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					                                             Pittsylvania County Schools
                                               Career and Technical Education

                        Business and Information Technology - Course Syllabus—2008-2009

                                           Gretna High School—Mrs. Moorefield
                                                        Room 110

        Teacher Information: Graduate of A verett University, 1992; B.S. Administration/Accounting

             Course:   Keyboarding Applications                                            Course Number:     6152
           Textbook:   Century 21 Computer Applications and Keyboarding Book One, 8 Edition

              Required Fee/Supplies:      $8.00; Pen/Pencil; 1-subject           Student Organization:    FBLA

                         Prerequisite:    None
              Dual Enrollment Credit:     No
                Industry Certification:   Virginia Workplace Readiness Asse ssment (NOCTI) and IC3
                                          Certification (Certiport)

This course is designed for secondary school students to develop and enhance touc h skills for entering alphabetic,
numeric, and symbol information on a keyboard. Students compose and produce a variety of personal, educational, and
professional doc uments.

Prepare all students to successfully pass this course using the proper keyboarding techniques.

Students are expected to attend class ("you can’t learn if you’re not here."), follow classroom procedures and participate
in class instruction. It is your responsibility if you are absent to make up the work you miss!


A 94-100        B 86-93          C 78-85          D 70-77         F below 70

Final marking period averages cannot exceed 100%. (eg: There can be no 104 averages)


1.      Participation/ Disk Grade (Notes, Teacher Observation, Completion of computer examples) -daily grade
2.      Quizzes (Computer concepts and applications )-daily grade
3.      Tests (Written and Applications)
4.      Daily Homework (Worksheets, lab, computer applications, chapt er/topic reading and related questions to check
        for understanding)-daily grade

**Marking period grades will be determined in the following manner**:

Tests-50%                 Quizzes-25%             Daily grades -25%


1.   Instructor will greet students outside classroom door each day.
2.   Students are to enter classroom quietly. Students are to sit & begin work on the assignment written on chalkboard.
3.   When the bell rings for class to begin, the door will be shut & any late students will remain outside the door. Instructor
     will call roll & tardy students will then be allowed in classroom.
4.   As roll is being called, students will continue to work on assignment given to them.
5.   At the start of the 2 6-weeks period, students will come into class & practice the assigned timing to be given as a
     grade (this will be explained in more detail as the time approaches).


1.   The competency to be covered will be written on the chalkboard
2.   Students will look on board for assignment to be done while roll is being called
3.   Students will begin keyboarding assignments as instructed
4.   Instructor will walk around the classroom to monitor student progress
5.   Students will be informed of the next day’s lesson. This will close class instruction for the present day.


Students have one day of make-up for each day missed from school. Absences MUST BE excused absences. For
example, if a student is absent for 3 days and the absences are excused, then the student will have 3 days to make up
missed work. Make-up work must be completed before or after school. Instructor is available before school at 7:30 a.m.
and after school until 3:30 p.m. Students CANNOT use instructional class time for make up unless approved by ins tructor
(i.e., student is caught up on assigned work for that day). No s tudent is allowed to mak e up missed work if absence is
unexcused; this includes suspension.

If a student is sent to ISS/BMC, the instructor will send work to the student and the student will HANDWRITE all
assignments. Student is required to make up any lab assignment (computer work) before or after school.

Any work not made up in a timely fashion, will be graded as a Zero.

See instructor to make up any missed test(s). Tests are posted a week in advance. Student will make up test on the next
day in class.

DISCIPLINE POLICY: These are expected of you regarding conduct in my classroom. If policies are not followed, then
the corresponding disciplinary action will be taken by the offic e or by instructor.

                                             POLICY                                                     CONSEQUENCE OR
                                                                                                        DISCIPLINE ACTION

Arrive in class on time & quietly, with all appropriate materials . See Student Handbook for          Unexcused tardy by
unexcused tardy protocol.                                                                             instructor

Swearing & derogat ory remarks will not be tolerated                                                  Referral to office

You will sit in alphabetical order unless told otherwise by the instructor                            Referral to office

Each student will be allowed two (2) "out of the classroom" passes each 6 weeks for                   Referral to office
bathroom, locker, etc. After both passes have been used, any student who needs to leave
the room will be allowed to leave, but will receive a referral to the office (disruptive to class).
See Student Handbook for tardy di scipline.

RESPECT-s how other classmates & instructor the respect & courtesy they deserve.                      Referral to office

No FOOD or DRINK in classroom                                                                   Referral to office

No sleeping! Laziness will NOT be tolerated                                                     Referral to office

No pagers, CD players, phones, hats or ot her headgear. These items must remain in your         Referral to office
locker. If brought to class, item will be taken & sent to office with student.

Each student must maintain a clean workstation. This is part of your grade!                     Referral to office if
                                                                                                warned of this more than

  **Each student without an absence or unexcused tardy will be given one daily grade of 100 for the 6-weeks. **

PAYMENT OF LAB FEES: The $8. 00 lab fee should be paid as soon as possible.

HONOR CODE: Students are expected to abide by the Honor Code policy as stated in the Gret na High School Student

ACCOMMODATIONS: A parent or guardian of any student requiring accommodations should inform the instructor in
writing listing specifics as well as appropriate documentation and appropriate arrangements will be made. (such as:
hearing, eyesight, etc.)


                                                     Task Area                             Days

                          Implementing Virginia's CTE Cours e Requirements                     1

                          Participating in the Student Organization                            1

                          Keyboarding Applications                                           85

                          Business and Information Technology Course Project/Portfolio         3

                          Total                                                              90


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