Travel Visa Application for China

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					                                                Visa Application Report Form
・Please submit this form as soon as you receive your visa.
・Submit this form to the Academic Office along with a copy of all the documents that you needed to submit when applying for
your visa. We will accept this form by post if you are not able to submit it in person or by other means.
・Please type.

         Name                                                                                 Student ID Number

                                                                                                Country of Host
    Host Institution

    Program Name

Type of Visa Received
(Example: student visa,                                                                            Nationality
J-1, etc.)
                                                                                             Country where you applied:
                           □Myself    □Travel Agency 
       Applicant                                                                             (Example: Japan, China, Korea,
                           □Visa Application Agency  □Other(                      )

Visa Application Hours and Place(Consulate/Embassy)
(Example:9:00-Noon、U.S. Embassy in Osaka)



Application Documents
(please list everything) ・
・DS1029                  ・
・bank statement, etc.)



Visa Processing Fee and all others fees
incurred in the application process:
Example: Copy of your Family Register (350
yen), Health Check (300 yen),
Visa Processing Fee (6000 yen) etc.

Waiting Period before Visa Issuance
Example:One week from the application date

                                           About the Application Process (Please circle all that apply)

       Interview              Online Application Postal Application             Method of Receipt                                Other

      Yes ・ No                                                   Post ・ Received directly by the applicant ・ Other(    )

Things to be careful of
or any other advice
that would be helpful

Please submit to :
Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University
Academic Office (Attn. of Student Exchange Coordinator)
1-1 Jumonjibaru
Beppu City, Oita Prefecture 874-8577 JAPAN
Beppu City, Oita Prefecture 874-8577 JAPAN

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