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Exclusive Right to Sell Listing Agreement


Exclusive Right to Sell Listing Agreement document sample

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									                                              CENTURY 21 ALL ISLANDS
                           6700 Kalanianaole Hwy, Suite 215, Honolulu, Hawaii 96825 Telephone 808-564-1545 Fax808-262-6738

                                                         LISTING AGREEMENT
               Name:                                                                        Social Security # :
                                      (as it appears on title)

 Spouse/Co-Owner:                                                                           Social Security # :
                                      (as it appears on title)

    Current Address:

                 City:                                                State:                                         Zip:

                    Tel:                                                Fax:                                       Email:

                                                             PROPERTY INFORMATION

       Resort Name:

          View Type:                                                           Bedrooms:                                       Baths:

   # of weeks to sell:


   Maintenance Fee:                                                Due Date:                                                 Arrears:

               Are any weeks banked with RCI?:          Yes - No                     II?: Yes - No                            Other?: Yes - No

           Will banked weeks transfer to Buyer?:        Yes - No                            Will membership in RCI or II Transfer?: Yes - No

    Are any reservations made at home resort?:          Yes - No                  Dates:                          Transfer to Buyer?: Yes - No

                                                             PURCHASE INFORMATION

Original Price: $                                          Date Purchased:                               Balance Owed:

                                                                 SELLING INFORMATION

List Price: $                     per week
Special Instructions: Buyer and Seller will split closing costs and transfer fees.

LISTING AGREEMENT: I own the property described on this form or I have the right to sign the listing. I want to hire you to advertise and market
the property. I offer you an exclusive right-to-sell listing on this property for one (1) year from the date I sign this form. I authorize you to use sub-
agents when appropriate. I understand that this is a binding legal contract.


I will pay you a commission of % of the sales price: (a) if a buyer and I sign a sales or exchange contract at any price and terms during the listing
period, no matter who finds the buyer (even if I find one); (b) if you find a buyer who is ready, willing and able to pay the asking price and meet the
other terms of this listing even if I refuse to sign a written sales contract; (c) if I sign a written sales or exchange contract with any of your prospects
during this listing; (d) if the property is purchased pursuant to a right of first refusal; (e) if I withdraw the property from sale before the end of this
listing without your written consent.

SIGNATURE                                             DATE                                 SIGNATURE                                               DATE

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