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					                                               A unique 3-in-1 course combining innovation,
                                                     marketing and strategy planning
                                                               Now in the Philippines

                                    MARKET-DRIVING STRATEGIES (MDS)
                                                          Executive Workout
                                                             by Josiah Go
         4th batch: Aug. 6-7, 2009 8:30 am to 5:30 pm Hotel Intercontinental, Makati, Philippines
         5th batch: Sept. 8-9, 2009 8:30 am to 5:30 pm Hotel Intercontinental, Makati, Philippines
     Based on registration as of July 28, 2009, profile of the 30 participants of the 4th MDS is as follows:
                        Top Management (CEO, COO, MD)                   25%
                        VPs/AVPs                                        15%
                        Managerial                                      40%
                        Supervisorial                                    7%
                        Academic                                         7%
                        Consultants                                      7%
                        TOTAL                                         100%

WHAT     OUR PAST                   Market-Driving Strategies(MDS) define how firms
“Josiah Go has intellectual
                                    will embrace innovative changes in the industry
integrity” – Felicisimo Nacino,     logic and business system, to generate greater
Exec. Vice President,RFM
Corporation                         profit and new demand from unserved &
 “Excellent tools to expand our
                                    underserved markets.
horizon and enlarge our vision!
The best innovation seminar I’ve          Market-Driven           Market-Driving
attended” – Eva Maureen                     Strategy                Strategy                      Complete
Barrett, Senior Product                                       +
Manager, United Laboratories,
                                            (Served             (Underserved and =                Marketing
Inc.                                        Market)             Unserved Markets)                   Plan

 “Joe is the Filipino version of
Philip Kotler in our country. You   So powerful is this game-changing, paradigm-busting concept that no less
can learn a lot from him. Very      than the father of modern marketing, Dr. Philip Kotler, among many
practical approach & examples”      notable professors, described Market-Driving Strategies as the 4th major
--Ma. Cristina Yap, Marketing       type of market-orientation after sales-driven, market-driven, and customer-
Officer, MMLDC Foundation,          driven.
                                    In the Philippines, close to 2,000 top executives, marketers and
“I found the new demand wheel       entrepreneurs have heard Josiah Go talk about MDS the last 8 months
of Josiah Go'sMarket-Driving
                                    alone, be it in in-house or public seminars, in conferences or in forums. Be
Strategies a very useful tool. It
provides avenues for us to see a
                                    inspired with a generous number of never-before-heard local and
multitude of possibilities not      international case studies. Be updated with this latest business concept to
considered before and bring the     increase your profit and industry's demand.
business to an entirely new
level" -- Jennie Feliciano,
                                     The 7 Key Game-changing principles of MDS
Product Manager,NutriAsia
                                     Market-driving strategy has 7 key game-changing principles.
“The framework on how to             Bring your entire team and learn their analytical tools in the only
analyze and come up with             MDS executive workout outside of London and USA.
market driving strategies is very
                                     1.   Being better is the greatest enemy of being different.
helpful. It spurs creativity and
                                     2.   Underserved and unserved markets are major growth drivers.
diligence in doing strategic
planning” -- Jose Ma. T.             3.   Turn hurdles into opportunities.
Policarpio, Executive Director,      4.   Eureka moment replaces cut-and-paste status quo.
Diwa Learning Systems, Inc.          5.   Change perspectives to expand market options.
                                     6.   Break the rules by creating a new industry logic and business system.
“Josiah makes training really        7.   Convert compelling value proposition into compelling profit.
simple and easy to understand.
Discussion flow is very              Key Topics to Cover
systematic” – RonaldAllan L.         • Introduction to Market-Driving Strategies
Catli, Sr. Product                                 6 key ideas of Market-driving Strategies
Manager, Globe Telecom, Inc.
                                                   Key differences and relationship between the 4 major types of
“The balance of theory and case
                                                   Why superior value proposition + unique value chain is more
studies were good. It made it
                                              sustainable than formulating value proposition
easier to visualize application” –
                                                   3 levels of MDS in terms of sustainable competitive advantage
 Alexander S. Panlilio, Division
                                                   7 key game-changing principles and its corresponding analytical tools
Vice President, Unilab
Consumer Health Group                              Why being market-driven leads to the trap of practicing the law of
                                              foolish fellowship in marketing
Who should attend:
                                     • Analytical Tools and Framework of Market-driving Strategies
Target Audiences (Team                            Where are you now?
attendance highly                                   o Performance audit: Why most companies will continue to have
recommended, Please see                             inferior profit vs. potential?
Mancom discount below)                              o Logic of Industry: Why we miss the point in blindly following
   · Head and key managers of                       key success factors of an industry?
   functional groups                              Where do you want to be?
   (marketing, R&D, sales,                          o New Demand Wheel: How to expand customer base even in a
   operations, trade marketing,                     downturn?
   finance) who want to                           How do you get there?
   challenge industry norms and                     o B.I.D.A. Check-Up: How to combine shopping moments of
   break the rules                                  truth and what customers are looking for in identifying critical gaps
   · Leaders of change in                           of your offer?
   dynamic companies looking                        o Insighting Clues: How to gain a penetrating understanding of
   for an alternative strategic                     your customers not seen by your competition?
   planning model                                   o Ideation Windows: How to reverse "cut and paste" strategy of
   · Executives of strategy                         traditionalist and think of as many strategy options?
   teams who want to set the                        o MDS 4x5 Planning Map: How to formulate and select profit-
   pace in their industry and                       maximizing innovation for your brand?
   thrive even in a downturn                        o MDS Hexagon Summation: How to ensure commercial viability
   economy                                          of your new idea?
   · Entrepreneurs needing
   mindset change
                                     Key benefits for you and your company
                                                   A new perspective to help you formulate unique new products or
                                              services, create new revenue and profit sources, break out of parity,
                                              achieve game-changing mindset and plan strategically!
Learning By Doing –                              An organized way to allow your company to forge into new market
Participants shall work in small            space to expand your market reach via fresh marketing analytical tools,
groups and apply what they                  frameworks and techniques that make formulating Market-Driving
have learned using cases that               Strategies simpler, faster, easier and more effective than other strategies
will be assigned to accelerate                   A challenge to the assumptions of traditional market-driven
learning                                    orthodoxies that are killing innovation and new venture initiatives
                                                 A new strategic thinking installed back into marketing strategy
Early-Bird seminar investment               formulation, beyond the usual traditional brand switching tactical traps
(if paid at least 2 weeks before            that simply waste marketing resources
the seminar date) P13,888 +
vat (foreign delegates US$500)     Join progressive companies like Unilab, Globe, Glaxo, Goldilock's, Abenson,
                                   Waltermart, Electroworld, Krispy Kreme, Metro Gaisano, Suy Sing, United Pulp
Regular seminar investment (if     and Paper, etc. and become pioneer Market-Driving Strategy practitioners. Major
paid within 2 weeks from           associations like Philippine Marketing Association, Philippine Franchise
seminar date) P15,888 +            Association, Philippine Exporters Confederation, Bank Marketing Association,
vat(foreign delegates US$680)      Philippine Jaycees, Anvil Business Club, etc. have recognized the power of Market-
                                   Driving Strategies and already invited Josiah Go to talk about this.
Onsite rate (if paid during or
after seminar week)P18,888 +       Over 40 proven cases from consumer, services and BTB categories shall be cited:
vat (foreign delegates US$880)          · Consumer: Bags - Beverages - Cables - Car dealership – Car rental - Cement
                                        - Coffee - Console gaming - Fast food - Furnitures - Health Care - Ice Cream -
Team rate (Minimum of 8                 Luxury Goods - Planners - Publications – Tours – Toys - Watches
paying participants from the            · Service: Airlines - Bank - Child Care – Church - Cooking school - Couriers -
same company & paid before              Financial Services - Fitness Center - Hospital - Hotel - Medical Clinic - Online -
seminar week) : P12,888 +               Telecom- Video Rental
vat (foreign delegates US$480)          · Businss-to-Business: Construction - High Tech - Mining - Packaging - Paint
                                        - Silicone - Training - Transport
Seminar investment includes
attendance in the seminar,
handouts (hard copy), 2             About the Speaker
lunches and 4 snacks and a          JOSIAH GO
certificate of completion to        Chairman and Chief Marketing Strategist
those who can complete at
least 75% of the program.                           Marketing guru and successful entrepreneur JOSIAH GO
                                                    will be your seminar leader for this practical game-
Limited seats so first come -                       changing course. He is an Agora awardee (1994), was one
        first served!                               of the Ten Outstanding Young Men (TOYM 2001) of the
                                                    Philippines, one of the Ten Outstanding Young Persons
                                                    (TOYP 2002) of the World and was also one of only two
                                    Lifetime Achievement Awardees in marketing education, making him the
  Exclusive In-House Option:
                                    most awarded business educator in the country today.
SAVE by organizing an in-house
   Market-Driving Strategies
  Executive Workout for your        Josiah has facilitated over 500 marketing strategy workshops in almost all
             team!                  industries since 1990. He took advance marketing programs at Kellogg,
Call Chiqui Escareal-Go at 723-     Wharton, Blue Ocean Strategy Initiative Center and at the London
 6671 or 0920-922-3732 for in-      Business School.
       house inquiries.
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