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Note: All Dollar Values in US$
The Clubfreedom Travel Program
   Safe, Proven and Legitimate
   Turn a one-time investment of $150
      into $3,500 Cash
  Receive a Travel Package worth $3,500
   Not Once, But Over and Over Again!
   This program is a single one-time only out-of-pocket

   No monthly auto-shipment.

   No inventory.

   No monthly sales requirement.

   Simple compensation plan (easy to calculate).
   eCash International Inc., a successful business
   group, has combined the best from all available
  marketing programs with a great new product of. . .

                 Travel and
This is the first time a Genuine Travel Product has been
offered with the unique use of the…

         Revolving Matrix System.
The Marketing Program
Clubfreedom uses a simple, yet effective Compensation Plan which
requires advancing through only four levels of the „Feeder Board‟
then advancing to the four levels on the „Travel Board‟. . .

                                         4. Traveller
                            3. Standby
                2. Planner
      1. Reservation

   The program has been designed to allow people with limited
   resources to commence with just US$150 and plan to Travel
The Clubfreedom Travel Boards

                   This is a revolutionary
                   revolving matrix system as
                   opposed to traditional

                   With this matrix the
                   sophisticated software will
                   enter members on the bottom
                   reservation level from left to
                   right and then push them
                   from the bottom to the top.

                   The faster the boards are
                   filled, the faster you receive
                   your commissions.
                   This requires a team effort of
                   everyone referring at least 2
  Become a World Traveller for just US$150
Task One - Register and Pay $150.00 down on your $1000 Travel Voucher.

Task Two - Cycle through the Feeder Board and Qualify by:

        Automatically exchanging your $1000 Travel Voucher
         (from the Feeder Table) on a $3,500 Travel Voucher
         in the Main Travel Board.
        Refer two people. (Referring more will make this venture
         more exciting and help you progress faster)

Task Three – Exit the Travel Board with $8,000

        $3,500 Travel Certificate.
        $3,500 deposited into your Private Virtual eCash Trust Account.
        $1,000 to re-enter the Main Travel Board.

Task Four - Re-Enter Main Travel Board with $1000 provided by just
            exiting the Main Travel Board ( from task three ) .
         The Clubfreedom Business Tools

         At Clubfreedom we believe in building a
               business with the right tools

Your membership at Clubfreedom provides you with a wide range of
marketing and success resources.

     •   Replicated Clubfreedom Website.
     •   Banners and Splash Pages for your own websites.
     •   Text Ad Creator (no longer will you struggle to write ads).
     •   Lead Capture Pages.
     •   Personal Auto-responder system.
     •   Tell-a-friend System.
     •   Email Downline "back office" Feature.
     •   Help Desk System.
     •   All accessible from your Clubfreedom Business Back Office.
Fully Replicated Website
Your Contacts Sign Up Right From
  Your Own Replicated Website
e-Mail your Contacts right from
  Your Business Back Office
Splash Screens for Your Own Websites
Capture Opt-In e-Mail Addresses
Banners for Your Own Websites
Clubfreedom Business Card Templates:

 • Available in A4 or Letter Size Templates.
     Easily printed from your PC, or…

 • In PDF file format for delivering to your printer.
         Clubfreedom Business Flyers

                        „Busy Business‟ A4 Flyer

Would you like to
 travel the World
with some spending
                        „Would You Like To
  money for just        Travel The World‟
                        folded B5 Flyer
open up and see how!!

                        „Your Travel Ticket‟ B5 Flyer
Step 1 - Registration of Your Business Centre

• The first step towards a life of Financial Freedom & Lifestyle.
• To become a part of our Global Marketing force, you need to register
    online to receive your own personal Clubfreedom Promotional
• Go to your sponsors website and click on „Sign Up”

• Start by creating a User ID for yourself; this is your name that will
    be seen on the Travel Board.
• Create your confidential password, (you alone will have access to your
    business office account), read our terms and conditions and submit
    your online registration form to Clubfreedom.
Step 2 - Pay for your Travel Voucher:
            cost $150.00 (+ processing fee of $15.00)

                                    Choose from 1, 3, 5 or 7 vouchers;
                                    These can be automatically entered
                                    by the computer according to a
                                    configuration chosen by you from
                                    the choices provided or you can
                                    purchase and enter them
                                    individually according to your

      The once only investment of $150 is deposited on
      a Travel Package set at $1000.00 ($850.00 net to pay)
                       when booking.
Step 2 - Pay for your Travel Voucher:
                cost $150.00 (+ processing fee of $15.00)

 As you successfully register as an independent Travel Consultant, you
 can take advantage of your business position and begin to purchase
 Travel at competitive prices. You pay a once only $150.00 towards a
 Travel Package of a minimum $1000.00 ($850.00 net to pay) when
 booking. You are also placed on the feeder board to market
 Clubfreedom Travel and earn your $3500.00 Travel Package of your
 much desired dream vacation in one of many exotic places of your
 choice. (London, Sydney, New York, Paris, Tahiti, Hawaii, or a cruise of
 a lifetime on a luxury 5 star liner like the QE2 or even a much desired
 family trip to Disneyworld!)

 With these small payments you are now eligible to receive First Class
 Travel from our long established Global Travel Agency “Clubfreedom
 Travel”. When you are successful in marketing our travel program you
 will be planning your next vacation and the next and the next…
 Enjoying Financial Freedom and an Incredible Lifestyle.
Step 3–Sign in to Your Clubfreedom Business Back Office

 • Once you are registered to become an Independent Travel Consultant;
    and have purchased your Travel Voucher towards the purchase of your
    Dream Vacation; you can now log-in to view your position on the Travel
    Board, and start to advertise your Clubfreedom Website for others to
    sign up with.

• Visit the website and click “Log In” to enter your Clubfreedom Business
   Back Office.

• Enter the User ID and password you created.

• From here you are able to keep track of your progress as well as the other
   Travel Consultants on your marketing team. It is never too early to start
   marketing Clubfreedom Travel.

• The sooner you start, the sooner you will advance through the four levels
   on the Travel Board whilst planning your travel destination.
                  Other features and benefits:
Repeat Customers:-

•   Everyone re-enters the program, creating residual income. Your referrals follow you!

Revolving system:-

•   There are 4 levels. Everyone has an equal opportunity to achieve success. No one remains at
    the top, as the people at the top cycle, they re-entered at the Reservation Level helping the other
    levels to move up the system. As the TOP people cycle out of a board, they re-enter the program
    to the closest position available on their original referrer's Travel Board. This ensures everyone's
    eventual success.

•   Up-line Assist and Spill-Over from above and below. Designed to ensure everyone gets to the

Follow the leader:-

•   The people you referred are coded to you for life and will push you through your next board.
    Your down-line momentum will always flow upward to ensure your success over and over again.

Internet Based and World-Wide:-

•   Available to most countries in the world.
Clubfreedom will now reward you in two parts for your
Marketing efforts as an Independent Travel Consultant.
• Part 1 (A)
   A Travel Voucher worth: $3500.00 Redeemable at any time of your
   choosing (within 24 months) from our Preferred On-Line Global
   Travel Agency. It will be emailed to your email address immediately
   upon completion of your cycle!

• Part 1 (B)
   Clubfreedom offers an option to buy back, at the wholesale rate of
   $2500.00, any Travel Package Surplus, after the First Travel
   Certificate is issued. (The first Travel Certificate earned from each
   business position must be redeemed for Travel/Vacation)

• Part 2
   A marketing commission of $3500.00 (less admin fees of $50.00) will
   be deposited within 7 days, to your Private Virtual eCash Trust
   Account. From there you can load funds to your Global Debit Card or
   Transfer funds to any bank account in the world.
The Feeder Program
•   The Feeder Program is designed to allow Travel Consultants to enter the Travel
      Program for only $150. Everyone enters from the feeder program.
•   When you exit the Feeder Board you will receive a Marketing commission of $1000
      which is your entrance onto the Main Travel Board at the Reservation Level.

Follow the Leader
•   When you join Clubfreedom as a Travel Consultant, the Follow-the-leader System
       ensures your sales in the Feeder Program will benefit you in the Main Travel
       Program. As you encourage and mentor your Travel Consultants, to keep
       generating sales just as you have, they will become your sales once again in
       the Main Travel Program.
•   Once you reach Traveler and cycle out in the Main Travel Program, you will receive
       a marketing commission in two parts:
     – Part 1: $3500.00 credit into your Virtual eCash Trust Account within 7 days
            (less $50.00 admin fee)
     – Part 2: $3500.00 Global Travel Certificate emailed to your address!
            (Valid for 24 months).
•   Also, Clubfreedom offers an option to sell back to the company, at the wholesale
       rate of $2500.00, any Travel Package Surplus (after the initial Travel Package
       requirement has been met).
•   To qualify at the Traveler position on any Travel Board a Travel Consultant needs
      two sales; our Freebee System is in place to help your success.
•   What is a freebee? A Freebee is a sale that is attributed to you in order to help qualify
      you to become a Traveler.
•   There are two types of freebees in our Clubfreedom Travel Program. . .
•   Temporary Freebee
       If a Consultant on your Travel Board generates more than two sales the extra sales
       are allocated to other Consultants on your Travel Board to help them Qualify from
       the Feeder Program into the Main Travel Board.
•   Corporate freebee
       This is a Freebee that is generated through Clubfreedom Corporate marketing efforts.
       For example: If an individual responds and joins from our extensive Global Networking
       Lead Lists, they will enter the program as a Corporate Referral, and become a
       Freebee to a Travel Consultant. They will then become that Travel Consultants
       permanent referral. WOW! Now you have a permanent referral to Qualify you for life!
•   Why do we give freebees?
       To aid your success in becoming a Global Traveler. This will give you confidence to
       successfully promote Clubfreedom Travel to everyone.
•   Who can get a freebee?
      * Any Independent Travel Consultant active in our program who has not qualified with
        their second sale is eligible to receive a Freebee. The system will allocate freebees
        on a Travel Board where the closest vacant position is available.
      * If for some reason there is no Travel Consultant that has one sale; the freebee will
        go to a Travel Consultant with no sales. No Travel Consultant can receive more than
        one Freebee per cycle.
      * Freebees are a luxury in our Travel Program, they are not guaranteed. If you receive
       one… Congratulations! However, keep on marketing and generating sales of Travel
Enjoy Your Journey
 To Success !

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