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									                           WELCOME TO PRINCE OF PEACE LUTHERAN CHURCH
                                            M ISSOURI S YNOD WWW.POPAMARILLO.ORG
         7Ntion l              6900 HILLSIDE ∙ AMARILLO, TX 79109 · (806) 359-7700 · FAX (806) 359-7719
                                                         PAS TOR ∙ J EFFREY GES KE

“To bring people to Jesus and membership
in His family, develop them to Christ-like
maturity, and equip them for their ministry
                                                              May 30, 2010
in the Church and their life mission in the
world, in order to magnify God’s name.”                          The Holy Trinity
“Bringing People to Know Christ”
                                                 AS WE GATHER
We are so glad that you have chosen to           Today, Trinity Sunday, we celebrate, teach, and confess the identity
join us this morning! We pray that you will
                                                 of God as He has revealed Himself in the mystery of the Trinity in
be refreshed and renewed as you come into
God’s presence. Please take a moment to          Unity. In so believing and celebrating, however, we recognize that
introduce yourself to the pastor and to          His true majesty is in His redemptive work of restoring us and all
those seated around you. We kindly ask           humanity to our original dignity as God's stewards or managers over
that you fill out the attendance folder at the   His creation. In Jesus Christ, we become God's new creation, His
end of each pew. Once again, we warmly           workmanship, "created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God
thank you for worshipping with us this           prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them" (Ephesians
                                                 2:10). As we grow to know and believe the true identity of the one,
CHILDCARE                                        true God, we grow to understand also our new identity in Christ.
A nursery is available for parents to use. It
is located by the grand foyer. If you need
help finding it, please speak to an usher.
There is also a cry room to the left of the

Please join us for Sunday School at 9:45
a.m. We have classes for all ages,
including a number of adult Bible studies
to choose from.
The following adult Bible classes are
    1. A Study of Luke (Grand Foyer)
    2. A Women’s Bible Study (Library)
    3. A Bible Study led by Dean Sain
        (Sunday School Classroom)
    4. A Study on Law and Gospel
        (Conference Room)

Holy Communion is celebrated on the first
and third Sundays of each month.
                                                     8:30 Worship Service Order ~ Creative Worship
 THOSE ASSISTING IN MINISTRY TODAY                   Opening Hymn:
                                                     “Holy, Holy, Holy” LSB 507 Sts. 1-2
                  May 30, 2010
ORGANIST:                          Beth Lauterbach          INVOCATION and OPENING VERSICLES
                                                                CONFESSION and ABSOLUTION
ACOLYTE-                                             Hymn:
 8:30 AM- Hanna Nebhut
11:00 AM-Nicolas Dow                                 “Holy, Holy, Holy” LSB 507 Sts. 3-4
GREETERS –                                                            COLLECT of the DAY
 8:30 AM- Stephen and Kelly Bernhardt
11:00 AM- Teri Meil and Brett                                        † GOD’S WORD FOR US †
                                                                      Psalm of the Day: Psalm 8
LEAD USHERS: Carl Ackerman, Dean Sain,                        New Testament Reading: Acts 2:14a, 22-36
             Kelly Adkins and Ken Wampler                             Holy Gospel: John 8:48-59
                                                                      CHILDREN’S MESSAGE
 8:30 AM- Danielle Fehr                              Sermon Hymn:
11:00 AM- David Dunham                               “To God Be the Glory” Public Domain
ALTAR GUILD –                                          TODAY’S MESSAGE: “Our Awesome God” ~ Psalm 8
Set up- Mitzi Minkler                                 CONFESSIONS of OUR FAITH~ The Athanasian Creed
Take Down- Susie Hewes                                                OUR TITHES and GIFTS
N URSERY VOLUNTEERS -                                Offertory Hymn:
Sunday School:                                       “Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee” LSB 803
11:00 Worship:                                                               PRAYERS
OFFERING C OUNTERS-                                                       LORDS PRAYER
Greg and Melissa Heffner                                                   BENEDICTION
                                                     Closing Hymn:
ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT            Dawn Danner      “Holy God, We Praise Thy Name” LSB 940 Sts. 1, 3, 5
B EREAVEMENT TEAM LEADER            Glenda Young
                                                                   11:00 Worship Service Order
                                                     Opening Medley:
                                                     “Awesome God” by Rich Mullins
  THOSE ASSISTING IN MINISTRY NEXT                                         WELCOME
              SUNDAY                                 “God of Wonders” by Marc Byrd and Steve Hindalong
                  June 6, 2010                       “How Majestic Is Your Name” by Michael W. Smith
ORGANIST:                        Margie Ammons             INVOCATION and OPENING VERSICLES
ACOLYTE-                                                       CONFESSION and ABSOLUTION
 8:30 AM-
11:00 AM-                                                           † GOD’S WORD FOR US †
GREETERS –                                                           Psalm of the Day: Psalm 8
 8:30 AM- Steve Britt                                        New Testament Reading: Acts 2:14a, 22-36
11:00 AM- Michael and Teren Mestas                                   Holy Gospel: John 8:48-59
U SHERS-                                                             CHILDREN’S MESSAGE
LEAD USHERS: Carl Ackerman, Dean Sain,               Mediation Verse :
             Kelly Adkins and Ken Wampler            “Father I Adore You” by Terrye Coelho
LECTERN READERS –                                      TODAY’S MESSAGE: “Our Awesome God” ~ Psalm 8
 8:30 AM- Stephen Bernhardt                           CONFESSIONS of OUR FAITH~ The Athanasian Creed
11:00 AM- Teren Mestas                                               OUR TITHES and GIFTS
ALTAR GUILD –                                        Offertory Song:
Set up- Susan Hattz                                  Special Music sung by Daniel McFaul
Take Down- Melissa Londenberg
N URSERY VOLUNTEERS -                                                    LORDS PRAYER
Sunday School: Mary Marting                                               BENEDICTION
11:00 Worship: Melissa Londenberg
                                                     Closing Song:
OFFERING C OUNTERS-                                  “To God Be the Glory” Public Domain
Elissa Anderson and Teren Mestas                     All songs used with permission according to CCLI License # 579839
                                                          17. Gil Wehmeier, father of Jaylene McFaul, broke
                                                              his arm and it is healing nicely without surgery.
                                                          18. Marie Wetthersten, sister of Betty Carry, has
                                                              pneumonia and was on life support but is off it
                                                              now. (She is the one we prayed for who had lung
                                                          19. Charlie Arney, father of Kim Carry, has an upper
                                                              respiratory and urinary tract infection. Pray for
                                                              complete healing. Pray for kind compassionate
                                                              care for him from care givers.
                                                          20. Robert Auers, nephew of Joe and Anita Smith,
                                                              has a collapsed lung. Pray for pain relief and a
                                                              complete recovery.
                                                          21. Brian Lair is having a brain scan. There is a
                                                              possibility that his cancer has returned. Pray for no
                                                          22. Alma Gollihugh, mother of Bobby Gollihugh, is
                                                              having a right breast biopsy Thursday after a
1. For our congregation members; that they may be             mammogram indicating something questionable.
    committed to our mission of bringing people to            Pray for peace and complete healing.
    know Christ.                                          23. Dawn Danner is PRAISING GOD!!!! There will
2. Pastor and Laura, Joshua, Jacob and Joy                    be no chemotherapy. Hormone therapy has been
    Geske                                                     started and radiation therapy will start soon. Keep
3. Our Elde rs, Council and all Church Leaders                praying!!!
4. For the Lutheran Church- Missouri Synod                24. Sherrie Brorman, friend of Jaylene McFaul, has
5. President Obama, national leaders and our                  been diagnosed with cancer and will be undergoing
    country. Our nation’s military, especially those of       treatment and surgery. Pray for healing and
    our own: Andrew Allen, Aaron Feil, Daniel Bunn,           understanding.
    and Dustin Lill, Patrick Sanborn, Mitchell Carry      25. Emery Williams, newborn daughter of David and
    and Daniel Hewes.                                         Bonnie Williams, friends of Kevin Fehr, has been
6. Circuit Churches. Each Sunday we will be                   diagnosed with cancer. Pray for complete healing
    praying for one of our circuit churches.                  for Emery and peace for the family.
7. US Supreme Court, that Public Prayer may be            26. Jef Card, nephew of Corinne Thron, has a
    still around in these United States of America. The       malignant (squamous cell cancer) tumor in his
    National Day of Prayer maybe cancelled by a               sinuses. Pray for complete healing and guidance
    federal judge.                                            for the doctors that they treat Jef in the best way.
8. Clara Stukey, mother of Clifford and Lynn                  For            updates            please          see
    Stukey, is being moved into an assisted living  
    center. Pray for a smooth transition.
9. Christina Grebel, pray for doors to open and
    perseverance during her job search.
                                                               News & Announcements
10. Ken and Belva Wampler are praising God for                            ATTENDANCE
    their new great grandson, Conley Ethan McSwain,                            May 23, 2010
    born May 18th . Prayers of thanksgiving for a
    healthy baby.                                                       8:30 Wors hip Service-40
11. C.J. Parsley and Megan Brown; Prayers of                           11:00 Wors hip Service-57
    thanksgiving because they are engaged.                                 Adult Bible Study-
12. Jacob Geske- Prayers of Thanksgiving for healing                   Children’s Sunday School-
    and continued health.
13. Janese Ackerman, has been hospitalized for a                     A Measure of Our Ste wardship
    stomach illness. Pray for quick and complete              LAST FOUR WEEKS OF CONTRIBUTIONS
    healing.                                                 Weekly need to meet BUDGET is around $5,000.00
14. Margie Ammons is recovering from shingles.
    Pray for healing and strength.                                       05/02/2010 - $4,476.20
15. Rebekah, 6 year old we have prayed for before.                       05/09/2010 - $3,787.50
    Her kidneys have failed. She will be on dialysis if                  05/16/2010 - $2,553.20
    a transplant is not possible.                                        05/23/2010 - $3,769.76
16. Betty Dillard, sister of Ken Wampler, had two
    mini strokes and is improving well. Pray for          BIRTHDAYS:
    complete healing.                                     June 4th – Kelton Stukey
                                                                     Jeanette Williams
ANNIVERSARIES:                                                           YOUTH FOR HIRE
May 31st - Carl and Carol Weiss                          Please keep in mind the youth are available for odd
June 3rd - Rev. Jeffrey and Laura Geske                  jobs (babysitting, yard work, etc). Please call
June 4th - David and Susan Hattz                         Melissa Londenberg or Mitch Carry for questions.

            Geske Open-                                       SUMMER SUNDAY SCHOOL TEACHERS
             STEWARDSHIP MESSAGE                                               NEEDED
May 30 – 1st Sunday after Pentecost (Trinity             We are looking for individuals or teams who would
Sunday)                                                  be willing to teach Sunday school for one (or more)
Acts 2:14a, 22-36: Our Chief Steward Jesus gave          Sundays during June through August. We would
His all, including His life, for our salvation. This     like to have one or two people for each Sunday.
great sacrifice on His part moves us to be sacrificial   Materials and teaching guidelines will be provided –
stewards who manage all of life and life’s resources     we just need leaders (and if you have something of
in ways to give bold evidence that we really are the     your own you would like to do, that would be okay
children of God.        God’s children are God’s         too!). If you would consider doing something like
stewards.                                                this, please discuss with Beth Lauterbach. You can
                                                         call her at 488-2423 or email her at
                YOU ARE INVITED                
Prince of Peace LWML Ladies are hosting a
reception honoring the Graduating Class of 2010.                         ID THEFT SEMINAR
Please plan to stay and give the graduates your          BBB & the NWTH Senior Advantage program will
blessings and share cake and punch with them on          host an ID Theft Seminar, Friday, May 21, 2010
June 6, 2010 at 9:30 am (in between services).           from 11:30 – 1:30 at the Pavilion Auditorium of
                                                         NWTH, 7201 Evans Blvd. Panel of experts include
FLOWERS GIVEN TO THE GLORY OF GOD…..                     the Federal Trade Commission, US Postal
Honoring the graduation of Hillary Fehr, by her          Inspector, Social Security Administration, Randall
ENTIRE family! Congratulations Hillary, we love          County     District  Attorney,  Amarillo    Police
you!!!!                                                  Department, Amarillo National Bank, Consumer
                                                         Credit Counseling Svc, Document Shredding &
                 NEW BIBLE STUDY                         Storage, Happy State Bank & Spellman &
The Unexplained will start on June 6, 2010 in the        Associates. Door prizes, Goody Bags and Lunch
Library, being taught by Pastor Geske.         The       will be provided! Reservations REQUIRED Call
Unexplained explores the fascination people have         354-1721 or 379-6222 by 5:00 pm May 18 th to
with miracles, mysticism, near-death experiences         reserve your spot.
and similar topics. It will help you understand the
mysteries of life from God’s perspective and live              GLENDA THOMAS SCHOLARSHIP FUND
with certainty in an uncertain world.                    For a all graduates planning to attend college in the
                                                         fall, if you are interested in finding out more about
                                                         the Glenda Thomas Scholarship please contact the

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