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Church Liability Release Forms in Spanish


Church Liability Release Forms in Spanish document sample

More Info
									       Italy Trip
    April 8-16, 2010
Band, Orchestra, Color Guard

    Parent/Student Meeting
      December 3, 2009
           Trip Objectives

 A performance goal (and reward!)
 Opportunities for Cultural Exchange
 Memorable performance venues
 Good food
 See a lot of Italy
 Time to explore on own
 Be safe travelers

Student form packets distribution- Carolyn
KI Concerts Chief Executive- Michael Clohesy
Trip Overview and Itinerary- Carolyn/Michael
Passport Administration and Payments- Lori
Q&A- Carolyn, Lori, Michael
Next Mandatory Meeting- Tuesday, March 2
     Financial Aspects of Trip
 Current Cost Estimate $2395 per person
  plus gas surcharge and airport tax
 Gas Surcharge/ Airport Tax
    Fuel Surcharge and Airport Taxes
                        (estimated on 11/17/09)

   $ 260.00 Fuel surcharge
   $   5.50 US Customs User fee
   $    2.20 US departure and arrival taxes
   $    5.00 US APHIS(agricultural inspection) fee
   $    7.00 US Immigration and Naturalization User fee
   $    2.50 USA Civil Aviation Security Service Fee
   $   20.85 Germany Domestic Landing
   $   43.04 Germany Passenger Service charge
   $    7.97 Germany Airport Security Tax
   $    2.18 Italy Passenger Service Charge
   $    3.07 Italia Security Bag
   $    6.74 Italia City Council tax
   $   7.63 Italia Embarkation Tax
   $   2.71 Italia Value Added tax
   $   4.50 US Passenger Facility Charge
   $ 410.89 Total
     Deadlines from KI Concerts
   December 9, 2009 (12O days prior to departure)
       Passport Copies are due
       Passenger Roles are due
       Band Roster is due
       Change to Land Only, after this date,
             $1,000 fee
       No more deviation applications can be
Deadlines from KI Concerts (cont.)
   January 8, 2010 (90 days prior to departure)
       Rooming list is due
       Instrument Shipping list is due
       Bus List is due
       No more applications can be accepted
Deadlines from KI Concerts (cont.)
   February 5, 2010 (60 days prior to departure)
       Last day for substitutions before charges apply

   March 1, 2010
       Tour Booklets received from KI with name badges
              and luggage tags

   March 29, 2010
       Director’s Final Briefing received from KI with
              performance details
       E-ticket copies received from KI
       Thursday night and Friday
                    LGHS to Venice
Thursday, April 8    3:30p.m.Meet at LGHS Band Room
                     4:30p.m.West Valley Charter Bus LGHS to SFO
                     6:00p.m.Arrive at SFO
                     9:05p.m.          Depart SFO, Lufthansa 459
                                       Dinner and breakfast will be served
                                       on the flight
Friday, April 9      5:25p.m.          Arrive Munich
                     5:55p.m.          Depart Munich, Lufthansa 981
                     6:50p.m.          Arrive Frankfurt
                                       Dinner- cash provided by KI Concerts
                     9:55p.m.          Depart Frankfurt
                     11:10p.m.         Arrive Venice, clear Customs and
                     12:30pm           Arrive at Antony Hotel hotel in Mestre
                                       Overnight Mestre
    Thursday and Friday
Arrive at airport, get to hotel,
          try to sleep
Friday and Saturday night lodging
 Antony Hotel- Mestre
Tour Venice, Arrive/depart by boat,
Arrive by charter boat, Tour Venice
Saturday, April 10 7:30a.m.         Morning Call
                   9:30am           Depart Hotel, arrive Tronchetto Pier
                                    Charter Boat ride to Venice Island
                   1:00a.m.         Guided walking tour of Venice including
                                             Doge's Palace, St Mark's
                                             Basilica, Tintoretto, the Bridge
                                             Sighs and Piombi Prison
                   1:00p.m.         Lunch on own
                                    Time at leisure to explore Venice.
                                    Chaperones will accompany student groups i
                                    Venice only. It is easy to get lost in Venice.
                   4:30p.m.Meet your tour guide, Walk back to San Marco
                                    Charter Boat ride back to Tronchetto Pier,
                                             board coach
                   7:00p.m.Dinner in Mestre, Ristorante da Ciano
                                    Overnight Mestre
Venice Arrival by Charter Boat
San Marco Square
Our meeting place
Shopping in chaperoned groups
   (so no one will get lost!)
          Venice Tour Groups
 Students will be able to form their own tour
  groups. Signups will occur this winter.
 After our guided tour, students will have lunch
  and explore Venice in assigned chaperoned
  groups from 1:00-4:30pm.
 Our tour company has requested that students
  be chaperoned in Venice because the town is a
  maze of shopping alleys and quaint canals and
  bridges and the landmarks are not clearly visible
  from the narrow alleys. It is too easy to get lost
Sunday (Performance Day)
    Venice to Padua
      Sunday (Performance Day)
  Venice to Padua to Montecatini
Sunday, April 11
                           Breakfast at hotel
               8:15a.m.    Meet your Tour Guide
               8:30a.m.    Depart hotel and travel to Padua/Padova
               9:00a.m.    Arrive Padua
                           Visit St. Anthony's Basilica and historical
                                      centre including Palazzo della
                                      Ragione, Café Pedrocchi, the
                                      University, Piazza delle Erbe, Piazza
                                      dei Frutti, and Scrovegni Chapel
               11:00a.m.   Tour concludes
                           Lunch on own
               1:30p.m.    Arrive venue- Palasport Brentelle Padua
               2:00p.m.    Meet members of the Orchestra of Cadoneghe
                           Rehearsal Los Gatos
                           Rehearsal with Orchestra of Cadoneghe
               4:00p.m.    Joint Performance
               6:30p.m.    Pizza Dinner
                           Depart Padua
               10:30p.m.   Arrive at Tuscany Inn in Montecatini
Orchestra of Cadoneghe
  Sunday evening
Padua to Montecatini
Sunday and Monday night lodging
Tuscany Inn, Montecatini
        Monday (Performance Day)
Tour Pisa, tour Lucca, then perform
     with historical flag group
                    Monday (Performance Day)
Tour Pisa, tour Lucca, then perform with historical
                    flag group
 Monday, April 12
                     7:45a.m.    Meet your Tour Guide
                     9:00a.m.    Arrive Pisa
                                 Explore Pisa on own
                     1030a.m.    Meet Tour Guide
                                 Depart Pisa
                                 Arrive Lucca
                                 Lunch on own
                     2:00p.m.    Guided tour of Lucca including San Michele
                                             in Foro, San Frediano, San Matino,
                                             the shopping street via Fillungo,
                                             Palazzo and Torre Guinigi
                     4:00p.m.    Tour concludes
                                 Arrive rehearsal venue
                                 Meet Gruppo Storico Spandieratori e Musici
                                             Contrada S. Anna
                     6:00p.m.    Performance with Gruppo Storico Spandieratori e
                                             Musici Contrada S. Anna

                     8:00p.m.    Dinner
                     10:30p.m.   Return to Montectini
Lucca, the historic “walled city”
      Performance with
Gruppo Storico Spandieratori e
   Musici Contrada S. Anna
Tour Florence then on to Rome
     Tour Florence then on to Rome
Tuesday, April 13 5:45a.m.      Morning call
                                Bring luggage and instruments to lobby
                  6:45a.m.      Breakfast
                  7:45a.m.      Meet Tour Guide
                                Depart hotel
                                Arrive Florence
                  10:00a.m.     Guided walking tour including Piazza Del
                                Duomo, Palazzo Vecchio, Piazza della
                                Signoria and entrance to the Accademia
                  1:00p.m.      Tour Concludes
                                Lunch on own
                  2:30p.m       Meet your Tour Guide
                                Depart Florence
                                Arrive Rome
                  6:30p.m.      Arrive Hotel Princess
                  7:30p.m.      Dinner at Hotel
                                Overnight in Rome
Duomo in Florence
Michelangelo’s David
Shopping in Florence
Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday night lodging
         Hotel Princess, Rome
  Wednesday (Performance Day)
Tour Ancient Rome and Performance
      8:00a.m.        Bring instruments, flag equipment, and
                                performance dress
      9:00a.m.        Guided tour of Ancient Rome including the
                                Colosseum and Roman Forum
      12:00p.m.       Tour concludes
                      Lunch at own expense
                      Time to explore Rome
                      Transfer to venue
                      Arrive Sant’ Agonese in Agone in Piazza Navona
                      Performance concludes
                      Depart venue
      7:00p.m.Dinner Royal Art Café (across street from
                      See Colosseum and Forum illuminated at night
                      Arrive hotel
Roman Forum
Piazza Navona

Performance (Outdoor and Indoor) at Sant’
 Agonese Agone Church at Piazza Navona
View from Royal Art Cafe
Vatican, Walking Tour of Rome,
      and Farewell Dinner
Thursday, April 15          Morning Call
                            Breakfast at hotel
           8:00a.m.         Meet Tour Guide
           9:00a.m.         Guided tour of Vatican Museums,
                            Sistine Chapel and St. Peter's
           12:30p.m.        Tour concludes
                            Lunch on own
           2:30p.m.Guided walking tour of
                    Rome including Trevi Fountain,
                    Spanish Steps, Navona Square, and
           5:30p.m.Tour concludes
           6:00p.m.Farewell Dinner at Squizito Pizzeria
                    Overnight Rome
Vatican City
Tour of Vatican and Sistine Chapel
Trevi Fountain
             Return to Los Gatos
Friday, April 16        Bring luggage, flags, and instruments to
            7:15a.m.    Meet your Tour Guide
                        Depart hotel
            8:00a.m.    Arrive airport
                        Check in for international flight
            11:05a.m.   Depart Rome, Lufthansa 3657
            12:40p.m.   Arrive Munich
            4:10p.m.    Depart Munich, Lufthansa 458
            7:10p.m.    Arrive San Francisco
                        Clear customs
                        West Valley Charter Bus SFO to LGHS
          Status of Participants
   Number of attendees (117 as of 12/2)
    – 59 Band
    – 7 Orchestra
    – 10 Color Guard
    – 2 Staff
    – 39 Chaperones/Others
    – Plus 3 more possible additions (not included
      in count)
          Fundraising Income
 Candy Sales- $23.15 profit per carrier of 52 bars
 Christmas Tree Pickup- Majority of checks will
  arrive in January and be put in your account.
 Borders- Cash tips were kept by participants
 Volunteer Credit/Refund can be applied to Italy.
  Please make request to Booster Treasurer, Skye
              Permission Forms

   Turn completed forms in by December 10, 2009
   Field Trip Permit (6017B)
   Student Behavior Agreement (6017E)
   Waiver of Liability (6017F)-
   Medical Information (6017G)-
   Medical Release Slip (6017H)-
   Agreement with an Release of Liability (18 yrs &
    older) (6017I)
         Trip Logo Clothing
 Order Forms will be available soon
 Tshirts, long sleeved Tshirts, and hooded
  sweatshirts will be available
 Order must be placed by January 30,
   Deviation Forms
    – Applications due to by December 9
   Roommate Forms (2 participants/room)
    – Due by Friday, December 4
   Roommate Assignments
    – Will be made by Wednesday, December 9
   Motorcoach signups
    – Will be available Wednesday, December 9
           Official Chaperones
   Signup form is in packet
 Contact Carolyn Dufort or Lori Ingle
 Tuesday, March 2, 7:00p: Italy
  Parent/Student Info Meeting
 Monday, April 5 Short Meeting with Trip
  Chaperones immediately after Farewell

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