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					   Law Overview

1. Change to HIV and Sex
   Education Laws
2. Eight Page Sex Ed
   Comparison Chart
3. Four Page Summary of
   Legal Obligations
4. Unabridged Sex Ed
MDE Communications

 1. Letter from C. Wolenberg
 2. Qualified Teachers of
    Health Education
 3. Sex Ed Supervisor Form
  Advisory Board
1. Matrix of Participants
2. Sample Advisory Board
3. Sample Application
4. Sample Charge to
   Advisory Board
5. Sample Interview
6. Sample By-Laws
Selecting Curricula

1. Curriculum Evaluation
2. Sample Parent Survey
3. Emerging Answers

1. Evaluation Resources
2. One Page Q & A
3. Sex Ed Logic Model
  A-K Resources
1. Curriculum Checklist
2. Components Addressed
   in K12 Curriculum
3. Gap Analysis and
4. DHS Publications on
   Adoptions and Safe
   Delivery Act
5. Law Pertaining to
   Responsibility of Parents
      A-K Curriculum
1.   7-8 Michigan Model HIV
2.   Safer Choices Level 1
3.   Safer Choices Level 2
4.   Safer Choices Levels 1-2
5.   Puberty the Wonder Years
6.   Healthy Sexuality
Parent Notification

1. Sample Parent
   Notification Form
 Complaint Form

1.   LEA Complaint Form
2.   LEA Response Form
3.   ISD Complaint Form
4.   ISD Response Form
5.   Laws Referenced in
     Complaint Form

1. Process Index
2. Sample Agenda for
   Public Hearing
3. Sample Update to
   Board on Progress on
   Sex Ed Curriculum
  Web Sites and
1. Websites for
2. Quarterly Michigan
   HIV Stats 10 05
3. 2004 STD by Age
4. 2004 STD by County
5. Science Says Oral
   Sex Fact Sheet

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