Agriculture and International Trade          U.N. Conference on Trade
                                    Pharmaceutical Supply to Developing          International Trade Theories since 1450
                                    Sweatshops                                   The Banana Industry
                                    Organization for Economic Co-operation and   Endangered Species Trade Laws
International Trade                 Development (OECD)
                                                                                 World Trade Organization
                                                                                 Coffee; The Most Widely Traded Commodity
                                                                                 Use of Blockades
                                                                                 What Free Trade is Doing to Africa
                                                                                 Expanding Exports to Stimulate Economy
                                                                                 Agriculture and Forestry Industry Findings
                                                                                 Maintaining Momentum for Trade, WTO
                                                                                 The First Atlas, founder
                                                                                 Map of Europe during Cold War
                                                                                 Map of Africa and Europe, 1922
                                                                                 Map of Middle East
                                                                                 Map of United States; Physical Geography
                                                                                 De Bry’s Map of the New World
Maps (geography)                                                                 Ortelius’s Map of the New World
                                                                                 Map of India and Pakistan
                                                                                 1507 Map of the World
                                                                                 Map of Taiwan and China
                                                                                 Map of France; Physical Geography
                                                                                 Map of Middle East; Modern Borders
                                                                                 Map of Israel and Palestinian Authority
                                    Apartheid: Lingering Issues
                                    Headscarves: Religious and Political
                                    Denmark’s Cartoon Controversy
                                    Malaysia’s Allah Controversy
                                    Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
                                    Missile Defense Systems                      Executive Order 9066
                                    Free Speech                                  Espionage Act of 1917
                                    Aid to Developing Countries                  Mount Weather
                                    2008 U.S. Presidential Election
National Government
                                    Anti-Terror Legislation
                                    North AmericanPerspectives on U.S.
                                    International Free Trade Association
                                    U.S. Department of Homeland Security
                                    Trade Protectionism                          Nationalism and Ethnicity                         China--So What?
                                    Basque Nationalism                           Arab Nationalism
                                    Palestinian Statehood                        Palestinian-Jewish Conflicts
                                                                                 Nationalism and Politics in Modern Russia
Nationalism                                                                      Kurdish Political Movement
                                                                                 Marxism, Nationalism and Globalization
                                                                                 China’s Economic Nationalism
                                                                                 Tibet Protests, Chinese Nationalism
                                                                                 Shinto Revival in Japan
                                    Arctic and Antartic Polar Icecap Melting
                                    Coral Reefs
                                    El Nino and La Nina
                                    Hurricanes and Cyclones
Natural Disasters
                                    Earthquake in Chile
                                    Earthquake in Haiti
                                    Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill
                                    Water Pollution
Natural Resources                   Amazon Rain Forest
                                    UN Environment Programme
                                    Renewable Energy
                                    Palestinian Statehood                        Urban Studies
                                    Arctic Ownership                             Employment and Unemployment
                                                                                 Voting Behavior
                                                                                 Actually it’s Mountains
                                                                                 The Politics of Difference
                                                                                 Political Borders; Remapping the World
Political Geography
                                                                                 Border Justice; U.S.-Mexico Border Issues
                                                                                 Greece’s Economy and Geography
                                                                                 When the Berlin Wall Came Down
                                                                                 Turkey Gets Boost From Pipeline Politics
                                                                                 Bad Borders Cause Iraq’s Chaos
                                                                                 Nation-States- Who Needs Them?
                                                                                 Cold War Beginnings
                                                                                 George Bush
                                                                                 Ex Members of the Far Right
                                                                                 What the Democratic Party Lacks
                                                                                 Europe’s Great Shift to the Right
Political Ideologies
                                                                                 Liberalism and it’s Problem
                                                                                 Lives Behind a Liberal and a Conservative
                                                                                 Investing in Conservative Ideas
                                                                                 The Political Scene in Scotland
                                                                                 Israel’s One Clean Party
                                    African Union
                                    Elections and Free Trade Association
                                    North AmericanVoters' Rights
Political Participation
                                    Geneva Conventions
                                    European Union Expansion
                                    G-77 and China
                                    Russia's Renewed Power and Inflence          The Real Political Power Down Under
                                    Tibet: Conflicts with China                  Longer Blackouts for Gaza
Political Power                                                                  Contending National Identities; Kurds and Shi’a
                                                                                 Hezbollah in Lebanon

                                                    Social Studies Themes in Global Issues in Context

Political Power
Social Studies Theme or Objective        Portal Topics in Global         Specific Documents in Global Issues                                 Lesson Plans
                                           Issues in Context             in Context
                                                                         Joseph Stalin 1878-1953
                                                                         Democracy in Iran?
                                                                         California; The Failed State
                                                                         Political Reform in the Arab World
                                                                         Less Fragile, More Liberal Europe
                                                                         Why is Democracy Failing?
                                                                         Health Care Reform in the U.S. 2008 Election
                                                                         Bolivia; Reform and Reaction in the Hemisphere
Political Reform
                                                                         Electoral College Reform
                                                                         The Thin Chinese Line
                                                                         U.S. Immigration and Financial Reform Efforts
                                                                         Islamist’s Demands for Poll Participation
                                                                         Hungary’s Reform Plan
                                                                         Mexico’s New Tune
                                                                         Immigrants and Politics
                                    Arab-Israeli Conflict
                                    Basque Nationalism
Political Systems                   Russia-Georgia Conflict
                                    Taiwan: Conflicts with China
                                    Pakistan-India Conflict
                                    Population Issues                    Population Growth
                                    Sustainability                       Population Growth Rate Statistics 2005-2010
                                                                         Technological Change and Population Growth
                                                                         Energy and Population
                                                                         Water and Security Problems due to Population
Population Growth
                                                                         The Religious Shall Multiply
                                                                         Poverty and Development
                                                                         Environmental Concerns in China
                                                                         Doom and Demography
                                                                         Life Expectancy and Population Growth
                                                                         Earth’s Big Problem, Too Many of Us
                                    Technological Failures               Taiwan’s Automotive Production
                                                                         Afghan Opium Production
                                                                         Factory Output Growing Again
                                                                         U.S. Gas Production Soars
                                                                         U.S. Raises Bar for Ethanol Production
Production (Economics)
                                                                         Harnessing the Sun
                                                                         Recession; Industrial Output Falls Fast
                                                                         Non-Tariff Tricks
                                                                         Supporting Business, Working with Government
                                                                         What Zero Economic Growth Looks Like
                                    Child Labor                          Quality of Life, Encyclopedia Entry                Debt Trap
                                    Poverty                              How the Other Half Lives                           UNESCO Research and Debate Project
                                    Wealth Divide                        Social Indicators
                                    Unemployment and Joblessness         Finland, The Best Country in the World?
                                    Women and Poverty                    Decrease in Quality of Life in Australia
                                                                         Urban Quality of Life
Quality of Life
                                                                         Future Looks Bleak for Many Europeans
                                                                         Muslim Women’s Quality of Life
                                                                         Gross National Happiness
                                                                         A Path Out of Poverty in India
                                                                         Children Hit Hard by Recession
                                                                         China’s Growing Income Gap
                                    U.S.-Mexico Border Issues            Modern Protest Politics                            Comparing Regions of the World
                                    Arctic Ownership                     Regionalism in Spanish Civil War                   World Region Comparison and Presentation
                                                                         Central Asian Regionalism
                                                                         Principles of Regionalism
                                                                         Regions, Nations and People
                                                                         Regional Trade Agreements
                                                                         Turkey and the New Europe
                                                                         Federalism, Regionalism and Local Government
                                                                         Regionalism in Perspective
                                                                         United States of Africa by 2017
                                                                         European Union at 50
                                                                         Should Appalachian Teens Mask Their Accents?
                                    Religious Freedom                    Some Religious Groups Against Airport Screenings   Islamophobia
                                    Religious Fundamentalism             Atheist Vs. Theologian; A Collision of Beliefs
                                                                         Gay Marriage Divides Black Religious Leaders
                                                                         Perceptions of Religious Differences Statistics
                                                                         The Quran, Primary Source
                                                                         Reynolds v. United States (Polygamy)
Religious Beliefs                                                        The Bible, Primary Source
                                                                         Jehovah’s Witness Refusal of Blood Products
                                                                         Hinduism, Topic Overview
                                                                         African Religions
                                    Human Trafficking                    Civil War and Racism
                                                                         Civil Rights Act
                                                                         Uncle Tom’s Cabin
                                                                         British View on American Slave Trade
                                                                         Thirteenth Amendment
                                                                         Copper Slave Tags
                                                                         Dred Scott v. Sanford
                                                                         Know-Nothing Party
                                                                         Emancipation Proclamation
                                                                         Debate Over Slavery Reparations
                                                                         Slavery in the World Today
                                                                         Modern-Day Slavery
                                    Child Labor                                                                             China's One-Child Policy
                                    Developing Countries and Education                                                      Let's Get Active
                                    Hate Crimes                                                                             Addicted to Electronics?
Social Change
                                    Human Rights
                                    Teens and Technology
                                    Women, Minorities and Infectious
                                    Human Rights                         Social Media’s Growing Influence
                                    Online Activism                      Extreme Influence- Thought Control

Social Influence
                                                     Social Studies Themes in Global Issues in Context

Social Studies Theme or Objective        Portal Topics in Global                   Specific Documents in Global Issues               Lesson Plans
                                           Issues in Context                       in Context
                                                                                   Compliance and Conformity
                                                                                   Social Influence; Reactance Theory
                                                                                   Confucian Perspectives
                                                                                   Landscapes of Violence
Social Influence
                                                                                   Social Policy in the Arab World
                                                                                   Social Network Bullying
                                                                                   Framing Childhood
                                                                                   Influence by Numbers
                                                                                   Cultural Politics of Celebrity
                                                                                   In Search of Answers, Teachers turn to Clickers
                                                                                   How do Kids Process Race? Audio
                                                                                   Social Perception; Topic Overview
                                                                                   Relationship Theories
                                                                                   Mind Over Matter
                                                                                   Adolescent Aggression and Imagery
Social Perception                                                                  Why We Worry About Things We Shouldn’t…
                                                                                   Why Poor Children Do Badly in School
                                                                                   New Findings on Autism
                                                                                   Being Black and Travelling Overseas
                                                                                   American Culture and Islam
                                    Marriage                                       Traditions Thrive in Remote Islands
                                    Divorce                                        Changing Face of the Arab World
                                    Child Labor                                    Values; Encyclopedia Entry
                                    Child Soldiers                                 Collective Behavior
                                                                                   Family Values
                                                                                   Social Values and Norms
Social Values
                                                                                   Values and Beliefs
                                                                                   Core Values and Adolescent Problem Behavior
                                                                                   New Perspectives on Work as Value
                                                                                   Generation Tame; What’s Going On?
                                                                                   The Happiness Conspiracy
                                                                                   The Values Question
                                    Pharmaceutical Supply to Developing            Markets and Industries
                                    Agriculture and International Trade            International Monetary Economics
                                                                                   Economic Equilibrium
                                                                                   WHO Supports Fair Access to Influenza Vaccine
                                                                                   Oil Prices; How High Will They Go
Supply and Demand
                                                                                   Petroleum Industry; The Coming Supply Crunch
                                                                                   Combating the Food and Humanitarian Crisis
                                                                                   Tuna’s Ends
                                                                                   Take Your Meds- If You Can Get Them
                                                                                   Water in Africa; The Blue Gold
                                                                                   High Demand Backlogs iPhone 4 Orders
                                                                                   Supply and Demand; Tomatoes and Florida
                                    Technological Failures                         Technological Innovations, Encyclopedia Entry
                                    Internet and Globalization                     Technological Innovations and Defense Industry
                                    Robotics and Artificial Intelligence           Preparing for the 21st Century
                                                                                   Technology Challenges Microsoft for Dominance
                                                                                   Technology and Privacy
                                                                                   China Changing its Reputation
Technological Innovations
                                                                                   Stopping Email Annoyances
                                                                                   Inventors try to stay on Cutting Edge
                                                                                   Another Expensive Mistake; Y2K
                                                                                   Playing Catch Up in the Cyber Race
                                                                                   Building the Future
                                                                                   Technological Innovations to Cut Emissions
                                    Teens and Technology                           Anonymity on the Internet
                                    Online Activism                                Computer Ethics
                                    Privacy Laws                                   History of Education
                                                                                   Critical Social Theory
                                                                                   Computer Applications in Society
                                                                                   Big Brother is Coming
                                                                                   Screen Savers; Hazardous to Your Health
Technology and Society                                                             Bye-Bye Books?
                                                                                   What South Korean Technology can Teach the U.S.
                                                                                   Education, Youth and Culture
                                                                                   Information Society
                                                                                   Empowerment of Women Through Technology
                                                                                   20 Dangers of Technology
                                                                                   The World Wide Living Room
                                                                                   Texting-While-Driving Crackdown
                                    Ecotourism                                     Tourism, Encyclopedia Entry
                                                                                   Gulf of Mexico Tourism Suffers
                                                                                   Vacationers Rethink Greece
                                                                                   Tourism in Egypt
                                                                                   Cuba Hopes for U.S. Tourists
                                                                                   Ecotourism in the Brazilian Amazon
                                                                                   Chinese Tourists Welcomed Here
                                                                                   Greetings from Taiwan
                                                                                   Postcard: The Galapagos
                                                                                   Macedonia to Promote Rural Tourism
                                                                                   The British Invention of Modern Tourism
                                                                                   Climate Change Effects Tourism in Alaska
                                    International Perspectives on U.S. Influence   United States Department of State
                                    and Policy
                                    Afghan War                                     Japanese Labor after World War II
                                    Iraq War                                       From Colony to Superpower
                                    United Nations Security Council                U.S. Foreign Relations Since 1776
                                                                                   Political and Legal, The End of Alliances
                                                                                   U.S.’s Policy Toward Venezuela
                                                                                   U.S.’s Policy Toward Africa
                                                                                   Encyclopedia of U.S. Foreign Relations
U.S. Foreign Relations
                                                                                   Communication Gap; U.S and Europe
                                                                                   From Containment to Isolation
                                                                                   The Cuban Dilemma
                                                                                   U.S. Ambassadors
                                                                                   To The World; Regarding U.S. Foreign Relations

                                                    Social Studies Themes in Global Issues in Context

U.S. Foreign Relations

Social Studies Theme or Objective        Portal Topics in Global       Specific Documents in Global Issues                               Lesson Plans
                                           Issues in Context           in Context
                                                                       Decline of a Good Neighbor
                                                                       U.S. Relations with China
                                                                       U.S. Relations with Mexico
                                    North America: Climate Change
                                    Iraq War
                                    Obama Administration
U.S. History 1945 - Present         Guantanamo Detention Center
                                    Afghan War
                                    Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill
                                    U.S. Climate Policy
                                                                       The Bill of Rights; Primary Source
                                                                       Burning the Flag
                                                                       13th Amendment
                                                                       1st Amendment
                                                                       18th Amendment
                                                                       Plessy v. Ferguson
                                                                       U.S. Constitution, Encyclopedia Entry
                                                                       Church and State
United States Constitution
                                                                       Due Process
                                                                       American Revolution
                                                                       Confederate States of America; Civil War
                                                                       Impeachment Process
                                                                       U.S. Supreme Court
                                                                       The Islamic Challenge to the U.S. Constitution
                                                                       The Supreme Court Rules on Gun Control
                                                                       Density and Distribution of Population
                                                                       Modernization Theory
                                                                       An End to White Flight?
Urbanization                                                           How to Create Harmonious Cities
                                                                       Population, Urbanization and the Environment
                                                                       The Landscape of the Future
                                                                       Africa’s Exploding Cities
                                                                       New Insights Into Urban Planning
                                                                       China Leads World in Urbanization
                                    Taiwan: Clinflicts with China      Background Notes, Countries of the World         Apartheid
                                    Apartheid: Lingering Issues        History of Women’s Rights as Workers             Indigenous Peoples' Rights
                                    Holocaust: Lingering Issues        Africa’s Role in World History                   United Nations Declaration of Human Rights
                                    North and South Korean Conflict    Native Americans and Europeans in History
                                    Northern Ireland: Peace Accords    Ottoman Empire
                                                                       World War II
World History                                                          Feudalism
                                                                       Exploration and Discovery, 1700s
                                                                       Exploration and Discovery, 1800s
                                                                       Exploration and Discovery, 1900-1949
                                                                       Survival During the Holocaust
                                                                       Political Cartoons Throughout History
                                                                       Mobilized Men Statistics, World War I
                                                                       “Buy U.S. Government Bonds” Primary Source
                                                                       Suffragette Dilemma World War I
                                                                       The Family War Effort
                                                                       Sedition Act of 1918
                                                                       Winston Churchill
World War I 1914-1918                                                  The Fourteen Points
                                                                       The Bonus Army
                                                                       Woodrow Wilson’s Declaration of Neutrality
                                                                       The Start of World War I
                                                                       Africa’s Role in World War I
                                                                       WWI Propaganda
                                                                       The War in the East
                                    Holocaust: Lingering Issues        Prisoner of War Statistics
                                    Taiwan: Conflicts with China       Journalism of World War II
                                                                       Nuclear August 1945
                                                                       Eyewitness to Atomic Bomb
                                                                       Anniversary of Atomic Bomb
                                                                       Atomic Bomb Survivor Interview
                                                                       Major USSR Battles, World War II
World War II 1939-1945
                                                                       Erwin Rommel, German General
                                                                       U-Boat Battles of World War II
                                                                       Secrets of The Bismarck
                                                                       How Stalingrad Tactics Won the Day
                                                                       Nurses in World War II
                                                                       Adolf Hitler
                                                                       Holocaust Topic Overview


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