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      Thursday, March 18, 2010
University Hall, UMW Stafford Campus
           4:00 – 7:00 pm
                                  HOW TO MAKE
                                WORK FOR YOU
If there is one word for you to remember during Career Day, it’s TALK, TALK, TALK! Take the initiative and interact
with the employer representatives. Remember, these people have come to the University of Mary Washington to talk to
you! Listed below are some key tips for you to consider, as well as some sample questions for you to ask.

During the fair:

        Be conscious of the employer’s time, especially if there is a line behind you.
        Do not be distracted by the employers’ give-aways. Stay focused on your purpose.
        Approach employers on your own and avoid walking in “packs”.
        Create and display your name tag because the visual reminder will help some employers remember your name.
        Ask questions:
            o Would you please tell me about the entry-level employment or internship opportunities within your
                organization? (i.e. job titles, typical responsibilities, etc.)
            o What type of background/characteristics do you most like to find in people applying for these positions?
            o What do you consider ideal experience for working within your organization?
            o What are the advantages/disadvantages of working for this organization?
            o What advice do you have for someone interested in an entry-level position within your organization?
            o How do you predict the current economic situation may affect the job market in general, in your field?
            o What happens to my application once I submit it online?
        Ask representatives for business cards.

After the fair:

        Follow-up with employers of interest by sending a short thank-you letter. A thank-you letter includes the
        following: a statement of thanks, a reminder of the field you are interested in, a summary of your skills and
        qualifications, confirmed interest in the company/position, and acknowledgement of the next step.

For assistance on preparing for future career fairs, contact Career Services at 654-1022 to schedule an individual
ALION SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY                                   Cellular Sales is a premium exclusive retailer for
Bachelor’s degree                                            Verizon Wireless products and services. Our
4300 King St., Suite 101                                     opportunity is for a Wireless Sales Consultant who
Alexandria, VA 22302                                         has the flexibility to maintain and build their client
Phone: 703-933-6606                                          base both through retail and outside sales in the
Fax: 703-933-6778                                            Fredericksburg/Stafford area. 2 new stores coming in                                         May.
        Representative(s):                                   Jobs Available? Yes, full-time
        Lizette Medina                                       Internships? No
        Bella Taylor                                         COMPUTER SCIENCES CORPORATION                             Bachelor’s degree
        Kim Frost, UMW Alumna                                17021 Combs Dr.                              King George, VA 22485
Alion Science and Technology is an employee-                 Phone: 540-663-9251
owned technology solutions company delivering                Fax: 540-663-0276
technical expertise and operational support to the 
Department of Defense, civilian government agencies                  Representative(s):
and commercial customers. Building on 70 years of                    Jeff Bunn, Jane Moore, Rick Haag
R&D and engineering experience, Alion brings                         George Foster, Trillane Burlar
innovation and insight to multiple business areas:           DoD Contractor supporting the Naval Surface
naval architecture & marine engineering; defense             Weapons Center Dahlgren Division.
operations; systems engineering; modeling &                  Jobs Available? Yes, full-time
simulation; information management & technology;             Internships? Yes
chemical, biological, nuclear & environmental
sciences; wireless spectrum engineering; and                 DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY
industrial technology. Based in McLean, Virginia.            (APCP)
Alion employee-owners are located at major offices,          Bachelor’s degree, MBA, M.Ed., MSMIS
customer sites and laboratories worldwide.                   245 Murray Lane, Building 410
Jobs Available? Yes, full-time                               Washington, DC 20528
Internships? Yes                                             Phone: 202-447-0803
                                                             Fax: 202-447-5310
Bachelor’s degree, MBA, M.Ed., MSMIS                                 Representative(s):
7601 W. Broad St.                                                    Cynthia Brice
Richmond, VA 23294                                                   Ava Morgan
Phone: 804-241-9800                                          The Department of Homeland Security’s Acquisition
Fax: 804-672-9300                                            Professional Career Program (APCP) is an                                        accelerated full-time paid developmental program.
        Representative(s):                                   Participants receive in-depth acquisition training and
        Kelly Hanson

Key to degree names:                                            Employers have provided their own
MBA- Master of Business Administration                          information and are responsible for the
M.Ed.- Master of Education                                      content.
MSMIS- Master of Science in Management Information Systems
DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY                              California, ESRI spans the globe with 10 U.S.
CONT.                                                        regional offices and a network of more than 2,200
mentorship over 3 years, leading to a permanent              business partners, 80 international distributors, and
acquisition position at DHS.                                 customers in more than 150 countries. We employ
Jobs Available: Yes, full-time                               2,700 people in the U.S. including 1,900 in Redlands.
Internships Available: No                                    Jobs available? Yes, full-time
                                                             Internships available? Yes
Bachelor’s degree, MBA, M.Ed., MSMIS                         FAIRFAX COUNTY PUBLIC SCHOOLS
737 Walker Rd., Suite 3                                      Bachelor’s degree, MBA, M.Ed., MSMIS
Great Falls, VA 22066                                        8115 Gatehouse Rd., DHR
Phone: 703-757-9900                                          Falls Church, VA 22042                                        Phone: 571-423-3168
        Representative(s):                                   Fax: 571-423-3167
        Korey Benton                               
DMG Securities, Inc. is a full-service investment                     Representative(s):
banking and securities brokerage firm. We are an                      Alice Ford
experienced group of highly motivated professionals         
dedicated to providing the best in personalized                       Linda Thetford
financial service to our clients. At DMG, we are            
committed to the highest standards in the securities         Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS), the 12th
industry and are interested in hiring only the best          largest school system in the nation and located in
individuals. For the right person, a career with DMG         Northern Virginia, has unique opportunities for
can be personally fulfilling, and with our outstanding       highly motivated, instructionally sound, and creative
commission payout schedule, it can be lucrative as           individuals who would like to help us build the
well.                                                        future… child by child. FCPS is a growing, diverse
Jobs available? Yes, full-time                               school system of over 168,000 students employing
Internships available? No                                    more than 22,000 people. Opportunities for staff
                                                             development, training, tuition, reimbursement, and
ESRI                                                         advancement are available to all employees.
Bachelor’s degree in geography, computer science,            Instructional coaches are available in every school,
business; MBA; MSMIS                                         and various cohorts are sponsored by the county
380 New York St.                                             annually. Excellent mentoring programs are available
Redlands, CA 92373                                           to both new and experienced teachers, and employee
Phone: 909-793-2853 x1216                                    benefits are outstanding.
Fax: 909-307-3085                                            Jobs available? Yes, full-time and part-time                                           Internships available? No
We are the world leader in geographic information
system (GIS) software development, a critical                FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION
technology that enables organizations worldwide to           Bachelor’s degree, MBA
more effectively carry out their missions and make a         Finance Division/SMU
positive contribution to society. Headquartered in           935 Pennsylvania Ave., NW
Redlands, a community ideally located in Southern            Washington, DC 20535
Key to degree names:                                            Employers have provided their own
MBA- Master of Business Administration                          information and are responsible for the
M.Ed.- Master of Education                                      content.
MSMIS- Master of Science in Management Information Systems
FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION                                      Representative(s):
CONT.                                                                Crystal Tull
Phone: 202-324-2939                                        
Fax: 202-324-3231                                            Established in 1930, First Investors is a Wall Street                                                  based financial services firm. The company currently
         Representative(s):                                  manages over $6 billion in assets and serves over
         Kama Elle Walcott                                   350,000 institutional and investor accounts.                             Jobs available? Yes, full-time
Our Mission                                                  Internships available? Yes
To protect and defend the United States against
terrorist and foreign intelligence threats, to uphold
                                                             FREDERICKSBURG ARMY RECRUITING
and enforce the criminal laws of the United States,
and to provide leadership and criminal justice
                                                             Bachelor’s degree, MBA, M.Ed., MSMIS
services to federal, state, municipal, and international
                                                             4300 Plank Rd., Suite 245
agencies and partners.
                                                             Fredericksburg, VA 22407
Our Priorities                                               Phone: 540-786-3538
In executing the following priorities, we will produce       Fax: 540-786-9849
and use intelligence to protect the nation from threats              Representative(s):
and to bring to justice those who violate the law.                   Michael Tapp
     1. Protect the United States from terrorist attack    
     2. Protect the United States against foreign                    Bryan Pettaway
         intelligence operations and espionage
                                                                     Joel Abendanro
     3. Protect the United States against cyber-based      
         attacks and high-technology crimes                  We provide recruiting and/or information about the
     4. Combat public corruption at all levels               US Army, Army Reserves, ROTC, and officer
     5. Protect civil rights                                 programs.
     6. Combat trans-national/national criminal              Jobs available? Yes, full-time and part-time
         organizations and enterprises                       Internships available? No
     7. Combat major white-collar crime
                                                             FREDERICKSBURG CITY PUBLIC SCHOOLS
     8. Combat significant violent crime
                                                             Bachelor’s degree, M.Ed.
     9. Support federal, state, local and international
                                                             817 Princess Anne St.
                                                             Fredericksburg, VA 22401
     10. Upgrade technology to successfully perform
                                                             Phone: 540-372-1130
         the FBI’s mission
                                                             Fax: 540-372-1111
Jobs available? Yes, full-time
Internships available? No
                                                                      Marceline R. Catlett
Bachelor’s degree, MBA
                                                             Small, progressive school system with a student
4701 Cox Rd., Suite 107
                                                             enrollment of approximately 2,700 for five school
Glen Allen, VA 23060
                                                             sites located in a quaint, historical city on the
Phone: 804-346-4670 x10
                                                             Rappahannock River halfway between Richmond,
Fax: 804-270-2549
Key to degree names:                                            Employers have provided their own
MBA- Master of Business Administration                          information and are responsible for the
M.Ed.- Master of Education                                      content.
MSMIS- Master of Science in Management Information Systems
FREDERICKSBURG CITY PUBLIC SCHOOLS                                    Hanover County has reason to think of itself
CONT.                                                        as the jewel in the crown of Richmond-area
VA and Washington, DC. Competitive salaries, low             localities. With low taxes, little crime, good schools,
pupil-teacher ratio, new teacher mentoring program,          and a bucolic atmosphere only a few minutes from
college tuition assistance, extensive in-services/staff      downtown Richmond, it enjoys the best of both the
development, and excellent benefits package offered.         urban and rural worlds.
Jobs available? Yes, full-time                                        Approximately 20,000 children attend
Internships available? No                                    Hanover’s 25 schools (four high schools, four middle
                                                             schools, 15 elementary schools, one alternative
GEICO                                                        education center, and one technical center.) Hanover
Bachelor’s degree, MBA                                       Country’s less-than-one-percent student drop-out rate
One GEICO Blvd.                                              coupled with standardized test scores among the top
Fredericksburg, VA 22152                                     five percent in Virginia illustrate the district’s
Phone: 540-286-4895                                          philosophy to find the wealth in every child. Hanover
Fax: 540-286-4477                                            County teachers enjoy excellent student-teacher                                                ratios, many active parent volunteers and business
         Representative(s):                                  partnerships, abundant technological equipment, a
         James P. Mount                                      beginning teacher mentor program, and many other                                    professional development opportunities, including
GEICO (Government Employees Insurance                        tuition reimbursement.
Company)- as part of Berkshire Hathaway- is the              Jobs available? Yes, full-time
third-largest private passenger auto insurer in the          Internships available? No
United States. GEICO provides auto insurance
coverage for 9 million policyholders and insures             HILTON GARDEN INN FREDERICKBURG
more than 16 million vehicles.                               Bachelor’s degree, MBA
Jobs available? Yes, full-time                               1060 Hospitality Lane
Internships available? Yes                                   Fredericksburg, VA 22401
                                                             Phone: 540-548-8822
HANOVER COUNTY PUBLIC SCHOOLS                                Fax: 540-548-8820
Bachelor’s degree, M.Ed.                           
200 Berkley St.                                                       Representative(s):
Hanover, VA 23005                                                     Pearl Matibe
Phone: 804-365-4586                                         
Fax: 804-365-4660                                            Hotel with a full Great American Grill restaurant and                                                  bar. Hiring departments include front office,
         Representative(s):                                  restaurant, sales, housekeeping and maintenance.
         Rob Sargeant                                        Jobs available? Yes, full-time and part-time                                    Internships available? Yes
Hanover County Public Schools is a successful,
national award-winning suburban school district              IMPACT INNOVATIONS SYSTEMS, INC.
located in the Richmond, Virginia metropolitan area.         Bachelor’s degree in computer science, business;
The editors of the Richmond-Times Dispatch have              MSMIS
said:                                                        9720 Capital Court, Suite 403
Key to degree names:                                            Employers have provided their own
MBA- Master of Business Administration                          information and are responsible for the
M.Ed.- Master of Education                                      content.
MSMIS- Master of Science in Management Information Systems
IMPACT INNOVATIONS SYSTEMS, INC.                             nationally recognized sites such as
CONT.                                              , and
Manassas, VA 20110                                  By joining the Team
Phone: 703-330-3240                                          you will be involved with a high energy team of
Fax: 877-873-1585                                            results oriented associates working on and supporting                                new and existing e-commerce projects.
         Representative(s):                                  Jobs available? Yes, full-time
         Jae Lim                                             Internships available? No
Impact Innovations is a technology consulting firm           LIBERTY MUTUAL
located in Northern Virginia serving fortune 500             Bachelor’s degree
companies since 2005. We provide professional                1340 Central Park Blvd., Suite 204
consulting services utilizing Enterprise Content             Fredericksburg, VA 22401
Management (ECM)/Web Content Management                      Phone: 540-604-0298
(WCM) suite of products and industry standard                Fax: 540-548-0831
software development toolkits including JAVA/J2EE, 
.NET, ASPX, C#, and other development                                 Representative(s):
frameworks to implement creative and innovative                       Morgan Applegate, UMW Alumnus
solutions based on our customers’ needs. We partner         
with our clients to ensure that your technology              Since 1912 Liberty Mutual has helped their clients
investments deliver better service, decrease costs,          live safer, more secure lives through quality
streamline operations, and enable your business to           insurance products. Liberty Mutual is a Fortune 100
seize new opportunities.                                     company employing over 40,000 people worldwide
Jobs available: Yes, full-time                               and is the 5th Largest Insurer of Personal Auto and
Internships available: Yes                                   Home Insurance in America. Liberty Mutual is rated
                                                             as one of the top 100 companies to start a career at.
JOB.COM                                                      Jobs available? Yes, full-time
Bachelor’s degree                                            Internships available? Yes
100 Riverside Pkwy, Suite 201
Fredericksburg, VA 22406                                     MARSTEL-DAY, LLC
Phone: 540-374-5144                                          Bachelor’s degree in biology, business
Fax: 540-374-1218                                            administration, economics, environmental science,
         Representative(s):                                  geography, political science; MBA; MSMIS
         Kristen Reed                                        2217 Princess Anne St., Suite 101-1A                                       Fredericksburg, VA 22401
         Bridget Blake                                       Phone: 540-371-3338                                      Fax: 540-373-3323, headquartered in Fredericksburg, VA is an 
online full service career portal offering thousands of              Representative(s):
local job listings, career advancement centers and up-               Chauncey Robbs
to-date job search and employment news. Owned and          
operated by Virginia Web Properties, is the                  Sylvia Lam
flagship website among VA Web’s portfolio of               
Key to degree names:                                            Employers have provided their own
MBA- Master of Business Administration                          information and are responsible for the
M.Ed.- Master of Education                                      content.
MSMIS- Master of Science in Management Information Systems
MARSTEL-DAY, LLC CONT.                                       Fax: 202-635-4365
Marstel-Day, LLC is a woman-owned small, certified 
HUB Zone business with offices in Fredericksburg                      Representative(s):
and Alexandria, VA and Oakland, CA. Marstel-Day,                      Martin Murray
LLC has strong environmental management and                 
conservation qualifications in both the public and           The Metro Transit Police Department is the only
private sectors in resolving complex environment and         police department in the country to serve three
land management issues.                                      jurisdictions: Maryland, Virginia and District of
Jobs available? No                                           Columbia. We offer a starting salary of $48,106.
Internships available? Yes                                   Jobs available? Yes, full-time
                                                             Internships available? No
LEARNING                                                     MILLENNIUM ENGINEERING AND
Bachelor’s degree; M.Ed. general education and               INTEGRATION
special education concentration                              MBA, MSMIS
10651 Lomond Dr.                                             2231 Crystal Drive, Suite 711
Manassas, VA 20109                                           Arlington, VA 22202
Phone: 703-369-2976                                          Phone: 703-413-7781
Fax: 703-366-2777                                                                                  Representative(s):
         Representative(s):                                           Frank Kent
         Olga Klein                                                                   Incorporated in 1995, Millennium Engineering and
Founded out of necessity in 2000, by Mark and                Integration Company (Millennium) is an ISO-9001
Laurie Heilman, parents of a child with autism,              registered, employee-owned, high-end engineering
Matthew’s Center is a 501(c)3 organization licensed          support services contractor providing engineering
by the Virginia Department of Education as a private         services to the Army, Air Force, Navy, Missile
special education day school. Matthew’s Center is            Defense Agency, Department of Homeland Security,
dedicated to enhancing the lives of individuals and          Office of the Secretary of Defense, and NASA. We
families affected by autism. Our commitment to               have dozens of prime government support contracts
involve families in the educational, social, and             delivering subject matter expertise and engineering
behavioral development of their children leads to            expertise in all phases of the systems engineering
positive life outcomes. The Center offers the                lifecycle- from concept development through
opportunity for professional development and growth          operational testing. We focus on delivering expertise
in a collaborative environment.                              to solving the most complex, vital programs in our
Jobs available? Yes, full-time                               Nation’s interest.
Internships available? No                                    Jobs available: Yes, full-time
                                                             Internships available? Yes
Bachelor’s degree                                            MILLER’S OFFICE PRODUCTS, INC.
600 5th St.                                                  Bachelor’s degree
Washington, DC 20001                                         8600 Cinder Bed Road
Phone: 202-635-6439                                          Lorton, VA 22079
Key to degree names:                                            Employers have provided their own
MBA- Master of Business Administration                          information and are responsible for the
M.Ed.- Master of Education                                      content.
MSMIS- Master of Science in Management Information Systems
MILLER’S OFFICE PRODUCTS, INC. CONT.                                 Rebecca Moffitt, UMW Alumna
Phone: 703-644-2200                                        
Fax: 703-644-7854                                            The Naval Sea Systems Command Surface and                                            Undersea Warfare Centers are the Navy’s full-
        Representative(s):                                   spectrum research, development, test and fleet
        Pablo Solares                                        support centers for ship hulls, submarines,                           mechanical and electrical systems, surface ship
B2B Sales of Office Products. Woman owned                    combat systems, undersea warfare systems, coastal
business since 1971. Works mostly around the DC              warfare systems, autonomous naval systems, and
Metro Area. One of the most reputable independent            others associated with surface and undersea warfare.
suppliers of office products.                                With locations all over our nation, we play a key role
Jobs available? Yes, full-time                               in helping the Navy maintain its vital operations and
Internships available? No                                    services in pursuit of its mission: defending our
NATIONAL PARK SERVICE                                        Jobs available? Yes, full-time
Bachelor’s degree, M.Ed.                                     Internships available? Yes
120 Chatham Lane
Fredericksburg, VA 22405                                     NORTHWESTERN MUTUAL FINANCIAL
Phone: 540-373-4124                                          NETWORK
Fax: 540-654-5521                                            Bachelor’s degree                                             3901 Westerre Pkwy., Suite 300
         Representative(s):                                  Richmond, VA 23233
         Greg Mertz                                          Phone: 804-346-5487                                  Fax: 804-346-5467
The local park is entrusted with the preservation and
interpretation of the four Civil War battlefields in the              Representative(s):
Fredericksburg area. We hire students in the field of                 Sarah-Tyler Moore
interpretation and visitor services to work part-time       
over the school year and select interns as well.             Interns with the Northwestern Mutual Financial
Jobs available? Yes, part-time                               Network have the same opportunities to build their
Internships available? Yes                                   careers as full-time representatives. Supported by our
                                                             network of specialists, training programs and
NAVSEA WARFARE CENTERS                                       mentoring opportunities, interns have access to the
Bachelor’s degree in computer science, chemistry,            resources, products and assistance they need to help
math, physics, biology                                       their clients and build their practices. Northwestern
17632 Dahlgren Road, Suite 200                               Mutual consistently earns the best possible
Dahlgren, VA 22448                                           insurance financial strength ratings from the four
Phone: 540-653-3217                                          major financial ratings services. (Moody’s Aaa,
Fax: 540-653-7632                                            4/2009; Standard & Poor’s AAA, 6/2009; Fitch                                          Ratings AAA, 6/2009; and A.M. Best Company A++,
        Representative(s):                                   6/2009).
        Annette Ashton, UMW Alumna                           Jobs available? No                              Internships available? Yes
Key to degree names:                                            Employers have provided their own
MBA- Master of Business Administration                          information and are responsible for the
M.Ed.- Master of Education                                      content.
MSMIS- Master of Science in Management Information Systems
OFFICE OF PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT                               host countries, working on issues ranging from AIDS
Bachelor’s degree, MBA                                       education to information technology and
1901 South Bell Street 5th Floor                             environmental preservation. Today’s Peace Corps is
Arlington, VA 22202                                          more vital than ever, working in emerging and
Phone: 703-605-4129                                          essential areas such as information technology and
Fax: 703-603-0258                                            business development, and committing more than                                                  1,000 new Volunteers as a part of the President’s
         Representative(s):                                  Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief. Peace Corps
         Annie E. Sajous                                     Volunteers continue to help countless individuals                                who want to build a better life for themselves, their
         Rose M. Sanders                                     children, and their communities.                                 Jobs available? Yes, full-time
The U.S. Office of Personnel Management, Federal             Internships available? No
Investigative Services is welcoming the opportunity
to receive resumes for a 2-year internship under the         PRINCE WILLIAM COUNTY PUBLIC
Federal Career Intern Program. During the internship         SCHOOLS
you will participate in a formal training program and        Bachelor’s degree, MBA, M.Ed.
job assignments to develop competencies applicable           P.O. Box 389
to the Group’s mission and needs. Upon satisfactory          Manassas, VA 20108
completion of the internship, you may be converted           Phone: 703-791-8995
to a career or career-conditional (permanent)                Fax: 703-791-8358
Jobs available? Yes, full-time                                       Representative(s):
Internships available? Yes                                           Victor Martin
PEACE CORPS                                                  Jobs available? Yes, full-time
Bachelor’s degree, MBA, M.Ed., MSMIS                         Internships available? No
1525 Wilson Blvd., Suite 100
Arlington, VA 22209                                          RAPPAHANNOCK AREA COMMUNITY
Phone: 202-692-1045                                          SERVICES BOARD (RACSB)
Fax: 202-692-1065                                            Bachelor’s degree, MBA, M.Ed.                                           600 Jackson Street
        Representative(s):                                   Fredericksburg, VA 22401
        Jessica Koehler                                      Phone: 540-373-3223                                Fax: 540-371-3753
The Peace Corps traces its roots and mission to 1960,
when then Senator John F. Kennedy challenged                         Representative(s):
students at the University of Michigan to serve their                Joseph Wickens, UMW Alumna
country in the cause of peace by living and working        
in developing countries. From that inspiration grew                  Mary Louise Holmes, UMW Alumna
an agency of the federal government devoted to             
world peace and friendship. Since that time, nearly
200,000 Peace Corps Volunteers have served in 139
Key to degree names:                                            Employers have provided their own
MBA- Master of Business Administration                          information and are responsible for the
M.Ed.- Master of Education                                      content.
MSMIS- Master of Science in Management Information Systems
RACSB CONT.                                                  Jobs available? Yes, full-time
RACSB is a local government agency which is                  Internships available? No
committed to improving the quality of life for people
residing in Planning District 16 with mental health,         SOUTHERN TEACHERS AGENCY
intellectual disabilities, and substance abuse               Bachelor’s degree, MBA, M.Ed.
problems and to preventing the occurrence of these           7 Elliewood Ave.
conditions.                                                  Charlottesville, VA 22903
Jobs available? Yes, full-time and part-time                 Phone: 434-295-9122
Internships available? Yes                                   Fax: 434-295-6448
SECEP                                                                 Representative(s):
M.Ed. with a special education concentration                          Bob Graves
6160 Kempsville Circle, Suite 300 B                         
Norfolk, VA 23502                                            Southern Teachers Agency is the premiere PK-12
Phone: 757-892-6100                                          teacher and recruitment service in the South. STA
Fax: 757-892-6111                                            offers free teacher placement for candidates in private                                                and independent schools in the South.
         Representative(s):                                  Jobs available? Yes, full-time and part-time
         Dennis Hedspeth                                     Internships available? Yes
Southeastern Cooperative Educational Programs                SPOTSYLVANIA COUNTY PUBLIC SCHOOLS
(SECEP) is a regional public school that teaches the         Bachelor’s degree, M.Ed.
students in the local school systems who have been           8020 River Stone Drive
diagnosed with Autism, Mental Retardation,                   Fredericksburg, VA 22407
Emotional Disturbance and students who have severe           Phone: 540-834-2500
health issues and live in a hospital setting.                Fax: 540-834-2551
Jobs available? Yes, full-time                     
Internships available? No                                             Representative(s):
SOCIAL SECURITY ADMINISTRATION                               Spotsylvania County Schools is a dynamic school
Bachelor’s degree, MBA                                       division with a reputation for excellence. Our school
4954 Southpoint Parkway                                      division serves 24,000 students in grades K-12,
Fredericksburg, VA 22407                                     offering a full range of educational programs.
Phone: 540-898-5060                                          Spotsylvania County is located near historic
Fax: 540-898-7414                                            Fredericksburg, midway between Washington, D.C.                                       and Richmond, VA and is ideally situated for cultural
        Representative(s):                                   activities, entertainment and recreation.
        April Brice, UMW Alumna                              Jobs available? Yes, full-time                                  Internships available? No
We are a public organization designed to help
individuals with filing for Disability, Retirement,          STAFFORD COUNTY PUBLIC SCHOOLS
Survivors and Health Insurance Benefits.                     Bachelor’s degree, M.Ed.
                                                             31 Stafford Ave.
Key to degree names:                                            Employers have provided their own
MBA- Master of Business Administration                          information and are responsible for the
M.Ed.- Master of Education                                      content.
MSMIS- Master of Science in Management Information Systems
STAFFORD COUNTY PUBLIC SCHOOLS                               Phone: 540-469-4099
CONT.                                                        Fax: 240-208-4455
Stafford, VA 22554                                 
Phone: 540-658-6568                                                   Representative(s):
Fax: 540-658-5970                                                     Kenny Allwine, UMW Alumnus                                     
         Representative(s):                                  Tech-wizards is a system and software engineering
         Laura Ann Cline, UMW Alumna                         company that combines creativity, engineering and                         experienced management to provide innovative, high
Stafford County offers a family-oriented suburban            quality system and software solutions. We are a
community at a more relaxed pace. Here at Stafford           government contact agency.
County Public Schools, a superior instructional              Internships available? No
program is top priority. We focus on strategies that
challenge each student to reach his or her potential         THE NEW ENGLAND CENTER FOR
and to succeed in society. We inspire excellence by          CHILDREN
employing high-quality educators, and we offer many          Bachelor’s degree
professional development opportunities and mentor            33 Turnpike Road
programs for our staff. With 30 schools educating            Southborough, MA 01752
over 26,000 students, our school system is one of the        Phone: 508-481-1015
best in Virginia. Our students score above the state         Fax: 508-485-3421
and national averages on standardized tests, and they
earn awards at the regional, state and national levels.               Representative(s):
More than 82% of our graduates plan to continue                       Laura Schnaible
their education at college or trade/technical schools.      
Come be a part of our educational team!                      The New England Center for Children was founded
Jobs available? Yes, full-time                               in 1975 and is located 20 miles west of Boston.
Internships available? No                                    NECC’s primary mission is to increase the skills of
                                                             children, adolescents and young adults with autism
TANDBERG                                                     and other developmental disorders through the use of
Bachelor’s degree, MBA, MSMIS                                applied behavior analysis (ABA). Serving over 200
1860 Michael Faraday Dr.                                     children and young adults from 69 Massachusetts
Reston, VA                                                   towns and cities, as well as 10 other states and 4
Phone: 703-272-2133                                          foreign countries, NECC provides comprehensive
        Representative(s):                                   educational, residential and clinical services in a
        Cathy McAvey                                         variety of day and residential treatment programs.                            Jobs available? Yes, full-time
Jobs available? Yes, full-time                               Internships available? No
Internships available? Yes
                                                             THE VITAMIN SHOPPE
TECH-WIZARDS                                                 Bachelor’s degree
Bachelor’s degree in computer science                        2101 91st St.
17113 Dahlgren Rd.                                           North Bergen, NJ 07047
King George, VA 22485                                        Phone: 201-624-3229
Key to degree names:                                            Employers have provided their own
MBA- Master of Business Administration                          information and are responsible for the
M.Ed.- Master of Education                                      content.
MSMIS- Master of Science in Management Information Systems
THE VITAMIN SHOPPE CONT.                                     Fax: 800-743-0009
Fax: 201-624-3804                                                                                  Representative(s):
         Representative(s):                                          Shea Taylor
         Sarena Malter                                                                University Directories is the nation’s premier campus
The Vitamin Shoppe is dedicated to healthy living.           publishing solutions provider and a leader of on-
We seek to differentiate ourselves by providing the          campus and mobile marketing. With 36 years of
highest quality of products at discount prices and by        collegiate publishing experience, University
providing exceptional customer service. We increase          Directories provides over 700 students every year the
the value we offer to our customers through Vitamin          opportunity to gain real-world experience in sales,
Shoppe brand products and by being an education              marketing and communications. Since 2005,
destination for our customers.                               University Directories has more than doubled in size
Jobs available? Yes, full-time and part-time                 and expanded its offerings with the addition of
Internships available? No                                    DistroMobile, a text messaging marketing and
                                                             communication service and University Directories
UNITED STATES SECRET SERVICE                                 On Campus, a grass roots marketing provider.
Bachelor’s degree, MBA, M.Ed.                                Jobs available: No
300 Arboretum Place, Suite 500                               Internships available: Yes
Richmond, VA 23236
Phone: 804-474-6008                                          UNIVERSITY OF MARY WASHINGTON,
Fax: 804-592-3504                                            OFFICE OF ADMISSIONS                                        Bachelor’s degree, MBA, M.Ed., MSMIS
        Representative(s):                                   121 University Blvd.
        Stan Woldanski                                       Fredericksburg, VA 22405                       Phone: 540-286-8088
The United States Secret Service is a federal law            Fax: 540-286-8085
enforcement agency headquartered in Washington     
DC, with more than 150 offices throughout the US                     Representative(s):
and abroad. The agency is mandated by Congress to                    Matt Mejia, UMW alumnus
carry out dual missions: protection and criminal           
investigations. The United States Secret Service is          Sharing information only
looking for highly qualified men and women from
diverse backgrounds who desire a fast-paced,                 URS, EG&G DIVISION
exciting and challenging career.                             Bachelor’s degree in business administration,
Jobs available? Yes, full-time                               computer science, math; MBA with contracts
Internships available? No                                    procurement emphasis
                                                             1000 Corporate Drive, Suite 201
UNIVERSITY DIRECTORIES                                       Stafford, VA 22554
Bachelor’s degree                                            Phone: 540-658-3967
88 Vilcom Circle                                   
Chapel Hill, NC 27514                                                Representative(s):
Phone: 800-743-5556 x6109
Key to degree names:                                            Employers have provided their own
MBA- Master of Business Administration                          information and are responsible for the
M.Ed.- Master of Education                                      content.
MSMIS- Master of Science in Management Information Systems
URS, EG&G DIVISION CONT.                                            Representative(s):
         Tonia Burton-Bouchard                                      E.L. Taitt                             
URS EG&G Division provides engineering, program              Jobs available? Yes, full-time
management, and acquisition management support to            Internships available? Yes
a broad range of government customers. Local
offices include Dahlgren, Stafford, Arlington/D.C.,          WAFFLE HOUSE
and Norfolk, where we support Navy and Marine                Bachelor’s degree, MBA
Corps customers on Department of Defense-related             P.O. Box 3412
programs. Many of these positions require U.S.               Chester, VA 23831
citizenship to be eligible for a security clearance.         Phone: 804-731-5545
Jobs available? Yes, full-time                     
Internships available? No                                             Representative(s):
                                                                      Shawna Bates
VIRGINIA BEACH POLICE DEPARTMENT                            
Bachelor’s degree                                            Waffle House is a fast-growing entity in the
Law Enforcement Training Academy                             restaurant industry seeking a highly motivated self-
411 Integrity Way                                            starter, who can build and manage his/her own
Virginia Beach, VA 23451                                     business.
Phone: 757-385-6986                                          Jobs available? Yes, full-time
Fax: 757-437-7654                                            Internships available? No

Key to degree names:                                            Employers have provided their own
MBA- Master of Business Administration                          information and are responsible for the
M.Ed.- Master of Education                                      content.
MSMIS- Master of Science in Management Information Systems

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